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Albert Franklin BOYD3,38 was born on 30 Apr 1890 in Cora, , LA.3 He died on 12 Dec 1970 in Baton Rouge, , LA.3 He is reference number 24783. He has Ancestral File Number VFKM-TG. Parents: Andrew Jackson BOYD and Elizabeth Jane BUNCH.

Spouse: Ada L HATHAWAY. Albert Franklin BOYD and Ada L HATHAWAY were married on 18 May 1916.3 Reference Number:485168

Albert Frederick BOYD3,1230 was born on 8 Dec 1935 in Lovell, Big Horn Co, Wyoming.3,1230 He died on 3 Feb 1945.3,1230 He is reference number 25751. Parents: Clarence Andrew BOYD and Living FILLERUP.

Albert G. BOYD3,473 was born in Apr 1849.3,473 He died on 17 Nov 1852.3,473 He is reference number 48153. Parents: Abram BOYD and Amanda MOORE.

Albert Gallatin BOYD3,281 was born on 4 Mar 1829.3,281 He died in Mar 1891 in Topeka, Illinois.3,281 He is reference number 52792.
He married a second time, name of wife is unknown Parents: Jeremiah BOYD and Elizabeth LONG.

Spouse: Lizzie BEAGLE. Albert Gallatin BOYD and Lizzie BEAGLE were married on 24 Jan 1856 in Western Missouri.3,281 Reference Number:916127

Albert Goff BOYD3,474 was born on 1 Nov 1874.3,474 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 47809. Parents: William James Newdine BOYD and Mary Jane THOMAS.

Albert Greenwood BOYD3,468 was born on 11 Dec 1881 in Monroe Co, MS.3,468 He died in 1937 in Monroe Co, MS.3,468 He is reference number 49817. Parents: James Lafayette BOYD and Martha Robertson DILWORTH.

Spouse: Myrtice IRVIN. Albert Greenwood BOYD and Myrtice IRVIN were married in 1905.3,468 Reference Number:875046

Albert H BOYD3,38 was born in 1884 in Villa Rica, Carroll, Georgia.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 24658. Parents: Christopher Columbus BOYD and Sarah George Hannah LAMBERT.

Albert H. BOYD3,205,1277 died on 28 Apr 1869.3,203,205,206,1277 He was also known as A. J. Boyd.3,203,206 He was also known as Alber J. Boyd.3,203,206 He was also known as Albert Boyd.3,203,206 He is reference number 53406. Parents: Hugh S. BOYD.

Albert H. BOYD3,360,717,1231,1243 was born on 26 Aug 1860 in Seneca Twp, Haldimand Co., Canada West.3,360 He died on 28 Aug 1930 in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.3,360 He was also known as Ab Boyd. He was buried Unknown in Symington Cem, Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.3,360 He is reference number 26118. He was in Farmer.3,360

Albert Boyd was known by the name "Ab Boyd." Parents: James Bucky BOYD.

Spouse: Mary Ann ROBINSON. Albert H. BOYD and Mary Ann ROBINSON were married on 8 Sep 1887 in Severn Bridge, Simcoe Co., Ontario, Canada.3,360 Reference Number:504055 Children were: Lillian L. BOYD, Perrie C. BOYD, Henry Herbert BOYD, Stanley R. BOYD.

Albert H. BOYD3,1278 was born on 4 May 1877.3,1278 He died on 24 Apr 1965.3,1278 He is reference number 24885.

Spouse: Carrie Odessa BUCK. Albert H. BOYD and Carrie Odessa BUCK were married on 2 Nov 1902.3,1278 Reference Number:486376 Children were: Living BOYD, Donald Levi BOYD.

Albert Hartwell BOYD3,468 was born on 3 May 1903 in Monroe Co, MS.3,468 He died on 7 Dec 1954 in Leflore Co, MS.3,468 He is reference number 49887. Parents: James Jackson BOYD and Elizabeth Harris FULGHAM.

Spouse: Living MINYARD. Children were: Living BOYD.

Albert Leo BOYD3,970 was born in 1895.3,970 He died in 1959.3,970 He is reference number 50652. Parents: Edward BOYD and Clara O'CONNOR.

Spouse: Anne Theresa GARRITY. Albert Leo BOYD and Anne Theresa GARRITY were married. Reference Number:886638 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Albert Levi BOYD3,38 was born on 11 Aug 1883 in Plain City, Weber, UT.3 He died on 13 Jun 1972 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.3 He was buried on 17 Jun 1972 in Bountiful, Davis, Utah.3 He is reference number 24471. Parents: George Alfred BOYD and Isabella Jane ROE.

Albert Mason BOYD3,281 was born on 18 Aug 1874 in Fayette, Pennsylvania.3,281 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 32563.

