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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work

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Tony3,371 was born on 25 Dec 1893 in Denver, Denver, Colorado.3,371 He died about 1960 in Denver, Denver, Colorado.3,371 He is reference number 51507.
Ancestral File Number:<AFN> MRSZ-98

Spouse: Louise Charity BOYD. Tony and Louise Charity BOYD were married on 31 May 1922 in Denver, Denver, Colorado.3,371 Reference Number:898724

Valtrude Holy Roman Empire7,38,64,131,221 was born about 820 in , , Alsace-Lorraine, France. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 8HS9-8D Parents: Emperor \Holy Roman Empir Lothair I Of CAROLINGIA and Queen Of Italy Ermengarde D'ORLEANS.

Velma L3,372 was born in 1896.3,372 She died in 1968.3,372 She was buried Unknown in Pinecrest Cem, Southington Twp, Trumbull Co, Ohio.3,372 She is reference number 74936.

Spouse: Robert BOYD. Robert BOYD and Velma L were married. Reference Number:1233964

Verch Ithel7,10,72 was born about 1118 in Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire, Wales.

Spouse: Iorwerth AP CYNON. Iorwerth AP CYNON and Verch Ithel were married in . Children were: Llywarch Ap Aka Goch IORWERTH.


Spouse: Lamar Avery HALE. Children were: Sherry Lynn HALE.

Vienna3,38 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 20987.

Spouse: Johnial CARTER. Johnial CARTER and Vienna were married. Reference Number:410688 Children were: James E. CARTER.

Viola3,333 died on 5 Nov 1997 in San Diego, San Diego, CA.3,333 She is reference number 101399.

Children were: Living GALE.

Viola3,42 was born in 1895.3,42 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 22905.

Spouse: App BOYD. App BOYD and Viola were married. Reference Number:457397 Children were: Living BOYD.

Viola Faye3,9 was born on 17 Jan 1933 in Lockwood, Dade County, Missouri.3,9 She died on 7 Dec 1996.3,9 She was buried Unknown in Lockwood Cemetery.3,9 She is reference number 91421.

Spouse: Robert PIERCE. Robert PIERCE and Viola Faye were married on 7 Dec 1951.3,9 Reference Number:1418799 Children were: Living PIERCE, Living PIERCE, Living PIERCE, Living PIERCE.

Virginia2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 45821.

Spouse: Dr. William Charles Mifflin BOYD. Dr. William Charles Mifflin BOYD and Virginia were married. Reference Number:806420

Vivian Sandon.346,347

Children were: Philippa Sandon.

Duke Of Novgorod\ Vysheslav Vladimirovich7,46,47,48 was born in 977 in Of Novgorod, Russia.50 He died in 1010.50

Parents: Prince Of Kiev\ Vladimir I OF KIEV and Olava OF KIEV.

Princess Of The Franks Waldrade.25,26 Parents: Prince Of The Franks\ Louis I Of MARTEL and Princess Of Hesbain Ermengarde Or Irmengarde HESBAIN OR HESBAYE.

Spouse: Count Of Paris Conrad II.

Walks On7 was born about 1800. She died in 1830.

Spouse: He BEAR. He BEAR and Walks On were married. Children were: Martha HE BEAR.

Baron Clifford Walter De Clifford II7,20,82 was born about 1140 in Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England.20,157 He died on 23 Jan 1220/21.20,157 1 _MDCL Became incabable or senile. Parents: .

Spouse: Lady Of Cavenby Agnes DE CONDET. Baron Clifford Walter De Clifford II and Lady Of Cavenby Agnes DE CONDET were married. Children were: Roger DE CLIFFORD, Baron Clifford\ Walter De CLIFFORD III.

Earl Of Rosmare\ Walter De Evereux7,16,46,47,48,373 was born in 1033.16,50 He was buried in Of Rosmare ( Roumare), Normandy..16,374 Also Known As:<_AKA> Walter de Evereux /Earl of Roumare/

Parents: William DE EVEREUX.

Children were: Sheriff Of Wiltshire Edward De Salisbury DE EVEREUX, Walter DE EVEREUX.

Walter De Lacy Lord Meath7,20,44 died on 2 Apr 1084.20 1 _FA1

W E Wightman, *The Lacy Family in Engla nd and Normandy, 1066-1194*,
Parents: Ilbert DE LACY and Emma De Lacy.

Spouse: Ermeline De Lacy. Children were: Lord Meath Hugh De Lacy, Emma DE LACY.

