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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Catherine SMITH2,3 was born in 1809 in , Pennsylvania.2,3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]2,3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 33610. [boyd-trees.ged]

!(1) Mary Kemmerle, 2089 Eaton Ave., San Carlos, CA 94070.

!Birth: (1) 1809, PA, d/o Jacob SMITH/Eve Wildesin.
Marriage to Samuel LAWSON: (1)[alice-boyd.FTW]

!(1) Mary Kemmerle, 2089 Eaton Ave., San Carlos, CA 94070.

!Birth: (1) 1809, PA, d/o Jacob SMITH/Eve Wildesin.
Marriage to Samuel LAWSON: (1)

Spouse: Samuel Bachman LAWSON. Samuel Bachman LAWSON and Catherine SMITH were married. Reference Number:576542 Children were: Jacob Smith LAWSON.

Catherine SMITH7,138 was born about 1810. Parents: Barnes SMITH SR.. and Nancy Ann EARLE.

Catherine SMITH3,9 was born in 1812 in Pennsylvania.3,9 She died in 1889.3,9 She was buried Unknown in Emmanuel Ref. Church, Franklin Twsp., Export, Pennsylvania.3,9 She is reference number 90496.

Spouse: Peter HILL. Peter HILL and Catherine SMITH were married. Reference Number:999357 Children were: Elizabeth HILL, Sarah HILL, Emma Or Amy HILL, Lydia Ann HILL, Leah HILL, Catharine HILL, Jane Or Marg HILL, Henry HILL, Jacob HILL, William HILL, George Washington HILL, Jerimiah HILL.

Catherine SMITH7,138 was born in 1824 in Ohio. Parents: George S. SMITH and Leah BARNHART.

Catherine SMITH3,333 was born on 27 Sep 1829.3,333 She died on 17 Mar 1879 in Bu. Hoover Valley Cemetery.3,333 She is reference number 103428.

Spouse: John Riley SCOTT. John Riley SCOTT and Catherine SMITH were married in TX.3,333 Reference Number:1628150 Children were: Isaac Leroy SCOTT, Mary Jane SCOTT, William Nimrod SCOTT, Josephus SCOTT, George Worthy SCOTT, Ann Elizabeth SCOTT.

Cathleen SMITH3,333 was born in 1896.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 101690. Parents: Frank X. SMITH and Clara JANE.

Ceburn SMITH3,483 was born about 1886.3,483 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 57959. Parents: Thomas Haley SMITH and Nancy Montgomery BOYD.

Charity SMITH.395

Spouse: Joseph STEWART. Children were: John STEWART.

Charity SMITH5,128 was born about 1724.5,128 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]5,128 She is reference number 461.

Spouse: Thomas HALSTEAD. Thomas HALSTEAD and Charity SMITH were married about 1748 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY>.5,128

Spouse: Thomas HALSTEAD. Thomas HALSTEAD and Charity SMITH were married on 2 Feb 1748 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY.5,128 Reference Number:2089 Children were: Gershom HALSTEAD, Joseph HALSTEAD, Benjamin HALSTEAD, Elizabeth HALSTEAD, Josiah HALSTEAD, Thomas HALSTEAD.

Charlene Elizabeth SMITH.19

Spouse: Raymond Gunter HOOD.

Charles SMITH.19 Parents: Fred B. SMITH and Mamie MADDOX.

Charles SMITH3,405 was born WFT Est 1861-1893.3,405 He died WFT Est 1893-1973.3,405 He is reference number 95491.

Spouse: Camora HARRISON. Charles SMITH and Camora HARRISON were married WFT Est 1887-1930.3,405 Reference Number:1524510

Charles SMITH3,405 was born WFT Est 1683-1727.3,405 He died WFT Est 1722-1809.3,405 He is reference number 96879.

Children were: Sara SMITH.

Charles SMITH5,128 was born in 1670 in Essex Co., VA..5,128 He died in 1710 in Caroline Co., VA..5,128 He is reference number 6022. Parents: Laurence Major SMITH and Mary DEBNAM.

Spouse: Dorothy PEYTON. Charles SMITH and Dorothy PEYTON were married. Reference Number:3708

Charles SMITH7,188 was born in 1805 in TN. He died after 1880.

Spouse: Elizabeth MULLINAX. Charles SMITH and Elizabeth MULLINAX were married.

Charles A. SMITH3,387,878 was born WFT Est 1881-1901.3,387,878 He died WFT Est 1915-1987.3,387,878 He is reference number 60718.

Spouse: Katie POWELL. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,387 They were married WFT Est 1912-1945.3,387,878 Reference Number:1026218

Charles A. SMITH3,397 was born in Nov 1886 in Chickasaw Co., MS.3,397 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 62804. Parents: William T. SMITH and Mary J. J. BOYD.

