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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] She died in 1130 in Kekwick, Cheshire, England. She was born in Dutton, Cheshire, England. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death] Parents: Nicholas PICHARD. Parents: .

Spouse: Lord De Dutton Hugh Fitzodard DE DUTTON. Lord De Dutton Hugh Fitzodard DE DUTTON and Alice PICHARD were married. _STATMARRIED Children were: Lord Dutton Hugh DE DUTTON III.

Nicholas PICHARD7,838 was born about 1055 in England. He died Deceased.

Children were: Alice PICHARD.

Living PICJELSIMER.5,128

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD.

Gertrude Margaret PICKARD3,970 was born on 22 Sep 1895 in Piercemont, New Brunswick.3,970 She died on 22 Jun 1980 in Johnville, New Brunswick.3,970 She is reference number 50769.

Spouse: Alban Cloud BOYD. Alban Cloud BOYD and Gertrude Margaret PICKARD were married on 29 Jun 1920 in Woodstock, New Brunswick.3,970 Reference Number:885875 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Basil Andrew BOYD.

Sarah Lucinda PICKARD395 was born on 10 Aug 1830 in TN Per 1870 Census.395,783 She appeared in the census on 24 Jun 1870 in Age 39 Franklin Twp Dent Co MO Image 24 Of 176.395 She died on 11 Mar 1907.395 She was buried in Halbrook Cem Dent Co MO.395

Spouse: Joseph Fountain HALBROOK. Joseph Fountain HALBROOK and Sarah Lucinda PICKARD were married on 25 Nov 1847.395,783 Children were: William Fountain HALBROOK.

Irvin PICKEL.5,94,409

Spouse: Jane ATER.


Spouse: Living GRISHAM.

Joyce PICKENS.188

Spouse: Dwight Clarence SPATES. Children were: Living SPATES.

Lee R. PICKENS.5,128

Spouse: Helen Marguerite HALSTEAD.

Living PICKENS.3

Spouse: Carmen Julia DAYTON.

Living PICKENS.5

Spouse: Earlene CLEARY.

Johanna PICKERING.377

Spouse: William GASCOIGNE.


Spouse: Living KIRKPATRICK. Children were: Living PICKERING, Living PICKERING.

Living PICKERING.3 Parents: Living PICKERING and Living KIRKPATRICK.

Living PICKERING.3 Parents: Living PICKERING and Living KIRKPATRICK.

Mary PICKERING3,206 was born about 1598 in Romsey, Southampton, England.3,206 She died on 16 May 1676 in Charlestwon, Middlesex, Mass..3,206 She is reference number 64995.

Spouse: John KNIGHT. John KNIGHT and Mary PICKERING were married in 1619 in Romsey, Southampton, England.3,206 Reference Number:1092246 Children were: Joseph KNIGHT.

Permelia PICKERING3,1389 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 39349.

Spouse: Amon MORRIS. Amon MORRIS and Permelia PICKERING were married. Reference Number:714844 Children were: Elizabeth MORRIS.

Sarah PICKERING3,78 was born about 1785.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27477.

Spouse: Jesse WHITE. Jesse WHITE and Sarah PICKERING were married on 2 Oct 1805 in Head Of Wheeling, VA Or OH.3,78 Reference Number:523923

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]5,94 He was born on 15 Nov 1791.5,94,509 He died on 23 Mar 1879 in Ravanna Twp, Mercer, MO.5,94 He was also known as Aventon Pickett.5,94 He was buried in Weesner Cemetery, Ravanna Twp, Mercer, MO.5,94 He is reference number 18892.

Spouse: Susanna EVANS. Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS were married in 1814 in Forsyth, NC.5,94 Reference Number:214511 Children were: Feriba PICKETT, William PICKETT, Joseph PICKETT, Hiram PICKETT, Sabridge PICKETT, Mary Lillyana PICKETT, Rachel PICKETT, Avington PICKETT, Rosanna PICKETT.

Samuel PICKET5,128 was born about 1690.5,128

Spouse: Mary COE. Samuel PICKET and Mary COE were married.

Avington PICKETT5,94 was born on 11 Aug 1833 in Putnam, Indiana.5,94 He is reference number 6410. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Elizabeth PICKETT5,93,94,409 was born on 13 Apr 1800.5,93,94,409 She died on 17 Jul 1864.5,93,94,409 She was also known as Betsey. She is reference number 1270.

Spouse: Peter ADER. Peter ADER and Elizabeth PICKETT were married. Reference Number:2641 Children were: Polly ADER, Camilla ADER, Adam ADER, Nancy ADER, Jacob ADER, Naomi ADER, Susan ADER, Sarah ADER, David Crockett ADER, Amanda ADER.

Feriba PICKETT5,94 was born on 21 Aug 1815 in NC.5,94 She died on 24 Oct 1876 in Putnam County, Indiana.5,94 She was also known as Feriby Pickett.5,94 She is reference number 493. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Spouse: Henry ADER. Henry ADER and Feriba PICKETT were married. Reference Number:34481 Children were: Elmaza ADER, Charlotte ADER, John ADER, Harvey ADER, Susanna ADER, William A. ADER, Sabra ADER, Polly Ann ADER, Jacob Lewis ADER.

Hiram PICKETT5,94 was born on 8 Aug 1821.5,94 He is reference number 6110. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Joseph PICKETT5,94 was born on 28 Aug 1819.5,94 He is reference number 6421. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Living PICKETT.377

Spouse: Living SMITH. Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH.


Spouse: George GODSEY. Children were: Virginia Bell GODSEY.

