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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Martha Ann WOOLLEY7,188 was born on 4 Mar 1866 in Tyler Co., TX. She died on 4 Mar 1940 in Tyler Co., TX. She was buried on 5 Mar 1940 in Fellowship Cemetery, Tyler, TX. Parents: David Long WOOLLEY and Caroline RISINGER.

Spouse: George Berry RISINGER. George Berry RISINGER and Martha Ann WOOLLEY were married. Children were: Effie Mae(Y) RISINGER.

Mary WOOLLEY2,3 was born in Nov 1657 in , NJ.2,3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 29904. [boyd-trees.ged]

!(1) Mary Kemmerle, 2089 Eaton Ave., San Carlos, CA 94070 (1996).

Birth: (1) Nov 1657, NJ, d/o Emmanuel Woolley/Elizabeth.
Marriage to Judah Allen: (1)
Marriage to Thomas Forman: (1)[alice-boyd.FTW]

!(1) Mary Kemmerle, 2089 Eaton Ave., San Carlos, CA 94070 (1996).

Birth: (1) Nov 1657, NJ, d/o Emmanuel Woolley/Elizabeth.
Marriage to Judah Allen: (1)
Marriage to Thomas Forman: (1) Parents: Emmanuel WOOLLEY and Elizabeth. Parents: Emmanuel WOOLLEY and Elizabeth.

Spouse: Judah ALLEN. Judah ALLEN and Mary WOOLLEY were married. Reference Number:561366 Children were: Mary ALLEN.

Spouse: Thomas FORMAN. Thomas FORMAN and Mary WOOLLEY were married on 27 May 1695 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ.2,3 Reference Number:558467 Children were: Benjamin FORMAN, Rebecca FORMAN.

Reason WOOLLEY7,188 was born in 1771 in Edgefield Dist., SC. He died on 3 Mar 1809 in Edgefield Dist., SC. He was buried in Edgefield Dist., SC.

Spouse: Elizabeth BATES. Reason WOOLLEY and Elizabeth BATES were married. Children were: Zacheus WOOLLEY.

Zacheus WOOLLEY7,188 was born about 1797 in Edgefield Co., SC. He died on 25 Aug 1857 in Bibb Co., AL. He was buried in Bibb Co., AL. Parents: Reason WOOLLEY and Elizabeth BATES.

Spouse: Elizabeth LONG. Zacheus WOOLLEY and Elizabeth LONG were married. Children were: David Long WOOLLEY.

Spouse: Caroline HUNT. Zacheus WOOLLEY and Caroline HUNT were married.

Bramwell WOOLSEY.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Chloe Ann TRUESDELL.

Clara Jane WOOLSEY4,5 was born about 1878.4,5 She is reference number HA0804126s.

Spouse: George William BROWN. George William BROWN and Clara Jane WOOLSEY were married on 5 May 1903 in Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho.4,5

Daniel WOOLSEY.377

Spouse: Mary Ward VON VOLSEN. Children were: Sarah WOOLSEY.

Daniel WOOLSEY5,128 was born about 1758.5,128 He is reference number 4188.

Spouse: Anna HALSTEAD. Daniel WOOLSEY and Anna HALSTEAD were married in 1781.5,128 Reference Number:3095

Hannah WOOLSEY5,128 was born about 1700.5,128

Spouse: Elias BAYLIS. Elias BAYLIS and Hannah WOOLSEY were married.

Richard Hay WOOLSEY.5,128

Spouse: Grace Parce TRUESDELL.

Sarah WOOLSEY377 was born on 17 Dec 1760 in Courtland Manor, Westchester, NY.377 She died on 21 Sep 1851 in Preston Hollow, NY.377 Parents: Daniel WOOLSEY and Mary Ward VON VOLSEN.

Spouse: Jonas KELSEY. Jonas KELSEY and Sarah WOOLSEY were married on 12 Oct 1779 in Marllborough, NY.377

Living WOOLSON.5,128 Parents: Robert Charles WOOLSON and Luella Ethel COSS.

Rebecca WOOLSON3,87 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 46771. [boyd-trees.ged]



!NAME-BIRTHDATE: E-mail of Donna BARKER to Mary GLENN; [email protected];
NOTE: Samuel BARKER married first to Margaret GREENFIELD on 25 Apr 1763.
Secondly he married Rebecca.

