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Amanda J. BOYD3,577 was born about 1852 in Putnam County, Indiana.3 She died before 1895.3 She is reference number 43602. Parents: Robert Calvin BOYD and Margaret Jane TAYLOR.

Amanda Josephine BOYD3,292 was born on 8 Mar 1866 in Saratoga, Hardin, Texas.3,292 She died on 21 Jul 1947 in Duncan, Stephens, Oklahoma.3,292 She was also known as Amanda Boyd.3,292 She is reference number 74852. Parents: William Pleasant BOYD and Pollie WILKERSON.

Spouse: Robert BROWN. Robert BROWN and Amanda Josephine BOYD were married on 14 Sep 1882.3,292 Reference Number:1232665 Children were: Gerthea Sallie BROWN.

Amanda Melvina BOYD3,38,469 was born on 10 Aug 1823 in <, Lewis Co, Kentucky>.3,38 She was also known as Amanda M. Boyd.3,206 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 16483. Parents: William BOYD and Mary BARKLEY.

Spouse: William S. BRIDGES. They were married on 23 Aug 1843.3,38 Reference Number:102558

Amanda P. BOYD3,396,487 was born in 1856.3,396,487 She died WFT Est 1894-1951.3,396 She is reference number 34395. Parents: Joshua C. BOYD and Martha Jane BUTLER.

Spouse: Alphus J. BUTLER. Alphus J. BUTLER and Amanda P. BOYD were married WFT Est 1873-1906.3,396 Reference Number:646482 Children were: Leona A. BUTLER, E.A. BUTLER, Livia Emma BUTLER, L.A. BUTLER, A.N. BUTLER, D.B. BUTLER, Marvin BUTLER.

Amanda S. BOYD3,38 was born about 1839 in , Tuscarawas, Ohio.3,38 She died Unknown.3,38 She is reference number 23709. She has Ancestral File Number 16KP-JV7. Parents: Robert BOYD and Catherine CREGE.

Amanda S. BOYD3,397 was born on 8 Sep 1868 in Fayette Co., Alabama.3,397 She died on 2 May 1934.3,397 She was buried Unknown in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Lamar Co., Alabama.3,397 She is reference number 62987. Parents: Leroy BOYD and Susan LOFTIS.

Spouse: Peyton Orlando BREWER. Peyton Orlando BREWER and Amanda S. BOYD were married on 12 Mar 1886 in Lamar Co., Alabama.3,397 Reference Number:1059499 Children were: Ethel N. BREWER, Enloe M. BREWER, Nettie Susan BREWER, Donnie Mary BREWER, Cara Ovela BREWER, Thomas S. BREWER, Lellie Cele BREWER, Myrtle Belle BREWER, Corene BREWER.

Amanda Sarah BOYD3,206 was born on 9 Apr 1833 in South Carolina.3 She died after 1893.3 She is reference number 83328. Parents: Andrew BOYD and Mary MCDOWELL.

Amanda V. BOYD3,396,487 was born on 21 Nov 1879.3,396,487 She died WFT Est 1880-1973.3,396 She is reference number 36669. Parents: Elisha Thomas BOYD and Matilda Jane ELKINS.

Amanda Woods BOYD3,178,218 was born in Aug 1850 in Georgia.3,178,218 She in 1860 in Georgia.3,178,218 She died on 4 Mar 1917 in Cotton Valley, Alabama.3,178,218 She is reference number 107266.

Amanda Woods was purchased by James C. Boyd from Georgia. She was a beautiful black lady and was purchased to be the wife of the plantation overseer who at the time was Hilliard Boyd. Amanda's mother was from GA and her was father from Virginia.

According to the 1860 slave Scheduled in Southern District of Macon County, William Wood owned a large number of slaves. Among the females, there were two age 50; two age 40; one age 35; twenty-one age 33; two age 22; one age 20; eight age 18; three age 15; two age 13; three age 7; one age 11; one age 9; two age 7; and three age 3. Many of male and female slaves came from Georgia. Therefore, it is possible that Amanda was on this plantation when James C. Boyd bought her. She would have been 10 years old at this time.