Pg. 358 Albert Mason, eldest son of James Smith and Susan Catherine
(DETWILER) BOYD, was born near Morgan Station in Upper Tyrone Twp, Fayette
County, PA, 18 Aug 1874. He was a year old when his parents moved to
Detwiler's Mills, where his boyhood days were passed and his early education
acquired at the Gault school in Buckskin Twp. He was 10 years of age when the
family moved to Kansas where he completed his studies in excellent public
schools. His father there was cultivating about six hundred acres of land,
and as the eldest son, Albert M., soon became his valued and trusted
assistant. He, however, insisted upon having as education, attended Cawker
City high school, where he was graduated in 1894. He then attended Kansas
State Normal at Emporia, and taught school for three terms. He returned to
Fayette County in 1898 and entered the employ of the Union Supply Company at
Leisenring No. 3, remaining 11 months. He then engaged with the W. J. Rainey
Company in their store in Elm Grove, Fayette County, as meat cutter. After
two years he was appointed payroll clerk, serving as such 11 months, then
became yard boss t the coke works, continuing one year. In June 1903 he was
appointed manager of the Elm Grove store, a responsible position, which he
now most acceptably fills. His home is in Elm Grove, and he also owns a tract
of 320 acres in Kansas. He is a Republican in politics and has served as
school director. He is a Mason of high degree, belonging to James Cochran
Lodge, No. 614, Free and Accepted Masons at Dawson; Connellsville Chapter,
No. 283, Royal Arch Masons; Uniontown Commandery, Knights Templar; Uniontown
Lodge of Perfection, and Pittsburgh Consistory, ancient Accepted Scottish
Rite, in which he holds the thirty-second degree. He is a member of Laurel
Hill Presbyterian Church and interested in all the work of his church.
He married, 19 September 1907, Melissa McBURNEY, b in Franklin Twp, Fayette
County, PA, daughter of Robert and Susan (BUTE) McBURNEY. Children: Susan
Mildred, b 15 Sept 1908; Grace Antoinette, 7 November 1921. Parents: James Smith BOYD and Susan Catharine DETWILER.

Spouse: Melissa MCBURNEY. Albert Mason BOYD and Melissa MCBURNEY were married on 19 Sep 1907 in Franklin Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.3 Reference Number:613213

Dr. Albert Newdine BOYD3,474 was born on 14 Mar 1830 in Allegheny Co., PA.3,474 He died on 2 Oct 1854.3,281,474 He was also known as Albert N Boyd.3,475 He was also known as Albert N. Boyd.3,281 He is reference number 47499.

Parents: James BOYD and Sarah BOYD.

Spouse: Mary H. GOFF. Dr. Albert Newdine BOYD and Mary H. GOFF were married on 17 Nov 1847.3,281,474 Reference Number:840578 Children were: John Fulton Sherwood BOYD, Sarah Ellen Gilson BOYD, William James Newdine BOYD.

Spouse: Mary H GOFF. Dr. Albert Newdine BOYD and Mary H GOFF were married on 17 Nov 1847.3,475 Reference Number:840585

Albert O BOYD3,38 was born on 18 Apr 1862 in .3 He died on 5 Nov 1878.3 He is reference number 54424. He has Ancestral File Number 1B7X-S7V. Parents: Joseph M BOYD and Eliza LONG.

Albert O. BOYD3,360 was born on 6 Aug 1886 in Ontario, Canada.3,360 He died Unknown.3,360 He is reference number 26294. Parents: Andrew BOYD and Margaret E. HOFFMAN.

Albert Perry BOYD3,468 was born on 17 Jul 1881 in Indian Creek, Brown Co, TX.3,468 He died in 1960 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co, TX.3,468 He is reference number 50192.

He is buried in Grape Creek Cemetery, Tom Green Co, TX. Parents: Samuel Clark BOYD and Nancy Ann V. O. LEE.

Spouse: Lena MATHIS. Albert Perry BOYD and Lena MATHIS were married on 27 Dec 1903.3,468 Reference Number:879725

Albert Romanzo BOYD3,473 was born on 3 Mar 1844.3,473 He died on 16 Apr 1848.3,473 He is reference number 48289. Parents: Arvine BOYD and Julia CLARK.

Albert Rudolph BOYD3,38 was born on 3 Jan 1857 in , Tuscarawas, Ohio.3,38 He died Unknown.3,38 He is reference number 23733. He has Ancestral File Number 16KP-RVF. Parents: James BOYD and Martha M. MCFADDEN.

Albert S. BOYD3,399 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 13705. Parents: Elijah F. BOYD and Arminda BOYD.

Albert S. BOYD3,399 was born in 1867.3,399 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 13551. Parents: Andrew Jackson BOYD and Pricilla LESTER.

Albert Severe BOYD3,38 was born on 10 May 1838 in , , PA.3 He died on 28 Sep 1919 in , Barth, IN.3 He was buried on 30 Sep 1919 in New Harmony Ceme, Bartholomew, IN.3 He is reference number 24611. Parents: Jacob BOYD and Margaret GERVIN.

