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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Alice M. PULTZ5 was born in 1859.5,1064 She was buried in Spencertown, NY - St. Peter's Presb. Ch..5,1064 [master ged.FTW]

Headstone oes not show date of death - ? actually buried here ?

Spouse: Byron Elmer BECKER. Byron Elmer BECKER and Alice M. PULTZ were married.

Bastian PULTZ.5

Spouse: Mary HALL.

Harriet O. PULVER5 died on 29 Aug 1906.5 She was buried in Mellenville, NY - Union Cemetery.5,625

Spouse: George I. BECKER. George I. BECKER and Harriet O. PULVER were married. Children were: Clara Isola BECKER, George Martin BECKER, Byron Elmer BECKER, Lizzie Irene BECKER, William Oscar BECKER, Eddie Judson BECKER.

Nora PUMFREY3,449 was born on 25 Apr 1883 in Rolland Township, Isabella County, Michigan.3,449 She died on 15 Oct 1953.3,449 She is reference number 18400. [boyd-trees.ged]


Nora is buried with husband Silas in Blanchard Cemetery.

Spouse: Silas Leroy LEIST. Silas Leroy LEIST and Nora PUMFREY were married on 29 Dec 1915 in Blanchard, Isabella County, Michigan.3,449 Reference Number:381880 Children were: Living LEIST, Living LEIST, Ralph Leroy LEIST.


Spouse: Living GRIFFITH. Children were: Living GRIFFITH.

Living PUMPREY.3

Spouse: Living SEAL.

Living PUNG.3

Spouse: Living ANDREWS. Children were: Phillip George ANDREWS, Mark Allen ANDREWS.

Steven C. PUNTURERI3,145 died on 8 May 1991.3,145 He is reference number 77761.

Spouse: Living FERGUSON.

Bessie Minnie PURCELL3,739 was born on 2 Mar 1885 in Griswold, Pottattamie Co., IA.3,739 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27284.

Spouse: Clarence Wayne BOYD. Clarence Wayne BOYD and Bessie Minnie PURCELL were married. Reference Number:112344 Children were: Living BOYD.

Elizabeth PURCELL3,206 was born about 1500 in Harrow-On-The-Hill.3,206 She died about 1530 in England.3,206 She is reference number 65304.

Spouse: Richard WIGHTMAN. Richard WIGHTMAN and Elizabeth PURCELL were married in 1529 in Leicester, England.3,206 Reference Number:1090856 Children were: William WIGHTMAN.

Emma PURCELL.395

Spouse: David PEWITT.

Living PURCELL.3

Spouse: Living BAILEY.

Mr. PURCELL.395,783

Spouse: Ruth Wilma STEWART.

Elias Sr. PURDEY5,128 was born about 1768.5,128

Spouse: Rachel MERRITT. Elias Sr. PURDEY and Rachel MERRITT were married. Children were: Elias Jr. PURDY.

Rachel PURDEY5,128 was born about 1802.5,128

Spouse: Oliver BELYEA. Oliver BELYEA and Rachel PURDEY were married on 15 Sep 1823.5

Roger Sr. PURDEY5,128 was born about 1715 in Rye, Westchester, NY.5,128 He died about 1800.5,128 Parents: Joseph PURDY and Mary PARK.

Spouse: Anne Elizabeth FOWLER. Roger Sr. PURDEY and Anne Elizabeth FOWLER were married on 15 May 1742 in Rye, Westchester, NY.5 Children were: Gertude PURDY, Mary PURDY, Susannah PURDY, Elizabeth PURDY, Anna PURDY, Roger Jr. PURDY, Phebe PURDY, Hannah PURDY, Sarah PURDY.

Living PURDOM.3

Spouse: Billie Wayne LOVELADY. Children were: Living LOVELADY.

Amy PURDON3,717,1480 was born Unknown in Unknown.3,717,1480 She died Unknown in Unknown.3,717,1480 She is reference number 40044.

