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Queen Of Salian Franks\ Basina Of THURINGIA.25,26,847

Spouse: King Of Thuringian Franks BISINUS. Children were: King Of The Thuringians BADERIC, King Of The Thuringians HERMANFRID, King Of The Thuringians BERTHAR.

Spouse: King Of Salian Franks CHILDERIC I. Children were: Queen Of The Ostrogoths AUTOFLEDA,, Princess Of Salian Franks LANTHECHILD,, King Of The Franks CLOVIS Frankish.

I Basina Of THURINGIA7,201,219,542 was born about 390.201 She died about 432. Name Suffix:<NSFX> I
Name Suffix:<NSFX> I
1 NAME Basina Princess of /Thuring ia/
2 DATE390
2 PLAC Thuringia, Germany

[De La Pole.FTW]

Source: Kraentzler 1772, 1777, 1809; Pfafman; AF.
K: Basina (a widow?) of Thur ingia.
Pfafman: Basina of Thuringia, daughter of Weldelphus, King of Thuringia Parents: King Of Thuringia WELDEPHAS. Parents: .

Spouse: King Of Clodius WESTPHALIA V. King Of Clodius WESTPHALIA V and I Basina Of THURINGIA were married. Children were: King Of Merovech FRANKS, Sigimberus I D'AUVERGNE.

Basina Of THURINGIA5,7,128,241,535 was born in 398 in Thuringia, Germany.5,128 Parents: Duke Of The East Genebald FRANKS.

Spouse: King Of The Clodius FRANKS. King Of The Clodius FRANKS and Basina Of THURINGIA were married in France.5 Children were: King Of Merovech FRANKS, Bishop Of Auvergne SIGIMAERUS.

Billung Of THURINGIA.25,26,656

Spouse: ALDA. Children were: Grand Duchess Of Saxony ODA.

Billung Of THURINGIA7,242 was born about 790. OCCU Count

OCCU Count

DATE 24 JAN 199

Spouse: Aeda ATTALA. Billung Of THURINGIA and Aeda ATTALA were married. Children were: Duchess East Saxony Oda THURINGIA, POPPO.

Biogonna Of THURINGIA7,331 was born about 200 in Thuringia (Germany).

Spouse: Teneric King Of The HERULI. Teneric King Of The HERULI and Biogonna Of THURINGIA were married. 22:13 Children were: Alberic I King Of The HERULI.

Ludwig THURINGIA7,54,64,120,173 was born about 991 in Thuringia, Prussia. He died in 1055. Parents: Charles Of Upper Lorraine OF LAON and Lady Agnes DE VERMANDOIS. Parents: Duke Of Lower Lorraine Charles I DUC DE LOTHARINGIA and Agnes De VERMANADOIS. Parents: Duke Of Lower Lorraine Charles I DUC DE LOTHARINGIA and Lady Agnes DE VERMANDOIS.

Duchess East Saxony Oda THURINGIA3,7,54,64,130,131,206,221,242,243,299,340,377,657 was born in 806 in Saxony, Germany.299,340,377 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] She died in May 913.3,340 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death] She is reference number 65388. TYPE Book
AUTH Å or c:Weis, Frederick Lewis
PERI Ancestral Roots
EDTN 7th
P UBL Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD (1999)
TEXT (141-16)
TYP E Book
AUTH Stuart, Roderick W.
PERI Royalty for Commoners
PUBL Gen ealogical Publishing co., Inc, Baltimore, MD (1998)
ISB 0-8063-1561-X
TEXT 30 1-39
DATE 23 MAY 2000

