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Angeline SMITH3,577 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 106235.

Spouse: Josiah Parker WHITAKER. Josiah Parker WHITAKER and Angeline SMITH were married. Reference Number:1665893

Angie SMITH.188 Parents: SMITH and Lenora Mae NEAL.

Ann SMITH3,294 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 38639.

Spouse: Richard WOODSON. Richard WOODSON and Ann SMITH were married. Reference Number:706394 Children were: Elizabeth WOODSON.

Ann SMITH3,405 was born WFT Est 1645-1665.3,405 She died WFT Est 1670-1749.3,405 She is reference number 96038. Parents: Sir William SMITH.

Spouse: Sir Francis BRYAN II. Sir Francis BRYAN II and Ann SMITH were married WFT Est 1666-1699.3,405 Reference Number:1534580 Children were: William Smith BRYAN.

Ann SMITH.188

Spouse: Abner Johnson HOLCOMB.

Ann SMITH3,7,51,168,206,1794 was born in 1697 in Ireland.3,206,1794 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] She died about 1723 in Longford Co., Ireland.3 She is reference number 65575. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> QH80-XF
[John Todd.FTW]

Chamberl ain, Gretchen French, R. C. Todd, and Rev. David Todd, Descendents of
Hugh TOD D of Pennsylvania, Buford Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution,
Hunting ton, W. VA, 1948. LDS film#0875405 item#9.

Cooper, Chris R, LDS Ancestral F ile submission AF91-101357, 2262 Pinto St, La
Verne, CA 91750.

Helm, Emily Todd, "TODD Family, based on the manuscript of Emily Todd Helm",
series of mag azine articles in Kittochtinny Magazine, vol 1ff, 1905, p69-383
(with gaps). LDS FILM#0176612#1 (installments 1-3).

Johnson, Houston E., and Annette Gall aher Murphy, The TODD Family History,
Annette Gallaher Murphy, 1982. LDS FILM #1035667, 1984.


name only given as ____ Smith i n [Ref: Helm p71]

dies after the birth of her second child [Ref: Helm p71]

date: [Ref: LDS AF]

Spouse: Robert TODD. Robert TODD and Ann SMITH were married in Jan in Ireland.3,206,1794 [John Todd.FTW]

date: first marriage [Ref: Helm p71], place: [Ref: Chamberlain p34, Helm p71],
names: Robert TODD & ___ SMITH [Ref: Chamber lain p34] Children were: Elizabeth TODD, John Rev. TODD, Mary TODD, John TODD, David TODD.

Ann SMITH3,178,218 was born in 1740.3,178,218 She died in 1814.3,178,218 She is reference number 107985.

Spouse: William BOYD. William BOYD and Ann SMITH were married in 1760 in South Carolina.3,178,218 Reference Number:770017 Children were: Hannah BOYD, Mary BOYD, Dr Charles BOYD, Nancy BOYD, William BOYD.

Ann SMITH7,234 was born before 1755. Ann Smith

After marriage to Samuel Briggs, Ann and her children (by Benjamin Nash)
moved to Taunton, Mass. with Mr. Briggs.

Spouse: Sr. Nash BENJAMIN. Sr. Nash BENJAMIN and Ann SMITH were married. Children were: Jr. Nash BENJAMIN, Rachel NASH, Sarah NASH, Daniel NASH, Sr. Nash ABRAHAM, Hannah NASH.

Spouse: Samuel BRIGGS. Samuel BRIGGS and Ann SMITH were married on 15 Nov 1755.

Anna SMITH.5,94,409

Spouse: Wilson ATER.

Anna SMITH.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Thomas BRADFORD. Children were: Jerusha BRADFORD.

Anna SMITH7,234 was born on 14 Aug 1763 in Glastonbury, CT. She died on 17 May 1841 in Glastonbury, CT.

Spouse: Joseph RISLEY. Joseph RISLEY and Anna SMITH were married on 17 Mar 1785 in Glastonbury, CT. Children were: Abigail RISLEY, Joseph RISLEY, Horatio RISLEY, Titus RISLEY, Beriah RISLEY, Tirzah RISLEY, Ann RISLEY.

