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Nellie MURPHY3,1286 was born in 1863.3,1286 She died in Feb 1928 in Wenatches, Washington.3,1286 She is reference number 51322.

Spouse: Jr. Robert BOYD. Jr. Robert BOYD and Nellie MURPHY were married on 5 Jul 1885 in Rapid City.3,1286 Reference Number:894387 Children were: Paul Harvey BOYD, Francis Karle BOYD, Marie Lucille BOYD.

Otis MURPHY3,739 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 27238. Parents: Hester MURPHEY. Parents: Harvey WILLIAMSON and Hester MURPHEY.

Owen MURPHY3,964 was born in 1906.3,964 He died on 1 Jun 1958.3,964 He is reference number 33706. He was in Steelworker.3,964

Spouse: Lilian MENZIES. Owen MURPHY and Lilian MENZIES were married in 1939.3,964 Reference Number:635258

Pamela MURPHY3,41 was born in 1803 in Dry Run, Pendelton Co. WV.3,41 She died after 1860 in Pend. Co., WV..3,41 She is reference number 86120. Parents: Walter MURPHY and Susannah POSTEN.

Spouse: James W. MULLENAX. James W. MULLENAX and Pamela MURPHY were married on 28 Feb 1826 in Pendelton, Co., WV..3,41 Reference Number:1383901 Children were: John Wesley MULLENAX.

Pearl Ann MURPHY.3

Spouse: John Daniel MARTINDALE. Children were: Living MARTINDALE.

Richard Barclay MURPHY3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 89485.

Spouse: Lucy Virginia WITT. Richard Barclay MURPHY and Lucy Virginia WITT were married on 1 Jun 1862 in Walnut Grove, Texas.3,9 Reference Number:1428772 Children were: Carrie Lourain MURPHY.

Robert Eaton MURPHY4,5 was born about 1848.4,5 He is reference number BU110209s.

Spouse: Catherine BUTTERWORTH. Robert Eaton MURPHY and Catherine BUTTERWORTH were married on 29 Apr 1873 in Winwick, Hunts, England.4,5

Robert W MURPHY3,294 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 37774.

Spouse: Elizabeth ADAIR. Robert W MURPHY and Elizabeth ADAIR were married. Reference Number:695216

Sam Murphy MURPHY3,483 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 58053.

Spouse: Living HOPPER.

Samuel MURPHY3,402 was born in 1758 in Fredericks Co. VA..3,402 He died in 1851 in Armstrong Co. PA..3,402 He is reference number 76835. [boyd-trees.ged]



Samuel Murphy

Captain Samuel Muphy, progenitor of the Murphy family of Armstrong County, Pa. was
originally a native of Frederick County, Virginia. He was born in Virginia during the year of 1756.

This man had a remarkable career, one which was filled with adventure, action, and usefulness to his country. He was famous as a soldier, scout, and ranger. He proved to be a pioneer of great magnitude, He was left an orphan at a very early age, and was reared by a Col. Stinson, a Revolutionary patriot and a personal friend of Gen. Washington.

Mr. Murphy enlisted in the English Crown's Army of Va. and accompanied Lord Dunmore
in his expedition into the region of South Central Ohio in the year of 1774.

At the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, Mr. Murphy joined the Continental Army ( the 8th Pa. Regiment ). He served with distinction until he was mustered out of service in the year of 1783.

In the fall of 1781 he was captured by Indians on the fork of the North Salt River in Kentucky and was taken with other prisoners for the English by a band of Indians under Simon Girty, a renegade, no good white man, who had cast his lot with Indians and the British In the Revolutionary struggle, This man had taken on to himself an Indian squaw and had been living a life plundering the white settlers throughout the colonies.

Samuel Murphy was taken by Girty and his band to an island on the St. Lawrence River, 60 miles above Montreal, Canada. The weather was turning bad up there and Mr. Murphy was making plans to make his way to the mainland and make his escape. The prisoners were being closely watched, but one night the opportunity did present itself and he made the break for the river, at the extreme end of the island, Mr. Murphy succeeded in getting away from his pursuers.
He finally made the mainland and after many hardships made his way back to the Colonial Army again. He performed valiant services on the frontier during the remaining days of the revolutionary War period and in the subsequent Indian War.