Spouse: Paulina Belle LEAMASTERS. Albert Severe BOYD and Paulina Belle LEAMASTERS were married on 10 May 1882 in , Bartholomew, IN.3 Reference Number:483513 Children were: Albert BOYD, Jacob BOYD, Margaret BOYD, Oscar BOYD, Joseph BOYD, Infant BOYD, Barney Jefferson BOYD, Orville Gladden BOYD.

Albert Thompson BOYD3,540 was born on 21 Dec 1898.3,540,623 He died on 17 Oct 1970.3,540,861 He is reference number 25441.

Page 109 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982, says that he is buried in Dalton, GA. Parents: Robert Ford BOYD and Blanche QUINLEN.

Spouse: Living ORR.

Albert Warren BOYD3,473 was born on 24 Oct 1860.3,473 He died on 4 Dec 1916.3,473 He is reference number 48096. Parents: Lorenzo Moore BOYD and Ruth CRAWFORD.

Albert Wayne BOYD3,38 was born on 17 Jun 1887 in <, , Ohio>.3,38 He was also known as Albert Wayne Boyd.3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5707. Parents: Samuel Fletcher BOYD and Elizabeth BROWN.

Albert Wesley BOYD3,473 was born on 14 Apr 1875.3,473 He died on 10 Sep 1939.3,473 He was buried Unknown in Riverview Cemetery In Wilmington.3,473 He is reference number 48408. Parents: Jasper Elam BOYD and Mary S. SAGE.

Spouse: Rhoda HESCOCK. Albert Wesley BOYD and Rhoda HESCOCK were married on 25 Dec 1901.3,473 Reference Number:857728 Children were: Calista Mary BOYD, Horace Newell BOYD, Edith Rosa BOYD.

Spouse: Mary GREEN. Albert Wesley BOYD and Mary GREEN were married on 20 Feb 1929.3,473 Reference Number:857733

Alberta May Virginia BOYD3,398 was born on 5 May 1890 in Harrisburg, PA.3,398 She died on 25 Dec 1966 in Wilmington, DE.3,398 She was buried Unknown in East Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, PA.3,398 She is reference number 70762. Parents: Jacob Hyatt BOYD and Virginia BUREGUARD.

Spouse: Percy Kinsey HARRIS. Percy Kinsey HARRIS and Alberta May Virginia BOYD were married on 14 Jun 1911.3,398 Reference Number:699059 Children were: Marion Virginia HARRIS.

Spouse: Clarance Anthony HAYS. Clarance Anthony HAYS and Alberta May Virginia BOYD were married on 10 Oct 1920 in New York City, NY.3,398 Reference Number:1172904 Children were: Living HAYS, Living HAYS.

Albro BOYD3,38,583 was born about 1874 in .3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 21357. Parents: Quintus Curtis BOYD and Martha J. CARMICHAEL.

Alden Works BOYD3,547 was born on 19 Jul 1902 in Ocean Grove, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA.3,547 He died in Dec 1972 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida, USA.3,547 He is reference number 57321. Parents: James Oscar BOYD and Bertha Work MCMANIGAL.

Alex BOYD3,311 was born on 11 Dec 1896 in Strawberry Point, Clayton, Iowa.3,311 He died on 3 Jan 1951 in Reedsburg, Sauk, WI.3,311 He was buried in Jan 1951 in Greenwood Cemetary, Reedsburg, Sauk, WI.3,311 He is reference number 6517. Parents: Wilbert BOYD and Emma Elnora EASTON.

Spouse: Hazel Isabelle SPEARS. Alex BOYD and Hazel Isabelle SPEARS were married on 15 Apr 1920 in Reedsburg, Sauk, Iowa.3,311 Reference Number:125436

Alex Markham BOYD3,408 was born on 30 Mar 1882 in Paragould, Arkansas.3,408 He died on 4 Nov 1948 in Paragould, Arkansas.3,408 He is reference number 2210. Parents: Paul Whitfield BOYD and Nancy Ann CLARK.

Spouse: Sallie Elta MILLER. Alex Markham BOYD and Sallie Elta MILLER were married in 1903 in Paragould, Arkansas.3,408 Reference Number:47970

Alexander BOYD3,38,237 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5979.

Spouse: Christina D. MILLER. Alexander BOYD and Christina D. MILLER were married on 24 Jan 1861 in Clyde, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.3,38,237 Reference Number:117223

Alexander BOYD3,38,237 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5987.

Spouse: Ann LIVINGSTONE. Alexander BOYD and Ann LIVINGSTONE were married on 14 Dec 1844 in Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland.3,38,237 Reference Number:117340

Alexander BOYD3,38,237 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5991.

