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Baudouin VIII7,111 was born in 1150 in , , Hainault, France. He died on 17 Dec 1195 in Mons, Hainault, Belgium. He was also known as V. Name Prefix:<NPFX> Count of Flanders & Hainault
Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 91 R3-66 Parents: Countess De Hain ALIX

Count Of Flanders Baudouin II II7,20,21,32,44,81,112,113,114,115,116,117 was born in 863 in Flanders, Normandy, France.32,115 He died on 10 Sep 918 in Abbey Of St Pierre, France.20,81,113,115,118 He was also known as The Bald.
Acceded: 879. Stronghold was at Bruges.
Carried on a successful war against Etudes, Count of France.
Vigorously defended his lands against the Vikings.

Parents: Count Of Clermont I BAUDOUIN. Parents: . Parents: Baudouin FLANDERS I and Judith Caroling FRANKS. Parents: Count Of Flanders BAUDOUIN I and Queen Of England Judith Of FRANCE.

Children were: Ermengardis DE CLERMONT.

Spouse: Princess Of Elfthryth OF WESSEX. Count Of Flanders Baudouin II II and Princess Of Elfthryth OF WESSEX were married after 893.20,81,112,114,115,116,119 Children were: Ct De Flanders\ Arnolph I Le Grand OF FLANDERS I, FLANDERS, Adalolf Sur Mer De THEROUANNE, FLANDERS, FLANDERS.

Count Of Bayeaux Bberenger7,54 was born about 847 in Bayeux, Neustria, France.

Spouse: Adalind OF SENLIS. Children were: Duchess Of Normandy Poppa De BAYEUX.

Beatrice De Mandeville7,46,47,48,120 was born in 1064 in Of Rycott, Oxford, England.50 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: Earl Of Essex Geoffrey DE MANDEVILLE and Adeliza DE BALTS.

Beatrix De Lincolnia.121 Parents: Alured De LINCOLN and MAUD.

Spouse: William GOVIZ. Children were: William De GOVIZ.

Beatrix De Vascoeuil7,14,122 was born about 1004 in Rouen, France. She died before 1059. Parents: Tesselin Vicomte Of ROUEN and Miss De BOLBEC.

Spouse: Rudolph DE WARENNE II. Rudolph DE WARENNE II and Beatrix De Vascoeuil were married. Children were: Ralph II De WARENNE, Roger De MORTIMER.

Count Of Paris Begue7,18 was born in 760. Parents: .

Spouse: Abbess Of St. Peters Adaltrude. Count Of Paris Begue and Abbess Of St. Peters Adaltrude were married. Children were: Count Of Paris Leutaud, Engeltrude DE PARIS, Count Of Fezensac Liziard, Count Of Paris Eberhard.

High King Of Siluria\ Beli Mawr 'The7,107,123,124 was also known as Heli. He was born in In Judea. He died in England. Nickname:<NICK> Blessed Parents: \King Of Britain\ DIGUEILLUS.

Spouse: Of Arimathea Anna Enygeus FERCH MATHONWY. Children were: Llefelys AP BELI, Amelech AP BELI, \King Of The Catuvellauni CASWALLON, Penardim Penarddun FERCH BELI, High King Of Prydein Or B Lludd Llaw Ereint AP BELI, Afallach Amelech AP BELI, Caswallon Cassibilane Or Cassivelaunus AP BELI, Lweriadd FERCH BELI, M, \King Of Siluria\ Llud Llaw EIRINT.

Bengta4,5 was born about 1694 in Of, Fridlefstad, Blekinge, Sweden.4,5 She was buried on 9 Apr 1749 in Fridlefstad, Blekinge, Sweden.4,5 She is reference number PE1630.

Spouse: Per PERSSON. Per PERSSON and Bengta were married about 1721 in Of Fridelsted, Blekinge, Sweden.4,5 Children were: Karin PERSSON, Kirstin PERSSON, Botel PERSSON, Abraham PERSSON.

Berenger De Toulouse7,125 was born about 824 in . Parents: Margrave Of Friuli Hunrock Margrave DE FRIULI I and Lady Engletrude PARIS.

Count Of Peronne Bernard7,18 was born in 842. Parents: Count Of Peronne Pepin DE VERMANDOIS II.

Ct De La Marche Perigord Bernard I7,15,16,17 was born in 974 in Of Lamarche, Normandy.15,16 He died before 16 Jul 1047.15,16

Source: 'Royalty for Commoners', Roderick W. Stuart, 1993, p 39. Parents: Ct De La Marche Perigord Adalbert I and Almode DE LIMOGES.

Spouse: Amelie DE THOUARS. Ct De La Marche Perigord Bernard I and Amelie DE THOUARS were married. 1 REFN 60267 Children were: Ct De La Haute Marche Alberic III, Almode DE LA HAUTE MARCHE.

Children were: Ct De La Haute Marche Alberic III, Almode DE LA HAUTE MARCHE.

Ct De Foix\ Bernard De Foix.16,17

Spouse: Countess De \Bigorre\ Gersenda DE BIGORRE. Children were: Estefania DE FOIX.

