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Mary SHUTE5,128 was born in 1710.5,128 She died on 20 Feb 1805 in Rye, Weschester Co., NY.5,128 She is reference number 2161.

Spouse: Ezekiel Sr. HALSTEAD. Ezekiel Sr. HALSTEAD and Mary SHUTE were married in 1730.5 Reference Number:2262 Children were: Joseph HALSTEAD, Charity HALSTEAD, Mary HALSTEAD, Abigail HALSTEAD, Sarah HALSTEAD, Ezekiel Jr. HALSTEAD, Micah HALSTEAD, Philemon HALSTEAD.

Phebe Ann SHUTE5,128 was born about 1824.5,128 Parents: Thomas SHUTE and Effalinda PURDY.

Thomas SHUTE5,128 was born about 1803.5,128

Spouse: Effalinda PURDY. Thomas SHUTE and Effalinda PURDY were married. Children were: Phebe Ann SHUTE, Belinda SHUTE.

Living SHUTT.5,128

Spouse: Living CULPEPER.


Spouse: James BROADERICK. Children were: Case BROADERICK.

Eleanor SHUTTLESWORTH3,206 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 64561.

Spouse: Asa Blake NEWELL. Asa Blake NEWELL and Eleanor SHUTTLESWORTH were married. Reference Number:1085063 Children were: Icabod NEWELL.

Lida J. SHYROCK3,1038 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 83336.

Spouse: James Shields BOYD. James Shields BOYD and Lida J. SHYROCK were married on 28 Jan 1859.3,1038 Reference Number:770361 Children were: Margaret BOYD, Laura BOYD, Edith BOYD.

Living SHYTLES.3

Spouse: Living HARRIS.

Nancy SIAS7,234 was born on 22 Jan 1798. She died on 3 Jan 1818. Parents: Nathaniel SIAS and Rebecca RISLEY.

Nathaniel SIAS7,234 was born on 10 Sep 1770 in Lee, NH. He died on 27 Feb 1837 in Newmarket, NH.

Spouse: Rebecca RISLEY. Nathaniel SIAS and Rebecca RISLEY were married on 28 Feb 1793. Children were: Welthen Deming SIAS, Nancy SIAS.

Welthen Deming SIAS7,234 was born on 8 Jan 1794. She died on 17 May 1830. Parents: Nathaniel SIAS and Rebecca RISLEY.

Spouse: Phineas WILLEY. Phineas WILLEY and Welthen Deming SIAS were married on 25 Mar 1818.

Isobel SIBBALD3,38,405 was born about 1418 in Of, Balgonie, Fifeshire, Scotland.3,405 She died before 21 Feb 1496/97.3,405 She is reference number 26730. Parents: John SIBBALD and Mrs-John SIBBALD.

Spouse: George DOUGLAS. George DOUGLAS and Isobel SIBBALD were married. Reference Number:513689 Children were: 5th Earl Of Angus Archibald DOUGLAS.

Spouse: John CARMICHAEL. John CARMICHAEL and Isobel SIBBALD were married about 1473 in Of, Balgonie, Fifeshire, Scotland.3,405 Reference Number:115422 Children were: Elizabeth CARMICHAEL, James CARMICHAEL, Peter CARMICHAEL.

John SIBBALD3,38 was born about 1423 in .3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 26733.

Spouse: Mrs-John SIBBALD. John SIBBALD and Mrs-John SIBBALD were married. Reference Number:513690 Children were: Isobel SIBBALD.

Mrs-John SIBBALD3,38 was born about 1427 in .3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 26734.

Spouse: John SIBBALD. John SIBBALD and Mrs-John SIBBALD were married. Reference Number:513690 Children were: Isobel SIBBALD.

Susan SIBELLA5,128 was born in 1563.5,128 She is reference number 1565.

Spouse: Richard Sir. DENTON. Richard Sir. DENTON and Susan SIBELLA were married in 1581 in Worley, England.5 Reference Number:2015 Children were: John DENTON, Thomas DENTON, Alice DENTON, Susan DENTON, Margaret DENTON, Richard Rev. DENTON.

Barbara SIBER7,188 was born in 1598.

Spouse: Bendicht KLOPFENSTEIN. Bendicht KLOPFENSTEIN and Barbara SIBER were married.


Spouse: William Le BOTILLER. Children were: Henry Le BOTELER.

Spouse: Count Hugues Geoffrey III DE MARSEILLE. Children were: Alice DE MARSEILLE, Mabille DE MARSEILLE.

SIBILLA3,583 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 42931.

Children were: Thys Barentsen SWAIM.


Spouse: Robert De HALGHTON. Children were: John De HALGHTON.

SIBILLA7,743 was born in 1180.

Spouse: Hugh JERNEGAN. Hugh JERNEGAN and SIBILLA were married. Children were: Hubert JERNEGAN.

