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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work

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Earl Of More, Norway\ Ragnvald I7,161 was born after 830 in Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway.162 About 872 he was in Jarl Of More, Norway.162 He died about 890 in Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland.162 He was also known as Earl Of More.

Also known as "the Mighty". Parents: Earl Of Upplands\ Eystein Glumra and Aseda Of JUTLAND.

Spouse: HILTRUDE. Earl Of More, Norway\ Ragnvald I and HILTRUDE were married before 852 in Norway.162 Children were: \Earl Of Orkney\ Einar ROGNVALDSSON, Chief Of Norse\ Ganger Rolf, Earl Of More Thorir ROGNVALDSSON, Hrollager Of Iceland RAGNVALDSSON.

Ct De Toulouse\ Raimond III Pons De Toulouse7,15,16,17 was born about 921.16 He died in 960.16 He was buried in Acceded: 924. Also The Duke Of Aquitaine, Count Of Auvergne..16

Spouse: Garsinde DE GASCOGNE. Ct De Toulouse\ Raimond III Pons De Toulouse and Garsinde DE GASCOGNE were married. 1 REFN 59449 Children were: Letgarde DE TOULOUSE, Count Toulouse William TOULOUSE III.

Ct De Barcelona Raimund Berenger III7,15,16,17 was born between 1053 and 1055 in Barcelona, Spain.16 He died on 5 Dec 1082.16 Parents: Ct De Barcelona\ Raimundii BERENGER I and Almode DE LA HAUTE MARCHE.

Ct De Barcelona Raimund Borrel I7,15,16,17 was born in 972.16 He died on 25 Feb 1017/18.16 He was buried in Count Of Barcelona, Gerona And Osona..16

Source: 'Monarc hs Rulers Dynasties and Kingdoms of the World', RF Tapsell, 1983, p 232.
'Roya lty for Commoners', Roderick W. Stuart, 1993, p 38. Parents: Ct De Barcelona Borrell II and Letgarde DE TOULOUSE.

Spouse: Ermensinde DE CARCASSONNE. Ct De Barcelona Raimund Borrel I and Ermensinde DE CARCASSONNE were married. 1 REFN 84809 Children were: Adela DE BARCELONA, Ct De Barcelona Ramon Berenger.

Ct De Galicia Coimbr\ Raimund De Burgundy7,15,16,17,24,277 was born in 1065 in Bourgogne, Burgundy, France.16,24 He died on 24 May 1107 in Grajal, France Or León, Spain.16,24,277 He was buried in Comte DE Bourgogne, Galicia, & D' Amans..16,24
Comte de Castile.
Parents: Count Of Macon Burgundy William I DE BOURGOGNE and Stephanie DE BARCELONA. Parents: Count Of Macon Burgundy William I DE BOURGOGNE and Stephanie De LONGWY.

Count Of Bayeux Ralph7,107,108,348 was born in 885. Parents: Of More Malahule EYSTEINSSON. Parents: Of More Malahule EYSTEINSSON and Maude DE ST. POL SUR MER DE THEROUANNE.

Children were: Count Of Bayeux Balso.

Lord Basset Of Drayton Ralph Basset III7,20,82 died between 1254 and 1261.20 He was born in Of Drayton, Staffordshire.20,283 Parents: .

Children were: Eustace BASSET.

Lord Albominster\ Ralph De Arundel7,50,130,289,290 was born after 1246.50,289,290 He was also known as Raynulfe.
2 PLAC Assumed the surname Arundell upon becoming the Lord of Albomi nster.
2 SOUR S0047182

Parents: Earl Of Arundel John FITZ ALAN II and Countess Arundel Maud De BOTILLER.

Children were: \Earl Of Arundel\ John DE ARUNDEL.

Baron Neville Of Raby\ Ralph De Neville7,20,32,82,226,268,349 was born in 1291 in Raby, Durham, England.20,225,226,258,268,349 He died on 5 Aug 1367 in , Durham, England.20,225,226,258,268
4th Lord.
3 PAGE line 186 pp 159-160
Steward of the King's Household, 1331.
Vol I 1675 p 292
Buried in Cathedral Church, Durham, England.

Parents: \Baron Neville Of Raby\ Ranulph DE NEVILLE and Euphemia Fitzroger DE CLAVERING.

Spouse: Alice DE AUDLEY. Baron Neville Of Raby\ Ralph De Neville and Alice DE AUDLEY were married in 1326 in , , England.20,32,225,226,258,268 Children were: Baron Neville Of Raby\ John De Neville, Margaret DE NEVILLE.

