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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Reuben SNYDER3,426 was born in 1856.3,426 He died WFT Est 1877-1947.3,426 He is reference number 80837.

Spouse: Almira BOONE. Reuben SNYDER and Almira BOONE were married WFT Est 1875-1905.3,426 Reference Number:1315508

Reuben Samuel SNYDER3,145 was born on 20 May 1856.3,145 He died on 18 Oct 1926.3,145 He was buried Unknown in Jerusalem Church, Greenville, PA.3,145 He is reference number 78255. Parents: Charles SNYDER and Emeline MILLER.

Spouse: Harriet FELLNAGLE. Reuben Samuel SNYDER and Harriet FELLNAGLE were married on 29 Sep 1881 in Perry Twp., Mercer Co., PA.3,145 Reference Number:698674 Children were: Elmer SNYDER, Irvin SNYDER, Albert SNYDER.

Robert SNYDER3,41 was born in .3,41 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 84070.

Spouse: Indie Ann HARRIS. Robert SNYDER and Indie Ann HARRIS were married on 18 Mar 1861 in Jones Co. Iowa.3,41 Reference Number:1359313 Children were: Oren SNYDER, Ida SNYDER, Mary SNYDER, Harry SNYDER.

Robert Felix SNYDER.19

Spouse: Lisa Renee FOX. Children were: Robert Sutton SNYDER, Jay Parker SNYDER.

Robert Sutton SNYDER.19 Parents: Robert Felix SNYDER and Lisa Renee FOX.

Seth SNYDER5,128 was born about 1842.5,128 He is reference number 8551.

Spouse: Helen FORD. Seth SNYDER and Helen FORD were married on 7 Dec 1865 in Concord, MI.5 Reference Number:32102

Simon Peter SNYDER3,413 was born about 1855.3,413 He died WFT Est 1886-1946.3,413 He is reference number 94775.

Spouse: Amanda LUKE. Simon Peter SNYDER and Amanda LUKE were married WFT Est 1886-1921.3,413 Reference Number:1510730

Velma SNYDER3,610 died in 1947 in Milton, PA (Harmony Cemetery).3,610 She was born WFT Est 1881-1900.3,610 She is reference number 63916.

Spouse: Robert Harvey LOHMAN. Robert Harvey LOHMAN and Velma SNYDER were married WFT Est 1902-1932.3,610 Reference Number:63551

Volney F. SNYDER5,128 was born in Apr 1897.5,128 He died in Feb 1987 in Otsego, Allegan Co., MI..5,128 Parents: Clinton GOLDSMITH and Dora Amelia HALSTEAD.

Will SNYDER3,145 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 77810.

Spouse: Ida RUHLMAN. Will SNYDER and Ida RUHLMAN were married. Reference Number:1269465 Children were: Edna SNYDER.

William James SNYDER Jr.3,399 was born on 29 Apr 1922.3,399,400 He died on 7 Jan 1979 in Rising Sun, Cecil Co., MD.3,399,400 He is reference number 10658.

Spouse: Living RAKES.

Living SOBECK.3 Parents: Living SOBECK and Living BOYD.

Spouse: Living FORSTER.

Living SOBECK.3

Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living SOBECK.

Living SOBERA.3

Spouse: Living GRIMES.

Living SOCIAH.3

Spouse: Living HERRING. Children were: Living HERRING, Living HERRING.

W. T. SOCKWELL.19,137

Spouse: Annie J. HOUSTON.

Christine SODEQUIST3,449 was born about 1860.3,450 She died in 1931.3,449,450 She was also known as Christine Sodaquist.3,450 She is reference number 20070.

Spouse: Phillip BOYD. Phillip BOYD and Christine SODEQUIST were married in Apr 1925.3,449,450 Reference Number:406995

Charles F. SODERMAN3,413 was born about 1845.3,413 He died WFT Est 1877-1936.3,413 He is reference number 92514.

Spouse: Catherine FRAZIER. Charles F. SODERMAN and Catherine FRAZIER were married on 15 Mar 1871 in Edgerton, Platte, Missouri.3,413 Reference Number:1470379

Marie SODY3,88 was born on 4 Nov 1740 in Niveze, , Spain.3,88 She died on 21 Apr 1800.3,88 She is reference number 69342. Parents: Jean Etienne LE'SODY and Marie Joseph BERTRAND.