OCCU Billung

O CCU Billung

RELI Sources: O'shea/Charlem agne qvcubject: Re: Ottonian descent from CharlemagneFrom: [email protected] (Nathaniel Taylor)Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 22:34:04 -0500In article
<3364 [email protected]>, [email protected]:> I came across this descent w hen i was looking up> Henry the Fowler's ancestry, in an article by E. Hlawitsc hka> in Rheinische
Vierteljahrblatter, 1974, p128 which I'vealready> quoted. I wonder if this descent has been accepted by the more> recent genealogical comp endiums (eg. Settipani). <snip>>
Charlemagne> ______ _______|_____________________> | |> Pippin IV d.810 Louis the Pious> |
|> Aeda-Attala m. Billung Louis the German> b.806 | |> | |> Oda m. Ludolf
|> d.913| d.866 |> _____|__________ |> | | |> Otto Luitgarde m. Louis II d.882>
d.912The Hlawitschka article, "Zur Herkunft der Liudolfinger und zueinigenCorbeyer Geschichtsquellen," Rheinische Vierteljahrs blatter 98(1974),92-165, is also reprinted in his _Stirps
regia: Forschungen z uKnigtumund Fhrungsschichten im frheren Mittelalter_ (Frankfort amMain, 1988).T his Carolingian-Ottonian link does not appear in Settipani's_Prehistoiredes Cap etiens_ (nor in
Werner's 'Nachkommen Karls des Grossen',publishedbefore Hlawit schka's article). Pippin's five daughters are allnoted asdead ends in both wor ks. The Hlawitschka article is cited bySettipani ina
footnote in his entry fo r Louis III (your 'Louis II' above),p. 655, n.288; he says Hlawitschka should b e consulted for the Liudolfingfamily,with the addition of Brigitte Kasten, _Ada lhard von
Corbie: dieBiographieeines karolingischen Politikers und Klostervors tehers_(Dsseldorf,1986), 176-207; and Winfrid Glocker, _Die Verwandten der Otto nenund ihreBedeutung in der Politik: Studien zur
Familienpolitik und zurGeneal ogiedes sachsischen Kaiserhauses_ (Kln, 1989). I will look forthese to seeif e ither explicitly refutes Hlawitschka; otherwise, I don'tknow whySettipani would have
ignored it in his notice of the daughtersof Pippinof Italy (211-12). It has been assumed by historians that the Ottonians had noCarolingianblood at al l in the early generations, so this would
constitutea serioushistorical revisi on. Has anyone found a discussion of this inrecenthistories or other genealogi cal compendia?Nat Taylor
DATE 2 JAN 1999Ancestral File Number:<AFN> WNGG-FW
ES I:3 PED OF A.H.AYERS Parents: Count Of Saxony Billing SAXONY. Parents: Count Of Saxony Billing SAXONY and Aeda ALDA. Parents: Billung Of THURINGIA and Aeda ATTALA. Parents: . Parents: . Parents: Billing Of Saxony U and Aeda ALDA. Parents: Billung I Von Stubenkorn and Aeda Frederunda HILDEBURG. Parents: Billung SACHSEN I and Aede FRANKS. Parents: .

Spouse: Duke Of Saxony Ludolph OF EAST SAXONY I. Duke Of Saxony Ludolph OF EAST SAXONY I and Duchess East Saxony Oda THURINGIA were married in 816 in (Betrothed).3,206 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]377 Reference Number:1097997 Children were: Otto DUKE OF SAXONY, Luitgrade OF SAXONY, Oda Of SAXONY, Duke Of Saxony Otto Of CON ERLAUCHTEN, Margrave Bruno Of SAXONY, Bruno Prince Of SAXONY, Queen Of Valdrade LORRAINE, Princess Thankmar SAXONY, Prince Bruno SAXONY, Liutgard Princess Of SAXONY, Prince Of Saxony Ecbert SAXONY, Thankmar Princess Of SAXONY, Abbess Of Gandersheim Hathumoda SAXONY, Abbess Gandersheim Gerberga Princess SAXONY, Ecbert Prince Of SAXONY, Hathumoda Princess Of SAXONY, Abbess Of Gandersheim Christina SAXONY, Abbess Of Gandersheim Gerberga Princess Of SAXONY, Christina Princess Of SAXONY, Princess Enda Princess Of SAXONY, Queen Saxony Liutgard SAXONY.

Children were: Abbess Of Gandersheim Hathumoda SAXONY.

Spouse: Liudolf Von SACHSEN. Liudolf Von SACHSEN and Duchess East Saxony Oda THURINGIA were married. Children were: Luitgarde Von SACHSEN.

Radegunda Of THURINGIA7,113,241 was born about 502 in Thuringia, Germany. She died in 570 in Paris, Seine, France. She was buried in St Denis, Paris, Seine, France. Parents: .

Spouse: King Of The Chlotar FRANKS I. King Of The Chlotar FRANKS I and Radegunda Of THURINGIA were married before 522. Children were: King Of The Sigebert FRANKS I, King Of Soissons CHILPERIC I.

Weldelphus THURINGIA7,429 was born about 350 in Of Thuringia, Germany.

Children were: Basina THURINGIANS, King Of Koeln Banin Of THURINGIA.

Basina THURINGIANS7,429 was born in 382 in Of, Thuringia, Germany. She died after 470. Parents: Weldelphus THURINGIA.

Spouse: King Of The Clodius FRANKS. King Of The Clodius FRANKS and Basina THURINGIANS were married in 414 in , , , France. Children were: King Of Merovech FRANKS, Alberic MOSELLE, Adelbert FRANKS, Sigimerus AUVERGNE I.