Robert Fulwood Ligon who was born in Clarke County, Georgia in 1824 owned a plantation in the Southern District of Macon County. He owned the following slaves: one female age 60; one male age 50; three males age 45; one male age 40; two males age 30; five males age 27; three males age 20; four males age 16; three females age 35; four females age 30; two females age 25; one females age 21; three females age 18; four females age 12; three females age 7; two females age 5; one female age 3; two females age 1; one male age 16; three males age 10; four males age 18; three males age 5; two males age 4; and six males age 1/2 year. Many of these slaves were born in Georgia. Again, it is possible that Amanda had relatives on this plantation.

A metal gate that was installed in the fence around Amanda house fell on her. She died as a result of the injury in 1917.

Dr. E. A. Ligon also in the Southern District of Macon County owned the following slaves: one female age 40; four males age 27; two females age 22; one female age 20; one female age 5; and one male age 1.

F. M. Ligon (b. 5 Oct 1863, d. 28 April 1893) the son of T. B. Ligon had a plantation in the Northern District (Tuskegee) of Macon County and owned the following slaves: one female age 30; one male age 13; one male age 11; two males age 9 and one male age 7. It is possible that the 30 year old female is Amanda's mother.

A relationship exist between the Wood and Ligon plantation owners because on 29 October 1853, William P. Wood signs his consent for his under age daughter, Eugennia R. Wood to marry Edward A. Ligon.

On 8 January 1848, Robert F. Ligon was appointed Guardian fo Edward A. Ligon and Amanda Ligon minor heirs of Robert Ligon deceased. (Bond Book 2, page 216)

Spouse: Hilliard BOYD. Hilliard BOYD and Amanda Woods BOYD were married in 1868 in Pine Grove Church, Cotton Valley, Alabama.3,178,218 Reference Number:1679434 Children were: Sarah Boyd Fort HOOKS, Pinkie Boyd MENEFEE, Addie Boyd BESSICK, James Lee BOYD, Richard B. BOYD, Butler BOYD, Gertrude Ella Boyd WOOD, Beulah Boyd GRAYS, Mamie Amanda Boyd WILSON, Benjamin BOYD, Clarence Hilliard BOYD.

Amarintha Caroline BOYD3,42,484 was born on 22 Apr 1830.3,42 She died in 1910.3,484 She was also known as Ammie. She was also known as Amarintha Caroline Ammie Rinthy Boyd.3,95 She is reference number 23068. She has Ancestral File Number 34W1-R8. Parents: John Coleman BOYD and Caroline M. BANKS.

Spouse: William Edward HART. William Edward HART and Amarintha Caroline BOYD were married on 5 Oct 1846.3 Reference Number:460411

Amasa P. BOYD3,206 was born after 1800.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 34786. Parents: John BOYD and Elizabeth DAVIS.

Amelia BOYD2,3 was born between 1802 and 1820.2,3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 30871.

!Birth: (1) Youngest d/o Robert Boyd/Mary. Under age 18 in 1820 (b. 1802-1820).

(1) 1820, 8 May: Rowley Boyd of Fayette Town, Allegheny Co., PA wrote his will.
Gives to Joseph Boyd, Nancy Boyd, Morrison Boyd, Alexander Boyd, William Boyd,
Mary Boyd, Amelia Boyd, children of my deceased son Robert Boyd, the remaining
200 acres of my land, to be sold and the money divided them when Amelia the
youngest arrives at the age of 18. Parents: Robert BOYD and Mary. Parents: Robert BOYD and Mary.

Amelia BOYD2,3 was born about 1837 in , OH.2,3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 32556.

!(1) 1850 census, Clermont Co., OH, Williamsburg Twp., p.339. FHL #20,215.