Count Of \Taillefer Bernard Of Toulouse7,61 died in 872. 864 Parents: Count Of \Taillefer Raymond I Of Toulouse.

Ct De Cousserans\ Bernardo Roger7,15,16,17,24 was born in 970.16,24 He died between 1036 and 1039.16,24 He was buried in Seigneur DE Foix, Comte DE Bigorre & Conserans..15,16

Parents: Ct De Cousserans\ Roger I De Commignes and Adelaide De Cousserans.

Spouse: Countess De \Bigorre\ Gersenda DE BIGORRE. Ct De Cousserans\ Bernardo Roger and Countess De \Bigorre\ Gersenda DE BIGORRE were married. 1 REFN 63878 Children were: Gilberga Roger DE BIGORRE, Clemene DE CARCASSONNE.


Spouse: John LOGSDON.

Price Bertha3,78 was born about Jul 1873 in Of, Goshen Twp, Belmont, Ohio.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 28123.

!BIRTH: 1900 Belmont Co., OH census; Goshen Twp; p. 71; house/family

Spouse: Sullivan K. PRICE. Sullivan K. PRICE and Price Bertha were married about 1893 in Of, Belmont, Ohio.3,78 Reference Number:527948 Children were: Ernest R. PRICE, Walter E. PRICE, Laura S. PRICE, Inez M. PRICE.

Bertha I.5 was born in 1886.5 She appeared in the census in 1910 in PA Census.5 She died in 1972.5 She is reference number 246.

Spouse: Merton HALSTEAD. Merton HALSTEAD and Bertha I. were married. Reference Number:1644 Children were: Evelinda Irene HALSTEAD.

Bertha J3,87 was born on 29 Dec 1888.3,87 She died on 7 Oct 1959.3,87 She was buried Unknown in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Ste Genevieve Co, MO.3,87 She is reference number 46840.

!CEMETERY: 1984 Index of United Bapist Church Cemetery, Ste Genevieve Co MO, by Madge CLIFTO N and Becky BOYD; entry #334; NOTE: McDANIEL, Bertha J., 29 Dec 1888-7 Oct 1959.

Spouse: George W. MCDANIEL. George W. MCDANIEL and Bertha J were married. Reference Number:822621

Princess Of Italy\ Berthaid7,18 was born in 795. Parents: King Of Italy Pépin CARLOMAN I and Bertha DE TOULOUSE.

Count Of \Taillefer Bertrand Of Toulouse7,60,61 died in 1112.60 He was in Count Of Tripoli.60 He was in Count Of Toulouse.60 Parents: Count Of \Taillefer Raymond IV Of Toulouse.

Bessie Sheeler.3

Spouse: John Robert HELDENBRAND.

Betsey5,94,126,127 was born in 1814.5,94,126,127 She died on 12 Dec 1858 in New Fairfield, Conn.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 14631.

Spouse: William M TRUESDELL. William M TRUESDELL and Betsey were married. Reference Number:106906

Betsey J5,94,126,127 was born about 1815 in Maine.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 16345.

Spouse: Laban P. TRUESDAIL. Laban P. TRUESDAIL and Betsey J were married about 1835.5,94,127 Reference Number:108970 Children were: Mary J TRUESDAIL.


Spouse: Charles TRUESDELL.

Betty G.5 was born on 16 Jul 1880.5 She died on 15 Aug 1972.5

Spouse: William Leon HALSTEAD. William Leon HALSTEAD and Betty G. were married.

Beulah5,93,94 was born in Mar 1871 in Lenoir, NC.5,93,94 She is reference number 2954.

Spouse: Benjamin A. HUGHES. Benjamin A. HUGHES and Beulah were married about 1888.5,94 Reference Number:2359 Children were: Benjamin HUGHES, Mary HUGHES, Floyd HUGHES.

[Queen Of Aragon Biancasicily7,129 was born about 1280 in Of, Napoli, Napoli, Italy. She died on 14 Oct 1310 in , Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. She was also known as Princess Of Naples. She was buried in Monasterio DE Sa, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. Name Suffix:<NSFX> [queen Of Aragon
Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 9RMX-7W
BURI PLAC Monasterio de Santa Cruz, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Parents: King Naples CARLO II and Princess Of Hungary MARIA.

Billung I Von Stubenkorn7,62,64,102,103,130,131 was born about 820 in , , , Saxony. He died on 26 Mar 967. Parents: Athelbert SACHSEN.

Spouse: Aeda Frederunda HILDEBURG. Billung I Von Stubenkorn and Aeda Frederunda HILDEBURG were married in <, Saxony>. Children were: Amelung De VERDUN, Duchess East Saxony Oda THURINGIA, Hermann Billung SAXONY Herzog Von Sachsen, Wichmann I Count Of SAXONY.

Spouse: Ermengarde De NANTES. Billung I Von Stubenkorn and Ermengarde De NANTES were married. Children were: Hermann Billung SAXONY Herzog Von Sachsen.

King Of Uppsala\ Bjorn Ragnarsson7,28,132,133 died after 891.28 He was also known as Ironside.