* 1 Major Denny said that Mr. Murphy was the best soldier he had ever known. He was intimately acquainted with Gen. George Washington. On one occasion while he was yet a boy, at the suggestion of Col. Stinson, he perpetrated on that great man a practical joke which so pleased Gen. Washington that he gave the young Mr. Murphy a large silver coin as a token of the General's esteem for him. A short time after the g close of the Revolutionary War, Capt. Murphy removed to what is now Sharpsburg, Pa. Samuel Murphy in the home of his bride's brother, Benjamin Powers, was married July 5, 1787. His bride was born in Maryland during the year of 1768. After the marriage the newly married couple took up housekeeping on Guyuserthas Bottom on an island near what is now Sharpsburg, Pa., which Mr. Murphy had taken up after his release from the Army. During the year of 1793 while Mr. Murphy was absent on a trapping expedition, a band of roving Indians showed up along the river. Mrs. Murphy who was alone on the island with her two baby children, William and Thomas, was aware of the Indian raid and she stayed on the lookout and when the Indians started across the river to their island, she got her two babies and hid in an eddy on one side of the island where the Murphys had hidden their boat when it was not in use, this location was hidden from view.

Mrs. Murphy took her babies to this spot. She could see the Indians come on the island, ransack and burn their cabin. Mrs. Murphy waited for darkness and then with all three safely in the boat, with the babies Iaying on the bottom of the boat, she proceeded to guide the boat through the narrow passage out into the stream. She then paddled her way across the river, where she secured the boat and then with her babies in her arms she made her way to the home of her brother, Thomas Powers, who lived on what was called at that early date Powers Run. The husband returned to find his cabin burned to the ground, he then immediately set followed the plow with a rifle on his shoulder. Although peace was concluded with the Western tribes some years prior to this date, yet in many a Red man's bosom rankled a smoldering hate for the race that had driven the Indian from his loved hunting grounds, and it was not known at what moment this hatred, encut for the brother-in-law's home where he heard the good news that his family was safe. With help from the brother-in-law and other settlers, they succeeded in rebuilding their cabin and getting things in shape again. The family continued to live on this island until the year of 1798 when the Murphy's purchased and secured a tract of land through the government's help about four miles up the Allegheny River from Freeport in what is now South Buffalo township in Armstrong County, Pa.

With help, he in a short period of time, hewed out enough logs to build the family a comfortable home. He set out to clear a sizable section of land for farming purposes. The Murphys reared a family of 13 children on this South Buffalo township farm. Mrs. Murphy died and was buried on this farm in 1820. Mr. Murphy passed on during the year of 1850 and was also buried on this farm.
From the personal records of W. G. Truby

*1 Denneys Military Journal Military Record of Samuel

Captain Samuel Murphy
(Letters to the editor, Freeport Journal)

Inasmuch as you publish matters now and then, relating to the early days, I thought that you might welcome a few words concerning the history of Capt. Samuel Murphy, one of the noted men of Pioneer Days whose dust reposes in the soil of South Buffalo Town Ship on the banks of his long-loved Allegheny.

He was born at Bullskins, Frederick County Virginia in 1756. Left an orphan at an early age, he was reared in the family of Col. Stinson, a friend of George Washington. On one occasion, young Murphy at Col. Stinson's instigation played a joke on Washington much to the pleasure of the future leader of the American Armies, he gave the young fellow a coin as a reward, I suppose you would call it.

At the age of 18, Samuel Murphy entered the service of Va. as a scout in Lord Dunmore's War which broke out in 1774 between Va. and the Shawnee Indians of Ohio and what is now W. Va. The causes of this war were fraudulent land sales and the murder of Logan, Chief of the Mingoes, by some VA., militia under Daniel Greathouse. Lord Dunmore led one Army in person against the Shawnees and sent another under command of Gen. Andrew Lewis. Lewis proceeded down the Great Kanawha, and Dunmore assembled his troops at Fort Pitt, whose name he changed to Fort Dunmore then proceeded down the Ohio to the mouth of the Hockhocking,