Living THURLBY.3

Spouse: Living GOODING. Children were: Living GOODING.

Inez P. THURLOW3,206 died in 1936.3,206 She is reference number 66024.

Spouse: James Madison DRUMMOND. James Madison DRUMMOND and Inez P. THURLOW were married in 1886.3,206 Reference Number:1105455


Children were: Sr. Benjamin THURMAN, Absolom THURMAN, Elisha THURMAN.

THURMAN3,405 was born WFT Est 1738-1770.3,405 He died WFT Est 1795-1857.3,405 He is reference number 97236.

Spouse: Margaret Page GOODALL. THURMAN and Margaret Page GOODALL were married before 1790.3,405 Reference Number:1556086

THURMAN19 was born in Mar 1774.19,180 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Absolom THURMAN19 was born about 1723 in Goochland County, Virginia.19,180 He died about Jul 1801 in Wilkes County, Georgia.19,180 Parents: THURMAN.

Spouse: Elizabeth. Absolom THURMAN and Elizabeth were married in 1740.19,180

Spouse: Mary KINNEY. Absolom THURMAN and Mary KINNEY were married after 1797.19,180

Sr. Benjamin THURMAN19 was born about 1720 in Botetourt, Virginia.19,180 He died on 12 Oct 1784 in Botetourt, Virginia.19,180 Parents: THURMAN.

Spouse: Frances. Sr. Benjamin THURMAN and Frances were married in 1740 in Virginia.19,180

Charles THURMAN.19,851

Spouse: Rebecca AYCOCK.

Daniel F. THURMAN19 was born about 1772.19 He died in 1845 in Washington County, Arkansas.19,180 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Spouse: Mary HILES.

David H. THURMAN19 was born on 25 Sep 1758 in Hanover County, Virginia.19,180 He died in 1838 in Wilkes County, Georgia.19,180 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Spouse: Lucy. David H. THURMAN and Lucy were married on 15 Jun 1786 in Wilkes County, Georgia.19,180

Edmund B. THURMAN.5,128

Spouse: Lucille FROST.

Elijah THURMAN.19,851 Parents: Phillip THURMAN and Sarah MOSS.

Spouse: Mary DICKERSON. Children were: Rebecca THURMAN.

Elisha THURMAN19,180 was born about 1727 in Virginia.19,180 He died in 1777 in Wilkes County, Georgia.19,180 Parents: THURMAN.

Spouse: Mary. Elisha THURMAN and Mary were married. Children were: John THURMAN, Nathaniel THURMAN, Frances THURMAN, David H. THURMAN, Sarah THURMAN, Joannah THURMAN, Elizabeth THURMAN, Daniel F. THURMAN, THURMAN, Rhoda THURMAN.

Elizabeth THURMAN19 was born about 1770 in Virginia.19,180 She died in Madison County, Georgia.19,180 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Spouse: Giles HARRIS. Giles HARRIS and Elizabeth THURMAN were married about 1792 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.19,180 Children were: William HARRIS, Augustus HARRIS, Tinsley HARRIS, John HARRIS, Obediah HARRIS, Jane Lindsey HARRIS, Martha HARRIS, Sarah Giles HARRIS.

Frances THURMAN.19 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Spouse: Micajha WILLIAMSON.

Joannah THURMAN19 was born on 25 Sep 1765.19,180 She died on 11 Jan 1844.19,180 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Spouse: Philip THURMOND. Philip THURMOND and Joannah THURMAN were married about 1795.19,180

John THURMAN.19 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Living THURMAN.377

Spouse: Audrey Charlotte RECTOR.

Martha THURMAN19 was born on 20 Mar 1837.19 She died on 17 Nov 1928.19 She was buried in North Of Nicholson, Family Cemetery, Jackson County, Georgia.19

Spouse: Zilman Willis HOOD. Zilman Willis HOOD and Martha THURMAN were married on 31 Mar 1853.19 Children were: Washington Lafayette HOOD, Susan S. HOOD, Willis Jefferson HOOD, James Monroe HOOD, Sr. Rueben Columbus HOOD, Millie Ann Elizabeth HOOD, Stephen Thomas HOOD.

Mary Ann THURMAN395 died on 1 Dec 1925.395 [2333582.ged]

Raymond L. brickey "Brickey Heritage added these (not on our records) wife #2
Wm C. Brickey married Ava Paul
Onie Brickey married Mr. Morgan
My records are from Vera Nelson, Barbara Mahoney


Spouse: Cornelius BRICKEY. Cornelius BRICKEY and Mary Ann THURMAN were married. Children were: William C BRICKEY, Onie BRICKEY.