Spouse: Helen LIVINGSTON. Alexander BOYD and Helen LIVINGSTON were married on 14 Oct 1853 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.3,38,237 Reference Number:117396

Alexander BOYD3,38,237 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5993.

Spouse: Sarah M. RICHARDSON. Alexander BOYD and Sarah M. RICHARDSON were married on 31 Mar 1847 in Canton, St Lawrence, New York.3,38,237 Reference Number:117417

Alexander BOYD3,1257 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 25376. Parents: John BOYD and Agnes COOPER.

Alexander BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 31073.

!(1) Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania Will Bk 1, p.245. FHL #858,898.

!Birth: (1) s/o Robert Boyd/Mary.

(1) 1820, 8 May: Rowley Boyd of Fayette Town, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania wrote his will.
Gives to Joseph Boyd, Nancy Boyd, Morrison Boyd, Alexander Boyd, William Boyd,
Mary Boyd, Amelia Boyd, children of my deceased son Robert Boyd, the remaining
200 acres of my land, to be sold and the money divided them when Amelia the
youngest arrives at the age of 18. Parents: Robert BOYD and Mary.

Alexander BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 31816.

!(1) "First Marriage Record of Augusta County, Virginia 1785-1813" (D.A.R.,
Augusta Co., VA, 1970) p.22.

!Marriage to Isabelle Graham: (1) 27 Jun 1793, Augusta Co., VA, by Rev. John

Spouse: Isabelle GRAHAM. Alexander BOYD and Isabelle GRAHAM were married on 27 Jun 1793 in , Augusta Co., VA.2,3 Reference Number:592394

Gov. Of Edinburg Alexander BOYD3,565 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 33966.

Children were: Lord Of Kilmarnock Robert Lord BOYD.

Alexander BOYD3,686 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 39227. Parents: John BOYD and Susan BENSTEAD.

Alexander BOYD2,3 was born in Sadsbury Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 44423.

! (1) "Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834" (FTM CD 209).
(2) "Abstract of Chester County Land Records," by Carol Bryant (1997). FHL 974.813 R28b. V ol. 5, p.172, 198, 295. Cites: (a) M12:310. (b) M12:454. (c) N13:375.

! Birth: (1) s/o William BOYD.
Marriage to Elizabeth __: (2b) Had wife Elizabeth in June 1762 deed, none mentioned in Ap r 1762 deed.

(1) 1762, 13 Jan: William BOYD of Sadsbury, Chester Co., PA wrote his will. To son Alexande r 100 pounds. Executors to sell 400 acres off the south end of plantation, remainder equall y divided.
(2a) 1762, 20 Apr: Alexander BOYD of Sadsbury, Chester Co., PA, yeoman, mortgaged to Edwar d SHIPPEN Jr. of the city of Philadelphia, Esq. Alexander BOYD stands bound to Edward SHIPPE N Jr. for 1600 pounds conditioned on payment of 800 pounds plus interest on 20 Apr 1763. Ale xander BOYD to better secure said debt granted to Edward SHIPPEN Jr. a tract of land in Sadsb ury bounded by land of James SMITH, John PARK, David HENDERSON, land late of John MILLER, lan d late of William BOYD, land late of Gravenor MARSH and land of William MARSH containing 40 0 1/4 acres, which James BOYD of Sadsbury & Elizabeth BOYD of Sadsbury, executors of the wil l of William BOYD late of Sadsbury, yeoman, dec'd, by deed dated 1 Apr instant granted to Ale xander BOYD. Signed Alexander BOYD. Wits. James STEPHENS, Henry BURNET. Recorded 2 Jun 1762.
(2a) 1762, 3 Jun: Alexander BOYD of Sadsbury, Chester Co., PA, yeoman, and Elizabeth his wi fe mortgage to James BOYD and Elizabeth BOYD both of Sadsbury. Alexander BOYD stands bound t o James BOYD & Elizabeth BOYD for 1,322 pounds, conditioned on payment of 666 pounds plus int erest on 16 May 1764. Alexander BOYD and Elizabeth his wife to better secure said debt grant ed to James and Elizabeth BOYD a tract of land in Sadsbury bounded by land of James SMITH, Jo hn PARK, David HENDERSON, land late of John MILLER, land late of William BOYD, land late of G ravnor MARSH & land of William MARSH containing 400 1/4 acres being the part of land that th e executors of William BOYD, dec'd granted to Alexander BOYD. Signed Alexander BOYD & Elizabe th BOYD. Wits. William CLINGAN, Matthew HENDERSON. Recorded 22 Oct 1762.
(2c) 1764, 5 Jun: William CLARK of Sadsbury, Chester Co., PA, yeoman, & Jane his wife mortg age to James BOYD & Elizabeth BOYD, executors of the will of William BOYD, late of Sadsbury , dec'd. William CLARK stands bound to James & Elizabeth BOYD for 1380.6.8 pounds conditione d on payment of 691.13.4 pounds on 1 Nov 1767. William CLARK & jane his wife to better secur e said debt granted to James BOYD & Elizabeth BOYD a tract of land in Sadsbury bounded by lan d of James SMITH, John PARK, David HENDERSON, land late of John MILLER, land belonging to th e heirs of, land late of Gravenor MARSH & William MARSH containing (?) 1/4 acres being the la nd which William BOYD by his will ordered to be sold, which the executors James BOYD & Elizab eth BOYD by deed dated 1 Apr 1762 granted to Alexander BOYD, who with Elizabeth his wife by d eed dated 4 Jun instant granted to William CLARK. Parents: William BOYD and Elizabeth COWEN.

