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Lord Richard.1

Spouse: Alice SERJEAULX. Children were: Lord Robert DEVERE.

Count Of Autunois\ Richard7,18 was born in 833 in Aube, France. He died in 890. Parents: Count Of Autunoi Thierry.

Hrh Prince Richard1,7 was born on 20 Sep 1411. He died on 31 Dec 1460. HRH The Prince Richard, Duke of York, was the Protector of England, killed at t he battle of wakefield in 1460. He was the first member of the Royal family to instruct his decendants to adopt Plantagenet as a surname. Parents: Hrh . Earl Of Cambridge and Lady Anne MORTIMER.

Spouse: Lady Cecily NEVILLE. Hrh Prince Richard and Lady Cecily NEVILLE were married. Children were: King Edward IV OF ENGLAND, King Richard Lll OF ENGLAND, Hrh Princess Anne PLANTAGENT OF ENGLAND.

Duke Of York\ Richard7,62 was born on 17 Aug 1473 in Shrewsbury, England. He died on 23 Jun 1483 in London, England. Murdered as prisoner in the Tower with his brother. Parents: EDWARD IV and Elizabeth WOODVILLE.

Richard De Evereux Ct De Evereux7,15,20,21,286 was born in 986 in Rouen, S-Infr, France.15,20,286 He died on 13 Dec 1067 in Normandy, France.15,20,286 Parents: Archbishop Of , Count Of Robert D'EVEREUX and Havlive De Rouen.

Children were: Agnes DE EVEREUX.

Richard Treat7,97,354 was born in 1584 in Staplegrove, Eng.354 He died on 16 Feb 1599.354 He was also known as Trott. Parents: Richard TREAT\TROTT and Mrs Joanna TROTT.

Spouse: HONORA. Richard Treat and HONORA were married WFT Est 1596-1598.354 Children were: Hon. Richard Sr TREAT.

Richard Wydeville7,43,62,64,355 was born about 1365 in Of, La Mote, Maidstone, Kent. He died after 29 Nov 1441 in Of, Grafton, Northamptonshire, England. He was also known as Esquire. He was buried in Maidstone, Kent, England.

Parents: John DE WYDEVILLE and Isabel GODARD.

Spouse: Joan BEDLISGATE. Richard Wydeville and Joan BEDLISGATE were married. Children were: Elizabeth WYDEVILLE, Joan WYDVILLE, Earl Of Rivers Richard WYDEVILLE.

Spouse: Joan BEDLISGATE. Richard Wydeville and Joan BEDLISGATE were married about 1403. _STATMARRIED Children were: Sir Knight Edward WOODVILLE, Joan WOODVILLE, Sir Knight Richard WOODVILLE, Earl Of Rivers Richard WYDEVILLE.

Ct Of Breisgau\ Richbald7,28,133 was born about 690.28 He died before 16 Jan 761/62.28

Spouse: ERMENGARDE. Ct Of Breisgau\ Richbald and ERMENGARDE were married. Children were: \Ct Of Altdorf\ RUTHARD.


Spouse: Ct Of Autun Metz Buwin De Autun. Children were: Richildis METZ OR ARDENNES, \King Of Provence\ Dux Boso DE PROVENCE, Duke Of Burgundy Richard Le JUSTICIAR.

Count Of Nantes\ Ridoredh7,18,242 was born in 830. He was also known as Count Of Nantes. DATE 5 MAY 2000

Spouse: Concubine Of RIDOREDH. Count Of Nantes\ Ridoredh and Concubine Of RIDOREDH were married in Never Married.

SOUR Royalt y for Commoners, Roderick W. Stuart
PAGE 237
QUAY 2 Children were: Duke Of Brittany ALAIN I.

Robert2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 30603.

Spouse: Elizabeth LOCKRIDGE. Robert and Elizabeth LOCKRIDGE were married on 24 Jun 1763.2,3 Reference Number:575738

Robert.3 Parents: Alice.

