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Mercy PHINNEY3,407 was born on 10 Jul 1679.3,407 She died between 1724 and 1731.3,407 She is reference number 42648. Parents: John PHINNEY and Mary ROGERS.

Spouse: Eleazer CROCKER. Eleazer CROCKER and Mercy PHINNEY were married. Reference Number:762911

Reliance PHINNEY3,407 was born on 27 Aug 1681.3,407 She died on 4 Dec 1735.3,407 She was also known as Patience Phinney.3,407 She is reference number 42651. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3 Parents: John PHINNEY and Mary ROGERS.

Spouse: John MORTON. John MORTON and Reliance PHINNEY were married. Reference Number:762934

Samuel PHINNEY3,407 was born on 4 Nov 1676.3,407 He died in 1723.3,407 He is reference number 42644. Parents: John PHINNEY and Mary ROGERS.

Spouse: Bethiah SMITH. Samuel PHINNEY and Bethiah SMITH were married. Reference Number:762864

Thomas PHINNEY3,407 was born in Jan 1672.3,407 He died on 30 Nov 1755.3,407 He is reference number 42640. Parents: John PHINNEY and Mary ROGERS.

Spouse: Sarah BEETLE. Thomas PHINNEY and Sarah BEETLE were married. Reference Number:762834

Willie PHINNEY5,128 was born about 1862.5,128 Parents: Lewis G. PHINNEY and Calista B. GABRIEL.

Living PHIPHER.3

Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living PHIPHER.

Living PHIPHER.3 Parents: Living PHIPHER and Living BOYD.

David PHIPPEN3,206 was born in 1585 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England..3,206 He died on 31 Oct 1650 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass..3,206 He is reference number 64860. Parents: Robert Fitz Pen PHIPPEN and Cecily JORDON.

Spouse: Sarah PICKNEY. David PHIPPEN and Sarah PICKNEY were married in 1617 in Melcombe, Reges, Dorsetshire, England.3,206 Reference Number:1089954 Children were: Sarah PHIPPEN.

Rebecca PHIPPEN4,5 was born about 1653.4,5 She is reference number SM5304s2.

Robert Fitz Pen PHIPPEN3,206 was born in 1555 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England.3,206 He died on 12 Oct 1589 in Melcombe, Reges, Dorset. England.3,206 He is reference number 64864.

Spouse: Cecily JORDON. Robert Fitz Pen PHIPPEN and Cecily JORDON were married on 18 Sep 1580 in Dorsetshire, England.3,206 Reference Number:1089974 Children were: David PHIPPEN.

Sarah PHIPPEN3,206 was born in 1633 in Fairfield, Connecticut.3,206 She died in 1692 in Fairfiled, Connecticut.3,206 She is reference number 64859. Parents: David PHIPPEN and Sarah PICKNEY.

Spouse: Nathan GOLD. Nathan GOLD and Sarah PHIPPEN were married. Reference Number:1089712 Children were: Deborah GOLD.

? PHIPPS5,93,94,409 was born WFT Est 1889-1935.5,93,94,409 He died WFT Est 1889-1978.5,93,94,409 He is reference number 462.

Spouse: Clara Ruetta ADER. ? PHIPPS and Clara Ruetta ADER were married WFT Est 1889-1935.5,94 Reference Number:1595

Alexander PHIPPS.19

Spouse: Ludema THOMAS.

Arlena PHIPPS3,401 was born on 14 Oct 1879 in KY.3,401 She died on 29 Jul 1910 in Insko, Morgan County, KY.3,401 She is reference number 74474. Parents: George PHIPPS and POLLY.

Spouse: Frank Press BAILEY. Frank Press BAILEY and Arlena PHIPPS were married on 19 Jan 1898 in KY.3,401 Reference Number:1228161 Children were: Lunda BAILEY, Scott BAILEY, Margaret E. BAILEY, Rola BAILEY, Bruce BAILEY, Osa BAILEY, Rosa BAILEY.

Dianna PHIPPS.3

Spouse: Living RAKES. Children were: Living RAKES.

Spouse: OWENS. Children were: Anthony Todd OWENS.

Edgar PHIPPS.19

Spouse: Sallie MCCLEAN.

George PHIPPS3,401 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 74475.

Spouse: POLLY. George PHIPPS and POLLY were married. Reference Number:1228317 Children were: Arlena PHIPPS.