The original plan for the two armies to meet at what is now Point Pleasant, West Va., but after leaving Fort Pitt Dunnore changed his plans and sent messengers to Lewis ordering him to cross the Ohio and proceed to the Shawnees villages on the Scioto, where Dunmore would join him. Now Samuel Murphy was a scout in Dunmore's division and was intimately acquainted with the messengers whom Dunmore sent to Gen. Lewis, one of whom was Simon Girty who later became a noted renegade and merciless raider of the Frontiers of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky. Before Gen. Lewis could carry out the orders of Dunmore, he was attacked by the great Shawnee chief, Cornstalk and his warriors at the terrible battle of Point Pleasant, where Cornstalk fought with such consummate general-ship and valor. Murphy missed the battle by a few days but was at the treaty held at Chillicothe, Ohio in November, 1774 between Cornstalk and Lord Dunmore. While this treaty was in progress, Logan, Chief of the Mingoes, in the forest some distance from the scene of the treaty made his famous speech which has made his name immortal.

Samuel Murphy also served in the Revolutionary War, being a member of the 8th Pa.
Regiment. In 1781 he was captured on the North fork of Salt River in Kentucky and was taken by Simon Girty to an island in the St. Lawrence about 60 miles above Montreal. Here one bright morning he jumped to the ceiling of the guard house and uttered a piercing war whoop, the occasion being the sentinels whispering in his ear the news that Cornwallis was captured, thus ensuring the triumph of the American arms. Samuel Murphy took up his residence at what is now Sharpsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania after the revolution. In 1792, he was a ranger engaged in scouting in the Allegheny Vally during the Indian uprising beginning in 1789 and ending with Gen. Wayne's victory over the western tribes in 1794. He was one of the band of rangers that pursued the captors of Massa Harbison in the Spring of 1792. In 1794, he saw service once more in the Allegheny Valley and was promoted to the rank of Captain. In the same year, he assisted in laying out the town of Erie.

In 1798, he took up his residence at Murphys Bend on the Allegheny a few miles above Freeport, where he outraged by the British might again cause the children of the forest to rise in savage wrath.

In 1850 Capt. Murphy ended his long and eventful life and by the banks of the scenic and historic river he sleeps serenely in the arms of peace, awaiting the trump of God. May the younger generation of Freeport and South Buffalo not forget this outstanding character of the days when the foundations of America's present greatness were laid.
Very sincerely yours,

C. Hale Sipe.
Butler, Pennsylvania

Captain James Murphy

Born September 10, 1796 on an island in the Allegheny river at Sharpsburg, Pa., then reared on the south Buffalo township farm.

James Murphy helped his father with farming until he was 25 years of age when he decided to make a life for himself on the river.

Capt. James Murphy operated the first steamboat to ascend the Allegheny River above Freeport, Pa. He worked at this profession until 1850 when he decided to travel to California, walking part of the way. The father, Samuel Murphy, died during this time in in 1850 and after a period of a year in California, James Murphy returned to his home and farm in Freeport, Pa. He assumed charge of the farm and successfully operated it for many years, His brothers and sisters, Margaret, Nancy, James, and John Murphy were all unmarried and they spent their life on the farm.

Spouse: Elizabeth POWERS. Samuel MURPHY and Elizabeth POWERS were married. Reference Number:1259047 Children were: William MURPHY, Thomas MURPHY, Mary MURPHY, Elizabeth MURPHY, Margaret MURPHY, Benjamin MURPHY, Nancy MURPHY, John MURPHY, George MURPHY, Esleu MURPHY, James P. MURPHY, Susan MURPHY.

Stanford MURPHY.19,137

Spouse: Julia A. FOX. Children were: Flora MURPHY, Henry MURPHY, Annie MURPHY, Cornelia MURPHY, Walter MURPHY, Charles MURPHY.

Susan MURPHY3,402 was born on 16 Jun 1810.3,402 She died on 7 Feb 1908.3,402 She is reference number 76769. Parents: Samuel MURPHY and Elizabeth POWERS.

