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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Elizabeth SMITH5,94,126,127 was born on 22 Dec 1701.5,94,126,127 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Fact 2]5,94,126,127 She is reference number 12197. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Marriage fact]5,94,126,127 Parents: Joseph SMITH and Rebecca DICKINSON.

Elizabeth SMITH5,94,126,127 was born on 12 Oct 1705.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 11522. Parents: John SMITH and Joanna KELLOGG.

Elizabeth SMITH4,5 was born on 8 Jul 1718 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts.4,5 She died on 27 Mar 1753.4,5 She is reference number S1190105. Parents: Samuel SMITH and Rebecca CURTIS.

Spouse: Eleazer GOULD. Eleazer GOULD and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 17 Apr 1740.4,5

Elizabeth SMITH5,128 was born on 27 Sep 1718.5,128 She died on 4 Nov 1786.5,128

Spouse: Jonathan BRUSH. Jonathan BRUSH and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 26 Aug 1736 in Huntington, Li. NY.5,128 Children were: Jonathan BRUSH, Elizabeth BRUSH, Smith BRUSH, Joshua BRUSH, Daniel BRUSH, Josiah BRUSH, Susanna BRUSH, Robert BRUSH, Amy BRUSH, Theodosia BRUSH, Hepsibah BRUSH.

Elizabeth SMITH4,5 was born on 6 Feb 1721 in Leeds Point, Atlantic, New Jersey.4,5 She is reference number HI141801. Parents: John SMITH and Mary SMITH.

Spouse: Joseph SOOY. Joseph SOOY and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 3 Dec 1737 in , Gloucester, New Jersey.4,5

Elizabeth SMITH5,128 was born about 1745.5,128

Spouse: Jacamiah BRUSH. Jacamiah BRUSH and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 5 Feb 1765 in Huntington, Li. NY.5,128 Children were: Richard BRUSH, Ebenezer BRUSH, John BRUSH, Edward BRUSH.

Elizabeth SMITH5,94,126,127 was born on 28 Apr 1768.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 12013. Parents: Philip SMITH and Elizabeth GRAVES.

Spouse: Abraham SCOTT.

Elizabeth SMITH5 was born in Jan 1792.5,625 She died on 16 Sep 1866 in NY.5,625 She was also known as Betsy. She is reference number WILLIAMSON.

Spouse: Joseph BECKER. Joseph BECKER and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 8 Dec 1811.5 Children were: Caroline BECKER, Peter J. BECKER, William BECKER, Cornelius G. BECKER, Richard Henry BECKER, Sarah BECKER, Susan BECKER, Lovina G. BECKER.

Elizabeth SMITH7,138 was born on 16 Feb 1795 in Lower Simpson Creek, Monongalia Co., VA.. Parents: Aaron SMITH and Sarah M. ALLEN.

Elizabeth SMITH7,138 was born in 1803 in PA.. She died on 19 Sep 1849 in Ross Co., Ohio.

Spouse: George BARNHART. George BARNHART and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 1 Oct 1824 in Ross Co., OH.. Children were: William BARNHART, Simon BARNHART, Michael BARNHART, Infant BARNHART, John P. BARNHART, Samuel BARNHART.

Elizabeth SMITH7,138 was born on 24 May 1812. Parents: Barnes SMITH SR.. and Nancy Ann EARLE.

Elizabeth SMITH4,5 was born about 1815.4,5 She is reference number HA040401s.

Spouse: Robert HALL. Robert HALL and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 22 Nov 1835 in St. Mary's, Radcliffe, Lancs, England.4,5

Elizabeth SMITH3,487 was born in 1824.3,487 She died on 8 Apr 1865 in Carroll Co Tennessee.3,487 She is reference number 36131.

Spouse: Alexander T. BUTLER. Alexander T. BUTLER and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 11 Mar 1846.3,487 Reference Number:653053 Children were: Littlefield BUTLER, Lucy Ann BUTLER, Columbus M. BUTLER, Fleet Thomas BUTLER, Artamis BUTLER, Annie Elizabeth BUTLER, Emerson Kent BUTLER, Newton Munroe BUTLER, R.R.Redman BUTLER.

Elizabeth SMITH4,5 was born about 1836.4,5 She is reference number AL161002s3.

Spouse: Allen TAYLOR. Allen TAYLOR and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 26 Nov 1856 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5

Elizabeth SMITH3,841 was born in Dec 1848 in North Carolina.3,841 She died in 1918 in Lawrence County, Kentucky.3,841 She is reference number 16845. Parents: Thomas SMITH and Elizabeth Jemima TEEMS.

Spouse: Reason Noble FITZPATRICK. Reason Noble FITZPATRICK and Elizabeth SMITH were married on 7 Dec 1867 in Lawrence Co., Kentucky.3,841 Reference Number:361052 Children were: Milton FITZPATRICK.