REF: "Royalty for Commoners", Roderick W. Stuart, 1992, 2nd
edition, led great Viking raid around Spain into the Mediterranean, 859.

Parents: King Of Denmark Ragnar SIGURDSSON Ragnarsson and Aslaug SIGURDSDOTTIR.

Blithildes Of Soissons7,26,73,134 died in 570.73,134 She was born WFT Est 518-546.73,134

Parents: I CLOTAIRE and Queen Of Soissons\ INGOLDE.

Spouse: Duke Of Moselle AUSBERT. Duke Of Moselle AUSBERT and Blithildes Of Soissons were married WFT Est 538-568.73,134 Children were: King Of Germany Arnulf Of CARINTHIA.

Duchess Of Lorraine\ Bonnie Adelaide.135

Spouse: \Prince Of France\ CHARLES. Children were: Gerberge DE LORRAINE.

Duke Of Rostov\ Boris David Vladimirovich7,46,47,48 was born in 982 in Of Rostov, Yaroslavl, Russia.50 He died on 25 Jul 1015.50 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: Prince Of Kiev\ Vladimir I OF KIEV and Milolika PSS OF BULGARIA.

Ct De Barcelona Borrell II7,16,17,24 died on 30 Sep 992.16,24 He was buried in Marquis DE Barcelona..16,24 Parents: Ct De Besalu Urgel\ Sunifred De Besalu and Richilde DE ROUERGUE.

Spouse: Letgarde DE TOULOUSE. Ct De Barcelona Borrell II and Letgarde DE TOULOUSE were married in 969.16,24 1 REFN 89448 Children were: Ct De Barcelona Raimund Borrel I.

King Of Provence Boso II7,18 was born in 842. He died in 887. Parents: Count Of Metz Budwine METZ and Richilde D'ARLES.

Bridget2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 31003.

Spouse: Hugh STAMPER. Hugh STAMPER and Bridget were married. Reference Number:583687 Children were: Judith STAMPER.

Bridget4,5 was born about 1613 in Of Tansor, Northants, England.4,5 She was buried on 1 Sep 1679 in Tansor, Northants, England.4,5

!Burial: Tansor Parish Register

Spouse: Thomas HOPPER. Thomas HOPPER and Bridget were married about 1634 in Of Tansor, Northants, England.4,5 Children were: John HOPPER, Elizabeth HOPPER, Susanna HOPPER, Thomas HOPPER, Charles HOPPER.

Bridget4,5 was born about 1641 in Of, Thrapston, Northants, England.4,5 She is reference number BU3005.

!Source: Christenings of children in Thrapston Parish Register

Spouse: Thomas WRIGHT. Thomas WRIGHT and Bridget were married about 1662 in Of Thrapston, Northants, England.4,5 Children were: Peter WRIGHT, Thomas WRIGHT, Elizabeth WRIGHT, Mary WRIGHT, George WRIGHT, Philip WRIGHT, John WRIGHT, William WRIGHT, Jane WRIGHT.

Bridgett4,5 was born about 1637 in Of Gretton, Northants, England.4,5 She is reference number BU4104cs.

!SOURCE: Gretton Parish Register, christenings of children
Burial: Gretton Parish Register

Spouse: Thomas SACHELL. Thomas SACHELL and Bridgett were married about 1663 in Of Gretton, Northants, England.4,5 Children were: Alice SATCHELL, Bridgett SATCHELL, Thomas SATCHELL, Richard SATCHELL, Jone SATCHELL.

Ct De Brunswick\ Brunon I Of Brunswick7,20,21 died in 972.20 Parents: \Duke Of Bavaria\ Henry I "Quarrelsome" HENRY I and Judith DE BAVARIA.

Spouse: Hildeswinde DE CROATIE. Children were: Brunon II Von Brunswick MAR DE SAXONY.

Ct Of Autun Metz Buwin De Autun.28,133,136

Spouse: Richildis. Children were: Richildis METZ OR ARDENNES, \King Of Provence\ Dux Boso DE PROVENCE, Duke Of Burgundy Richard Le JUSTICIAR.


Spouse: H. W. HUGHES. Children were: Herbert HUGHES.

C.C.3,87 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 47184.

Spouse: Fannie DAVIS. C.C. and Fannie DAVIS were married. Reference Number:831954

Candeiaria3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 89238. Parents: Eva FERNANDEZ.

King Of Britain\ Capoir.107,123 Parents: Cerwyd AP CRYDON.

Children were: \King Of Britain\ DIGUEILLUS.


Spouse: David F. MESSER.

Catharina19,137 was born on 13 Feb 1780.19 She died on 25 Mar 1844.19

Spouse: John George FOX. John George FOX and Catharina were married.19,137 Children were: Johannes FOX, Margaret FOX, George FOX, David FOX, Infant FOX, Samuel FOX, Tobias FOX, Catharina FOX.

Catharine2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 29477.

Spouse: John MARSH. John MARSH and Catharine were married in 1802 in Warrington, York Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 Reference Number:552001


Spouse: John BOYD. Children were: Andrew BOYD, Jarrett BOYD, William BOYD, Matthew BOYD, James BOYD, John BOYD.

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