George E. PHIPPS3,413 was born in 1882 in Ohio.3,413,2124 He died in 1954 in Clay City, IN.3,413,2124 He was buried Unknown in Maple Grove Cemetery Clay City, IN.3,413 He is reference number 94643. He was in House Painter.3,413,2124 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Locations]3,413

Spouse: Patience WILTSE. George E. PHIPPS and Patience WILTSE were married about 1908.3,413 Reference Number:909238

Jane Ann PHIPPS3,145 was born on 3 Oct 1809 in Ireland.3,145 She died on 30 Dec 1871 in Mercer Co., PA.3,145 She is reference number 77476.

Spouse: Henry BOYD. Henry BOYD and Jane Ann PHIPPS were married. Reference Number:1264429 Children were: Wesley BOYD, Charles BOYD, James C. BOYD, Jane J. BOYD, Melissa BOYD, Julius BOYD, Phipps Joseph BOYD, Helen M. BOYD, William Henry BOYD, Robert E. BOYD, John F. BOYD.

Joseph PHIPPS.19

Spouse: Cynthia BOURNE.

Lafayette PHIPPS3,405 was also known as "Fayette". He was born WFT Est 1826-1846.3,405 He died WFT Est 1860-1932.3,405 He is reference number 97103.

Spouse: Charlotte MONTGOMERY. Lafayette PHIPPS and Charlotte MONTGOMERY were married WFT Est 1857-1890.3,405 Reference Number:1552111

Living PHIPPS.3

Spouse: Living MCMILLAN. Children were: Living MCMILLAN.

Mattie PHIPPS.19

Spouse: Martin DICKENSON.

Mazie PHIPPS.19

Spouse: Stephen BRYANT.

Sarah PHIPS5,94,126,127 was born about 1711.5,94,126,127 She died on 24 Nov 1793.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 13773.

Spouse: Third Andrew BORDMAN. Third Andrew BORDMAN and Sarah PHIPS were married. Reference Number:97229 Children were: Ruth BORDMAN, Child BORDMAN, Andrew BORDMAN, Elizabeth BORDMAN, Andrew BORDMAN.


Spouse: Louis MORRIS. Children were: Mary Ellen MORRIS.

PHOEBE3,405 was born WFT Est 1686-1723.3,405 She died WFT Est 1707-1807.3,405 She is reference number 96973.

Spouse: Stephen SMITH. Stephen SMITH and PHOEBE were married WFT Est 1704-1756.3,405 Reference Number:1544187 Children were: Agnes SMITH, Lucy SMITH.

PHOEBE5,128 was born in 1749.5,128 She died in 1830.5,128 She is reference number 284.

Spouse: Michael Sr HALSTEAD. Michael Sr HALSTEAD and PHOEBE were married in Unknown.5,128 Reference Number:1566 Children were: Michael HALSTEAD, Aaron HALSTEAD, Alma HALSTEAD, Asonno 1 HALSTEAD, Asonno 2 HALSTEAD, Child (Died Young) HALSTEAD, Esther HALSTEAD, Margaret HALSTEAD, Jesse HALSTEAD.


Spouse: William Robert ROBBINS. Children were: ROBBINS, ROBBINS.

Hecuba Of PHRYGIA.381 Parents: King Of Phrygia DYMAS.

Spouse: High King Priam OF The Sythians Troy. Children were: Cassandra Of TROY, King Of The Sythians Helenus OF Troy, Troana Of TROY, Creusa Of TROY.

Living PHYLLIS.404

Spouse: Living NICHOLS. Children were: Living NICHOLS.

Living PHYLLIS.5,128

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD. Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD. Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Living PHYSTER.5,94

Spouse: Living THOMAS. Children were: Living THOMAS, Living THOMAS, Living THOMAS, Living THOMAS.

Railinda Di PIACENZA7,370 was born about 950. She died after 999.462 Parents: Conte Di Piacenza RIPRAND.

Spouse: Marchese D' Este AZZO. Marchese D' Este AZZO and Railinda Di PIACENZA were married. Children were: Gisela D' ESTE, AZZO Marchese D' Este, Berta D' ESTE.

(Unk) PIANO.5 Parents: Joseph PIANO and Georgia TAGGART.

Joseph PIANO.5

Spouse: Georgia TAGGART. Children were: (Unk) PIANO.