!Birth: (1) Age 13 in 1850 (b. 1837), OH. Parents: William BOYD and Eliza.

Amelia Ann BOYD3,473 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 48290. Parents: Arvine BOYD and Julia CLARK.

Amelson BOYD2,3,473 was born on 28 Aug 1817 in Wilmington, Windham Co., Vermont.2,3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45402.
! (1) "Descendants of John Boyd who Married Margaret Long, Boston, Massachussetts, 11 Apri l 1731," by Richard G. Boyd (Mt. Morris, MI, 1993;

Parents: Joel BOYD and Lucy BLANCHARD.

America BOYD3,183 was born in Oct 1860 in Jackson County In.3,183,1307 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 71528. Parents: Joseph K. BOYD and Lucinda RUDE.

Spouse: George W. CHASTEEN. George W. CHASTEEN and America BOYD were married on 14 Feb 1883 in Alpha, Scott County In.3,183,1308 Reference Number:1184626 Children were: L. Carl CHASTEEN, Low S. CHASTEEN.

Amie BOYD3,38 was born about 1883 in <, , Texas>.3,38 She died on 24 Aug 1961.3,38 She is reference number 21642. Parents: Joseph Calvin BOYD and Amy Ellen COLLIER.

Amie Halstead BOYD3,405,426,577 was born on 12 Feb 1888 in St. Louis, MO.3,405,577 She died WFT Est 1902-1982.3,405 She is reference number 96755. Parents: Esq. Abraham BOYD and Bette JONES.

Spouse: George SOUTHER. George SOUTHER and Amie Halstead BOYD were married WFT Est 1902-1935.3,405 Reference Number:1219642

Amor BOYD3,78 was born on 1 Dec 1844 in Of, Goshen Twp, Belmont, Ohio.3,78 He died on 29 Nov 1929 in Hartford City, Blackford, IN.3,78 He was buried on 1 Dec 1929 in Pennville Cem, Blackford, IN.3,78 He is reference number 27310.

!CENSUS: 1850 Jay Co., IN; Jackson Twp; p. 332;
1860 Jay Co., IN; Jackson Twp; p. 257;
1870 Jay Co., IN; Mills Corner; p. 43;
1880 Blackford Co., IN; Harrison Twp; E.D. 163; p. 37; house/family
# 316/324;
1900 Blackford Co., IN; p. 190; house/family #224/247;
1910 Blackford Co., IN; Harrison Twp; p. 52; house/family #214/214.