Anna SMITH3,206 was born in 1782 in Saltville, Washington Co., Virginia.3,206 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 65411. Parents: Michael HUFFAKER and Catherine CLISBY.

Anna SMITH5,128 was born about 1830.5,128 She died on 6 Mar 1899 in Yellow Springs, Green Co., OH..5,128 She is reference number 9685.

Spouse: John Jay ALKIRE. John Jay ALKIRE and Anna SMITH were married. Reference Number:36495 Children were: Austin Craig ALKIRE, Louise Lulu ALKIRE, Helen Leo ALKIRE.

Anna Augusta SMITH.5,93,94,160 Parents: Stephen Shelton SMITH and Emma Breedlove LOOMAN.

Spouse: Eugene Wilson HARDING. Children were: Living HARDING.

Anna Flora SMITH7,188 was born on 27 Jan 1882 in Ross Co, OH. She died on 10 Mar 1929 in Ross Co, OH. She was buried in Crouse Chapel Cemetery, Ross Co, OH.

Spouse: Luther ARLEDGE. Luther ARLEDGE and Anna Flora SMITH were married. Children were: Marvin ARLEDGE, Bernice ARLEDGE, Carl ARLEDGE, Marvin ARLEDGE.

Anna Marie SMITH377 was born on 6 Sep 1864 in Quelf, Canada.377 She died on 29 Apr 1957 in Spooner, WI.377 She was also known as Schmidt. Parents: Anthony Bernard SCHMITD and Mary Elizabeth REINHARD.

Spouse: Henry WAGNER. Henry WAGNER and Anna Marie SMITH were married. Children were: Leonard Howard WAGNER.

Anna Sophia SMITH3,95 was born on 5 Oct 1811 in <, Lincoln, NC>.3 She died on 18 Mar 1899 in , Gaston, NC.3 She is reference number 54453. She has Ancestral File Number 1G6D-WH1. Parents: David SMITH and Elizabeth ARENDS.

Annie SMITH3,1288 was born in 1906.3,1288 She died in 1992 in Palmerston, Ontario, CA.3,1288 She is reference number 1420.

Spouse: John Marshall BOYD. John Marshall BOYD and Annie SMITH were married. Reference Number:33285 Children were: Living BOYD.

Annie Cole SMITH3,333 was born in Salisbury, NC.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 101527. Parents: Presley Nelms SMITH and Sue COLE.

Spouse: William A. WINBURN. William A. WINBURN and Annie Cole SMITH were married. Reference Number:1610642

Annie Elizabeth SMITH3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 91656. Parents: David SMITH and Caroline F. FOUTS.

Annie M SMITH.5,94,126,127

Spouse: James Alfred TRUESDALE.

Annie Mae SMITH.19 Parents: Claude C. SMITH and Roxie STANDRIDGE.

Archie E. SMITH3,41 was born in 1870 in Pierce City, Lawrence Co., MO..3,41 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 83775. Parents: Albert SMITH and Mary Minerva HARRIS.

Arthew SMITH5,128 was born about 1899.5,128 He died in Spencer, Iowa.5,128 He is reference number 7417.

Spouse: Greeba Luella MILLER. Arthew SMITH and Greeba Luella MILLER were married on 25 Dec 1923 in Iowa.5 Reference Number:4152 Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

Arthur SMITH3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 88744.

Spouse: Lula Florence PIERCE. Arthur SMITH and Lula Florence PIERCE were married on 29 Aug 1931 in Fort Collins, Colorado.3,9 Reference Number:1416467

Arthur J SMITH.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Ada COOK. Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

Arzella SMITH4,5 was born on 5 Nov 1895 in Manassa, Conejos, Colorado.4,5 She died on 4 Jan 1969 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 She was buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 She is reference number SM010807. Parents: John Henry SMITH and Josephine GROESBECK.