Charles Edsel SMITH19 was born on 22 Jun 1925.19 He died on 13 Oct 1979.19

Spouse: Dorris Ann RAINS.

Charles G. SMITH.138

Spouse: Rieuann MATTOX.

Charles G. Major SMITH5,128 was born about 1830 in Statin Island, NY.5,128 He is reference number 4689.

Spouse: Henrietta Spencer HALSTEAD. Charles G. Major SMITH and Henrietta Spencer HALSTEAD were married about 1864.5 Reference Number:3275

Charles Harvey SMITH5,128 was born on 30 May 1914 in Howard, Elk County, Kansas.5,128 He died on 30 Aug 1986 in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.5,128 He is reference number 9413.

Spouse: Ida Louise CUMMINS. Charles Harvey SMITH and Ida Louise CUMMINS were married on 4 Jul 1936 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas.5 Reference Number:35264 Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

Charles Henry SMITH7,188 was born on 14 Oct 1879 in Meigs Co., OH. He died on 20 Oct 1965 in Circleville, OH.

Spouse: Rosa Tama Florence VINCENT. Charles Henry SMITH and Rosa Tama Florence VINCENT were married. Children were: Living SMITH, Martha Fay SMITH.

Charles Marshall SMITH3,468 was born on 18 May 1886 in Monroe Co, MS.3,468 He died on 24 Dec 1960 in Monroe Co, MS.3,468 He is reference number 49859. Parents: William Oney SMITH and Mary Jane BOYD.

Charles Orpheus SMITH5,94,126,127,128 was born on 29 Apr 1847 in Hillsdale, NY.5,94,126,127,128 He died on 13 Oct 1925 in Arvada, Col..5,128 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]5,94,126,127 He is reference number 15223. Parents: Henry SMITH and Ann Eliza TRUESDELL.

Spouse: Leonora BUTTERICK. Charles Orpheus SMITH and Leonora BUTTERICK were married on 29 Apr 1874.5,94,127,128 Reference Number:113836 Children were: Grace SMITH.

Charles Otis SMITH.3 Parents: Job SMITH and Rebecca Virginia MALLOW.

Charles Thomas SMITH3,405 was born on 16 Jul 1832.3,405 He died on 2 Jan 1886.3,405 He is reference number 95652. Parents: J. Pressley SMITH and Jane NISBERT.

Spouse: Willie Jane MCCROSSKY. Charles Thomas SMITH and Willie Jane MCCROSSKY were married WFT Est 1849-1876.3,405 Reference Number:1527386

Charles Warren SMITH4,5 was born on 3 Aug 1879 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 He died on 7 Dec 1879.4,5 Parents: John Henry SMITH and Sarah FARR.

Charley SMITH.395,783

Spouse: Ethel Effie STEWART.

Charlie SMITH3,86 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 56501.

Spouse: Rosa FRAZIER. Charlie SMITH and Rosa FRAZIER were married. Reference Number:971730 Children were: Living SMITH.

Charlie Everet SMITH3,468 was born on 15 Aug 1891.3,468 He died on 29 Feb 1928.3,468 He is reference number 49932. Parents: James SMITH and Deloris YOUNG.

Spouse: Lucille Leon BOYD. Charlie Everet SMITH and Lucille Leon BOYD were married. Reference Number:876178 Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Alice Marie SMITH, Gara Juanita SMITH.

Charlotte SMITH5,128 was born on 22 Jul 1790.5,128 She died on 16 Jan 1834.5,128 She is reference number 1761.

Spouse: Charles HALSTEAD. Charles HALSTEAD and Charlotte SMITH were married on 24 Sep 1815.5,128 Reference Number:1962 Children were: Charles HALSTEAD, William HALSTEAD, Robert HALSTEAD, Daniel Berrien HALSTEAD, Charlotte Ann HALSTEAD, Stephen Henry HALSTEAD.

Charlotte SMITH19 was born in 1844.19 She died in 1920.19

Spouse: John Henry BONER. John Henry BONER and Charlotte SMITH were married.

Charlotte Able SMITH3,1671 was born on 24 Nov 1839 in Yorkshire, England.3,1671 She died on 13 Oct 1904 in Allegheny City, PA.3,1671 She was buried on 13 Oct 1904 in Highwood Cemetary, Alleheny Co. PA.3,1671 She is reference number 1840.

Spouse: John HOWE. John HOWE and Charlotte Able SMITH were married on 27 Sep 1865 in Sheffield, England.3,1671 Reference Number:41381 Children were: George Ernest HOWE.