The Lewis Publishing Company, Inc., 1887 Page 786

AMOR BOYD, proprietor of the Montpelier Tile Works, is one of the active
and enterprising men of Blackford County, and one of the leading citizens
of Montpelier. The first steps taken toward the establishment of the above
enterprise was in March, 1876, and thirty days later the works were ready
for operation, and is today the leading one of the kind in this portion
of Indiana. The firm was known at first as Boyd & Hopkins, being composed
of Amor Boyd and John R. Hopkins, but in 1878 Mr. Boyd purchased his partner's
interest, and has since conducted the business alone. The main building
is 30 x 100 feet in ground area, and three stories in height. The first
floor is the mill and crusher, operated by a steam engine of thirteen
horse-power, which was put in in 1883. Eighty feet of the first floor, beside the second
and third floors are devoted to drying purposes. These buildings were erected
in 1883, but there is another shed built in 1876, 18 x 170 feet, which
is also devoted to drying purposes. The engine-room is 18 x 25 feet. The
kiln burns all that can be dried in all the sheds, and they burn every
week during the season, and during the past four years have turned out
an average of 10,000 rods of tile per year, from three to ten inches in
diameter. The dry-rooms are fitted up on scientific principles, which insure
the best possible results, and are on a system which is seldom met with.
Mr. Boyd disposes of all he can manufacture in the home market, though
he has occasionally shipped to more remote points, and the tile manufactured
at these works has a high reputation in the trade. He is now burning tile
with natural gas, and also using it as fuel to run his engine. Mr. Amor
Boyd, whose name heads this sketch, is a native of Ohio, born in Belmont
County, December 1, 1844, and when two years old his parents came to Indiana
and located in Jackson Township, Jay County, where the father, Cyrus Boyd,
afterward bought land, He is now a resident of Huntington County, The mother
of our subject died in Jay County in 1874. Amor was reared to manhood in
Jay County, and in early life devoted his attention to farming. He made
his home with his parents until his marriage, August 25, 1867, to Miss
Elma M. Johnson, who was born in Jackson Township, Jay county, her father,
Levi Johnson, being one of the early settlers of that county. They are
the parents of four children _ John P., Ethel I., Victor Levi and Jesse
Riley. Mr. Boyd began life for himself after his marriage on forty acres
of land, which he had bought on section 20, Jackson Township, Jay County,
and of this land he cleared and put under cultivation twenty acres. He
owned this farm until about 1885, although he removed from it in the spring
of 1876, when he came to Montpelier and started the tile manufactory. After
living in Montpelier six years he bought 120 acres of land about a half
mile from the town, where he has since lived, farming and raising fine
horses as well as carrying on his tile business. He has seven colts from
the imported Clydesdale stallion, Grand Turk, besides having an interest
in the animal named. He has two trotting blood horses, one a colt. All
his cattle are of the Jersey breed, and in fact all his stock is of a high
grade. In his political views Mr. Boyd is somewhat independent, although
he takes on active interest in public affairs. The position he holds today
among the business men of Blackford County is solely the result of his
own efforts. Only twenty years ago he possessed nothing but a forty-acre
tract in the woods of Jay County, but by persevering industry and good
management he has become one of the prosperous citizens of the county,
where he has gained the respect and confidence of all who know him by his
fair and honorable dealing. Parents: Cyrus BOYD and Boyd Elizabeth PRICE.

Spouse: Boyd Elma Maru JOHNSON. Amor BOYD and Boyd Elma Maru JOHNSON were married on 25 Aug 1867 in , Jay, IN.3,78 Reference Number:520655 Children were: John Price BOYD, Ethel Ivalene BOYD, Victor Levi BOYD, Jesse R. BOYD.

Amos BOYD3,1226 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 70807. He lived in Minnesota.3,1226 Parents: John BOYD and Sarah Jane DYER.

He was born in 1785 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.3 He died on 11 Jul 1862 in Treadwell, Deleware County, New York.3 He is reference number 20030.

! (1) "Descendants of John Boyd who Married Margaret Long, Boston, Massachussetts, 11 Apri l 1731," by Richard G. Boyd (Mt. Morris, MI, 1993;

Parents: William BOYD and Margarey TAYLOR.

Spouse: Celestia STEELE. Amos BOYD and Celestia STEELE were married. Reference Number:407025 Children were: Henry BOYD.

Amos BOYD3,38 was born about 1865 in .3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 21696. Parents: William BOYD and Ester.

Amos A. BOYD3 was born about 1851.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 209. Parents: Henry BOYD and Lydia H. BALDWIN.

Amos K. BOYD3,1149 was born in 1830.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 63771. Parents: George W. BOYD and Ruth PRIEST.

Amos Sherbin BOYD3,667 was born on 21 Jul 1903 in Cordell, Oklahoma.3,667 He died on 6 May 1976 in Erick, Beckham Co. OK.3,667 He was also known as Shorty. He was buried Unknown in Sec. 13, Row 16, No. 60, Erick Cemetary, Beckham Co. OK.3,667 He is reference number 2331. He was in Farmer/Rancher.3,667

Amos is buried in Section 23, Row 16, Number 0060 in the Erick Cemetery.

Amos favored his older brother Demus in looks. He took more after his mother's side of the family, the Elkins, on height. They were (according to stories furnished by Swanee Elkins) short, stocky Welch. Amos and Sarah moved to Carnegie after they married. They lived there until Amos' father died in 1945. Since the only single brother, Emory, had died in 1944, Amos' mother was left living alone. They moved from Carnegie back to Erick and took over his father's farming. Amos' mother, Eva, made her home with them.