\Ct De Mantes Walter Dreux De La Vexin7,16,17,277 was born between 1000 and 1002 in Normandy, France.16 He died on 1 Jul 1035 in Bithynia.16,277 He was buried in Died On A Pilgrimage To Jerusalem..16 Parents: Count Of Valois & Amiens Walter II De VEXIN and Alix Adele DE SENLIS.

Walter St. Valery Gauthier De \7,233 was born about 1035 in Of St. Valery-En-Caux, Normandy, France. He died Deceased. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> MQST-4R Parents: Bernard De SAINT VALERY II and Miss UNKNOWN.

Spouse: ELIZABETH. Walter St. Valery Gauthier De \ and ELIZABETH were married about 1064 in Of, Isleworth, Middlesex, England. Children were: Bernard De SAINT VALERY III, Reginald De SAINT VALERY.


Spouse: Ron GIBSON.

Sn De Montagne\ Warin De Montagne7,16,17 was born in 989.16 He died in 1026.16 He was buried in Comte Du Perche..15,16 Parents: Ct De Alençon\ Guillaume I Talvas and Mathilde DE GANELON.

Ct De Argengau\ Welf D' Argengau7,20,21 died before 876.20 Parents: Count Of Auxerre Conrad ARGENGAU I and Princess Of France\ Adelaide OF ALSACE.

King Of The Saxons\ Werniche7,156 was born about 815 in Saxony, North Germany. He died before 890 in Saxony, North Germany. Parents: King Of The Saxons\ Dieterick and DOBIOGERA.

Spouse: GUNILDA. King Of The Saxons\ Werniche and GUNILDA were married. Children were: King WITTEKIND II.

White3,38 was born on 28 Oct 1801 in , , Ireland.3 She died on 7 Jan 1879.3 She was also known as Whight. She was buried Unknown in Boyd Cem., Freeport Twp., Harrison, OH.3 She is reference number 50955. She has Ancestral File Number 2FVV-R6.

Parents: WHIGHT and Hannah.

Spouse: William C. BOYD. William C. BOYD and White were married on 13 Mar 1823.3 Reference Number:889578 Children were: John BOYD, Hannah BOYD, George BOYD, Eliza BOYD, Mary BOYD, William BOYD, Anne BOYD, Sarah BOYD, Melancthon BOYD, Margaret BOYD, Belinda Jane BOYD, Martha BOYD.

Count Of Hornbach Wido Hornbach7,71 died about 722. He was also known as Gui. Parents: Leutwinus (St) Bishop Of TRIER and Willigarde Of BAVARIA.

Children were: Count Of Hornbach Lambert HORNBACH.

Wierman3,183 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 72443.

Spouse: Janet DAVIS.


Spouse: Gustav BOESE.

Willa De Burgundy7,207 was born about 870. She died after 936. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: King Of Upper Burgundy RUDOLPH I and Willa De VIENNE.

Spouse: Count Of Arles BOSO. Count Of Arles BOSO and Willa De Burgundy were married about 936. Children were: Willa De ARLES, Of Arles NN, Of Arles BERTHA.

Count Of Toulouse William7,71,242,264 was born in 750 in France. He died in 813 in Gellone. He was also known as St.. DATE 5 MAY 2000

Royalty for Commoners, Roderick W. Stuart, p. 234 say s 812/813;
(Narbonne) - Royalty for Commoners, Roderick W. Stuart p. 234; Marquis of Septimania; liv 790 -806 -

Parents: Duke Of Toulouse Theodoric\Dietrich and Auda Of FRANCE. Parents: Duke Of Toulouse Theodoric\Dietrich and Auda Of FRANCE.

Spouse: Guiboar VON HORNBACH. Count Of Toulouse William and Guiboar VON Children were: Duke Of Narbonne BERNARD, Gondres Or THERRES, Bernard Margrave Of SEPTIMANIA.

Spouse: CUNIGUNDE. Count Of Toulouse William and CUNIGUNDE were married about 790 in France.
Children were: OLIVA Of France.

Spouse: KONSTANTINOS. Count Of Toulouse William and KONSTANTINOS were married. Children were: Duke Of Narbonne BERNARD.

Count Of Nevers William I7,35,36 was born in 1020.35 He died on 20 Jun 1100 in Nevers, Nievres, France.35 2 SOUR S002120
4 TEXT Date of Import: Apr 17, 2001 Parents: Count Of Nevers Auxerre \ Renaud I RENAUD I and Princess Adele Alix HAVOISE.