Spouse: Elizabeth. Alexander BOYD and Elizabeth were married. Reference Number:788061

Alexander BOYD.3 Parents: Abraham BOYD and HATHORN.

Alexander BOYD.3 Parents: Hugh BOYD and Margaret.

Lt. Alexander BOYD2,3 was born in , , Scotland.2,3 He died Between 1765-1766 in New London, Caroline Co., Virginia.2,3 He is reference number 44658.

! (1) Augusta Co., VA Wills. (a) Bk 3, p.462,467. FHL film 30,316.
(2) "Augusta Co., VA Deeds, 1743-1800" (Ultimate Family Data Library, VA CD series). Cites : (a) Bk 8, p.446. (b) Bk 9, p.88. (c) Bk 9, p.230. (d) Bk 11, p.87. (e) Bk 11, p.564. (f) B k 12, p.40.
(3) "Buchanan, Virginia: Gateway to the Southwest," by Harry Fulwiler, Jr. (1980) p.30-40 . FHL book 975.583/B1 H2f.
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! Birth: (3) Brother of Andrew and James BOYD. Scotland. (4c) Brother of Andrew BOYD.
Death: (1a) Estate administered 21 Aug 1766, Augusta Co., VA. (2e) Accepted delivery of sla ves & horses, Jun 1765, Augusta Co., VA. (4c) Of New London, VA.