Spouse: William Sinclair BOYD. William Sinclair BOYD and Amy PURDON were married Unknown in Unknown.3,717,1480 Reference Number:723478

Anne PURDON3,717,1480 was born in 1843 in Unknown.3,717,1480 She died on 10 Sep 1917 in Holywood, Belfast.3,717,1480 She is reference number 40042. Parents: Thomas Henry PURDON and Amelia STOTT.

Spouse: Henry BOYD. Henry BOYD and Anne PURDON were married on 26 Apr 1876.3,717,1480 Reference Number:723410 Children were: Robert BOYD.

Christopher Ross PURDON3,1452 was born on 4 Aug 1901 in Liverpool, England.3,1452 He died on 27 Apr 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia.3,1452 He is reference number 1687.

Spouse: Elizabeth Boyd GRIBBIN. Christopher Ross PURDON and Elizabeth Boyd GRIBBIN were married on 27 May 1931 in East Williston, New York.3,1452 Reference Number:38753 Children were: Living PURDON.

Henry PURDON3,717,1480 was born Unknown.3,717,1480 He died Unknown.3,717,1480 He is reference number 40051. He was in Doctor M.D. In Army.3,717,1480 Parents: Thomas PURDON and Maria FEATHERSTON.

Spouse: Anne DELACHEROIS. Henry PURDON and Anne DELACHEROIS were married in 1798.3,717,1480 Reference Number:723676 Children were: Thomas Henry PURDON.

Living PURDON.3 Parents: Christopher Ross PURDON and Elizabeth Boyd GRIBBIN.

Spouse: Living STOBER.

Thomas PURDON3,717,1480 was born in 1750.3,717,1480 He died Unknown.3,717,1480 He is reference number 40053.

Spouse: Maria FEATHERSTON. Thomas PURDON and Maria FEATHERSTON were married Unknown.3,717,1480 Reference Number:723736 Children were: Henry PURDON.

Thomas Henry PURDON3,717,1480 died on 6 Aug 1886 in 5 Wellington Place, Belfast.3,717,1480 He was born Unknown.3,717,1480 He is reference number 40049. He was in Doctor M.D..3,717,1480 Parents: Henry PURDON and Anne DELACHEROIS.

Spouse: Amelia STOTT. Thomas Henry PURDON and Amelia STOTT were married on 11 Nov 1834 in Knockbrede Down.3,717,1480 Reference Number:723504 Children were: Anne PURDON.

Mary Katherine PURDUE7,138 was born in 1919. She died in 1991.

Spouse: Chauncey Leroy CARNES KERNS. Chauncey Leroy CARNES KERNS and Mary Katherine PURDUE were married about 1944. Children were: Carolyn KEARNS, John Paul KERNS.

PURDY3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 88717.

Spouse: Living FISHER. Children were: LIVING.

Abigail PURDY5,128 was born on 25 Jun 1775.5,128 Parents: Jacob PURDY and Abigail SMITH.

Abigail PURDY5,128 was born about 1804.5,128 Parents: Robert PURDY and Phebe TREADWELL.

Abraham PURDY5,128 was born about 1774.5,128 He died about 1861.5,128 Parents: Obadiah Jr. PURDY and Hannah SMITH.

Spouse: Hannah FOWLER. Abraham PURDY and Hannah FOWLER were married about 1800.5 Children were: Jacob G. PURDY.

Abraham Sr. PURDY5,128 was born on 10 Oct 1716.5,128 Parents: Joseph Jr. PURDY and Aletta GUION.

Spouse: Phebe UNDERHILL. Abraham Sr. PURDY and Phebe UNDERHILL were married.

Adelaide PURDY5,128 was born about 1848.5,128 Parents: James F. PURDY and Betsy BROWN.

Albert PURDY5,128 was born in 1856.5,128 He died on 13 Jun 1859.5,128 Parents: Caleb B. PURDY and Harriet WEAVER.

Alexander Mcnab PURDY5,128 was born about 1832.5,128 Parents: Samuel PURDY and Mary WINN.