Duke Of Normandy\ William Audelin7,46,47,48 was born on 5 Aug 1103 in Winchester, Hampshire.49,50,224 He died on 25 Nov 1120 in Sinking Of The White Ship, Barfleur, Manche, France.50,224,375

When the white ship was wrecked on the deadly rock a boat was launchedand
William, the King's only legitimate son, was rowed to safety. Thecries of his half-sister the Countess of Perche induced him to returnto the wreck where they sank together. This was considered by some tobe punishment fo r Henry's sins of lust in having so many illegitimate offspring.

One of the two legitimate children of Henry I of England [the otherwas Matilda who married Geoffrey, count of Anjou). He was drowned inthe wreck of the "White Ship" (he died without issue). "Just before twilight on 25 November 1120, Henry I set out from Barfleur in Normandy to cross the Channel to England. His son and heir, WilliamAudelin, who was with Henry at Barfleur, decided to stay on and spenda me rry evening there with several of his young companions beforeputting to sea. A great deal of wine was drunk, not only by Williamand his noble young friends, but also by the crew of the boat, theWhite Ship. It was a fine, clear evening. A gentle but steady windaugured well for the crossing. But when, towards mid night, the WhiteShip, the swiftest and most up-to-date vessel in the royal flee r,eventually put to sea, both passengers and crew were in an advancedstate of i ntoxication. The ship never even reached the open sea. Thedrunken helmsman ste ered it stright on to a great rock at the mouth ofthe bay, lifting the prow cle an out of the water. Soon the ship beganto fill with water. After vain attemp ts to push it clear, a smalldinghy was launched, and Prince William bundled int o it. As he wasrowed away, William heard in the darkness the cries of hisilleg itimate sister, the countess of Perche, imploring him not todesert her. He ord ered the rowers
to turn back. Once they did so, however, dozens of other men tried toclamber aboard, the dinghy overturned, and all aboard it were drowned.O nly one man, a butcher from Rouen, survived the wreck, clinging allnight to the masthead in the icy water, and living to tell the tale.For days they searched the beaches around Barfleur for bodies, but notmore than a handful were ever re covered. (P) The disaster of theWhite Ship threatened to destroy everything th at Henry I had labouredso purposefully to build up. He had intended that Willi am shouldinherit all from him. Now his only surviving legitimate child was hisd aughter Matilda (also known as Maud). Born in 1102, Matilda had beenmarried to the German emperor in 1114."
--- Chris Given-Wilson and Alice Curteis, *The Royal Bastards ofMedieval England*, London, 1984, p 74

Parents: King Of England Henry I "Beauclere" ENGLAND I and Princess Of Scotland Mathilda Edith MACMALCOLM.

William Boswell7,43,148 was born about 1543 in Husbands Bosworth Parish, County Leicester, England. He died about 14 Jun 1609 in Husbands Bosworth Parish, County Leicester, England. He was also known as Buswell. Parents: John Boswell and Elizabeth HALL.

William Buswell7,43,148 was born about 1544. He was also known as Boswell. 1

Parents: John Boswell.

William Buswell7,43 was born about 1584 in Husbands Bosworth Parish, County Leicester, England. He died in 1626 in Husband's Bosworth Parish, Leicestershire, England.. He was also known as Boswell.

Parents: Roger Buswell and Margaret.

Ct De Hainault\ William De Bastinbourg7,15,20,21 was born between 960 and 967 in Of Hainault, Belgium.20

Spouse: Albreda De Esperon DE MONTFORT. Ct De Hainault\ William De Bastinbourg and Albreda De Esperon DE MONTFORT were married. Children were: Amauri De Montfort SN DE MONTFORT I.

William De Ferrers7,17,198 was born in 1066 in Of, Darley, Derbyshire, England. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> B3DB-BV Parents: Sire De Ferriere Henry De FERRERS and Bertha ROBERTS.

Ct De Eu Hiesmes\ William De Hiesmes7,15,16,17,20,21,32,44,270 died in 1022 in France.20 He was buried in Count Of Heismes & Eu, Lord Of Monstreul..16,278 Also Known As:<_AKA> William de Hiesmes /Lord Monstreul/

Some s ources dont show William as the son of Richard at all. Parents: Duke Of Normandy Richard LONGSWORD I and Duchess Of Normandy Gunnora Haraldsdottir DE CRÊPON.

William De La Zouche7,51 was born about 1225 in Ashby, DE La Zouche, Leicester, Eng. He died before 3 Feb 1271/72. Parents: Shreiff Of Devon Roger DE LA ZOUCHE and MARGARET.

Baron Percy William De Percy IV7,20,32,82,225,256,257,376 died about 28 Jul 1245.20,225,255,256,257 He was born Between 1192-1193 in Alnwick, Northumberland.20,225
Parents: \Baron Percy Henry De PERCY I and Isabel LE BRUS.