Mervin THURMAN3,690 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 51894. [boyd-trees.ged]


REFN: 1404

Spouse: Cora Edith BOYD. Mervin THURMAN and Cora Edith BOYD were married on 16 Nov 1925 in Lamesa, TX.3,690 Reference Number:904176



Nathaniel THURMAN.19 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Phillip THURMAN19 was born in 1640.19,851 He died in 1720 in Virginia.19,851

Spouse: Sarah MOSS. Children were: Elijah THURMAN.

Rebecca THURMAN19,853 was born on 13 Apr 1743 in Georgia.19,851 She died in 1783 in Georgia.19,851 Parents: Elijah THURMAN and Mary DICKERSON.

Spouse: Sr. Richard AYCOCK. Sr. Richard AYCOCK and Rebecca THURMAN were married in 1768 in Bertie District, Northampton County, North Carolina.19,851 Children were: Burwell AYCOCK, Henry AYCOCK, Sr. Joel AYCOCK, Rebecca AYCOCK, Jr. Richard AYCOCK, Winifred AYCOCK, Sara AYCOCK.

Rhoda THURMAN19 was born in 1777.19,180 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Spouse: Giles TOMPKINS. Giles TOMPKINS and Rhoda THURMAN were married before 16 Apr 1795.19,180

Sarah THURMAN19 was born about 1760.19 She died about 1827.19 Parents: Elisha THURMAN and Mary.

Spouse: John PARTIN.

Julia THURMON.19

Spouse: James DICKENSON. Children were: Martin DICKENSON, Sallie D. DICKENSON, Mary DICKENSON, Amelia DICKENSON.

Exa THURMOND19 was born on 3 May 1875.19 She died on 14 Mar 1904.19 She was buried in Grey Hill Cemetery, Commerce, Jackson County, Georgia.19

Spouse: John Hampton HOOD. John Hampton HOOD and Exa THURMOND were married on 12 Jan 1898.19 Children were: Sr. Thurmond HOOD, Sarah Exa HOOD.


Spouse: Mattie Lee BOYD.

Philip THURMOND19 died on 4 Sep 1830.19,180

Spouse: Joannah THURMAN. Philip THURMOND and Joannah THURMAN were married about 1795.19,180

Susannah THURMOND3,95 was born in 1766 in <, , VA>.3 She died on 21 Sep 1846.3 She is reference number 54065. She has Ancestral File Number 1NZC-9CQ.

Spouse: Edmund BOYD. Edmund BOYD and Susannah THURMOND were married in 1784.3 Reference Number:938279 Children were: Mary BOYD, William BOYD, Phillip BOYD, John BOYD, James BOYD, BOYD, Walter BOYD, Thomas BOYD, Edmund BOYD, Elizabeth BOYD.

Thomas THURNEY.5,93,94

Spouse: Alice PECK.


Spouse: Michael TUKE JR..

Abby Frances THURSTON5,94,126,127 was born on 11 Apr 1822 in Springfield, Mass.5,94,126,127 She died on 5 Aug 1856 in Boston, Mass.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 14511.

Spouse: Austin TRUESDELL. Austin TRUESDELL and Abby Frances THURSTON were married on 3 Jan 1847 in Enfield, Conn.5,94,127 Reference Number:105418

Alexander THURSTON.188

Spouse: Hester ALDRICH.

Charlotte THURSTON4,5 was born about 1783.4,5 She is reference number HA920111s.

Spouse: David WILD. David WILD and Charlotte THURSTON were married.

David S. THURSTON3,78 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 27566.

Spouse: Jane White LINGO. David S. THURSTON and Jane White LINGO were married on 23 Apr 1846 in , Belmont, Ohio.3,78 Reference Number:525393

Flora Adele THURSTON7,234 was born on 6 Mar 1845 in Stockbridge, N.Y.. She died in 1922 in Pratts Hollow, N.Y. (Stockbridge Cemetery). Parents: Hiram THURSTON and Emily HAMILTON.

Spouse: George Thomas FEARON. George Thomas FEARON and Flora Adele THURSTON were married on 25 Jun 1860 in N.Y.; Rev. William Watson. Children were: David Christian FEARON, Frederick Melvin FEARON.

Hiram THURSTON7,234 was born before 1845. He died in 81 Yrs..

Spouse: Emily HAMILTON. Hiram THURSTON and Emily HAMILTON were married. Children were: Flora Adele THURSTON.

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