Spouse: William TRUBY. William TRUBY and Susan MURPHY were married. Reference Number:1259001 Children were: Nancy TRUBY, John MURPHY, Julia TRUBY, Mary E. TRUBY, James H. TRUBY, William TRUBY, Samuel TRUBY, George TRUBY, Margaret TRUBY.

Susan M. MURPHY3,468 was born in 1849.3,468 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 50074. Parents: James M. MURPHY and Jane BOYD.

Spouse: W. W. ANDERSON. W. W. ANDERSON and Susan M. MURPHY were married. Reference Number:878098

Susan Malinda MURPHY3,680 was born on 16 Mar 1849 in Hamilton, Monroe, MS.3,680 She died on 23 Oct 1902 in Washington C., AR.3,680 She was buried on 24 Oct 1902 in Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Washington C., AR.3,680 She is reference number 106364.

Spouse: Burrel BRUMLEY. Burrel BRUMLEY and Susan Malinda MURPHY were married on 1 Jan 1865 in Monroe, MS.3,680 Reference Number:191858 Children were: Jim BRUMLEY.

Spouse: David Monroe CHERRY. David Monroe CHERRY and Susan Malinda MURPHY were married on 22 May 1873 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX.3,680 Reference Number:1667589 Children were: Mary Ida Elizabeth CHERRY, Robert Calvin CHERRY, Catherine Lenora CHERRY, John David Monroe CHERRY.

Spouse: William W. ANDERSON. William W. ANDERSON and Susan Malinda MURPHY were married on 23 Jan 1881 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX.3,680 Reference Number:1667595 Children were: Flossie Offilia ANDERSON, Charles Lawrence ANDERSON, Clarence Clinton ANDERSON.

Thomas MURPHY3,402 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 77033. Parents: Samuel MURPHY and Elizabeth POWERS.

Unknown MURPHY7,188 died in Lorraine, Mitchell, TX.

Spouse: Gertrude CRABB. Unknown MURPHY and Gertrude CRABB were married. Children were: Baby MURPHY.

Walter MURPHY.19 Parents: Stanford MURPHY and Julia A. FOX.

Walter MURPHY3,41 was born in Ireland.3,41 He died Unknown in Baltimore, MD..3,41 He is reference number 83753. Parents: Daniel MURPHY and Anne MORTON.

Spouse: Susannah POSTEN. Walter MURPHY and Susannah POSTEN were married. Reference Number:1356073 Children were: Pamela MURPHY.

William MURPHY3,402 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 77032. Parents: Samuel MURPHY and Elizabeth POWERS.

Spouse: Margaret WALKER. William MURPHY and Margaret WALKER were married. Reference Number:1261316

William K. MURPHY3,401 was born on 24 Oct 1792 in Alexander, Greenbrier Co., VA.3,401 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 74409.

Spouse: Matilda BOYLE. William K. MURPHY and Matilda BOYLE were married. Reference Number:1208604 Children were: William K. MURPHY.

William K. MURPHY3,401 was born on 26 Feb 1826 in Morgan County, KY.3,401 He died on 4 Sep 1885.3,401 He is reference number 73212. Parents: William K. MURPHY and Matilda BOYLE.

Spouse: Martha Susan BRYANT. William K. MURPHY and Martha Susan BRYANT were married. Reference Number:1208559

Wilmer MURPHY3,360 was born in 1901.3,360 He died Unknown.3,360 He is reference number 26342.

Spouse: Mary BOYD. Wilmer MURPHY and Mary BOYD were married Unknown.3,360 Reference Number:508635 Children were: Living MURPHY, Living MURPHY, Living MURPHY, Living MURPHY.

Living MURR.3

Spouse: Living MILLER. Children were: Living MILLER, Living MILLER.

MURRAY3,206 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 65668.

Spouse: Mae LAUR. MURRAY and Mae LAUR were married. Reference Number:1102030

Albert MURRAY3,717,846 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 39746. Parents: John MURRAY and Sarah HESLIP.

Albina MURRAY3,413 was born about 1870.3,413 She died WFT Est 1902-1964.3,413 She is reference number 92671. Parents: Willaim MURRAY and Josephine TUTTLE.