SIBILLA7,32,82 was born in 1248 in England.32

Spouse: Roger DE LUMLEY. Roger DE LUMLEY and SIBILLA were married. Children were: Robert DE LUMLEY.

Mr. SIBLEY.234

Spouse: Abigail RISLEY.

Derrick SIBLEY7,234 was born before 1812.

Spouse: Abigail RISLEY. Derrick SIBLEY and Abigail RISLEY were married on 9 Jun 1812 in Montpelier, VT.

Ella SIBLEY5,128 was born in 1852.5,128 She died in 1938.5,128 Parents: Judson SIBLEY and Annie Eliza MILLER.

Spouse: Charles VAN AKEN. Charles VAN AKEN and Ella SIBLEY were married.

Florence SIBLEY3,88 was born WFT Est 1876-1907.3,88 She died WFT Est 1897-1989.3,88 She is reference number 69331.

Spouse: Frank John FELDEN. Frank John FELDEN and Florence SIBLEY were married WFT Est 1897-1939.3,88 Reference Number:1140948

Judson SIBLEY5,128 was born about 1812.5,128

Spouse: Annie Eliza MILLER. Judson SIBLEY and Annie Eliza MILLER were married. Children were: Ella SIBLEY.

Sarah SIBLEY.377

Spouse: Edward EMERY.

Stella Virginia SIBLEY3,1253 was born about 1860.3,1253 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 106004.

Spouse: John Samuel BOYD. John Samuel BOYD and Stella Virginia SIBLEY were married in Bloomfield, Iowa.3,1253 Reference Number:1661684 Children were: John Robert Dale BOYD, Mary Enerstine BOYD, Izora BOYD, Virginia BOYD.

(Unk) SIBURN.5

Spouse: Linda BECKER. Children were: Adam SIBURN.

Adam SIBURN.5 Parents: (Unk) SIBURN and Linda BECKER.

Elizabeth SIBWELL.5,94,179

Spouse: William COULSON.

SIBYLLE7,239 was born in 1070 in France. [large-G675.FTW]

"The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants", Gary Boyd Roberts,

!NAME:large-G675.FTW, large-G675.FTW

Spouse: GODFREY. GODFREY and SIBYLLE were married in 1087. Children were: Elizabeth DE NAMUER.

SIBYLLE7,239 was born about 1200. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> B17Q-PR
Of Bar-Le-Duc, , France Parents: HENRI II and Philippa DE DREUX.

Antenor SICAMBRI III.548 Parents: Clodius SICAMBRI I.

Children were: Clodomir SICAMBRI II.

Antenor SICAMBRI II.213 Parents: Marcomir SICAMBRI I.

Children were: Priamus SICAMBRI.

Antharius SICAMBRI. Parents: Cassander SICAMBRI.

Children were: Francus FRANCONIONS.

Bassanus Magnus SICAMBRI.213,548 Parents: Diocles SICAMBRI.

Children were: Clodomir SICAMBRI I.

Cassander SICAMBRI. Parents: Merodochus SICAMBRI.

Children were: Antharius SICAMBRI.

Clodius SICAMBRI I.548 Parents: Marcomir SICAMBRI II.

Children were: Antenor SICAMBRI III.

Clodomir SICAMBRI II.548 Parents: Antenor SICAMBRI III.

Children were: Merodochus SICAMBRI.

Clodomir SICAMBRI I.548 Parents: Bassanus Magnus SICAMBRI.

Children were: Nicanor SICAMBRI.

Diocles SICAMBRI.213,548 Parents: Helenus SICAMBRI V.

Children were: Bassanus Magnus SICAMBRI.

Helenus SICAMBRI V.213 Parents: Priamus SICAMBRI.

Children were: Diocles SICAMBRI.

Marcomir SICAMBRI II.548 Parents: Nicanor SICAMBRI.

Children were: Clodius SICAMBRI I.

Marcomir SICAMBRI I.213 Parents: Antenor CIMMERIANS I.

Children were: Antenor SICAMBRI II.

Merodochus SICAMBRI.548 Parents: Clodomir SICAMBRI II.

Children were: Cassander SICAMBRI.

Nicanor SICAMBRI.548 Parents: Clodomir SICAMBRI I.

Children were: Marcomir SICAMBRI II.

Priamus SICAMBRI.213 Parents: Antenor SICAMBRI II.

Children were: Helenus SICAMBRI V.

Princess Of Salerno SICHELGAITA7,248 was born about 1025 in Salerno, Italy. She died between 1049 and 1152. Parents: .

Spouse: Duke Of Apulia Robert GUISCARD. Duke Of Apulia Robert GUISCARD and Princess Of Salerno SICHELGAITA were married. Children were: Sybille DE HAUTEVILLE, Mathilda D'APULIA.

Marie SICILE.377

Spouse: John De LA POLE.

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