!BIRTHPLACE-DEATHPLACE-MARRIAGE: E-Mail from Elizabeth "SHALANDARA" to Mary GLENN; NOTE: ...R ebecca WOOLSON married Samuel BARKER and had a son, Jeremiah.

Spouse: Samuel BARKER. Samuel BARKER and Rebecca WOOLSON were married on 11 Dec 1771 in Ashboro, Randolf Co, NC.3,87 Reference Number:816816 Children were: William BARKER, Jeremiah BARKER, David BARKER, Sarah BARKER, Dorcas BARKER, Rebekah BARKER, Margaret BARKER, Catherine BARKER, Hannah BARKER, Lonza Or Nicholas BARKER, Elizabeth BARKER, Joshua BARKER, Bishop BARKER.

Robert Charles WOOLSON5,128 was born on 17 Feb 1881 in Waseca, Min..5,128

Spouse: Luella Ethel COSS. Robert Charles WOOLSON and Luella Ethel COSS were married on 13 Apr 1911 in Corpus Christie, TX..5 Children were: Living WOOLSON.

Prudence WOOLSTENHOLME4,5,322,2523 was born about 1705.4,5,3878 She died in Sep 1762.4,5,320 She was buried on 25 Sep 1762 in St Mary Magdalene, Warboys, Huntingdonshire.4,5,320

Spouse: Edward DRING. Edward DRING and Prudence WOOLSTENHOLME were married on 3 May 1731 in St Mary Magdalene, Warboys, Huntingdonshire.4,5,320,322,2523 Children were: Prudence DRING.


Spouse: Donald BOYD. Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Irene WOOLUM.138

Spouse: William R. FINK.

Clara WOOLWINE.188

Spouse: John ABE Jr. Foley.

Virginia A. WOOLWINE.188

Spouse: John P. MORRISON.

WOOTEN3,88 was born WFT Est 1789-1831.3,88 He died WFT Est 1829-1912.3,88 He is reference number 69611.

Children were: Ellen WOOTEN, Mary WOOTEN.

Ellen WOOTEN3,88 was born WFT Est 1818-1871.3,88 She died WFT Est 1835-1951.3,88 She is reference number 69609. Parents: WOOTEN.

Fannie WOOTEN3,332,583,813 died on 29 Dec 1883.3,332,583,813 She is reference number 25667.

Spouse: John Wilson BOYD. John Wilson BOYD and Fannie WOOTEN were married in 1855.3,332,583,813 Reference Number:496871 Children were: Catherine Young Frances BOYD, Catherine Frances Prudence BOYD, John Linda BOYD.

Howell WOOTEN7,188 was born on 13 Nov 1803. He died on 4 Nov 1878. He was buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Woodville, Tyler Co., TX.

Spouse: Eliza A.. Howell WOOTEN and Eliza A. were married. Children were: Martha C. WOOTEN.

Kenneth Wayne WOOTEN.19

Spouse: Cynthia Jelene CHANDLER.

Living WOOTEN.3

Spouse: Walter Crossthwaite GODDARD.

Living WOOTEN.3

Spouse: Living HARVEY. Children were: Living WOOTEN, Living WOOTEN.

Living WOOTEN.3 Parents: Living WOOTEN and Living HARVEY.

Living WOOTEN.3 Parents: Living WOOTEN and Living HARVEY.

Living WOOTEN.3

Spouse: Living BOLT.

Martha WOOTEN3,183 was born in 1756.3,183 She died on 4 Jul 1851.3,183 She was buried Unknown in Liberty Bap. Cem, Jennings Co In.3,183 She is reference number 71146.

Spouse: Abraham LEMASTERS. Abraham LEMASTERS and Martha WOOTEN were married. Reference Number:1180307

Spouse: Josiah TANNER. Josiah TANNER and Martha WOOTEN were married on 1 Dec 1771 in Mecklinburg Co VA.3,183 Reference Number:1180268 Children were: Sarah TANNER, Lucy TANNER, Martha TANNER, Mathew TANNER, Samuel TANNER, Nancy Ann TANNER, Elizabeth TANNER, Creed TANNER, Mary TANNER, Heziah TANNER, John TANNER, Elenor TANNER, Thomas TANNER.

Martha C. WOOTEN7,188 was born about 1848 in GA. Parents: Howell WOOTEN and Eliza A..