(3) Brothers Andrew, Alexander and James BOYD arrived in Lunenburg Co., VA, later Bedford C o., VA, from Scotland in the early 18th century. James was Earl of Errol in Scotland.
(4c) 1752: Alexander BAIN, Thomas BUCHANAN and Alexander BOYD test., bond by Ralph LAVERTY , Jones STEWARD, James McKOY and John STEVENSON. Bond presented in Augusta Co., VA court, Ma r 1758, in suit of COCHRAN & DONALD vs. LAVERTY & Steward & Co.
(2a,4e) 1760, 19 Aug: James CAMPBELL & Lettice his wife deed to Alexander BOYD, Lieutenan t and paymaster to the Virginia Regiment, of Augusta Co., VA, for 430 pounds, 400 acres on wa ters of Roanoke, on Goose Creek, Augusta Co., patented to James CAMPBELL 12 Feb 1752. Teste : John NEILL, Archibald BRYCERS. Delivered to Alexander LOVE, Oct 1762.
(2b) 1760, 16 Sep: (4f) 1760, 15 Sep: (2b,4f) James HUSTON and Agness his wife deed to Alex ander BOYD of Augusta Co., VA, for 50 pounds, 140 acres on Back Creek of Roanoke at Turkey Bo ttom, Augusta Co., VA. Delivered to Alex. LOVE, Oct 1762.
(4c) 1760, 16 Nov: Mathias M. YOUCAM, of Bedford County, to William THOMPSON, power of atto rney to convey 267 acres whereon Mathias formerly dwelt, joining land lately possessed by Jam es CAMPBELL, on Roanoke River, to Alex. BOYD, Paymaster to the Virginia Regiment. Dated, 16t h November, 1760.
(2f) 1761, 14 Feb: Received patent on 30 acres on Roanoke, Augusta Co., VA.
(2c,4g) 1761, 18 Feb: William THOMPSON, of Spring Hill, deed to Alexander BOYD, Gentleman , of Augusta Co., VA, paymaster to the Virginia Regiment. Whereas Mathias YOACHUM of Bedfor d Co., yeoman, on Nov 1760 constituted William THOMPSON his attorney to convey to Alexander B OYD land on the river, Augusta Co., VA... for 100 pounds, 267 acres on the river. Delivered t o Alex. LOVE, Oct 1762.
(4a) 1762, 19 Mar: Thomas BROWN was acquitted for breaking the store house of Alexander BOY D, Augusta Co., VA.
(4c) 1762, 23 Mar: Alexander BOYD, paymaster, summonded as garnishee, suit of Walter and Sa muel COWDON vs. Rev. Davis CALMER, late of Virginia Regiment, Augusta Co., VA, against whom a n attachment was issued this date. Alexander BOYD was a Commissioner to settle accounts wit h the soldiers and was ordered not to pay CALMER. [Date?]: McCLENACHAN vs. CALMER, Augusta Co ., VA court. -I promise to pay, &c., unto John McCLENACHAN, &c., £9, 16, 7, Virginia currency , &c. 29th December, 1761. (Signed) D. CALMER. Test: Alex, LOVE. This day came the plaintiff , by his attorney, and the defendant being called and not appearing, Alex. BOYD, gent., a gar nishee in this cause, appeared and on oath declared that at the time of serving this attachme nt in his hands there was due from the Country to the defendant, as Chaplain of the Virgini a Regiment, two months' pay, amounting to £20, but that on settling his accounts with the Com missioners appointed for that purpose he was ordered not to pay it, whereupon the plaintiff p roduced the defendant's note of hand for £9, 16, 7. Judgment is therefore granted the plainti ff versus the said defendant for the same and costs. And it is ordered that the aforesaid su m of £20 in the hands of the garnishec, BOYD, be condemned, and it is further ordered that th e Sheriff sell (one sword and see particulars) in the hands of Robt. McCLENACHAN, a garnishe e formerly sworn in this cause, who also made oath that the defendant was indebted to him £8 , 10, 0, and that after paying the said Robt. McCLENACHAN his debt aforesaid he pay the remai nder, if any, to the plaintiff in part satisfaction of his judgment and costs, and that he ha ve executed versus the garnishee, Alex. BOYD, for the residue.
(2d,4h) 1762, 16 Nov: Richard PEARIS and Rhoda his wife of Frederick Co. deed to Alexande r BOYD of the VA Regiment, for 50 pounds, half of a tract in upper part of Dunger Bottom, Aug usta Co., VA, conveyed by John MILLER to said Richard PEARIS and John SMITH, Aug 1762. Delive red to Alex. LOVE, Nov 1763.
(2e,4i) 1763, 20 Jul: John SALLORD, of Augusta Co., VA and late Lieutenant of the VA Regime nt, deed to Alexander BOYD of Augusta Co., VA, late of the VA Regiment, for 90 pounds, slave s and horses. Teste: Jas. FACIER, John BOWMAN. Delivered to Mr. BOYD, Jun 1765.
(4c) 1764: BOYD vs. GALESPIE, Augusta Co., VA. Alexander GALESPIE is a soldier.
(4c) 1764, 27 Feb: Alexander BOYD vs. William HUTCHESON, petition in Augusta Co., VA court . Defendant lately from Frederick and lived not far from town.
(2f) 1764, 28 Jun: (4j) 1764, 28 Nov: (2f,4j) Alexander BOYD, Merchant, Mortgagor of August a Co., VA, mortgage to Alex. BAINE, merchant in VA, to secure payment of 1,092.9.5 pounds an d to secure him as surety for BOYD, to James LYLE, merhcant of Chesterfield, on account of BO YD, 5 negroes and 1200 acres on North Fork of Roanoke called Stanton River, and sometimes b y name of Roanoke River, 400 acres thereof purchased from James CAMPBELL and Lettes, his wife , oaks on Goose Creek; 100 acres more thereof purchased from same, crossing Crooked Run; 98 a cres patented to Alexander BOYD; 30 acres more, part thereof on Roanoke, patented to Alexande r BOYD, 14 Feb 1761; corner to James CAMPBELL, 267 acres, part thereof purchased from Mathia s YOAKAM; 30(5) acres thereof entered on Augusta surveyor's book, and surveyed by Wm. PRESTON , one of the surveyors of the county. The aforesaid tracts adjoin and the plantation thereon , well known by the name of Fort Lewis. Teste: Wm. WATTS, Alex. LOVE, David ROSS, Charles McP HERSON.
