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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work

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Jacob BOSMAN4,5 was born about 1783.4,5 He is reference number AL440102s2.

Spouse: Sally PATRICK. Jacob BOSMAN and Sally PATRICK were married on 22 Jun 1808.4,5

BOSO III.98,100,101,102,103

Spouse: Gerberge DE GASTINOIS.


Spouse: Emma OF PERIGORD. Children were: ADALBERT I.

BOSO.98,100 Parents: Duke Of Burgundy Richard Le JUSTICIAR and Queen Of France Adelaide DE AUXERRE.

Count Of Italy BOSO7,33 was born in 730.

Children were: Count Of Italy BOSO II.

Count Of Italy BOSO II7,33,121,242 was born in 755. He died in 826. DATE 3 MAY 2000

Parents: Count Of Italy BOSO.

Children were: Boson Le Vieux DE BOURGOGNE.

Count Of Arles BOSO7,207 was born about 885. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: .

Spouse: Willa De Burgundy. Count Of Arles BOSO and Willa De Burgundy were married about 936. Children were: Willa De ARLES, Of Arles NN, Of Arles BERTHA.

Count Of Arles BOSO7,490,491 was born about 900. He died about 938. Name Suffix:<NSFX> Count of Arles Parents: Count Of Arles Theobald DE ARLES and Princess Rome Bertha DE LORRAINE.

Count Of Provence & Arles BOSO7,207 was born about 935. ES II:187 Parents: Of Agel ROTBAUD I and Of Arles NN.

Spouse: Constance OF VIENNE. Count Of Provence & Arles BOSO and Constance OF VIENNE were married. Children were: Count Of Provenc\ Rotbaud II, Count Of Provenc\ William I.

Viscount Of Chastelleraul BOSO I7,122 was born about 965 in Chastellerault, Vienne, France. He died in 1012 in Chastellerault, Vienne, France. Parents: Viscount Of Chastelleraul AIRAUD I and Gersende De MORTIMER.

Spouse: AMELIA. Viscount Of Chastelleraul BOSO I and AMELIA were married. Children were: Viscount Of Chastellerau Hugues Rouche FOUCAUD.

Count Of Vienne BOSO II7,207 was born about 835. He died in 887. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: .

Spouse: Of Francia IREMGARD. Count Of Vienne BOSO II and Of Francia IREMGARD were married in 876. Children were: Of Vienne ENGELBERGA, Willa De VIENNE, King Of Provence LOUIS.

Count In Italy BOSO III7,34 was born about 800. He died before 855. He was also known as The Old.

Children were: Marquis Of Transjurane Bur- Gundy HEBERT, Richilde D'ARLES.

BOSON Roi De Provence7,370,501 was born about 845. He died on 1 Jan 886/87.501 Parents: .

Spouse: Irmgard Of ITALY. BOSON Roi De Provence and Irmgard Of ITALY were married in Mar 871/72.462,501 Children were: Ermengarde De PROVENCE, Reine De Bourgogne WILLA, Louis III HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR, Engelberge De PROVENCE.

BOSON7,370,461 was born about 885.1211 He died between 936 and 940.462 He was also known as Marchese Di Toscana. Parents: . Parents: Comte D' Arles THIBAUT and Princess Rome Bertha DE LORRAINE.

Children were: ROTBAUD Comte De Provence.

Spouse: Willa D' ARLES. BOSON and Willa D' ARLES were married in 912.462,501 Children were: Bertha Of ITALY, Princess Of Tuscany Willa Di TOSCANA.

Viscount Of Chatellerault BOSON II7,45,64 was born about 1036 in , Chatellerault, Vienne, France. He died about 1092.



Spouse: Eleanor DE THOUARS. Viscount Of Chatellerault BOSON II and Eleanor DE THOUARS were married about 1175. Children were: Sybelle DE CHATEAURENAULT, Viscount Of Chatellerault Aimery ROCHEFOUCAULD I.

Claus Hinrich BOSSLER.5,93,94

Spouse: Anna SCHARFENBERG. Children were: Jacob Hinrich Christian BOSSLER.

Jacob Hinrich Christian BOSSLER5,93,94 was born on 30 Oct 1816 in Logeberg, Germany.5,93,94 He died on 14 Dec 1892 in Sahrensdorf, Germany.5,93,94 He is reference number 957. Parents: Claus Hinrich BOSSLER and Anna SCHARFENBERG.

Spouse: Anna Catharina WANDSCHNEIDER. Jacob Hinrich Christian BOSSLER and Anna Catharina WANDSCHNEIDER were married on 5 Aug 1836 in Vitadorf, Germany.5,94 Reference Number:1639 Children were: Dorathea BOSLER.

Lydia BOST.19,137

Spouse: Alfred J . FOX.

Rebecca Ann BOSTIC3,399 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 13752.

Spouse: Joel Fields DUTY. Joel Fields DUTY and Rebecca Ann BOSTIC were married. Reference Number:327069 Children were: Nancy C. DUTY.

Living BOSTICK.5,128

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD. Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Anne BOSTOCK1,7 was born in 1479 in Bostock, Davenham, Cheshire, England. Parents: Ralph BOSTOCK and Elizabeth DUTTON.