Asa SMITH7,163 was born on 8 Feb 1761. He died on 6 Jan 1834. 1 _UID 1087DE47C8FB1042A632F51265986FB0CC53

If interested in more gener ations, contact [email protected] and I'll send you what you want Parents: Isaac SMITH and Ruth HOLLISTER.

Spouse: Sarah Abigail GOODRICH. Asa SMITH and Sarah Abigail GOODRICH were married on 2 May 1782. _STATMARRIED Children were: Sylvester SMITH, Lura Belle SMITH.

Asa SMITH5,94,126,127 was born on 8 Jun 1770.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12014. Parents: Philip SMITH and Elizabeth GRAVES.

Asa Aaron SMITH377 was born on 14 Dec 1883 in Hayes Center, Nebraska.377 He died on 15 Jul 1959 in Milwaukie, Multnomah County, OR.377 Parents: Jerome Brown SMITH and Mary Alvira PHILLIPS.

Spouse: Myrtle KILGORE. Asa Aaron SMITH and Myrtle KILGORE were married on 25 Dec 1902 in St. John, Whitman Co., Washington.377 Children were: Living SMITH, Samuel Lee SMITH, Norval James SMITH, Douglas Ray SMITH, Wilbur Jack SMITH, Calvin Edward SMITH, Marybelle SMITH, Katherine Leona SMITH, Howard Asa SMITH.

Asael SMITH4,5 was born on 7 Mar 1744 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts.4,5 He died on 31 Oct 1830 in Stockholm, St. Lawrence, New York.4,5 He is reference number SM0104. [master ged.FTW]


!Sources: B11 B21 Ancestros of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale p 65; Ut. Hist
and Gen Mag Vol 20 p 14. Parents: Samuel SMITH Capt. and Priscilla GOULD.

Spouse: Mary DUTY. Asael SMITH and Mary DUTY were married on 12 Feb 1767 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts.4,5 Children were: Jesse SMITH, Priscilla SMITH, Joseph SMITH, Asahel SMITH, Mary SMITH, Samuel SMITH, Silas SMITH, John SMITH, Susanna SMITH, Stephen SMITH, Sarah SMITH.

Asahel SMITH4,5 was born on 21 May 1773 in Windham, Rockingham, New Hampshire.4,5 He died on 21 Jul 1848.4,5 He is reference number SM010404. Parents: Asael SMITH and Mary DUTY.

Spouse: Elizabeth SCHELLENGER. Asahel SMITH and Elizabeth SCHELLENGER were married on 21 Mar 1802 in Of Windham, Rockingham, New Hampshire.4,5

Asbury SMITH.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Hannah J TRUESDAIL.

Ashbury Grant SMITH7,138 was born on 20 Feb 1865. Parents: Barnes SMITH JR. and Hannah Harriet DYE.

Augustine SMITH5,128 was born on 16 Jun 1689 in Virginia.5,128 He died in 1736 in Orange Co., VA.5,128 He is reference number 6021. Parents: Laurence Major SMITH and Mary DEBNAM.

Spouse: MARY. Augustine SMITH and MARY were married. Reference Number:3713

Augustus William SMITH7,188 was born on 14 Feb 1841. He died on 20 Oct 1902. He was also known as Gus. He was in Woodville, TX; Occupation: Horse-Shoer And Blacksmith. He lived in Woodville, TX. Tyler County, Texas - Military: Confederate Pension Applications
On file at t he Texas State Library and Archives at Austin, Travis Co., TX
October 6, 2002
Smith, M. M. (Mrs) 27487 Tyler Smith, Augustus William

Spouse: Maryann Malinda MOYE. Augustus William SMITH and Maryann Malinda MOYE were married. Children were: Porter SMITH, Maudie Estilee SMITH, Ada SMITH, French V. Sr. Smith, Gussie Nell SMITH.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]5,93,94,160 He was born in 1893 in Oklahoma Indian Territory.5,94 He died in Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma.5,93,94,160 He is reference number 2821. Parents: Stephen Shelton SMITH and Emma Breedlove LOOMAN.