Elizabeth SMITH4,5 was born on 30 Jan 1890 in Manassa, Conejos, Colorado.4,5 She died on 9 Mar 1973.4,5 She is reference number SM010805. Parents: John Henry SMITH and Josephine GROESBECK.

Elizabeth A. SMITH3,333 was also known as Pesterfield. She was born in TN.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 105360.

Spouse: Andrew Buchanan REED. Andrew Buchanan REED and Elizabeth A. SMITH were married about 1876.3,333 Reference Number:1633770

Elizabeth Ann SMITH3,610 was born on 4 Jul 1848 in Virginia.3,610 She died WFT Est 1874-1942.3,610 She is reference number 63969.

Spouse: Joseph Wesley REEDER. Joseph Wesley REEDER and Elizabeth Ann SMITH were married on 27 Nov 1867.3,610 Reference Number:1076144 Children were: Valzah REEDER.

Elizabeth Boyd SMITH3,1668 was born on 14 Oct 1801 in Old Smith Fort, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.3,1668 She died on 1 Oct 1888 in Racoon Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.3,1668 She is reference number 1802. Parents: David SMITH and Mary BOYD.

Spouse: Robert MERCER. Robert MERCER and Elizabeth Boyd SMITH were married on 11 Jul 1826 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.3,1668 Reference Number:40641 Children were: David Smith MERCER.

Elizabeth J. SMITH7,188 was born about 1838 in Vinton Co, OH. She died on 1 Aug 1880 in Vinton Co, OH.

Spouse: Sylvester FRANCIS. Sylvester FRANCIS and Elizabeth J. SMITH were married. Children were: Ida Belle FRANCIS, Elmira J. FRANCIS, Henry R. FRANCIS, Huldah FRANCIS, George W. FRANCIS, Susan FRANCIS, Albert FRANCIS, Charles W. FRANCIS.

Elizabeth M SMITH5,94,126,127 was born about 1811 in Connecticut.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 15965.

Spouse: Charles Merritt TRUESDELL. Charles Merritt TRUESDELL and Elizabeth M SMITH were married on 6 Jan 1836 in Ashtabula Co, Ohio.5,94,127 Reference Number:106271 Children were: Catherine TRUESDELL, Lydia Jane TRUESDELL, Charles T TRUESDELL, William M TRUESDELL, Erwin TRUESDELL, Mason TRUESDELL.

Elizabeth Todd SMITH3,206 was born on 16 Jun 1783 in Montgomery Co. Pennsylvania.3,206 She died on 3 Feb 1856 in Tippe Co., Indiana.3,206 She was buried Unknown in Dieterie Cemetaary, Randolph Twp., Tippe. Co. In.3,206 She is reference number 64558. Parents: Elijah SMITH and Hannah TODD.

Spouse: John Thomas JACK. John Thomas JACK and Elizabeth Todd SMITH were married. Reference Number:1085037 Children were: Hannah Smith JACK.

Ella Elizabeth SMITH.3 Parents: Job SMITH and Rebecca Virginia MALLOW.

Ella Grace SMITH.188 Parents: Sam SMITH and Ellen Wright CONATSER.

Ella M. SMITH3,474 was also known as Ella M Smith.3,475 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 47448.

Spouse: David M. COE. David M. COE and Ella M. SMITH were married on 8 Jun 1876.3,474,475 Reference Number:838912

Ella M. SMITH3,281 was born about 1856.3,281 She died Unknown in Of Columbus City, Iowa.3,281 She is reference number 52727. [boyd-trees.ged]


Family Record, Descendants of John and Mary-Fulton-Boyd, Mo nograph, prepared by M. Hillis Boyd, Freeport, PA.

Spouse: David M. COE. David M. COE and Ella M. SMITH were married on 8 Jun 1876.3,281 Reference Number:838919

Ella Samantha SMITH5,94,126,127,128 was born on 28 Nov 1849 in Hillsdale, NY.5,94,126,127,128 She died on 28 May 1932 in Grayslake, Ill..5,128 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]5,94,126,127 She is reference number 15224. Parents: Henry SMITH and Ann Eliza TRUESDELL.

Spouse: Nicholas H. KINNEY. Nicholas H. KINNEY and Ella Samantha SMITH were married. Reference Number:113849

Spouse: George BURNHAM. George BURNHAM and Ella Samantha SMITH were married. Reference Number:113850

Ellen M. SMITH3,206 was born in Jul 1860.3,206 She died on 21 Sep 1862.3,206 She is reference number 65736. Parents: James Miles SMITH and Elizabeth Lucina COREY.

Ellen Rosaline SMITH5,94,126,127 was born on 29 Mar 1842 in Hebron, Ohio.5,94,126,127 She died on 11 Jul 1905.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 17435. Parents: William Columbus SMITH and Elizabeth Mabel TRUESDELL.

Spouse: Perry Lamb HUBBARD. Children were: Paul D HUBBARD.