Earl Of Westmorland\ Ralph De Neville7,32,82 was born in 1364 in Castle Raby, Raby, Durham, England.32 He died on 21 Oct 1426 in Castle Raby, Raby, Durham, England.32 Parents: Baron Neville Of Raby\ John De Neville and Maud DE PERCY.

Ralph De Someri7,97 was born about 1227 in Of, Staffordshire, England. He died in 1271. He was also known as William Raleigh.1 Parents: Lord Dudley Roger De SOMERY and Nicole D' AUBIGNY OR ALBINI.

Spouse: Elizabeth GREENE. Ralph De Someri and Elizabeth GREENE were married. Children were: Edward RALEIGH.

\Lord Middleham Ralph Fitzralph7,20,82,225,226 died in 1320.20,225
2 PLAC Buried at Coverham Abbey, England.
d aft 1140 Parents: \Lord Middleham Ralph Fitzralph and Mary LE BIGOD.

Spouse: Anastace DE PERCY. \Lord Middleham Ralph Fitzralph and Anastace DE PERCY were married. Children were: Mary Fitzrandolph DE MIDDLEHAM.

Spouse: Mary LE BIGOD. \Lord Middleham Ralph Fitzralph and Mary LE BIGOD were married. Children were: \Lord Middleham Ralph Fitzralph.

\Lord Greystoke Ralph Fitzrobert De Greystoke7,32,82 was born on 15 Aug 1299 in Greystoke, Cumberland, England. He died on 14 Jul 1323 in Gateshead, Durham, England. Parents: .

Spouse: Alice DE AUDLEY. \Lord Greystoke Ralph Fitzrobert De Greystoke and Alice DE AUDLEY were married. Children were: William Fitzralph DE GREYSTOKE.

Ralph Toeni.69

Spouse: MARY. Children were: Alice Toeni.

Ct De Barcelona Ramon Berenger7,16,17 was born in 1005 in Barcelona, Spain.16,24 He died on 26 May 1035.16,24 He was also known as Count Of Barcelona. He was also known as Berenguer Ramon I.113,122 He was buried in Buried At Ripoli..16,24

Parents: Ct De Barcelona Raimund Borrel I and Ermensinde DE CARCASSONNE. Parents: Count Of Barcelona Raymond III BORREL and Ermensinde Of CARCASSONNE.

Spouse: Sancha De Castile SANCHEZ. Ct De Barcelona Ramon Berenger and Sancha De Castile SANCHEZ were married in 1021.16 1 REFN 89408 Children were: Ct De Barcelona\ Raimundii BERENGER I.

Spouse: Guisle De AMPURIAS. Ct De Barcelona Ramon Berenger and Guisle De AMPURIAS were married after 1026 in 3rd Wife. Children were: Sibylle Of BARCELONA.

Count Of Poitou Raoul7,18 was born in 806. He died in 866. Parents: Count Of Bavaria & Swabia Welf GUELPH I and Dutchess Of Bavaria Edith VON SAXONY.

Ct De Vermandois\ Raoul Capet.46,47,48 Parents: King Of France Henry I DE VERMANDOIS Capet and Princess Of Kiev Anne YAROSLAVNA.

Ct De Crespy\ Raoul II De Valois7,46,47,48 died on 8 Sep 1074 in Peronne.50,350 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on

Spouse: Princess Of Kiev Anne YAROSLAVNA. Ct De Crespy\ Raoul II De Valois and Princess Of Kiev Anne YAROSLAVNA were married after 3 Aug 1061.50,227,350

Raoul III.37

Spouse: Adela DE BAR SUR AUBE. Children were: Adela DE VEXIN.

Count Of \Taillefer Raymond I Of Toulouse7,61 died in 863. 852 Parents: Count Of \Taillefer Fulcoald Of Rouergue.

Children were: Count Of Toulouse Eudes TAILLEFER OF TOULOUSE, Count Of \Taillefer Bernard Of Toulouse.

Count Of \Taillefe Raymond II Of Toulouse7,61 died in 924. 919 Parents: Count Of Toulouse Eudes TAILLEFER OF TOULOUSE.

Children were: Raimond III Count Of TOULOUSE.

Count Of \Taillefer Raymond IV Of Toulouse7,60,61 died in 1105.60 He was in Count Of Toulouse.60 Parents: Count \Toulouse Albi\ Pons Count Of TOULOUSE III and Almode DE LA HAUTE MARCHE.