(4c) 1765, 28 Mar: Writ in suit of Alexander BOYD vs. Alexander SAYERS, Augusta Co., VA.
(1a,4b,d) 1766, 21 Aug: (1a,4d) Andrew BOYD, with Andrew LEWIS, William PRESTON, Robert BRE CKENRIDGE, Benj. HAWKINS, Wm. INGLES, and David ROBINSON gave bond to John BUCHANAN. John POA GE, Felix GILBERT, George KILLERN, Justices of Augusta Co., VA. Andrew BOYD, administrator o f the estate of Alexander BOYD, deceased. (4b) A paper endorses by Alexander BOYD, deceased , as a true copy of his will, and is adjudged by the Court not to be the original, and Andre w BOYD qualified as administrator.
(1a) 1766, 25 Sep: Alexander BOYD's estate appraised by Francis SMITH, Wm. BRYAN, James ROB ERTS, Augusta Co., VA.
(4c) 1767, 19 Aug: Writ issued, Augusta Co., VA court. Alexander BAINE vs. Alexander BOYD' s administrator. In 1764 Alexander BOYD mortgaged land and slaves to Alexander BAINE, orator . Alexander BOYD died intestate and administration was granted to Andrew BOYD, his brother an d heir-at-law. Land lay on branch of Roanoke River called Staunton River. Same date, Monteat h & Co., vs. BOYD's administrators. Mr. Alexander BOYD, Dr., to Glascow Tanwork Company. JON ES vs. HUGHES, Winchester, November 11, 1763. Dear Sir:--I have settled with Mr. HEATH, but t o my great grief have not been enabled to discharge the balance due you on account of the dec eased debtor, JOHNSON. As that money should by no means have been detained, I will take it a s a singular favor if you'll be easy in the affair, as it will not be beneficial to the estat e and troublesome to you to bring suit, and you may depend I'll have it discharged ere you co uld recover it by law. I am extremely obliged to you for keeping it secret, as I would by n o means have it made public. If you would share (spare) the money to the estate, I'd gladly p ay you interest for your money, and most gratefully acknowledge myself unfeignedly, dear sir , your most obliged humble servant. (Signed) Alexander LOVE (for Alexander BOYD). To Lieut. W illiam HUGHES, Winchester.
(4c) 1768, Mar: Augusta Co., VA court. Estate of Alexander BOYD vs. Joshua McCORMACK, Nort h Fork. On same date, Anderson & Co. vs. Alexander BOYD, defendant was of New London, Colon y of VA. [NOTE: New London is in Caroline Co., VA.] On same date, Dr. Robert BROWN of Henric o vs. Alexander BOYD, account for medicines and attendance, 1764-1765. On same date, Alexand er BOYD estate vs. Jacob BROWN, North Fork of Roanoke, account. On same date, Alexander BOY D estate vs. Wm. MOOR, Craig's Creek, 7 Jun 1766, to 6 bushels hemp seed, 3.0.0 pounds. BOY D vs. McDONALD, 14 Jul 1763, Mr. James McDONALD, in account with Alexander BOYD. Mr. James M cDONALD. Sir: Above is your account with me which I desire you'll pay to the bearer, Willia m BUTTLER. Pray fail not and oblige. Your obedient servant, Alexander BOYD. Fort Lewis, 13t h August, 1764. BROWN vs. BOYD, 1764. Dr. Mr. Alexander BOYD, to Robert BROWN. Shop account . Medicine account. Henrico Sc.--Dr. Robert BROWN made oath before me that Alexander BOYD die d indebted to him, etc., 10th September, 1766. (Signed) Philip MAYO. Dr. David McGEE, Nort h Fork, to Estate of Alexander BOYD. Alexander FORBES, Dr., to estate of Alexander BOYD, cred it by Mrs. Margaret ROBINSON. Dr. Jacob BROWN, North Fork, to estate of Alexander BOYD, 1767 .
(4c) 1768, 18 May: BOYD vs. MORRISE, Augusta Co., VA court. John MORRISE. 1766, February 4t h; 1767, March 10th; June 10, ash; September 14th. Sworn to by Andrew BOYD, administrator o f Alexander BOYD.
(4c) McCALL vs. BOYD's Administrator, Augusta Co., VA court. To Mr. Henry MITCHELL, merchan t, in Fredericksburg: Alexanderia, 6th September, 1764. Mr. Henry MITCHELL. Sir:--The last ti me I saw Mr. McCAUL he told me he was just about leaving the Country, and he having a note o f hand of mine amounting to £96, 2, 6, which I could not then discharge any part of, and as y ou have the direction of his affairs, you'll please receive under cover £10, 15, 0, and two o rders, one on Mr. James MERCER for £2, 18, 6, due me by his brother, the Colonel, and another , £20, 0, 0, which I'll receive at the next sitting of the Assembly, it being for two months ' pay of Person COTUNERS, that was attached, for which I never received. You have likewise an other order for £22, 10, 0, and interest, for some years due me from Squire BROWN, which Mr . TRUBLE included in with a bond of his, and he promised to pay it at the October Court, an d make no doubt of your getting it then, or soon after. The balance of £4, 2, 0, you'll recei ve (if not already paid) from Mr. William SCOTT, which he owed me. As Mr. McCAUL's account ag ainst me is for medics and billiards, he desired I might not put myself to any kind of inconv enience till it suited me. You may depend, however, that I'll endeavor to contrive the balanc e as soon as lies in my power. My bad fortune in that way has been of great prejudice to me . When it is convenient your acknowledging the receipt of this by way of Staunton--and direc t for me--merchant at Fort Lewis, in Augusta County, will be acceptable. I am, sir, your ver y humble servant. (Signed) Alex. BOYD. Parents: BOYD.