Chester Eli PIATT395 was born on 19 Jul 1877 in MO Based On 1880 Census.395 He appeared in the census on 3 Jun 1880 in Age 2 Franklin Twp Dent Co MO Image 7 Of 27.395 He died on 20 Dec 1945.395 Parents: Samuel P PIATT and Frances Laura STEWART.

Spouse: Laura Belle FLINIGAN. Chester Eli PIATT and Laura Belle FLINIGAN were married.

James PIATT395 was born in 1827 in OH.395

Spouse: Rachel MILLER. Children were: Samuel P PIATT.

James M (Jim) PIATT.395 Parents: Samuel P PIATT and Frances Laura STEWART.

Jane PIATT5,128 was born on 13 Jan 1764.5,128 She died in 1798.5,128 She is reference number 8646. Parents: John Jr. PIATT and Jennet WILLIAMSON.

John PIATT5,128 was born on 4 Apr 1767 in NJ.5,128 He died on 19 Mar 1828.5,128 He is reference number 8647. Parents: John Jr. PIATT and Jennet WILLIAMSON.

Spouse: Elizabeth CLINE. John PIATT and Elizabeth CLINE were married on 9 Jan 1791.5 Reference Number:32424

John Harvey PIATT395 was born on 14 Jul 1881 in Dent Co MO.395 He died on 8 Apr 1957 in Salem MO.395 Parents: Samuel P PIATT and Frances Laura STEWART.

Spouse: Maggie Lena THOMPSON.

John Jr. PIATT5,128 was born in Jun 1739 in Six Mile Run, Sommerset Co., Island Of St. Thomas NJ.5,128 He died in 1828 in Somerset Co., PA..5,128 He is reference number 8645.

Spouse: Jennet WILLIAMSON. John Jr. PIATT and Jennet WILLIAMSON were married on 27 Mar 1763.5 Reference Number:32418 Children were: Jane PIATT, John PIATT.

Mary Ann PIATT2,3 was born in 1844.2,3 She died in 1915.2,3 She is reference number 33050. [boyd-trees.ged]

!(1) Joan Phillips, 24640 Calvert St., Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

!Birth: (1) 1844.
Death: (1) 1915.[alice-boyd.FTW]

!(1) Joan Phillips, 24640 Calvert St., Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

!Birth: (1) 1844.
Death: (1) 1915.

Spouse: Thomas Newton MOORE. Thomas Newton MOORE and Mary Ann PIATT were married. Reference Number:623148

Mary Ollie PIATT395 was born on 19 Feb 1888 in Dent Co MO, Twin To Thomas O Piatt.395 She died on 30 Dec 1962 in At Home Salem MO.395 Parents: Samuel P PIATT and Frances Laura STEWART.

Spouse: Leonard Marion SMITH. Children were: Lovie Etherton SMITH, Pleasy SMITH.

Spouse: Ezekiel HURT. Children were: Herschel HURT, Herbert HURT.

Opal Ellerman PIATT.395

Spouse: Herschel HURT.

Samuel P PIATT395 was born on 22 Jan 1858 in MO Based On 1880 Census.395 He appeared in the census on 4 Jun 1880 in Age 21 Franklin Twp Dent Co MO Image 7 Of 27.395 He died on 16 Aug 1920.395 He was buried in Pyatt Cemetery Shannon Co MO.395 Parents: James PIATT and Rachel MILLER.

Spouse: Frances Laura STEWART. Samuel P PIATT and Frances Laura STEWART were married in 1876 in Based On Age Of First Child, Dent Co MO.395,783 Children were: James M (Jim) PIATT, Chester Eli PIATT, John Harvey PIATT, Thomas Oliver PIATT, Mary Ollie PIATT, Frank PYATT.

Sarah PIATT3,1332 was born in 1859.3 She died in 1941.3 She is reference number 63798.

Spouse: Daniel L. BOYD. Daniel L. BOYD and Sarah PIATT were married. Reference Number:1073630 Children were: Charles Foster BOYD, Mina May BOYD, Anna BOYD, Emma Edna BOYD, Olga BOYD, William Mckinley BOYD, Lena BOYD, Nellie Leona BOYD.

Thomas Oliver PIATT.395 Parents: Samuel P PIATT and Frances Laura STEWART.

Spouse: Blanche BRAGG.

Living PICH.

Spouse: Living KELLER. Children were: Living KELLER JR., Living KELLER, Living KELLER.

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