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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Living MOLLER.5,128

Spouse: Dorthy Helen LOCKWOOD. Children were: Living MOLLER, Living MOLLER, Living MOLLER.

Living MOLLER.5,128 Parents: Living MOLLER and Dorthy Helen LOCKWOOD.

Living MOLLER.5,128 Parents: Living MOLLER and Dorthy Helen LOCKWOOD.

Living MOLLER.5,128 Parents: Living MOLLER and Dorthy Helen LOCKWOOD.

MOLLI3,401 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 73527.

Spouse: Neri J. NOBLE. Neri J. NOBLE and MOLLI were married. Reference Number:1213396

MOLLIE3,387,878 was also known as Mollie Unknown.3,387 She was born WFT Est 1843-1863.3,387,878 She died WFT Est 1864-1947.3,387,878 She is reference number 60829.

Spouse: John Madison POWELL. John Madison POWELL and MOLLIE were married WFT Est 1864-1897.3,387,878 Reference Number:1028267

MOLLY3,1262 was born in 1739.3 She died on 6 Feb 1823.3 She is reference number 63640.

Spouse: Thomas BOYD. Thomas BOYD and MOLLY were married in 1758.3 Reference Number:1071950 Children were: Adam BOYD.

Living MOLLY.377

Spouse: Living SCUDDER. Children were: Living SR..

John MOLNAR3,649 was born on 26 Jul 1931.3,649 He died on 11 Mar 1981 in Monroe Falls, Summit, OH.3,159,649 He is reference number 76052.

Spouse: Living SHERRARD. Children were: Living MOLNAR.

Living MOLNAR.3 Parents: John MOLNAR and Living SHERRARD.

Spouse: Living DEIBLE. Children were: Living DEIBLE, Living DEIBLE.

William De Moleyns Lord MOLRYNS.377

Spouse: Margery BACON. Children were: Isabel MOLINES.

Richard MOLYNEUX3,39 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 4307.

Spouse: Henrietta Maria STANLEY. Richard MOLYNEUX and Henrietta Maria STANLEY were married. Reference Number:90576

Grimald MONACO.259

Children were: Crispin De BEC.

Grimald MONACO.98

Children were: Crispin De BEC.

Grimald MONACO.97

Children were: Crispin De BEC.

Grimald MONACO.120

Children were: Crispin De BEC.

Grace Bell MONAHAN3,38 was born on 2 Apr 1868 in , Cameron, Steuben, New York.3,38 She died on 2 Mar 1925.3,38 She is reference number 24288. Parents: James MONAHAN and Mary Jane OWENS.

Spouse: Frank William BOYD. Frank William BOYD and Grace Bell MONAHAN were married. Reference Number:479424 Children were: Russel Elmer BOYD, Beulah Mae BOYD, Reba Isabelle BOYD, Robert Volney BOYD.

James MONAHAN3,38 was born about 1842 in <, Cameron, Steuben, New York>.3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 24286.

Spouse: Mary Jane OWENS. James MONAHAN and Mary Jane OWENS were married. Reference Number:479498 Children were: Grace Bell MONAHAN.

Living MONAHAN.3

Spouse: Living WEBB. Children were: Living WEBB, Living WEBB.

Issabell MONBOCKER.665

Spouse: John CLIFTON.

Dreux III De Mouchy MONCEUX7,98 was born in 1082 in , , France. Parents: Richilde De CLERMONT.

Spouse: Edith De WARENNE. Dreux III De Mouchy MONCEUX and Edith De WARENNE were married after 1096 in <, France>. Children were: Dreux IV De MOUCHY.

William MONCRIEF3,405 was born WFT Est 1795-1852.3,405 He died WFT Est 1820-1926.3,405 He is reference number 98901.

Spouse: Pauline Lina MAUPIN. William MONCRIEF and Pauline Lina MAUPIN were married WFT Est 1820-1883.3,405 Reference Number:1515576

Living MONDAY.3

Spouse: Living BETTERTON.

Living MONDE.3

Spouse: Living VERNON. Children were: Living VERNON.

Beatrice MONDIDIER7,507,508 was born in 1051 in Montdidier, Somme, France.507 1 BIRT
2 DATE 1051
2 SOUR S009044
4 TEXT Date of Import: Mar 7, 2002 Parents: .

Spouse: Of Perche Geoffrey II. Children were: Margaret DEPERCHE.

Living MONDY.

Spouse: Unknown VYCITAL. Children were: Living VYCITAL, Living VYCITAL, Living VYCITAL.

Hester MONE3,206 was born about 1690.3,206 She was buried in 1727 in Emigrated To Lancaster Co. From Derry..3,206 She died on 15 May 1779.3,206 She is reference number 64497. Parents: Unknown MILLER.

Spouse: John MILLER. John MILLER and Hester MONE were married. Reference Number:788258 Children were: Abigail MILLER.