Spouse: Eleana DE BALIOL. Baron Percy William De Percy IV and Eleana DE BALIOL were married. Children were: Baron Percy\ Henry DE PERCY II.

Spouse: Joan DE BRIWERE. Baron Percy William De Percy IV and Joan DE BRIWERE were married. Children were: Agnes DE PERCY, Anastace DE PERCY.

William Deincourt377 was born about 1327 in Of, , , Eng.377 He was also known as Knight.

Spouse: Margaret WELLES. William Deincourt and Margaret WELLES were married. Children were: William Deincourt (Lord DEINCOURT, Margaret DEINCOURT.

William Eure377 was born about 1472 in Of, Eure, Buckinghamshire, Eng.377 He died after 1508.377 He was also known as Ewer. Parents: William EURE and Margaret CONSTABLE.

Lord Cardinand William Fitzrichard7,46,47,48 was born in 1084 in Of Cardinand, Cornwall.50,249 Parents: Abbot Of Ely Richard Fitz Richard DE CLARE De Clare.

Children were: Beatrice De MORTAIGNE.

Lord William Herbet1,7 was born in 1455. He died on 16 Jul 1491. He was also known as Earl Of Huntingdon. Parents: Lord William HERBET.

Spouse: Princess Catherine PLANTAGNET OF ENGLAND. Lord William Herbet and Princess Catherine PLANTAGNET OF ENGLAND were married. Children were: Lady Elizabeth HERBERT.

Count Of Provenc\ William I7,207 was born in 955. He died in 994 in Avignon. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: Count Of Provence & Arles BOSO and Constance OF VIENNE.

Spouse: Of Anjou Adelaide De COUSSERANS. Count Of Provenc\ William I and Of Anjou Adelaide De COUSSERANS were married about 985. Children were: Of Provence TODA, Constance OF ARLES, Of Arles ERMENGARDE.

Spouse: Of Comminges ARSENDA. Count Of Provenc\ William I and Of Comminges ARSENDA were married before 982. Children were: Count Of Provence WILLIAM II.

Count , & Normandy D'arqu William Nicholas7,18,35,36,378 was born in 1001.35 He died in 1025.35

Date of Import: Apr 17, 2001 Parents: Duke Of Normandy Richard II BON II and Duchess Of Brittany\ Judith DE BRETAGNE.

William VII De Say7,97 was born about 1330 in Sawbrideworth, Hertfordshire, England. He died before 1375. Parents: Geoffrey IV De Saye and Maud De Beauchamp.

Spouse: Beatrice De BRAOSE. William VII De Say and Beatrice De BRAOSE were married. Children were: John I De SAY.

Williswinda De Hesbaye.28,29 Parents: ALLEAUME.

Spouse: Robert Ct Of Hesbaye. Children were: Guerin DE HESBAYE.

Countess Of Haspengau Williswint Adelheim7,25,26,73,74,245 was born about 689.25 She died about 768.25

Parents: Count Of ADALHEIM.

Spouse: Count In Haspengau ROBERT I. Children were: Count Of Breisgau Robert CANCOR, Lady Anselm Of Haspengau, Abbot Rupert Of HASPENGAU, Count Of Wormsgau Turinbertus Of FRANCE.

Spouse: Count Of Wormsgau Rutpert I Of FRANCE. Count Of Wormsgau Rutpert I Of FRANCE and Countess Of Haspengau Williswint Adelheim were married WFT Est 736-768.73,74 Children were: Count Of Wormsgau Turinbertus Of FRANCE.

Wilmouth4,5 was born about 1736 in , , Virginia.4,5 She died in 1788 in , Warren, North Carolina.4,5 She is reference number AL4403.

Spouse: John PATRICK. John PATRICK and Wilmouth were married. Children were: John PATRICK, Luke PATRICK, Reuben PATRICK, William PATRICK, Lewis PATRICK.

Wilmuth (Wilmot)5,94,179,379 was born in 1629 in , Stokes Climsland, Cornwall, England.5,94,179 She died on 4 Feb 1696 in , Stokes Climsland, Cornwall, England.5,94,179 She is reference number 18396. She has Ancestral File Number G18D-JR.

Spouse: Sr. Henry GRUBB. Sr. Henry GRUBB and Wilmuth (Wilmot) were married in 1650 in , Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, England.5,94,379 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]5,94,179 Reference Number:206304 Children were: John GRUBB, Jr. Henry GRUBB, Thomas GRUBB, Mary GRUBB.

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