Children were: Count Of \Taillefer Bertrand Of Toulouse, Count Of \Taillefer Alfonso Jordan Of Toulouse.

Count Of Toulouse \ Raymond V Of Toulouse7,60,61,149 died in 1194.60 He was in Count Of Toulouse.60 Parents: Count Of \Taillefer Alfonso Jordan Of Toulouse. Parents: .

Spouse: \Capet Of Toulouse Constance. Count Of Toulouse \ Raymond V Of Toulouse and \Capet Of Toulouse Constance were married in 1154. _STATMARRIED Children were: Isabel OF TOULOUSE, Count Of Toulouse Raymond VI OF TOULOUSE.


Spouse: Jesse H. ROBERTS. Children were: Francis E. ROBERTS, Mary Catherine ROBERTS, Josiah ROBERTS, William J. ROBERTS, Samuel ROBERTS.


Spouse: James SEWELL.


Spouse: Rev. David S. HENKEL.


Spouse: Abraham FOX. Children were: William FOX, Emma FOX, Horace FOX, Mary FOX.

Rebecca2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 32175.

Spouse: Hugh MORTHLAND. Hugh MORTHLAND and Rebecca were married. Reference Number:590862 Children were: Mary MORTHLAND, William MORTHLAND, Rebecca MORTHLAND.

Rebecca2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 46107.

Spouse: Hugh MORTHLAND. Hugh MORTHLAND and Rebecca were married. Reference Number:590863 Children were: Mary MORTHLAND, William MORTHLAND, Rebecca MORTHLAND.

Rebecca5 was born Unknown.5 She died Unknown.5 She is reference number WILLIAMSON.

Spouse: John WHELPLEY. John WHELPLEY and Rebecca were married Unknown.5 Children were: Rebecca WICKLA.


Spouse: Joseph PECK.


Spouse: Timothy NASH.

Rebecca2,3 died before Feb 1776 in Cumberland Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 She is reference number 44555.

! (1) York Co., PA Deeds. (a) Book G, p.192. FHL film #22099.
(2) "The Boyd Family...," by Scott Lee Boyd (Santa Barbara, CA, by author, 1935) p.22. FH L 929.273 B692bs Cites: (a) York Co., PA Orphan's Court Records, Bk B, p.27.

! Marriage to Thomas BOYD: (1,2)
Marriage to Thomas STEVENSON: (2) Aft 1760. (2a) Bef 1 Dec 1763.
Death: (1a) Before 10 Feb 1776. After her husband.

(2a) 1763, 1 Dec: Rebecca, the wife of Thomas STEVENSON of York Co., yeoman, she being th e late Rebecca BOYD, widow and administratrix of Thomas BOYD, late deceased of Marsh Creek, t anner... William BOYD her eldest son... she to pay to him and to Elizabeth, Jane, Rebecca an d Andrew, the minor children of the said Thomas BOYD deceased... their share in their father' s estate.
(1a) 1776, 10 Feb: William BOYD of the Township of Cumberland in the County of York and Pro vince of Pennsylvania, Tanner, and Elizabeth his wife deed to Andrew BOYD of Cumberland Count y in the Province aforesaid, Tanner, of the other part. Whereas Thomas BOYD late of Cumberlan d Township aforesaid, deceaased, Father of the said William BOYD was seized of a Tract of Lan d containing 317 acres Situate in Cumberland Township aforesaid, adjoining land of Robert McP HERSON Esquire, William BREADEN, James BOYD and David MMOORE, and the said Thomas BOYD died I ntestate leaving a Widow named Rebecca, since deceased, and lawful Issue to survive him, name ly the said William BOYD his Eldest Son and Heir at Law, Elizabeth BOYD, Jean BOYD, Rebecca B OYD and Andrew BOYD. Orphans Court held at York for the county of York 7 Sep 1774 ruled lan d would not admit of a division to and amongst the children. For 630 pounds, William BOYD pay ing unto the other Children of the said Intestate, sold unto Andrew BOYD 317 acres. Wit: Rich ard BROWN, Samuel EDIE.

Spouse: Thomas BOYD. Thomas BOYD and Rebecca were married. Reference Number:789592 Children were: William BOYD, Andrew BOYD, Elizabeth BOYD, Jane BOYD, Rebecca BOYD.