Spouse: Unknown SHAEFFER. Unknown SHAEFFER and Albina MURRAY were married WFT Est 1901-1936.3,413 Reference Number:1473587

Alexander MURRAY5,128 was born on 24 Feb 1818 in Erie Co., NY.5,128 He died on 1 Mar 1890.5,128 He was buried in Brodhead Green Cemetery.5,128 He is reference number 8250.

Spouse: Laura Adeline WRIGHT. Alexander MURRAY and Laura Adeline WRIGHT were married. Reference Number:31387 Children were: Charles H. MURREY, George Q. MURREY, Ann M. MURREY, Morris E. MURREY, Eugene W. MURREY, Roselle E. MURREY, Viola MURREY, Clarissa MURREY, Laura MURREY.

Spouse: Irene Cass NOLL. Alexander MURRAY and Irene Cass NOLL were married.

Spouse: ELIZABETH. Alexander MURRAY and ELIZABETH were married.

Ann MURRAY3,78 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27858.

Spouse: Nathan HAINES. Nathan HAINES and Ann MURRAY were married on 29 Dec 1788 in , , Frederick, Maryland.3,78 Reference Number:530158

Ann MURRAY3,483 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 58639.

Spouse: Peter LAWRENCE. Peter LAWRENCE and Ann MURRAY were married. Reference Number:1001016

Anna MURRAY2,3 was born on 10 May 1772.2,3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]2,3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]2,3 She died in 1821 in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio.2,3 She was buried Unknown in Greenfield Cemetery, Madison Twp., Highland Co., Ohio.2,3 She is reference number 32281. [boyd-trees.ged]

!(1) "History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio" (Williams Bros., Cleveland,
1880) p.436-437.

!Birth: (1) 10 May 1772. Sister of Mary Gaston, widow of Capt. John Gaston.
Death: (1) 1821.[alice-boyd.FTW]

! (1) "History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio" (Williams Bros., Cleveland, 1880) p.436- 437. FHL book 977.18 H2h.
(2) "Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County, Ohio," by David N. McBride and Jane N. McBri de (1954) p.302. FHL book 977.1845 V3m.

! Birth: (1) 10 May 1772. Sister of Mary Gaston, widow of Capt. John Gaston. (1,2) Age 49 ye ars at death in 1821 [b. 1772].
Death: (1) 1821. (2) 11 Feb 1821.
Burial: (2) Greenfield Cemetery, Highland Co., OH.

Spouse: William BOYD. William BOYD and Anna MURRAY were married in , Northumberland C, Pennsylvania.2,3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]2,3 Reference Number:583927 Children were: Thomas M. BOYD, Sarah J. BOYD, William BOYD.

Barbara MURRAY5,128 was born about 1867.5,128 She is reference number 10435. Parents: John MURRAY and Mary Ann HALSTEAD.

Spouse: ILER. ILER and Barbara MURRAY were married. Reference Number:38089

Beatrice Elizabeth MURRAY3,406 was born on 21 Oct 1890.3,406 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,406 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 56105. Parents: Thomas Elie MURRAY and Ida May BOYD.

Berryman G MURRAY395 was born in 1800 in Cumberland Gap, Tenn.395 He appeared in the census on 30 Jul 1860 in Age 60 Courtois Twp Crawford Co MO Image 18 Of 22.395

Spouse: Mary Ann STEPHENS. Berryman G MURRAY and Mary Ann STEPHENS were married on 16 Aug 1827 in Washington County, MO.395 Children were: Mary J MURRAY, James C MURRAY, Joseph S MURRAY, Susan Wright MURRAY.

Bertha MURRAY3,413 was born about 1870.3,413 She died WFT Est 1871-1964.3,413 She is reference number 92672. Parents: Willaim MURRAY and Josephine TUTTLE.

Blake MURRAY5,128 was born about 1854.5,128 He is reference number 10431. Parents: John MURRAY and Mary Ann HALSTEAD.

Spouse: Florence RIDSDALE. Blake MURRAY and Florence RIDSDALE were married. Reference Number:38087

Cara MURRAY395 was born about 1869 in MO.395 Parents: Joseph S MURRAY and Julia A T BRICKEY.