Richard MONEMUTHE.377

Spouse: Perronelle FERRERS.

Charles William MONES3,9 was born on 2 Aug 1890 in Athens, Ohio.3,9 He died on 31 Oct 1949.3,9 He is reference number 90701.

Spouse: Eunice May WELSH. Charles William MONES and Eunice May WELSH were married on 8 Mar 1933.3,9 Reference Number:1444438

Kezia MONEY3,684,3046,3048 was born about 1755 in Maryland.3,684,2894 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,684,3048 She died about 1836 in Morgan County, Illinois.3,684,3046,3048 She is reference number 68487. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,684,3046 She lived in Hugenot Family Of Eastern Shore Maryland.3,684 Parents: Nicholas MONEY Sr. and Mary YATES.

Spouse: Stephen TUNNELL. Stephen TUNNELL and Kezia MONEY were married on 22 Nov 1776 in Georgetown, Maryland.3,684,3048,3388 Reference Number:1135179 Children were: Stephen TUNNELL Jr.

Nicholas MONEY Sr.3,684,3048 was born on 14 Jun 1727 in Cecil Co., MD.3,684,3048 He died in Apr 1799 in Fairfax Co., VA.3,684,3048 He is reference number 68489. He lived in American Revolution.3,684,3048

Spouse: Mary YATES. Nicholas MONEY Sr. and Mary YATES were married about 1759.3,684,3048 Reference Number:1135959 Children were: Kezia MONEY.

Sarah MONEY19 was born in 1824.19 She died in 1903.19

Spouse: Thomas A. BLAKE. Thomas A. BLAKE and Sarah MONEY were married.

Zue MONEY.19

Spouse: Troxell MORRIS. Children were: David MORRIS.

Alice MONFORT7,212 was born in 1123 in Ellenhall, Staffordshire, England. Parents: Hugh IV De MONTFORT and Adeline De BEAUMONT.

Spouse: Robert NOEL. Robert NOEL and Alice MONFORT were married in . Children were: Thomas NOEL, Alice NOEL, Philip NOEL, Robert NOEL, John NOEL, Richard NOEL.

Amice Of MONFORT.70

Spouse: 1st Earl Of Leicester Robert DE MEULAN Beaumont. Children were: Isabel Elizabeth De BEAUMONT.

Amice Of MONFORT.212

Spouse: 1st Earl Of Leicester Robert DE MEULAN Beaumont. Children were: Isabel De BEAUMONT.

Amice Of MONFORT.10

Spouse: 1st Earl Of Leicester Robert DE MEULAN Beaumont. Children were: Isabel De BEAUMONT.

Suana Or Sabana MONFORT.64

Spouse: Bruno DUKE OF EAST SAXONY. Children were: Liudolf Von SACHSEN.

Margaret MONG3,38,95 was born in May 1862 in , , , Ohio.3 She died in 1946.3 She was buried in 1946 in Sandy Valley, Cemetery, Stark Co, Ohio.3 She is reference number 24359. She has Ancestral File Number 1X66-ZF3.

Spouse: Robert J BOYD. Robert J BOYD and Margaret MONG were married on 15 Jul 1883 in Canton, Canton Twp, Stark Co, Ohio.3 Reference Number:480614 Children were: William H. BOYD, Samuel A. BOYD, Child BOYD, Marion Lorin BOYD, Irwen Robert BOYD, May E BOYD, John Earl BOYD.

Living MONGOLD.3

Spouse: Living FORD. Children were: Living MONGOLD, Living MONGOLD.

Living MONGOLD.3 Parents: Living MONGOLD and Living FORD.

Spouse: Living KNISLEY.

Living MONGOLD.3 Parents: Living MONGOLD and Living FORD.

Mary MONGOLD3,41 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 85497.

Spouse: John MULLENAX, JR.. John MULLENAX, JR. and Mary MONGOLD were married. Reference Number:1362193

Jefferson Lee MONK.19 Parents: Robert Norman MONK and Linda Gail HOLMAN.

Pretextat MONK7,220 was born about 485. I wish I was sure of every name in this file &amp; that I didnt
need to know what you think :) hey, but always refining this,
So if you spot a place where Im just flat wrong please tell
me or someone I didnt go on out with, I do this file out of fun and wanting to know, but do not
respond to the 'know it alls' , that dont have manners.I dont
consider them Kin!
Thanks and Happy Huntin g!

Children were: Parovius Nobleman Of REIMS.

Robert Norman MONK.19

Spouse: Linda Gail HOLMAN. Children were: Jefferson Lee MONK.


Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living MONKHOUSE, Living MONKHOUSE, Living MONKHOUSE, Paul John MONKHOUSE.

Living MONKHOUSE.3 Parents: Living MONKHOUSE and Living BOYD.

Living MONKHOUSE.3 Parents: Living MONKHOUSE and Living BOYD.

Living MONKHOUSE.3 Parents: Living MONKHOUSE and Living BOYD.

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