Spouse: Thomas STEVENSON. Thomas STEVENSON and Rebecca were married between 1760 and 1763.2,3 Reference Number:789606

Rebecca2,3 died before 1800 in , Augusta Co., Virginia.2,3 She is reference number 44654.
! (1) "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from the Original Co urt Records of Augusta County 1745-1800," by Lyman Chalkley (1912; rpt. Genealogical Pub. Co. , Baltimore, 1966, 1980) Vol.. 2, p.137. Cites: (a) Circuit Court Records, Section I, Judgeme nts, O.S. 168, N.S. 59.

! Death: (1a) Intestate before son Thomas.

(1a) 1808, Jun: WHITE vs. MOORE, Augusta Co., VA Circuit Court. Bill, June, 1808. Complaina nts are, viz: John, Nathaniel, James, William WHITE, Margaret (WHITE), wife of James McFARLAN D, Rebecca (WHITE), wife of William McFARLAND, Mary (WHITE), wife of Robert SNODGRASS, Davi d GREENLEE and his children (infants), heir of their mother Jane, who was Jane WHITE, all bei ng heirs and legal representatives of John WHITE, who was only heir-at-law and legal represen tative of Thomas BOYD, who was son of Andrew BOYD, who died many years ago, leaving a tract i n Augusta County, 240 acres. Andrew died testate in Augusta, devising to his wife and sons, T homas and John. Andrew's widow died intestate and her part descended to Thomas, the eldest so n. After Andrew's death, a patent issued in Andrew's name for an entry of his for 115 acres , but some one struck out Andrew and inserted John. John died testate, without issue, devisin g his lands to his wife, Elizabeth, for her life, with reversion to her son, John VARNUM. The n Thomas BOYD died intestate, leaving complainants his heirs. But Elizabeth BOYD and Willia m MOORE, who bought claim of VARNUM, set up an adverse claim. Answer says Andrew BOYD died 17 50. A patent for the 115 acres issued in 1759 in name of John, when he was not more than 12 o r 15 years old. Andrew BOYD's will dated 26th February, 1749, proved in Augusta 22d May, 1750 , to cousin, John WHITE, if he came here to live. Wife, Rebecca.

Spouse: Andrew BOYD. Andrew BOYD and Rebecca were married. Reference Number:790877 Children were: Thomas BOYD, John BOYD.

Rebecca4,5 was born about 1787.4,5 She is reference number RO051201s1.

Spouse: Edmund NICHOLSON. Edmund NICHOLSON and Rebecca were married.

Bunker Rebecca3,78 was born about 1806 in Of, NC.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 28082.

1850 Rush Co., IN census; Posey Twp; p. 572; house/family

Spouse: Thomas BUNKER. Thomas BUNKER and Bunker Rebecca were married before 1835 in Of, Rush, IN.3,78 Reference Number:526849 Children were: Ira BUNKER, Francis S. BUNKER, Anna BUNKER.

Rebecca7,188 was born on 19 Nov 1812 in OH. She died on 19 Feb 1896. She was also known as Magdalena.

Spouse: Joseph B. EAKER. Joseph B. EAKER and Rebecca were married. Children were: Joseph J. EKER.

Rebecca2,3 was born in 1820.2,3 She died on 9 Aug 1878 in , Cass Co., IN.2,3 She is reference number 29615.

!Birth: (1) 1820.
Marriage to Charles Luy: (1)
Marriage to James Warren Hanna: (1) 7 Aug 1866.
Death: (1) 9 Aug 1878, Cass Co., IN.

Spouse: Charles LUY. Charles LUY and Rebecca were married. Reference Number:555031

Spouse: James Warren HANNAH. James Warren HANNAH and Rebecca were married on 7 Aug 1866.2,3 Reference Number:554996

Rebecca4,5 was born about 1822.4,5 She is reference number GR030205s.

Spouse: Cornelius GROESBECK. Cornelius GROESBECK and Rebecca were married.

Rebecca Buswell7,43 was born in 1593 in Probably In Husband's Bosworth Parish, Leicestershire, England.. She was also known as Boswell.

Parents: Roger Buswell and Margaret.


Spouse: James BOYD.

Rebekah2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 31896.

Spouse: William WILSON. William WILSON and Rebekah were married. Reference Number:597831 Children were: John WILSON.

Regina (Wilhelm3,78 was born about 1854 in Prob Illinois.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27547.

Spouse: Christian Fredrick WILHELM. Christian Fredrick WILHELM and Regina (Wilhelm were married before 1902 in Prob Joliet, Illinois.3,78 Reference Number:525152 Children were: John WILHELM.