King Of France Robert7,26,73,77 was also known as The Strong. He was born WFT Est 784-861.73,77 He died WFT Est 848-937.73,77

Spouse: Queen Of France Adelheid Of AQUITAINE. King Of France Robert and Queen Of France Adelheid Of AQUITAINE were married WFT Est 807-886.73,77 Children were: King Of France I ROBERT.

Count Of Amiens\ Robert7,18 was born in 790. He died in 825.

Children were: Count Of Metz Budwine METZ.

Duke Of Normandy Robert7,243 was born in 870 in Norway. He died in 931. He was also known as Rollo. Rollo the Dane, 1st Duke of Normandy. The Normans, Men of the North, were a mix ed nation of the fiercest Norwegians, Swedes and Danes, and became settled in N eustria in France at the beginning of the 10th Century when Charles the Simple, King of France, conferred the Duchy, since called Normandy, on Rollo the Dane, one of the most celebrated of the Norman leaders. This renowed chieftain marri ed 1st Poppae, daughter of Berengarius, Count of Bayeux, 2nd Gisela, daughter o f Charles, King of France. By the first wife he left at his death, in 931, two sons and two daughters: William, Robert, Count of Corbell, Crespina and Gerlett a.

Parents: Jarl Of The Uplands Eystein Ivarsson GLUMRA and Countess Of Oppland, Jutl Ascrida RAGNVALDSDOTTIR.

Count Of Corbeil Robert7,10,33,54,64,99,101,120,149 was born about 895 in Of, Normandy, France. Parents: Duke Of Normandy Rolloi Hrolf ROGNVALDSSON and Duchess Of Normandy Poppa De BAYEUX.

Robert Ct Of Hesbaye7,28,29 was born in 700.28 2 SOUR S085410
4 TEXT Date of Import: Aug 7, 2000 Parents: Lambert DE HESBAYE.

Spouse: Williswinda De Hesbaye. Children were: Guerin DE HESBAYE.

Earl Of Shrewsbury\ Robert De Bellême7,15,16,17,52,244,356 was born in 1050 in Of Montgomery, Wales.16 He was buried in 3rd Earl Of Shrewsbury. Also Earl Of Belesme..16 Also Known As:<_AKA> Robert de Alençon /Earl of Shrewsbury & Arundel/

2 SOUR S005967 Parents: Count Shrewsbury And Arun Roger DE MONTGOMERY II and Countess Of Shrewsbury Mabel TALVAS.

Spouse: Agnes DE PONTHIEU. Earl Of Shrewsbury\ Robert De Bellême and Agnes DE PONTHIEU were married. 1 REFN 60804 Children were: Count Of Alencon & Ponthi William III Talvase Comet De MONTGOMERY.

Lord Nantalan Robert De Flamanck.15,50,130,291 Parents: Mark LE FLAMAND.

Children were: Sir Roger DE FLAMOCK.

Robert De Grey7,212 was born about 1196 in Of Rotherfeild, Sussex, England. He died about 1245. Parents: John GREY and Hawise De GREY.

Spouse: AMICE. Robert De Grey and AMICE were married in . Children were: Eve De GREY, Walter De GREY, GREY, Roesia GREY, Thomas GREY.

Baron Neville Of Raby\ Robert De Neville7,20,82,225,226 was born in 1223 in Raby, Durham, England.20,226 He died in 1282.20,226
Sheriff of Northumberland.
Parents: \Baron Neville Geoffrey De Neville Of Raby and Joan DE MONMOUTH.

Spouse: Ida DE BERTRAM. Baron Neville Of Raby\ Robert De Neville and Ida DE BERTRAM were married in Mitford, Northumberland, England.20,225,226 Children were: \Baron Neville Of Raby Robert De NEVILLE II.

Robert De Vere7,97 died before 25 Oct 1221 in Colne, Essex, England. He was born in Hatfield, Essex, England. Parents: 1st Earl Of Oxford Aubrey III De Vere and Agnes Lucia De Essex ABRIMCIS.

Spouse: Isabel De BOLEBEC. Robert De Vere and Isabel De BOLEBEC were married in . Children were: Alice De VERE, Isabel De VERE, Earl Of Oxford 4Th Hugh IV De VERE, Eleanor De VERE.