They moved to the Dabney community and lived just east of Hwy 30 in a house they often referenced as the "High Topped House". The boys attended a country school, Dabney School, until the country schools were consolidated with town schools in 1951. Later they moved 1/2 mile across the road to the "Hill". In the 1950's when a long and severe draught ravaged Oklahoma and Texas, Amos and Sarah and their children, moved to Bakersfield, California to find work. They lived there until times got better in Oklahoma and then returned. They lived in Erick for a few years before moving about six miles south of Erick where they farmed.

Amos was real easy going like my dad. Also like Dad, he nicknamed everyone. He called Aunt Sarah "Big Sitaldy", Donald was "Buck", James was "Seamus or Seam", George was "Abner" and Sue was "Scooter". Phillip Lee was "Dubbin". Amos died of cancer.

Br¦derbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 3, Social Security Records: U.S.,
SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning with B, Date of Import: Sep 6,
1996, Internal Ref. #[my family file 7.11.99.FTW]

Amos is buried in Section 23, Row 16, Number 0060 in the Erick Cemetery.

Parents: Tandy Charles Landers BOYD and Eva May ELKINS.

Spouse: Sarah Alice POWERS. Amos Sherbin BOYD and Sarah Alice POWERS were married in Oct 1926 in Wellington, Texas.3,667 Reference Number:48928

Amos Boyd and Sarah Powers were married at a carnival in Wellington, Texas in October of 1926. They had obtained their marriage license and heard that the carnival was paying couples $25.00 to get married at the carnival. This was a lot of money in those days. Amos and Sarah decided they could use the money to start their married life so they drove from Erick, Oklahoma to Wellington, Texas and got married at the carnival and collected their $25.00.

Amos often told the story to his children that when he went to the Powers home to pick Sarah up for the wedding, she came around the house riding a stick horse. Although Sarah was only 13 years old at the time she married and Amos was 23 yrs old, they had a very long and happy marriage and raised a family of five children.

Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, John Tandy BOYD, Margaret Sue BOYD.

Amy BOYD3,303 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 57162. Parents: Ezekiel Davis BOYD and Amy FRISBY.

Spouse: Esq T.L. STEWART. Esq T.L. STEWART and Amy BOYD were married. Reference Number:983155

Amy BOYD3,303 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 57222. Parents: James BOYD and Elizabeth HORE.

Amy BOYD3,303 died in 1856 in Ballycastle, Antrim, Ireland.3,303,443 She is reference number 57177.
Family Name: Boyd

Forename: Amy

Status/Occupation: Spinster

County: Antrim

Address: Ballycastle

Document Type: Will

Document Status: Extract

Date of Will: 25 September 1856

Where Proved/Granted: Prerogative Court

NA Reference: Char1/15/p179

Document ID: 7359 Parents: Ezekiel BOYD and Catherine TURNLEY.

Amy BOYD3,303 was born about 1792.3,303 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 57184. Parents: Hugh BOYD and Rose BOYD.

Spouse: James H KEATE. James H KEATE and Amy BOYD were married. Reference Number:983397

Amy BOYD3,468,585 was born on 10 Feb 1806.3,468,585 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 71120. Parents: David Leslie BOYD and Elizabeth DUKE.

Spouse: Ezekiel Jefferson HUNNICUTT. Ezekiel Jefferson HUNNICUTT and Amy BOYD were married in 1825.3,468 Reference Number:878412 Children were: HUNNICUTT, James HUNNICUTT.

Amy BOYD3,1289 was born in 1884.3,1289 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 76444. Parents: John BOYD and Amy Beuseville ROBERTSON.

Amy BOYD3,583 was born on 3 Jun 1892 in Scottsdale, Arizona.3 She died on 19 Jun 1968 in Modesto, California.3 She is reference number 33848. Parents: Joseph Henry BOYD and Lucy Ellen GORDEN.