Alice Wilmouth PURDY5,128 was born about 1854.5,128 Parents: John Dean Sr. PURDY and Hannah Amelia STICKNEY.

Spouse: Leonard Arthur TILLEY. Leonard Arthur TILLEY and Alice Wilmouth PURDY were married.

Alvin PURDY.5,128 Parents: Elias Charles PURDY and Clara ANN.

Amarelia PURDY5,128 was born about 1845.5,128 She died in 1848.5,128 Parents: James PURDY and Rachel DICKINSON.

Amelia PURDY5,128 was born about 1799.5,128 Parents: Henry PURDY and Tamar KNIFFEN.

Amelia PURDY5,128 was born about 1839.5,128 Parents: Obadiah Sr. PURDY and Phebe UNDERHILL.

Spouse: James WRIGHT. James WRIGHT and Amelia PURDY were married.

Amos D. PURDY5,128 was born about 1834.5,128 Parents: James PURDY and Rachel DICKINSON.

Spouse: Mary Matilda PURDY. Amos D. PURDY and Mary Matilda PURDY were married.

Andrew PURDY5,128 was born about 1710.5,128 Parents: Thomas Sr. PURDY.

Andrew PURDY5,128 was born about 1775.5,128 He died in Wayne, NY..5,128 Parents: Jotham PURDY and Margaret VOORHEES.

Spouse: Esther MILLER. Andrew PURDY and Esther MILLER were married. Children were: Jotham PURDY, Maria PURDY, Fanny PURDY, Eliza PURDY, Guy PURDY, Henry PURDY, Harrison PURDY, Fay H. PURDY.

Andrew Jr. PURDY5,128 was born on 28 Jan 1790.5,128 Parents: Andrew Sr. PURDY and Phebe MERRITT.

Andrew Sr. PURDY5,128 was born on 7 Aug 1760 in Rye, Westchester, NY.5,128 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]5,128 He died on 1 Apr 1846.5,128 He was buried in St. Paul Episcopal Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, NY.5,128 Parents: Caleb PURDY and Hannah BROWN.

Spouse: Phebe MERRITT. Andrew Sr. PURDY and Phebe MERRITT were married about 1780.5 Children were: Mary PURDY, Robert PURDY, Andrew Jr. PURDY, Phebe H. PURDY, John Merritt PURDY, Effalinda PURDY.

Ann PURDY5,128 was born about 1810.5,128 Parents: Obadiah Sr. PURDY and Sarah DEAN.

Anna PURDY5,128 was born on 6 Nov 1749.5,128 Parents: Roger Sr. PURDEY and Anne Elizabeth FOWLER.

Spouse: John HORTON. John HORTON and Anna PURDY were married.

Anna PURDY5,128 was born on 16 Jun 1763.5,128 Parents: Caleb PURDY and Hannah BROWN.

Annabelle PURDY5,128 was born about 1855.5,128 Parents: Benjamin H. PURDY and Catherine Ellen HOLLAND.

Spouse: Pleasant Whitlow CONNER. Pleasant Whitlow CONNER and Annabelle PURDY were married.

Anne PURDY5,128 was born on 16 Jun 1763 in Rye, Westchester, NY.5,128 She died on 16 Jun 1763 in Rye, Westchester, NY.5,128 Parents: Caleb PURDY and Hannah BROWN.

Anne PURDY5,128 was born before 1790.5,128 Parents: Elias Sr. PURDY and Rachel MERRITT.

Archelaus PURDY5,128 was born on 18 Dec 1763 in White Planes, Westchester, NY..5,128 He died on 2 Apr 1842 in Gagetown, Queens, NB.5,128 Parents: Nehemiah PURDY and Mary GOLDING.

Spouse: Hannah BIRDSELL. Archelaus PURDY and Hannah BIRDSELL were married. Children were: Mary Ann PURDY, Sarah PURDY, Elizabeth PURDY, Samuel PURDY, Nehemiah Sr. PURDY, Benjamin PURDY, Rachel PURDY, Issac PURDY, Jotham Frederick PURDY.

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