Chauncey Hollman SMITH.377

Children were: Sybil SMITH, Margaret SMITH, Pency SMITH, Josephine SMITH, Horace SMITH, Alvin SMITH, Chauncey Hollman SMITH.

Chauncey Hollman SMITH377 was born on 30 Aug 1818 in Rutland, Vermont.377 He died after 1893 in Neb..377 [1411409joanconyer.FTW]

Farm in Nebraska Parents: Chauncey Hollman SMITH.

Spouse: Margaret Newton RECTOR???. Chauncey Hollman SMITH and Margaret Newton RECTOR??? were married on 26 Nov 1846 in Pickaway Co., Ohio.377 Children were: Margaret Newton SMITH, Jerome Brown SMITH, Emma Barrett SMITH, Josephine Hester SMITH, Chauncy Holman Smith JR..

Chauncy Hollman SMITH.377

Children were: Chauncy Holman Smith SR.???.

Chester SMITH3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 89667. Parents: William W. SMITH and Alyce HELDENBRAND.

Chet SMITH.377 Parents: Edward R. SMITH and Melissie C. OGLE.

Child SMITH.5,93,94,160 Parents: Stephen Shelton SMITH and Emma Breedlove LOOMAN.

Chiliab SMITH5,94,126,127 was born about 1635 in Hadley, MA.5,94,126,127 He died on 7 Mar 1731 in Hadley, MA.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 11503. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Marriage fact]5,94,126,127 Parents: Samuel SMITH and Elizabeth CHILEAB.

Spouse: Hannah HITCHCOCK. Chiliab SMITH and Hannah HITCHCOCK were married on 2 Oct 1661.5,94,127 Reference Number:75812

Christopher SMITH5,128 was born on 29 Jan 1630.5,128 He is reference number 6014. Parents: Christopher Lawrence SMITH and Elizabeth TOWNLEY.

Christopher Lawrence SMITH5,128 was born on 18 Mar 1591 in Tote, Devon, England.5,128 He died on 16 Apr 1638 in Burnley Parish, England.5,128 He is reference number 2702.

Spouse: Elizabeth TOWNLEY. Christopher Lawrence SMITH and Elizabeth TOWNLEY were married on 3 May 1624.5 Reference Number:12588 Children were: John SMITH, Laurence Major SMITH, Christopher SMITH, Richard SMITH.

Clara SMITH5,128 was born about 1860.5,128

Spouse: Charles HALSTEAD. Charles HALSTEAD and Clara SMITH were married.

Clara Bell SMITH3,41 was born in 1876 in .3,41 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 83727. Parents: Frank M. SMITH and Laura Ellen HARRIS.

Clara Julia SMITH3,333 was born in Aug 1885 in Butler, Butler, PA.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 101554. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Marriage fact]3,333

Spouse: Frank W. SHOEMAKER. Frank W. SHOEMAKER and Clara Julia SMITH were married. Reference Number:1608561

Clarence SMITH3,449 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 20084. [boyd-trees.ged]


The first three of these children maybe from Clarence's first wife, Susie, (who was Vera's sister)

Spouse: Susie HARRIS. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Marriage fact]3,449 They were married. Reference Number:408351

Spouse: Vera Elizabeth HARRIS. Clarence SMITH and Vera Elizabeth HARRIS were married on 2 Mar 1922 in Sheldon, O'brien County, Iowa.3,449 Reference Number:408362 Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

Claude B. SMITH Sr.3,645 was born on 11 Feb 1899 in Horry County, South Carolina.3,645 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: 1900 Census]3,645 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 55850. [boyd-trees.ged]



Claude Smith, is listed in the WW I, Draft Registrations, of Horry County, SC,
( b. 11 Feb. 1899; nearest relative Marcus Smith (employer) Loris District,) (WSH) Parents: Marcus Erwin SMITH and Elizabeth P. BOYD.

Spouse: Living CAUSEY. Children were: Living SMITH.

Claude C. SMITH.19 Parents: James B. SMITH and Camellia Annie HOOD.

Spouse: Roxie STANDRIDGE. Children were: Faye SMITH, Reba SMITH, Dorothy SMITH, Annie Mae SMITH, Colleen SMITH.

Clement A. SMITH3,1038 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 83437.

Spouse: Margaret Beal EARHART. Clement A. SMITH and Margaret Beal EARHART were married in Feb 1926.3,1038 Reference Number:1351771 Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

Clint SMITH3,333 died on 9 Jun 1992 in Ft Smith, Sebastian Co, AR.3,333 He is reference number 100185.

Spouse: Mary Ethel BOYD. Clint SMITH and Mary Ethel BOYD were married on 24 Aug 1932 in Ft Smith, Sebastian Co, AR.3,333 Reference Number:1599071 Children were: Living BLACKWOOD, Living HAYS, Living GROVES.

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