Spouse: Frank Sheridan KELLEY. Frank Sheridan KELLEY and Amy BOYD were married on 4 Feb 1911 in Hanford, Madera County, California.3 Reference Number:637103

Amzi Neely BOYD3 was born in 1867.3 He died between 1868 and 1957.3 He is reference number 339. Parents: James Davis BOYD and Rachel Edella MINTER.

Amzy BOYD3,183 was born on 2 Oct 1876 in IN.3,183 He died on 7 Feb 1938 in Scottsburg, Scotts County In.3,183 He is reference number 71516. Parents: Joseph K. BOYD and Eliza Jane FAREN.

Spouse: Myrtle Priscilla KENNEDY. Amzy BOYD and Myrtle Priscilla KENNEDY were married on 19 Jan 1896 in Scott County In.3,183,1309 Reference Number:1184473 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, May Pluma BOYD, John Damon BOYD, Barbara BOYD, Wilford Olony BOYD, Earnest BOYD, Earl Stanley BOYD, Frankie Irene BOYD, Rolland Lester BOYD, Easter Freda BOYD, James Kenneth BOYD.

Anchor BOYD3,577,1310 was born on 12 Oct 1834 in Indiana.3,206,577,578 She died on 6 Jul 1889 in Clark County, Iowa.3 She was also known as Anker Boyd.3,206,578 She was buried Unknown in Gregg Cemetery, Clarke Co, Iowa.3,206,1311 She is reference number 43601.

Daughter of Robert Calvin Boyd and Margaret Jane Taylor. Name is spelled "Anchor" on marriage cert and "Anker" on tombstone.

Parents: Robert Calvin BOYD and Margaret Jane TAYLOR.

Spouse: Ananias LANDES. Ananias LANDES and Anchor BOYD were married on 14 Feb 1850 in Putnam Co, Indiana.3,206,578 Reference Number:776704 Children were: John Henry LANDES, Margaret Agnes LANDES, Dr. Albert Cary LANDES, Robert Samuel LANDES Sr., Augusta Anker LANDES, Emma Magdalena LANDES.

Anderson BOYD3,513 was born about 1822.3,513 He died about 1881.3,513 He is reference number 169. Parents: James BOYD and Elizabeth Ann LONG.

Spouse: Sarah A. HALL. Anderson BOYD and Sarah A. HALL were married on 12 Jan 1843 in Christian Co., Kentucky..3 Reference Number:12814 Children were: Nanny BOYD, Monroe BOYD, Hewellyn BOYD, Mary Alice BOYD, I. N. BOYD, Charles BOYD, Francis Ethan BOYD, James A. BOYD, Sarah E. BOYD, John Henry BOYD.

Anderson BOYD3,936,1312 was born on 8 Jan 1843 in Lawrence Co, Kentucky.3,936 He was also known as Henderson Boyd.3 He died Unknown in George's Creek, Lawrence Co, Kentucky.3,936 He is reference number 25324.

li, on 1850 Census of Lawrence Co,Ky with family,name spelled "Henderson" age 8. born in K y. Parents: James BOYD and Sarah A. PACK.

Spouse: Nancy J. MILLER. Anderson BOYD and Nancy J. MILLER were married on 14 Jan 1862 in George's Creek, Kentucky.3,1312 Reference Number:491200 Children were: James BOYD, Andrew BOYD, Sarah A. BOYD, Lorenzo BOYD, Malissa J. G. BOYD, Leo BOYD, Robert BOYD, Clerst J. BOYD, Mary L. BOYD.

Anderson BOYD3,936 was born on 1 Jan 1873 in Lawrence Co, Kentucky.3,936 He was buried in Dec 1950.3,936 He died on 24 Dec 1950 in Johnson Co, Kentucky.3,936 He was also known as Ancil. He is reference number 25196.