Ellie W. SMITH3,468 was born on 28 Dec 1878.3,468 She died on 24 Mar 1884.3,468 She is reference number 49855. [boyd-trees.ged]



She is buried at Cockerham Cemetery, Monroe Co, MS. Parents: William Oney SMITH and Mary Jane BOYD.

Elmo SMITH3,333 was born in Apr 1880 in Franklin Co, AL.3,333 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 100617. Parents: James SMITH and Dorothy Angeline JAMES.

Elsie SMITH.5,94,409

Spouse: Clement Thorton ATER.

Elsie Jane SMITH7,138 was born on 4 Aug 1914 in Seaman, W. VA.. She died on 8 Apr 1993 in Stuart, FL.. She was buried in Florial Hills Memory Gardens, Ross Co., OH.. Parents: Daniel Martin SMITH and Lucinda Catherine REIP.

Spouse: Earl James WRIGHT. Earl James WRIGHT and Elsie Jane SMITH were married in Jun 1934 in Zansville, Ohio. Children were: Living WRIGHT, Living WRIGHT.

Elsie Louise SMITH4,5 was born on 19 Oct 1891 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 She died on 26 Dec 1926.4,5 Parents: John Henry SMITH and Sarah FARR.

Elwood SMITH.138

Spouse: Hazel Christine SMITH. Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

Emily C. SMITH.19,137

Spouse: Matthias SILER.

Emma SMITH3,565 died Unknown in Died In Childbirth Having Twins.3,565 She is reference number 34033.

Spouse: Daniel A. BRADLEY. Daniel A. BRADLEY and Emma SMITH were married. Reference Number:639411 Children were: Claude Franklin BRADLEY, BRADLEY.

Emma SMITH3,206 was born in Kentucky.3,206 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 64759. Parents: Elijah SMITH and Catherine HUFFAKER.

Spouse: Elijah BAILEY. Elijah BAILEY and Emma SMITH were married in Jan 1870.3,206 Reference Number:1088585 Children were: Delbert Lee BAILEY.

Emma Barrett SMITH377 was born about 1859 in Mahaska Co., Iowa.377 Parents: Chauncey Hollman SMITH and Margaret Newton RECTOR???.

Spouse: Albro B. SHEETS.

Emma D. SMITH3,401 was born in 1887.3,401 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74003.

Spouse: Corda POWELL. Corda POWELL and Emma D. SMITH were married on 21 Feb 1917 in Powell Co., KY.3,401 Reference Number:1220523

Emma Jane Smith SMITH5,128 was born about 1858.5,128 She is reference number 4508. Parents: William Halstead Sr. SMITH and Jane HALSTEAD.

Spouse: Frank G. STARKS. Frank G. STARKS and Emma Jane Smith SMITH were married about 1878 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin.5 Reference Number:3204

Emma R. SMITH7,138 was born in Oct 1879. Parents: Isaac Newton Smith\ WALTON and Martha Jane MITCHELL.

Ephraim SMITH5,94,126,127 was born WFT Est 1685-1712.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 11571. Parents: Jonathan SMITH and Abigail KELLOGG.

Ephraim SMITH4,5 was born on 27 Apr 1741 in Leeds Point, Atlantic, New Jersey.4,5 He is reference number HI141808. Parents: John SMITH and Mary SMITH.

Eppie N. SMITH3,9 was born on 27 Mar 1871.3,9 She died on 27 Aug 1918.3,9 She was buried Unknown in Corry Cemetery.3,9 She is reference number 91704.

Spouse: Frances Marion BOYD. Frances Marion BOYD and Eppie N. SMITH were married about 1890.3,9 Reference Number:1011193 Children were: Leslie BOYD, Ira BOYD.

Erastus SMITH7,234 was born on 1 Apr 1844 in Sharon, VT.. He died after 1870. Parents: John SMITH and Judith DANFORTH.

Spouse: Alice Elvira NASH. Erastus SMITH and Alice Elvira NASH were married on 6 May 1866. Children were: Herman Alonzo SMITH, Lena Laura SMITH.

Erastus SMITH3,333 was born on 9 Jul 1880 in Pikesville, Wayne Co., NC.3,333 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 105126. Parents: Erastus Smith SR. and Sallie BARNES.

Spouse: Pearl WEST. Erastus SMITH and Pearl WEST were married after 1905 in Wayne Co, NC.3,333 Reference Number:1651872 Children were: Living LILLIE, Living SMITH, Rose SMITH.

Essie Myrtle SMITH.3 Parents: Luther Alexander SMITH and Lillie A. RAKES.

Esther SMITH.5,128

Spouse: Lawrence F. HALSTEAD. Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Esther SMITH7,163 was born about 1659 in Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT. 1 _UID CA67F5FBCA4CA44BA8062859FBE0F1A0C1BA

If interested in more gener ations, contact [email protected] and I'll send you what you want Parents: Jr. Richard SMITH and Mary WEED.

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