Lydia Ann PICKETT5,93,94 was born on 24 Feb 1849 in Putnam Co., IN.5,93,94 She died on 6 Nov 1907 in Ravanna, Missouri.5,93,94 She is reference number 3441.

Spouse: William Marion MCREYNOLDS. William Marion MCREYNOLDS and Lydia Ann PICKETT were married in 1868 in Mercer Co., IN.5,94 They were divorced. Reference Number:1854

Maria Jane PICKETT5,93,94,409 was born about 1857.5,94 She died on 27 Oct 1937.5,94 She is reference number 1108.

Spouse: William Abernathy ADER. William Abernathy ADER and Maria Jane PICKETT were married. Reference Number:2578 Children were: Grace ADER, Lawrence ADER, Susan Phoebe ADER, Ernest Colloway ADER, Ora Avington ADER, Mayme Zoe ADER, Dee K. ADER, Goldy May ADER.

Martha Elizabeth PICKETT3,483 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 58577.

Spouse: Williams Caswell BELL. Williams Caswell BELL and Martha Elizabeth PICKETT were married. Reference Number:991175 Children were: William Capius BELL.

Mary Lillyana PICKETT5,94 was born on 7 Oct 1825.5,94 She is reference number 6061. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Rachel PICKETT5,94 was born on 2 Aug 1831 in NC.5,94 She is reference number 6064. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Rebecca PICKETT.377

Spouse: James SAINT JOHN.

Rebecca PICKETT.377

Spouse: Andrew MESSENGER.

Rosanna PICKETT5,94 was born on 21 Jan 1835 in Putnam, Indiana.5,94 She is reference number 6056. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Sabridge PICKETT5,93,94,409 was born on 7 Nov 1823 in NC.5,93,94,409 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]5,94,509 She died on 4 Jan 1891 in Mercer County , Missouri.5,93,94,409,509 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Fact 13]5,94,509 She was also known as Saba Pickett. She was also known as Sabra Pickett.5,94,509 She was buried in Weesner Cem, Ravanna, Mercer, MO.5,94,509 She is reference number 269. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

Spouse: Benjamin ADER. Benjamin ADER and Sabridge PICKETT were married on 21 Dec 1843 in Putnam Co, IN.5,94,509 Reference Number:1482 Children were: Mary Jane ADER, Phillip ADER, Rebecca Isabel ADER, Sandford Eli ADER, Elmira P. ADER, L. Elmer ADER, Ruben Riley ADER, Henry Albert ADER, Etta ADER, Leander Elmer ADER, Rueben Riley ADER, Almyra ADER.

Sarah PICKETT2,3 was also known as Sally. She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 45850.

Spouse: Thomas BOYD. Thomas BOYD and Sarah PICKETT were married on 29 Apr 1838 in Switzerland County, Indiana.3 Reference Number:806733

William PICKETT4,5 was born about 1805.4,5 He is reference number RO130201s2.

Spouse: Susanna Mehitable ROGERS. William PICKETT and Susanna Mehitable ROGERS were married.

William PICKETT5,94 was born on 3 Oct 1817.5,94 He is reference number 6405. Parents: Avington PICKET and Susanna EVANS.

James Walter PICKLES3,39,552 died on 28 Jun 1969 in ?.3,39,552 He was born in ?.3,39,552 He is reference number 3045.

Spouse: Living RUNYAN. Children were: Living PICKLES.

Living PICKLES.3 Parents: James Walter PICKLES and Living RUNYAN.

Elizabeth PICKLESIMER-BECHLEHYMER3,292 was born about 1759 in VA.3,292 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74903.

Spouse: John HENRY. John HENRY and Elizabeth PICKLESIMER-BECHLEHYMER were married. Reference Number:1233454 Children were: Rebecca HENRY.

PICKNEY3,206 was born about 1578 in Cornwall, England.3,206 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 64862.

Children were: Sarah PICKNEY.

Sarah PICKNEY3,206 was born in 1574 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, Eng..3,206 She was christened on 6 Nov 1574 in Windham, Somersetshire, England.3,206 She died on 25 Aug 1659 in Fairfield, Connecticut.3,206 She is reference number 64861. Parents: PICKNEY.

Spouse: David PHIPPEN. David PHIPPEN and Sarah PICKNEY were married in 1617 in Melcombe, Reges, Dorsetshire, England.3,206 Reference Number:1089954 Children were: Sarah PHIPPEN.

PICOT7,121 was born about 1239 in . Parents: John PICOT.

Spouse: Robert De MUSTERS. Robert De MUSTERS and PICOT were married about 1263 in . Children were: Robert De MUSTERS.

Alice PICOT7,10,543 was born about 1154 in Kent, England. She was also known as Alice Picot.251,2504 Parents: Ralph PICOT and Ethelreda De PORT.

Eugena PICOT7,10,251,543,2504 was born about 1153 in Kent, England. She died in 1184. Parents: Ralph PICOT and Ethelreda De PORT.

Spouse: Thomas FITZ BERNARD. Thomas FITZ BERNARD and Eugena PICOT were married in . Children were: Thomas FITZ BERNARD, Godfrey FITZ BERNARD.

John PICOT7,121 was born about 1210.

Children were: PICOT.

Ralph PICOT7,10,251,543,2504 was born about 1110 in Kent, England. Parents: Roger De PICOT.

Spouse: Ethelreda De PORT. Ralph PICOT and Ethelreda De PORT were married. Children were: Eugena PICOT, Alice PICOT.

Roger De PICOT7,2504 was born about 1085 in Cottenham, Cambridge, England. Parents: Robert Picot De SAY.

Children were: Ralph PICOT.

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