A stroke at 1:30 p.m. January, 2, was fatal to Anderson Boyd, 78, who died at his residence i n Van Lear. He had been ill for four months.
Born January 1, 1873, in Ulyses,Kentucky, he was the son of James and Martha Walker Boyd. H e had been a resident of Ulyses since 1913, and was a member of the United Baptist Church.
Surviving besides his wife, Catherine Boyd are the following sons and daughters: Mrs. Graci e Bowling, Van Lear; Mrs. Roberta Collins, Odds; Mrs. Virgie Bowling, Mrs. Eula Banks, both o f Van Lear; Gustava Collins, Odds.
Also surviving is one brother, Ed Boyd, Ulyses. There are also 39 grandchildren and 30 great- grandchildren.
Funeral services were held at 1:00 p.m., Friday, January 5, at the residence with the Rev. Gr over Fannin officiating.
Burial was made in the Butcher Cemetery under the direction of the Guy W. Preston Funeral Hom e. Parents: James BOYD and Martha WALKER.

Spouse: Catherine BEASLEY. Anderson BOYD and Catherine BEASLEY were married about 1900.3,936 Reference Number:486806 Children were: Roberta BOYD, Living BOYD, Gracie BOYD, Virgie BOYD, Eula BOYD, Gustava BOYD.

Anderson Mcclure BOYD3,95 was born about 1797 in , Chester, SC.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 53978. He has Ancestral File Number 121V-HJQ.

Children were: Francis Marion BOYD.

Andrew BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 29350.

Children were: John BOYD.

Andrew BOYD.3 Parents: Andrew BOYD. Parents: Andrew BOYD.

Andrew BOYD3,686 was also known as Jr. He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 39144. Parents: Andrew BOYD and Mary BOYD.

Andrew BOYD.3 Parents: John BOYD and Catharine.

Andrew BOYD.3 Parents: Robert BOYD.

Andrew BOYD2,3 was born in Allen Twp., Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 44776.

! (1) Northampton Co., PA Wills, Vol 1. P.302 FHL film #946457.

! Birth: (1) s/o Thomas BOYD.

(1) 1785, 4 Feb: Thomas BOYD Senior of Alin Township County of Northampton and State of Pen nsylvania yeoman wrote his will. Bequeaths to my Eldest Son Alexander One Hundred and fifty P ounds, I Leave and Bequeath to my son James one Hundred Pounds I Leave and Bequeath to my Dau ghter Elizabeth One Hundred Pounds I Leave and Bequeath to my Son Thomas One Hundred Pounds , I Leave and Bequeath to my Son Andrew One Hundred Pounds. My Son Thomas is to keep the Plan tation till the Expiration of Four Years then and at that time to pay Alexander One Hundred a nd fifty pounds the year following my Son James One Hundred pounds the Next Year following m y Daughter Elisabeth One Hundred pounds the Next year following my Son Thomas One Hundred pou nds the Next year following my Son Andrew On Hundred pounds if my Son Thomas Be not able to d ischarg the Dept to the Legates at Expiration of Six years to enable my Exec. To pay of the L egatees then to Despose of the ... as they please____. Parents: Thomas BOYD.

Andrew BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 44940.

! (1) "A Family History, Boyds & Connected Families, Early Settlers, Central Savannah Rive r Area of Georgia and South Carolina," by John Wright Boyd, p.6. FHL book 929.273 B692bj.

Parents: James BOYD and Jean.

Andrew BOYD2,3 was born in , , Scotland.2,3 He died Between 1807-1808 in , Frederick Co., Maryland.2,3 He is reference number 45784.