Ct De Hainault Regnier II7,20,21,32 was born in 892 in Hainault, Netherlands.20 He died in 932 in France.32 1 DEAT 932
Parents: Duke Of Lorraine Rainer I Or Regnier DE HAINAULT and Alberade DE MONS.

Spouse: Adelaide DE BURGUNDY. Ct De Hainault Regnier II and Adelaide DE BURGUNDY were married.

Regulinde Von Nellenburg7,213 died on 27 May 1090.

Spouse: Werner HABSBURG II. Werner HABSBURG II and Regulinde Von Nellenburg were married. Children were: Otto HABSBURG II, Ita Von HABSBURG.

Ct De Burgundy\ Renaud I Palatine7,15,20,21,32,304 was born in 990 in Bourgogne, France.15,20,304 He died on 4 Sep 1057 in France.15,20,81,304 1 _FA1
2 PLAC 1st Count of Burgundy.
2 SOUR S286834
Parents: Count Of Burgundy Otto GUILLAUME and Countess Of Macon Ermentrude De Roucy RHEIMS.

Spouse: Eleanor OF NORMANDY. Ct De Burgundy\ Renaud I Palatine and Eleanor OF NORMANDY were married before 1 Sep 1016.15,20,81,284,304


Spouse: UR. Children were: TEBAH, GAHAM, TAHASH, MAACAH.

Rhoda2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 45098.

! (1) Loudon Co., VA Deeds. (a) Bk 2C, p.433. FHL film 32,310.

! Marriage to John BOYD: (1a)
Marraige to __ EVANS: (1a)

(1a) 1802, 24 Dec: Rhoda EVANS of Loudoun, widow, administrator of John BOYD, dec'd, and Ge orge ROSE and Jane ROSE his wife, a daughter of the said John BOYD, dec'd. deed to Ludwell LEE, for $500, land in Loudoun Co., VA, containing 300 acres, leased by Thomas Ludwell LEE Esq . of Stafford Co., dec'd, to William BOYD, father of the said John BOYD, for the term of 3 (l ives?); William BOYD devised to the said John BOYD, who died without will; the same has com e to be distributed between the said Rhoda EVANS, widow, and Jane ROSE. The land was purchas ed by Ludwell LEE from Thomas Ludwell LEE, son the the said Thomas Ludwell LEE, dec'd; Ludwel l LEE to occupy land peacably, free and clear.

Spouse: John BOYD. John BOYD and Rhoda were married. Reference Number:796107 Children were: Jane BOYD.

Spouse: EVANS. EVANS and Rhoda were married. Reference Number:796194

Prince Of Deheubarth\ Rhys Gryg Ap Rhys7,20,82 was born about 1150 in , Carmarthenshire, Wales.20,353 He died in 1253 in Dynevor, Llandyfeisant,

Penma n "Here be Dragons" p. 285, makes him brother to Gwenllian verch Rhys who m Edn yfed Fychan. But, Online db (Univ. of Hull?) I had him son of Gwenwynwyn of Pow ys.

Sharon Kay Penman "Here be Dragons" p. 356
PLAC Joined Llywelyn Fawr's alliance against John.
2 PLAC Captured by John's forces & held at Royal c astle at Carmarthen.
2 SOUR Sharon Kay Penman "Here be Dragons"
2 SOUR S261374
Balding, freckled, bloodshot blue eyes, harsh rasping voice from a throat injury.

Spouse: Matilda DE CLARE. Prince Of Deheubarth\ Rhys Gryg Ap Rhys and Matilda DE CLARE were married after 1210.20

From "A Baronial Family In Medieval England: The Clares, 12 17-1314", by Michael
Altschul, The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore 1965 says married ??1219. Children were: \Lord Dynevor Rhys Mechyll Ap Rhys Gryg.

\Lord Dynevor Rhys Mechyll Ap Rhys Gryg7,20,82,268 was born about 1170 in , Carmarthenshire, Wales. He died in 1244.20 Also Known As:<_AKA> Rhys Mechyll /ap Rhys Gryg/ Lord Dynevor Parents: Prince Of Deheubarth\ Rhys Gryg Ap Rhys and Matilda DE CLARE.

Spouse: Maud DE BRAOSE. \Lord Dynevor Rhys Mechyll Ap Rhys Gryg and Maud DE BRAOSE were married. Children were: Gwenllian VERCH RHYS.

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