Spouse: Henri Jacques DUMEY. Henri Jacques DUMEY and Marie SODY were married on 25 Jun 1758 in Francorchamps, Leige, Belgium.3,88 Reference Number:1151509 Children were: Jean Henri DUMEY.

Aaltje SOELLE19 was born on 20 Oct 1724 in Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.19 She died on 17 Sep 1804 in Hope Mills, Rowan County, North Carolina.19 She was buried in Hope Cemetery, Hope Mills, Rowan County, North Carolina.19 [jshinn2.ged]

WFT has birthday listed as November 20, 1724. Parents: Adam SOELLE.

Spouse: Sr. Christopher ELROD. Sr. Christopher ELROD and Aaltje SOELLE were married on 26 Mar 1743 in Monocacy, Frederick County, Maryland.19 Children were: Adam ELROD, Elizabeth ELROD, Sarah ELROD, Catharina ELROD, Margaret ELROD, Mary ELROD, Jr. Christopher ELROD, Robert ELROD, John B. ELROD, Aaltje ELROD, Lydia ELROD.

Adam SOELLE19 was born in 1700 in Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.19 He died in 1767 in Monocacy, Prince Georges County, Maryland.19 [jshinn2.ged]

Wife: Sarah ? Adam Soelle (or Sell) came from a Mennonite
family who were early settlers in Germantown, PA. By 1844, he
was living with his wife, Sarah, at Conewago, York Co., PA.
They are believed to be the parents of Aaltje Soelle. Adam
joined the Moravian congregation at Bethania in 1764, but
subsequently moved to Maryland, where he died in 1767.
Reference - Early Moravian Settlers, R-T,
Website:// Parents: Henrick SOELLE.

Children were: Aaltje SOELLE.

Henrick SOELLE.19

Children were: Adam SOELLE.


Spouse: SOUKUP. Children were: SOUKUP.

Princess Of Thuringia SOFIE.129

Spouse: Duke Of Brabant Heinrich II OF BRABANT.

SOFIE7,239 was born about 1150. She died after 1214. Parents: SIMON I and MECHTILD.

Spouse: HENRY III. HENRY III and SOFIE were married about 1175. !MARRIAGE:World Family Tree Vol. 4, Ed. 1, World Family
Tree Vol. 4, Ed. 1, B røderbund Software, Inc., Release
date: August 23, 1996 Children were: III WALRAM.

King Lothair (Chlothar) Of SOISSON7,110 was born about 500 in Soissons - Son Of Clovis. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Unknown-Begin]616 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Unknown-Begin]616,844 He died in 561 in Soissons? France. Name Suffix:<NSFX> King
Upon the death of his father, Clovis I, Lothair or Chl othair, was given Soissons, which he ruled from 511 to 561.

Clothaire I, aka Lothar I, son of Clovis I, became king of the Franks in 558, succeeding his br other Childebert. Lothar/Lothair or Clothaire ruled until 562, and was succeed ed by his son Charibert. Clothaire I (aka Clotar and Lothair) was 3rd in line o f the Merovingian kings to rule what became Imperial Germany. Parents: * Clovis The RIPARIAN and * Clotilde I Of BURGUNDY.

Ade De SOISSONS7,213 was born about 1060. Parents: .

Spouse: Hugues De BRAINE. Hugues De BRAINE and Ade De SOISSONS were married. Children were: Agnes De BRAINE.

Adelaide De SOISSONS7,23 was born about 950 in Soissons.941 She died in 1047.941 Parents: .

Spouse: Count Gui De VERMANDOIS. Count Gui De VERMANDOIS and Adelaide De SOISSONS were married. Children were: Aelis De SOISSONS.

Spouse: Count Nocher I BAR-SUR-AUBE. Count Nocher I BAR-SUR-AUBE and Adelaide De SOISSONS were married. Children were: & Soissons Nocher II BAR-SUR-AUBE, LESSELINE.

Aelis De SOISSONS7,22,23 was born about 970 in Soissons.941 She died after 1019.22 Ancestral File Number:<AFN> S188-35 Parents: Count Gui De VERMANDOIS and Adelaide De SOISSONS.

Spouse: & Soissons Nocher II BAR-SUR-AUBE. & Soissons Nocher II BAR-SUR-AUBE and Aelis De SOISSONS were married.