Spouse: Nell ABBOTT. Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

Austin SMITH.404

Spouse: Unknown TUTTLE. Children were: Francis SMITH.

Azubah SMITH404 was born in 1804.404 She died on 5 Apr 1860 in Melvern Square, , NS Age 56 Yrs..404 She was buried in Old Trinity, Middleton, NS.404 Parents: Francis SMITH and Mary VANBUSKIRK.

Spouse: William NICHOLS. William NICHOLS and Azubah SMITH were married before 1830.404,3423 Children were: James Austin NICHOLS.

Azubah SMITH3,333 was born about 1869 in Pikesville, Wayne Co., NC.3,333 She was also known as Zuha. She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 105135. Parents: Erastus Smith SR. and Sallie BARNES.

Bailey E. SMITH.188

Spouse: Zada MINYARD. Children were: Peggy Ann SMITH, Helen Janice SMITH.

Barbara Ann SMITH.19

Spouse: George Bittle MCDANIEL.

Spouse: George Bittle MCDANIEL.

Barnes Newton SMITH7,138 was born on 8 Jun 1847 in Gilmer Co., W.VA.. He died on 8 Sep 1921 in Braxton Co., W. VA.. Parents: Joshua David SMITH and Emily Jane BEALL.

Spouse: Elizabeth Jane REIP. Barnes Newton SMITH and Elizabeth Jane REIP were married on 2 Aug 1867 in Calhoun Co., W.VA.. Children were: Alonzo Benjamin SMITH, Joshua David SMITH, Mary E. SMITH, James Albert SMITH, Isabel N. SMITH, Rosa E. SMITH, Loas SMITH, Amanda SMITH, Adam R. SMITH, Laura O. SMITH, Robert M. SMITH, Hannah J. SMITH.

Bartley E. SMITH3,468 was born in Jul 1888 in Monroe Co, MS.3,468 He died on 5 Dec 1942 in Monroe Co, MS.3,468 He is reference number 49860. [boyd-trees.ged]



He served as a Private, 327th Infantry, 82nd Division. (NOTE: this information was incomplete, but it is thought this service was during World War I.) He never married and is buried in Cockerham Cemetery, Monroe Co, MS. Parents: William Oney SMITH and Mary Jane BOYD.

Ben SMITH.5,94,126,127 Parents: George SMITH and Addie TRUESDAIL.

Benjamin SMITH7,163 was born in 1653 in Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT. He died on 20 Jan 1731 in Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT. 1 _UID F0744FE2618EC64A84376C86C58230EAA23F

If interested in more gener ations, contact [email protected] and I'll send you what you want Parents: Jr. Richard SMITH and Mary WEED.

Spouse: Hannah LANE. Benjamin SMITH and Hannah LANE were married. Children were: Richard SMITH.

Benjamin SMITH5,128 was born in 1695 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY.5,128 He appeared in the census in 1698 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY.5,128 He died between 19 Mar 1766 and 17 May 1768.5,128 He is reference number 1617.

Spouse: Amy SPRAGG. Benjamin SMITH and Amy SPRAGG were married. Children were: Amy SMITH, Benjamin SMITH, Samuel SMITH, John SMITH.

Spouse: Charity TREADWELL. Benjamin SMITH and Charity TREADWELL were married in 1718 in Unknown.5,128 Reference Number:2031 Children were: Phebe SMITH.

Benjamin SMITH5,94,126,127 was born on 22 Jan 1696 in Hadley, MA.5,94,126,127 He died on 1 Jul 1780.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12196. Parents: Joseph SMITH and Rebecca DICKINSON.

Spouse: Elizabeth CRAFT.

Benjamin SMITH5,128 was born about 1720.5,128 Parents: Benjamin SMITH and Amy SPRAGG.

Benjamin SMITH5,94,126,127 was born on 3 Nov 1728.5,94,126,127 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Fact 2]5,94,126,127 He is reference number 11601. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Marriage fact]5,94,126,127 Parents: Elisha SMITH and Sarah SMITH.

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