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Matilda MOSER19,137 was born on 10 Apr 1827.19 She died on 10 Sep 1902.19 Parents: Adam MOSER and Margaret REITSMAN.

Nellie MOSER19,137 was born on 2 Oct 1804.19 She died on 2 Dec 1870.19

Spouse: Jacob FOX. Jacob FOX and Nellie MOSER were married on 4 Dec 1825 in Orange Co., NC.19,137 Children were: Elizabeth FOX, Turley FOX, Dorothea FOX, Margaret FOX, Anderson S. FOX, Mary Ann FOX, Martin FOX, Madison FOX.

Peter E. MOSER7,188 was born about 1842 in Adams Co, IN.

Spouse: Anna AMSTUTZ. Peter E. MOSER and Anna AMSTUTZ were married. Children were: Catherine MOSER.

Rebecca MOSER.19,137 Parents: Rev. Daniel MOSER and Mary Barbara MORETZ.

Rebecca MOSER19,137 was born on 10 Aug 1829.19 She died on 1 Feb 1904.19 Parents: Adam MOSER and Margaret REITSMAN.

Sally Maria MOSER19,137 was born on 18 Dec 1831.19 She died on 2 Nov 1904.19 Parents: Adam MOSER and Margaret REITSMAN.

Salome MOSER.19,137

Spouse: John MORETZ. Children were: Rebecca MORETZ, Adam MORETZ, Christian MORETZ, David MORETZ, Caroline MORETZ, Zachariah Taylor MORETZ, Martha MORETZ, Barbara A. MORETZ, Nancy M. MORETZ, Joseph Luther MORETZ, Unmarried Catherine MORETZ, Unmarried Elizabeth MORETZ, William M. MORETZ, Salome Or Sarah MORETZ, Daniel MORETZ, Rachel MORETZ, Margaret MORETZ, John MORETZ, Alfred Jacob MORETZ, Jonathan F. MORETZ.

Tempie C. MOSER19,137 was born on 5 May 1834.19 She died on 24 Nov 1890.19 Parents: Adam MOSER and Margaret REITSMAN.

Spouse: William JOHNSON. William JOHNSON and Tempie C. MOSER were married.19,137 Children were: David W. JOHNSON, Emeline JOHNSON.

Rev Timothy MOSER19,137 died on 25 Jul 1900.19 Parents: Rev. Daniel MOSER and Mary Barbara MORETZ.

Spouse: Margaret Malinda HENDRICK.

William MOSER.19,137

Spouse: Mary M. FOX.

Elizabeth MOSES.

Spouse: John BANKS. Children were: John BANKS, Elizabeth BANKS.

John MOSES3,483 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 58753.

Spouse: Minnie LAWRENCE. John MOSES and Minnie LAWRENCE were married. Reference Number:1002028

Jr. Risley MOSES7,234 was born about 1751 in East Hartford, CT.. He died about 1751 in Died Young.. Parents: Sr. Risley MOSES and Mary FOX.

Living MOSES.3 Parents: Merle MOSES and Jessie MERSHIMER.

Martha Dianne MOSES.19

Spouse: James Benny MILLER. Children were: Benson Slade MILLER, Ashley Brooke MILLER.

Merle MOSES3,425 was born WFT Est 1859-1908.3,425 He died WFT Est 1890-1984.3,425 He is reference number 67833.

Spouse: Jessie MERSHIMER. Merle MOSES and Jessie MERSHIMER were married WFT Est 1885-1940.3,425 Reference Number:1126218 Children were: Living MOSES.

Sr. Risley MOSES7,234 was born about 1727. He died on 1 Apr 1781 in East Hartford, CT.. Parents: Jonathan RISLEY and Miss ABIGAIL.

Spouse: Mary FOX. Sr. Risley MOSES and Mary FOX were married about 1748. Children were: Thankful RISLEY, Jr. Risley MOSES, Moses RISLEY, Elijah RISLEY, Elisha RISLEY, Allen RISLEY, Mindwell RISLEY, David RISLEY, Abigail RISLEY, Mary RISLEY.

Zebulon MOSES4,5 was born about 1749.4,5 He is reference number RO050807s.

Spouse: Phebe ROSE. Zebulon MOSES and Phebe ROSE were married.

Di MOSEZZO.370 Parents: Podesta Di Mosezzo MANFREDO.

Spouse: ARDOINO Marchese Di Torino. Children were: ARDOINO Marchese Di Torino, MANFREDO Marchese Di Torino.

Miss Di MOSEZZO7,27 was born in 915 in Torino, Piedmont, Italy. Parents: Manfredo Di MOSEZZO.

Spouse: Arduin III Ardvino Glabrione TURINO. Arduin III Ardvino Glabrione TURINO and Miss Di MOSEZZO were married in . Children were: Ardoino IV Di RAMEAENANO, Manfredo I Di TURINO.

Manfredo Di MOSEZZO7,27 was born in 880 in Piedmont, Italy. Parents: Marchess Of Ct Sacred Pal MANFREDO.

Children were: Miss Di MOSEZZO.


Spouse: Margaret Louise PEARCE.