Baron Okehampton\ Robert Fitzedith7,46,47,48 died on 31 May 1172 in Of Okehampton, Devonshire.49,50,224 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: King Of England Henry I "Beauclere" ENGLAND I and Edith FITZFORNE.

Lord Raby Robert Fitzmaldred7,20,82,225,226 was born about 1170 in Of Raby, Durham, England.20,225,226,357 He died about 1242.20,226,357 1 _FA1
Lord of Raby, Brancepeth and Durham.

REF: Neville GEDCOM: A Saxon, Lord of Raby, Brancepeth and Durham, who on March 17, 1227 gave 200 marks for his r elease on succession to her inheritance in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Durham. He held several civil offices and had military service. His death date is unknown but he must of been a very old man dying between June 24, 1242 and May 25, 1 248 when his widow married Gilbert de Brakenberg. Parents: .

Spouse: Isabel DE NEVILLE. Lord Raby Robert Fitzmaldred and Isabel DE NEVILLE were married in Brancepeth, Durham, England.20,225,226 Children were: \Baron Neville Geoffrey De Neville Of Raby.

Baron Baynard\ Robert Fitzrichard Steward7,20,44,46,47,48,244,283 died in 1134 in England.20,50,223,244,283

Parents: Earl Of Clare 1St Richard De Clare FITZGILBERT and Rohese Of Bolebec GIFFARD.

Spouse: Daughter OF NORTHUMBRIA.

Spouse: Maud Of Northampton DE ST. LIZ. Baron Baynard\ Robert Fitzrichard Steward and Maud Of Northampton DE ST. LIZ were married before 1110.50,223

Baron Warkworth\ Robert Fitzroger7,20,82,244 was born between 1170 and 1177.20 He died between 1212 and 1214.20,225,244
2nd Baron of Warkworth in Clavering, Essex.
Penman "Here be Dragons" p. 285, makes him brother to Gwenllian verch Rhys who m Ednyfed Fychan. But, Online db (Univ. of Hull?) I had him son of Gwenwynwyn of Powys.
Sheriff of Northumberland.

Spouse: Lady Of Hereford De Chesn MARGERY. Baron Warkworth\ Robert Fitzroger and Lady Of Hereford De Chesn MARGERY were married. Children were: Baron Clavering\ John Fitzrobert Of Clavering, Alice De Warkworth FITZ ROBERT.

Robert I7,37 died in 1075. He was also known as The Old. Parents: King Of France Robert FRANCE II and BERTHE.

\Ct De Flanders Robert I 'Le Frison' Artois7,15,20,21,31,32,46,47,48 was born in 1033 in Flanders.20,50 He died on 3 Oct 1093 in Kassel, Germany.20,50 1 BIRT

Parents: Count Of Flanders Baldwin V DE LILLE and Princess Adele Alix HAVOISE.

Robert Sn De Chateau-Du-Loire7,15,20,21 was born in 1000.20 Parents: Aimon SN DE CHATEAU-DU-LOIRE and Hildeburge DE BELESME.

Spouse: Elizabeth De Chateau-Du-Loire. Children were: Seigneur De Chateau Du \L Gervase Sn De Chateau-Du-Loire.

Robert Tosni De Tony7,62 died in 1310. Parents: Ralph VII De TOENI and Mary CLARISSA.

Earl Of Warwick\ Roger7,72 was born in 1102 in In Warwick, England. He died on 12 Jun 1153 in Warwick, England. Parents: Earl Of Warwick\ Henry DE BEAUMONT and Margaret DE PERCHE.

Spouse: Countess Of Huntingdon Adelaide DE WARENNE. Earl Of Warwick\ Roger and Countess Of Huntingdon Adelaide DE WARENNE were married. Children were: Earl Of Waleran WARWICK IV.

Roger Boswell7,43,148 was born about 1543 in Husband's Bosworth Parish, Leicestershire, England.. He died in Jun 1609 in Husbands Bosworth Parish, County Leicester, England. He was also known as Buswell.