Alexander BOYD2,3 was born in Allen Twp., Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 44772.

! (1) Northampton Co., PA Wills, Vol 1. P.302 FHL film #946457.
(2) Northampton Co., PA Tax Records. FHL film 1,027,055.
(3) Northampton Co., PA Deeds. (a) Book H2 p. 425,426. FHL film #953691.

(2) 1772: Alexander BOYD, laborer, taxed in Allen Twp., Northampton Co., PA, for 1 horse.
(2) 1781: Alexander BOYD, single freeman, taxed in Allen Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
(1) 1785, 4 Feb: Thomas BOYD Senior of Alin Township County of Northampton and State of Pen nsylvania yeoman wrote his will. Bequeaths to my Eldest Son Alexander One Hundred and fifty P ounds, I Leave and Bequeath to my son James one Hundred Pounds I Leave and Bequeath to my Dau ghter Elizabeth One Hundred Pounds I Leave and Bequeath to my Son Thomas One Hundred Pounds , I Leave and Bequeath to my Son Andrew One Hundred Pounds. My Son Thomas is to keep the Plan tation till the Expiration of Four Years then and at that time to pay Alexander One Hundred a nd fifty pounds the year following my Son James One Hundred pounds the Next Year following m y Daughter Elisabeth One Hundred pounds the Next year following my Son Thomas One Hundred pou nds the Next year following my Son Andrew On Hundred pounds if my Son Thomas Be not able to d ischarg the Dept to the Legates at Expiration of Six years to enable my Exec. To pay of the L egatees then to Despose of the ... as they please____I Do hereby Constitute and appoint my Ol dest Son Alexander BOYD and James BOYD my Second Son to be my Executors.
(3a) 1789, 26 May: Alexander BOYD of the City of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania , Gentleman, and James BOYD of Allen Township in the county of Northampton aforesaid, Farmer , and Thomas BOYD of Cumberland county in the State aforesaid, Yeoman, and Ann his wife, of t he one part deed to John LERCH of Allen township in the county of Northampton aforesaid, Farm er. of the other part, in consideration of the Terms of Five hundred and two pounds Eightee n shillings and four pence Lawful Money of Pennsylvania in Gold and Silver as the same is no w current in the State of Pennsylvania, Certain Tract or piece of Land Situate in Allen towns hip aforesaid respectively bounded and described as followeth Viz. Beginning at a Spanish Oa k on the West Branch of the River Delaware thence extending North twenty Degrees East by Lan d of the so called Indian Tract One Hundred and Eleven perches to a post thence extending Sou th twenty Degrees East by Land intended to be granted to William HAYS One Hundred and fourtee n perches to a post thence extending West by Said lately granted to John STENTON seventy si x perches to the Place of Beginning, containing Twenty four acres and One hundred and twent y perches, which said Tract of Land a part of a certain Eighteen hundred acre Tract of Land w hich William ALLEN of the City of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania Esq. and Joseph T URNER of the same Place Esq. by their Deed dated the 29th Day of Jun 1772 did grant and confi rm unto Thomas BOYD late of Allen township aforesaid Yeoman Deceased , who by his Last Will a nd testament did impower his Eldest son the Alexander BOYD and his second Eldest the said Jam es BOYD his Executors and his third son the said Thomas BOYD and Ann his wife to sell the sai d Tract of piece of Land as they please, Together also with all and singular the Buildings Im provements Woods underwoods timbers trees Ways Water Water courses Rights Liberties Privilege s _____and appurtenances what so ever there unto belonging or is any wise appertaining... Parents: Thomas BOYD.

Alexander BOYD2,3 was born in , , Pennsylvania.2,3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45042.

! (1) "The Boyd Family...," by Scott Lee Boyd (Santa Barbara, CA, by author, 1935) p.50. FH L 929.273 B692bs.

! Birth: (1) s/o Benjamin BOYD by his 1st wife. Parents: Benjamin BOYD.

Alexander BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45921.

! (1) Allegheny Co., PA Will Bk 1, p.245. FHL #858,898.

! Birth: (1) s/o Robert BOYD/Mary.

(1) 1820, 8 May: Rowley BOYD of Fayette Town, Allegheny Co., PA wrote his will. Gives to Joseph BOYD, Nancy BOYD, Morrison BOYD, Alexander BOYD, William BOYD, Mary BOYD, Amelia BOYD, c hildren of my deceased son Robert BOYD, the remaining 200 acres of my land, to be sold and th e money divided them when Amelia the youngest arrives at the age of 18. Parents: Robert BOYD and Mary.

Alexander BOYD3,745 was born WFT Est 1659-1702.3,745 He died WFT Est 1699-1749.3,745 He is reference number 70610. Parents: Alexander BOYD.

Children were: William BOYD.

Alexander BOYD3,745 was born WFT Est 1621-1675.3,745 He died WFT Est 1659-1711.3,745 He is reference number 70611.

Children were: Alexander BOYD.

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