Chilperic I De SOISSONS7,220 was born before 539. He died in 584. NSFX Roi de Neustria
AUTH Stuart, Roderick W.
PERI Royalty for Com moners
PUBL Genealogical Publishing co., Inc, Baltimore, MD (1998)
I SB 0-8063-1561-X
TEXT 303-49
DATE 0539
DATE 19 MAY 2000

OCCU King of Soissons Parents: King Of The Clothaire FRANKS I and Waltrude De LOMBARDIE.

Spouse: Queen Of Fredegunde. Chilperic I De SOISSONS and Queen Of Fredegunde were married in 3rd Wife. Children were: King Of The Clothaire II Roi De Neustria Et FRANKS.

Jean De Avesnes Count Of SOISSONS377 was born in 1278 in Of, Valenciennes, Nord, France.377 He died on 11 Mar 1356/57.377 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: 1 other wife]377 Parents: Count Of Holland Jean II DE AVESNES and Countess Philippine DE LUXEMBOURG.

Spouse: Marguerite De Nesle Countess Of SOISSONS.

Marguerite De Nesle Countess Of SOISSONS.377

Spouse: Jean De Avesnes Count Of SOISSONS.

Abbott Carloman Of St. Medard SOISSS7,221 was born in 849. He died in 876. Parents: King Of France Charles II Caroling FRANCE and Queen Of France Ermentrude OF ORLEANS.

Leah SOL3,405 was born WFT Est 1752-1771.3,405 She died WFT Est 1773-1856.3,405 She is reference number 97758.

Spouse: Mosias MAUPIN. Mosias MAUPIN and Leah SOL were married WFT Est 1773-1803.3,405 Reference Number:1535799

Living SOLANO.377

Spouse: Living BILBEN. Children were: Living SOLANO, Living BILBEN, Living BILBEN.

Living SOLANO.377 Parents: Living BILBEN and Living SOLANO.

Living SOLARI.3 Parents: Living SOLARI and Living CRESCENTINI.

Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living SOLARI.

Living SOLARI.3

Spouse: Living CRESCENTINI. Children were: Living SOLARI.

Living SOLARI.3 Parents: Living SOLARI and Living BOYD.

Mary L. SOLES394 was born on 5 Mar 1875 in Horry County, South Carolina.394 She died on 3 Apr 1918 in Horry County, South Carolina.394 She was buried in Oak Dale Baptist Church Cementery, Horry County, South Carolina.394

Spouse: John George HARDEE. John George HARDEE and Mary L. SOLES were married on 3 Mar 1895.394 Children were: William Mayo HARDEE.

Solfi SOLFARSSON.130,212 Parents: Solfar SOLVASON.

Children were: King In Sweden & Denmark Halfdan HAROLDSSON, King Of Sweden Halfdan ' GULDTAND.

Hrolf SOLGASSON7,161 was born about 762 in Norway.162 He died in Norway.162 [1727820_EWrottesleyCut61.FTW]
REFN: 9826 Parents: Solgi HARALDSSON.

Children were: Bjarni HROLFSSON.

Nancy SOLLARS.5,93,94,409

Spouse: Jacob ATER. Children were: Sr Ignatius ATER, Samuel ATER, Thomas ATER, Elizabeth ATER, Nancy ATER, James ATER, Ira ATER, Aaron ATER, Amos ATER, Susan ATER, Jr Jacob ATER, Leroy ATER.

Margaret De SOLLEI7,98,213 was born about 1090 in Leicestershire, England. Parents: William De CHAMPAGNE and Agnes De SULLEY.

Spouse: Henry I D' EU. Henry I D' EU and Margaret De SOLLEI were married in . Children were: John I De EU, Hildesende D' EU.

Living SOLLERS.3

Spouse: Living WARNECKE. Children were: Living WARNECKE.

Living SOLLOHUB.3 Parents: Living SOLLOHUB and Living JUNG.


Spouse: Living JUNG. Children were: Living SOLLOHUB, Living SOLLOHUB, Living SOLLOHUB.

Living SOLLOHUB.3 Parents: Living SOLLOHUB and Living JUNG.

Living SOLLOHUB.3 Parents: Living SOLLOHUB and Living JUNG.

Fred SOLOMON3,413 was born about 1890.3,413 He died WFT Est 1921-1981.3,413 He is reference number 94568.

Spouse: Mary Ethyl GUTHRIE. Fred SOLOMON and Mary Ethyl GUTHRIE were married WFT Est 1921-1956.3,413 Reference Number:1481226

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