Carrie Olevia MURRAY3,406 was born on 5 Mar 1886 in Rosetta, Wilkinson Co., Miss..3,406 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 56110. Parents: Thomas Elie MURRAY and Ida May BOYD.

Catherine Malinda MURRAY3,406 was born on 1 Jan 1884.3,406 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,406 She died Unknown in Rosetta, Wilkinson Co., Miss..3,406 She is reference number 56103. [boyd-trees.ged]





PO, Rosetta, Mississippi Parents: Thomas Elie MURRAY and Ida May BOYD.

Clemmie MURRAY3,413 was born about 1855.3,413 She died WFT Est 1856-1949.3,413 She is reference number 92652. Parents: Henry MURRAY and Esther Jane BUCKLEW.

Cornelius H MURRAY395 died on 3 Feb 1906 in Berryman, Crawford, MO.395 Parents: Joseph S MURRAY and Julia A T BRICKEY.

Dazie MURRAY3,406 was born on 11 May 1893 in Rosetta, Wilkinson Co., Miss..3,406 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,406 She was also known as (Twin) Dazie Murray.3,406 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 56112. Parents: Thomas Elie MURRAY and Ida May BOYD.

Dora MURRAY3,841 was born on 14 Mar 1877 in Henrietta, Johnson County, Kentucky.3,841 She died on 2 Jun 1934 in Meally, Kentucky.3,841 She is reference number 16622. [boyd-trees.ged]


Source: Son, Elmer Boyd Parents: Rhoderic MURRAY and Serilda * FANNIN.

Spouse: Albert BOYD. Albert BOYD and Dora MURRAY were married on 18 Feb 1909.3,841 Reference Number:358786 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Elmer BOYD.

Edith MURRAY7,188 was born on 31 Oct 1905. She died on 23 Apr 1985 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.

Spouse: Robert Fenton SALTS. Robert Fenton SALTS and Edith MURRAY were married.

Elizabeth MURRAY5,128 was born on 25 Jan 1811.5,128 She died on 20 Mar 1854 in Norfolk Co., VA..5,128 She is reference number 8819.

Spouse: William Nathaniel HALSTEAD. William Nathaniel HALSTEAD and Elizabeth MURRAY were married on 24 Nov 1830 in Princess Anne Co., VA..5 Reference Number:32911 Children were: William HALSTEAD, Rebecca HALSTEAD, Josephine HALSTEAD, Mary C. HALSTEAD, George Nolley HALSTEAD, William Franklin HALSTEAD, Virginia Frances HALSTEAD, Emma E. HALSTEAD, Joshua HALSTEAD.

Elizabeth MURRAY7,188 was born about 1813. She was also known as Betsey.

Spouse: Abraham LENNINGTON. Abraham LENNINGTON and Elizabeth MURRAY were married.

Estelle MURRAY3,473 died in 1959.3,473 She is reference number 49064.

Spouse: Grover C. BOYD. Grover C. BOYD and Estelle MURRAY were married. Reference Number:865164 Children were: Living BOYD, Carroll Ardine BOYD, Grover Winfield BOYD.

George MURRAY3,717,846 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 39777. Parents: John MURRAY and Sarah HESLIP.

Spouse: HELEN. George MURRAY and HELEN were married. Reference Number:719638 Children were: Living MURRAY, Living MURRAY, Living MURRAY.

George MURRAY3,413 was born on 5 Apr 1801 in PA.3,413 He died in 1853.3,413 He is reference number 92642.

Spouse: Margaret CRAIG. George MURRAY and Margaret CRAIG were married on 1 May 1834 in Coshocton County, OH.3,413 Reference Number:1473024 Children were: Henry MURRAY, Margaret MURRAY, Louisa MURRAY, Sarah Ellen MURRAY, Willaim MURRAY, Mary Jane MURRAY, Maria MURRAY, Letittia Suzanne MURRAY.

Gordon MURRAY3,717,846 was born in Nov 1896.3,717,846 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 39750. Parents: John MURRAY and Sarah HESLIP.

Spouse: Living WHITE.

Spouse: Living MILLER.

Graty MURRAY395 was born about 1878 in MO.395 Parents: Joseph S MURRAY and Julia A T BRICKEY.

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