Roger BOSWELL from Husband's Bosworth Parish of Leicester County, England was baptized as an adult in 1586. By occupation he was a husb andman, and his wife Margret was baptized also as an adult on March 11, 1592. Roger was buried on June 14, 1609 at Bosworth Parish. His will is dated Novemb er 21, 1606 and was proved July 6, 1609. His wife's will (Margret Boswell) was dated February 13, 1610 and it was probated on March 27, 1613. At this time t he children she listed as living at the time were: Thomas, Isaac, Susan, Rebe cca {1}

*Husbands Bosworth is/was a village and a pa rish on the south Leicestershire/ Northamptonshire border, located between the towns of Lutterworth and Market Harborough/ Market Bosworth, England.

Parents: John Boswell and Elizabeth HALL.

Spouse: Margaret. Roger Boswell and Margaret were married. Children were: Unknown WILLIAM, THOMAS, John BOSWELL, Ermus Buswell, AGNYS, Elias Buswell, Jane BOSWELL, Ann Agnys BOSWELL, Roger BOSWELL, Susanne) (Susanna SUSAN, Margery BOSWELL, Rebecca BOSWELL, Issaac Buswell Issac ISAAC, Joane Buswell.

Roger Buswell7,43,148 was born about 1545 in Husband's Bosworth Parish, Leicestershire, England.. He was also known as Boswell. 1 _FA1

d.14 Jun 1609

Parents: John Boswell.

Spouse: Margaret. Roger Buswell and Margaret were married. Children were: Elias Buswell, Erasmus Buswell, John Buswell, Roger Buswell, Jane Buswell, William Buswell, Thomas Buswell, Agnes Buswell, Susanne Buswell, Margery Buswell, Rebecca Buswell, Jane Buswell, Isacher Buswell, Joane Buswell.

Roger Buswell7,43 was born in 1566 in Huaband's Bosworth Parish, Leicestershire, England.. He was also known as Boswell. 1 _FA1

Thomas' twin brother. Parents: Roger Buswell and Margaret.

Roger De Bertram7,121 was born about 1200 in . Parents: Roger Or Robert BERTRAM and AGNES.

Lord Pontefract\ Roger De Lacy7,15,20,30,82 was born in 1171 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.15,20 He died in 1211 in Of Pontefract, Yorkshire.15,20,30 He was also known as Helle. Also Known As:<_AKA> Roger 'Helle' de Lacy /Baron Halton/

3 NOTE Penman "Here be Dragons" p. 285, makes him brother to Gwenllian verch Rhys who m Ednyfed Fychan. But, Online db (Univ. of Hull?) I had him son of Gwenwynwyn of Powys.

W E Wightman, *Th e Lacy Family in England and Normandy, 1066-1194*,
genealogical chart followin g p 260.
From same, p 85-86: Rogers' great grandmother Alberda de Lacy's ne phew Robert de Lacy (who m. Isabel Plantagenet) seems to have been allowed to i nherit the honour as soon as his father's death became known. He left no heirs , and, as there were no other surviving heirs of either Henry or Ilbert II, the succession devolved on the great-grandson of Henry's sister Alberda: Roger 'H elle', constable of Chester, who took the name Lacy when he was allowed to inhe rit the lands. He had to pay a relief of three thousand marks, three times th e amount that Robert had paid sixteen years before.
Thus the honours of Halton and Widnes became joined to those of Pontefract
and Clitheroe built up by the first Lacy line, the whole forming the basis
of the power of the earls of Lincoln in the next century." Parents: .

Spouse: Matilda DE CLARE. Lord Pontefract\ Roger De Lacy and Matilda DE CLARE were married in 1192.15,20 Children were: Earl Of Lincoln John DE LACY.

Ct De Cousserans\ Roger I De Commignes7,16,17,24 died in 1019.16,24 Parents: Ct De Cousserans\ Arnould I De Commignes and Arsinde DE CARCASSONNE RAZÈS.

Spouse: Adelaide De Cousserans. Children were: Ct De Cousserans\ Bernardo Roger, Ermensinde DE CARCASSONNE.