Elias Purdey MOSHER5,128 was born about 1844.5,128

Spouse: Sarah PURDY. Elias Purdey MOSHER and Sarah PURDY were married.

Elizabeth Adaline MOSHER7,234 was born on 4 Mar 1864 in Gates Mtn, Annapolis Co., N.S.. She died after 1910. Parents: Uriah MOSHER and Martha BROTHERSON.

Spouse: Charles Perry NASH. Charles Perry NASH and Elizabeth Adaline MOSHER were married on 12 Aug 1890. Children were: Living NASH, Hazel Adelia NASH, Martha Rowena NASH, Nina Blanche NASH, Martha Edna NASH.

Living MOSHER.404 Parents: William B. MOSHER and ROSE.

Spouse: Living NICHOLS. Children were: Living MOSHER, Living MOSHER.

Living MOSHER.404 Parents: Living MOSHER and Living NICHOLS.

Spouse: Living BLAKENEY. Children were: Living BLAKENEY.

Living MOSHER.404 Parents: Living MOSHER and Living NICHOLS.

Spouse: Living ARMSTRONG.

Louis MOSHER.395 Parents: Phillip MOSHER and Effie STEWART.

Spouse: Floyd COLEMAN. Children were: Living COLEMAN.

Phillip MOSHER.395 Parents: Louisa Go LIGHTLY.

Spouse: Effie STEWART. Children were: Louis MOSHER.

Samuel Lyon MOSHER5,128 was born about 1815.5,128

Spouse: Phebe Ann PURDY. Samuel Lyon MOSHER and Phebe Ann PURDY were married.

Uriah MOSHER7,234 was born before 1864.

Spouse: Martha BROTHERSON. Uriah MOSHER and Martha BROTHERSON were married. Children were: Elizabeth Adaline MOSHER.

Wanda Glee MOSHER5,128 was born on 23 Mar 1922 in Topeka, Kansas.5,128 She died on 5 Dec 1984 in Topeka, Kansas.5,128 She is reference number 9501.

Spouse: Earl Virgil HALSTEAD. Earl Virgil HALSTEAD and Wanda Glee MOSHER were married. Reference Number:35669

William B. MOSHER.404

Spouse: ROSE. Children were: Living MOSHER.

Living MOSHIER.3

Spouse: Living BRITTON. Children were: Living BRITTON, Living BRITTON, Living BRITTON.

Living MOSHIER.3

Spouse: Living BRITTON. Children were: Living BRITTON.

Living MOSIER.3

Spouse: Living DERSHEM. Children were: Living MOSIER, Living MOSIER, Living MOSIER.

Living MOSIER.3 Parents: Living MOSIER and Living DERSHEM.

Living MOSIER.3 Parents: Living MOSIER and Living DERSHEM.

Living MOSIER.3 Parents: Living MOSIER and Living DERSHEM.

Living MOSIER.3

Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living BOYD.

Sarah T. MOSIER3,1611 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 1143.

Spouse: William S. GOODIN. William S. GOODIN and Sarah T. MOSIER were married. Reference Number:28903 Children were: Clara Rosaline GOODIN.

Eva MOSIMAN7,188 was born about 1693.

Spouse: Ulrich AMSTUTZ. Ulrich AMSTUTZ and Eva MOSIMAN were married. Children were: Hans Ulrich AMSTUTZ.

Belle MOSKEDAL.377

Spouse: Frank Leslie Rector MD. Children were: Living RECTOR.

Floella MOSLEY3,218,643 was born on 6 Apr 1927 in Clay County, Arkansas.3,218,643 She died on 5 Mar 1989 in Clay County, Arkansas.3,218,643 She was buried on 7 Mar 1989 in New Hope Cemetery, Pollard, Arkansas.3,218,643 She is reference number 108171.

Spouse: George E. VAUGHN. George E. VAUGHN and Floella MOSLEY were married. Reference Number:1693736 Children were: Living VAUGHN, Living VAUGHN, Living VAUGHN.

Living MOSLEY.3

Spouse: Living RAKES.

Living MOSLEY.3

Spouse: Living PAYNE.

Mary Hautense MOSLEY3,815 was born on 15 Jul 1874 in Taylors Creek, GA.3,815 She died on 11 Feb 1951 in Tampa, FL.3,815 She is reference number 1481.

Spouse: George Stanislaus BOYD. George Stanislaus BOYD and Mary Hautense MOSLEY were married on 15 Nov 1893 in St Petersburg, FL.3,815 Reference Number:34907 Children were: George Earl BOYD Sr.

Nathan MOSLEY7,188 was born in 1859 in Massac Co, IL. Parents: William MOSLEY and Elizabeth Ann FOX.

Spouse: Sophia SHARP. Nathan MOSLEY and Sophia SHARP were married.

Vivian MOSLEY3,399 was born.3,399,400 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 9844.

Spouse: Lawrence L. MERCER. Lawrence L. MERCER and Vivian MOSLEY were married. Reference Number:218330 Children were: Living MERCER.

William MOSLEY.188

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann FOX. Children were: Nathan MOSLEY.

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