Spouse: John N. GOOLSBEE. John N. GOOLSBEE and Martha C. WOOTEN were married. Children were: Living GOOLSBEE, Miriam GOOLSBEE, Oscar W. GOOLSBEE.

Mary WOOTEN3,88 was born WFT Est 1829-1855.3,88 She died WFT Est 1895-1946.3,88 She is reference number 69610. Parents: WOOTEN.

Spouse: John WILSON. John WILSON and Mary WOOTEN were married on 6 Dec 1866.3,88 Reference Number:1155511 Children were: George WILSON, Nancy WILSON, Thomas WILSON, Needham WILSON.

Mary Elizabeth WOOTEN.5,93,94

Spouse: Levi DAWSON.

Pearl Elizabeth WOOTEN.5,128

Spouse: Harrison Edward BALL. Children were: Living BALL, Living BALL, Son BALL, Myrtle Elizabeth BALL.

S. O WOOTEN3,294 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 37827.

Spouse: Elizabeth BLAKE. S. O WOOTEN and Elizabeth BLAKE were married on 21 Dec 1827 in Cumberland Co NC.3,294 Reference Number:695859

Shawn WOOTEN.3 Parents: W. Glenn WOOTEN and Annette STEADING.

Susan WOOTEN.188

Spouse: Lawson GUNN. Children were: Margaret L. GUNN.

W. Glenn WOOTEN.3

Spouse: Annette STEADING. Children were: Shawn WOOTEN.

Fred WOOTON.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Leta Belle NASH. Children were: Living WOOTON.

Joan WOOTON7,108,2280 was born about 1435 in Chester, England.2280 1 _FA1
2 PLAC 95Z4-9Q
2 SOUR S01599
4 TEXT Date of Import: Ju n 25, 2002

[Master Database.FTW]

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

Spouse: Hugh DAVENPORT. Hugh DAVENPORT and Joan WOOTON were married about 1450 in Chester, Cheshire, England.2280 Children were: Thomas DAVENPORT.

Living WOOTON.5,94 Parents: Fred WOOTON and Leta Belle NASH.

Malenda WOOTON3,415 was born about 1796 in , Surry, NC.3,415 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 83273.

Spouse: Aaron BASS. Aaron BASS and Malenda WOOTON were married on 26 Sep 1822.3,415 Reference Number:1348937 Children were: William BASS.

Maud Princess Of England{Countess Of WORCESTER.377

Spouse: Waleran Count Of Meulan Earl Of MEULAN.

Marjorie Ann WORD.19

Spouse: James Benson HOOD.

Ronald WORD.19 Parents: Marvin Ernest PEARCE and Velma Pauline Mrs. WORD.

Velma Pauline Mrs. WORD19 was born on 24 Aug 1909.19 She died on 11 Sep 1988.19 She was buried in Coop Prairie Cemetery, Mansfield, Scott County, Arkansas.19

Spouse: Marvin Ernest PEARCE. Marvin Ernest PEARCE and Velma Pauline Mrs. WORD were married on 17 Sep 1955.19 Children were: Ronald WORD.

WORDEN.377 Parents: Peter WORDEN and Mary Magdalene WINSLOW.

Spouse: LEWIS.

Delia Maria WORDEN5,128 was born about 1862.5,128

Spouse: Dennis K. SMITH. Dennis K. SMITH and Delia Maria WORDEN were married. Children were: Laurah Amelia SMITH.

Elizabeth WORDEN3,39,552 was born about 1795 in New Jersey.3,39 She died before 1846.3,39 She is reference number 2844. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,39,552 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,39,552 [boyd-trees.ged]


Surname may have been Warding.[xx.FTW]


Surname may have been Warding.

Spouse: Joseph HENDERSON. Joseph HENDERSON and Elizabeth WORDEN were married on 19 Jun 1819 in Monmouth Co., New Jersey.3,39,552 Reference Number:60169 Children were: Mary W. HENDERSON, Ann HENDERSON, Margaret HENDERSON, Alice HENDERSON, Samuel Worden HENDERSON, Hannah HENDERSON, Joseph HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, Elizabeth HENDERSON, Sarah HENDERSON, Amy HENDERSON, Rachel HENDERSON.

Esther WORDEN377 was born in 1644 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.377 Parents: Peter WORDEN and Mary Magdalene WINSLOW.

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