Roger II De Toeni Or Conches7,212 was born about 1077 in . He died on 15 May 1091. Parents: Ralph III De TOENI and Lady Isabel Of Nogent DE MONTFORT.

Earl Of Norfolk\ Roger Le Bigod7,16,20,30,32,82,199,244 was born in 1150 in Of Norfolk, England.16,20 He died on 2 Aug 1221 in Thetford, Norfolk, England.16,20 He was buried in One Of The 25 Sureties Of The Magna Carta..16 He graduated in 2ND Earl Of Norfolk..16,278
Steward of the Houshold of King Richard I.
C 1 of 4 earls who carried silken canopy over Richard's head at his 2nd coronation

One of the 25 sureties of theM agna Carta.
Parents: Earl Of Norfolk Hugh LE BIGOD and Juliana DE VERE.

Spouse: Concubine #4 Ida PLANTAGENET. Earl Of Norfolk\ Roger Le Bigod and Concubine #4 Ida PLANTAGENET were married in 1185.16,20,30,157,244,273,275,278 1 REFN 42195 Children were: Earl Of Norfolk\ Hugh Le Bigod, Margaret LE BIGOD, Mary LE BIGOD.

Spouse: Ida PLANTAGENET. Earl Of Norfolk\ Roger Le Bigod and Ida PLANTAGENET were married in 1185.16,244,275,278 1 REFN 42195 Children were: Earl Of Norfolk\ Hugh Le Bigod, Margaret LE BIGOD.

King Of Denmark\ Rorik7,17,161,247 was born in Denmark.162 He died in Denmark.162 He was in King Of Denmark.162 He was in King Of Denmark.162 He was in King Of Denmark.162

Parents: King Of Denmark\ Ivar Vidfadmi.

Children were: Harold HILDITOM, Harold HILDITOM, Harold HILDITOM.

Rosa L.3,142 was also known as Flood.3,142 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 56855.

Spouse: Lawrence Harrold FLOOD. Lawrence Harrold FLOOD and Rosa L. were married about 1923.3,142,358 Reference Number:976749

Rosanna3,359,360 was born about 1796.3,359,360 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 51563.

Spouse: James BOYD. James BOYD and Rosanna were married in 1825.3,359 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,360 Reference Number:500273 Children were: John BOYD, A Male BOYD, James Bucky BOYD, Joseph BOYD, Andrew C. BOYD, Jane BOYD.

Rosbrough3,88 was born WFT Est 1725-1791.3,88 She died WFT Est 1743-1871.3,88 She is reference number 69950. Parents: Alexander ROSBROUGH and Martha GASTON.

Spouse: J. BOWMAN. J. BOWMAN and Rosbrough were married WFT Est 1743-1821.3,88 Reference Number:1161778

Rosita3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 89174.

Spouse: Jesus FERNANDEZ. Jesus FERNANDEZ and Rosita were married. Reference Number:1425614 Children were: Leandro FERNANDEZ, Emilo FERNANDEZ, Marieta FERNANDEZ, Eva FERNANDEZ, Moises FERNANDEZ.

Count Of Provenc\ Rotbaud II7,207 was born about 930. He died in 1008. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: Count Of Provence & Arles BOSO and Constance OF VIENNE.

Ct De Arles\ Rotbold II De Vienne.20,21 Parents: Berillo DE VIENNE I and Ermengarde DE VIENNE.

Spouse: Gerberga DE AUTUN. Children were: Count Of Gatinais Aubri GATINAIS.

Princess Of The Franks\ Rothaid7,18 was born in 784. Parents: Emperor Of The Holy Roman Charlemagne MARTEL and SIGRADA.

Rothild.18 Parents: Emperor Of The Holy Roman Charlemagne MARTEL and MALDEGARD.

Roxie3,38,361 was born about 1897 in .3,361 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 21472.

Spouse: Claude Jackson BOYD. Claude Jackson BOYD and Roxie were married. Reference Number:431455

Ruben19,137 was born in 1846.19 Parents: Rebecca FOX.

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