Spouse: John SAVAGE. John SAVAGE and Anne BOSTOCK were married. Children were: Sir John SAVAGE.

Margaret BOSTOCK395 was born in 1508.395

Spouse: Sir William CAVENDISH. Sir William CAVENDISH and Margaret BOSTOCK were married.

Ralph BOSTOCK1,7 was born about 1452 in Cheshire, England.

Spouse: Elizabeth DUTTON. Ralph BOSTOCK and Elizabeth DUTTON were married. Children were: Anne BOSTOCK.

Eleanor De BOSTON7,328 was born in 1164 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England. She died in 1199.

Spouse: Thomas De MULTON. Thomas De MULTON and Eleanor De BOSTON were married in . Children were: Hawise De MULTON, Thomas MULTON II.

Henry BOSTON7,188 was born about 1620. He died on 24 Sep 1676.

Spouse: Ann WALKER. Henry BOSTON and Ann WALKER were married. Children were: Rebecca BOSTON.

Spouse: Judith BEST.

Spouse: Elizabeth ROGERSON.

Lydia Ann BOSTON.138

Spouse: Benjamin MATTOX.

Rebecca BOSTON7,188 was born about 1650 in Northampton Co., VA. She died in Jan 1729 in DE. Parents: Henry BOSTON and Ann WALKER.

Spouse: Robert Molinor MULLINAX. Robert Molinor MULLINAX and Rebecca BOSTON were married. Children were: William MULLINAX, John Milnor MULLINAX, William Milnor MULLINAX, Mercy Milnor MULLINAX.

Spouse: Alexander DRAPER. Alexander DRAPER and Rebecca BOSTON were married.

August BOSTROEM3,547 died on 21 Nov 1943.3,547 He is reference number 57290.

Spouse: Ada Boyd WOODRUFF. August BOSTROEM and Ada Boyd WOODRUFF were married on 1 Aug 1923.3,547 Reference Number:984671

Andrew BOSTWICK377 was born on 14 May 1906 in Provolt, Or..377 He died on 20 May 1997 in Ashland, Jackson Co., OR.377 He was also known as Andy. Parents: Bert Clark BOSTWICK and Josephine SALTMARSH.

Spouse: Grace T. TAYLOR. Andrew BOSTWICK and Grace T. TAYLOR were married on 3 Aug 1946 in Medford, Jackson Co. Or.377 Children were: Living BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK.

Bert Clark BOSTWICK377 was born on 19 Aug 1882 in Santa Rosa, CA..377 He died on 1 Jul 1958 in Salem, Marian Co, OR.377 Parents: William Henry BOSTWICK and Evalena DUNN.

Spouse: Avon Annette MIDDLETON. Bert Clark BOSTWICK and Avon Annette MIDDLETON were married. Children were: Living BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK, Mildred Joan BOSTWICK.

Spouse: Josephine SALTMARSH. Children were: Vyron BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK, Andrew BOSTWICK.

Charles BOSTWICK377 was born on 25 Mar 1939 in Medford, Jackson Co., OR.377 He died on 20 Mar 1956 in Klamath Falls, Klamath Co., OR.377 Parents: Henry BOSTWICK and Ruth MAHARRY.

Dora BOSTWICK377 was born in 1870.377 Parents: William Henry BOSTWICK and Evalena DUNN.

Earl BOSTWICK.377 Parents: William Thomas BOSTWICK and Augusta SCHNEIDER.

Edward BOSTWICK377 was born on 30 Nov 1872.377 Parents: William Henry BOSTWICK and Evalena DUNN.

Everett BOSTWICK.377 Parents: William Thomas BOSTWICK and Augusta SCHNEIDER.

Francis BOSTWICK5,128 was born about 1798.5,128 She is reference number 4690.

Spouse: William HALSTEAD. William HALSTEAD and Francis BOSTWICK were married about 1818.5,128 Reference Number:3276 Children were: Harriet Glentworth HALSTEAD, Ann Spencer HALSTEAD, Ann Twin HALSTEAD, William HALSTEAD, Twin HALSTEAD, Henry HALSTEAD, Frances Bostwick HALSTEAD, Benjamin Bostwick HALSTEAD, Twin HALSTEAD, Henry Clay HALSTEAD.

Gertrude BOSTWICK.377 Parents: William Henry BOSTWICK and Evalena DUNN.

Harold BOSTWICK377 died about 1934 in Jackson County.377 He was born in Jackson County.377 Parents: William Thomas BOSTWICK and Augusta SCHNEIDER.

Hattie BOSTWICK.377 Parents: William Henry BOSTWICK and Evalena DUNN.

Henry BOSTWICK377 was born on 13 Dec 1894 in Talent, Jackson Co., OR.377 He died in Dec 1976 in Medford, Jackson Co., OR.377 Parents: William Thomas BOSTWICK and Augusta SCHNEIDER.

Spouse: Ruth MAHARRY. Henry BOSTWICK and Ruth MAHARRY were married in 1928 in Jacksonville, Jackson Co., OR.377 Children were: Living BOSTWICK, Living BOSTWICK, Charles BOSTWICK.

Irvin BOSTWICK.377 Parents: William Henry BOSTWICK and Evalena DUNN.

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