! (1) "The Family of Andrew Boyd, Frederick, Maryland," by Carroll H. Hendrickson (http://ho, Jul 2000). Cites: (a) Montgomery Co., MD Will Bk C, p.314-315 . (b) Wills, Liber GMRB 1, Folio 364. (c) Frederick Co., MD Deeds, Bk WR2, p.70. (d) Frederic k Co., MD Deed Bk WR4, p.329. (e) Frederick Co., MD Deeds, Bk WR23, p.550. (f) Frederick Co. , MD Deeds, Bk WR25, p.273. (g) Frederick Co., MD Deeds, Bk WR31, p.252. (h) Frederick Virkus , "Abrisged Compendium." Ancestry of David Charles Ball. (i) Undocumented research by Dr. Alb ert Francis Blakeslee, provided by Mrs. Evelyn Looney, Springfield, MO. (j) "The Passenger an d Immigration Index," 1194 Supplement, citing "South Carolina Immigrants 1760 to 1770."

! Birth: (1h) Scotland. (1i) Brother of William BOYD.
Marriage to Mary MacKAY: (1) Marriage license dtd 25 Jun 1783, Frederick Co., MD.
Death: (1b) Will dtd 2 Dec 1807, proved 8 Mar 1808.

(1i) Brothers William BOYD and Andrew BOYD came to America together. William went to KY. (1 j) The only Andrew-William combination in the appropriate time frame were Andrew BOYD, age 14 , and William BOYD, immigrants to Charleston, SC, 1767. [NOTE: This Andrew would have been b . 1753.]
(1) A weaver.
(1c) 1779, Jun 25: Lettice FERGUSON deed to Andrew BOYD of Frederick, Frederick Co., MD, we aver, Lot 91 on east side Middle Alley between East Church and East Second, 60 x 393 ft, fo r 1,000 pounds, Frederick, MD.
(1d) 1784, 5 Jun: Clement HOLLIDAY & Nathaniel RAMSEY, Commissioners for Preservation of Co nfiscated British Property, deed to Andrew BOYD, property of Daniel DULANY purchased ground r ents, sold at auction, Lots 91 though 96, for 5 pounds 12 s, Frederick, MD. [NOTE: Same Andre w?]
(1) 1790: Andrew BOYD living in Frederick, MD. 1 male over 21, 1 male under 16, 2 females , 4 slaves.
(1a) 1797, 24 Jan: Will of William McKAY proved, Montgomery Co., MD. Gave to my daughter Ma ry BOYD and Andrew BOYD of Frederick County, merchant.
(1e) 1802, 17 Nov: Andrew BOYD deed to Geo KOLB, for 67 pounds 10s., east half of lot 91 fa cing East Second St., Frederick, MD, for depth of 139 feet, bought 25 Jun 1779. Signed by Mar y BOYD.
(1f) 1803, 31 Dec: Andrew BOYD deed to Adam HART, for 5 shillings rent, 1/2 lot 92, Frederi ck, MD.
(1g) 1807, 20 Jun: Andrew BOYD to Geo KOLB, for 75 pounds, remainder of lot 91 facing Secon d St., Frederick, MD. Signed by Mary BOYD.

Spouse: Mary MAC KAY. Andrew BOYD and Mary MAC KAY were married about Jun 1783 in , Frederick Co., Maryland.2,3 Reference Number:805932 Children were: Anna BOYD, John BOYD, Mary Anna BOYD, David BOYD.

Andrew BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45802.

! (1) "The Family of Andrew Boyd, Frederick, Maryland," by Carroll H. Hendrickson (http://ho, Jul 2000). Cites: (a) Will Abstracts of Baltimore Co., citin g Will Bk 6, p.102.

(1a) 1790, 10 Mar: Andrew BOYD wrote his will. Andrew "the younger" given property in Balti more. Parents: Andrew BOYD and Mary.

Andrew BOYD3,206 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 47485.

Spouse: Mary MCDOWELL. Andrew BOYD and Mary MCDOWELL were married. Reference Number:840134 Children were: Emiline Jane BOYD, Mary Caroline BOYD, James Lawrence BOYD, Louisa Catherine BOYD, Amanda Sarah BOYD, Nancy Younge BOYD.

Andrew BOYD3,333 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 105421. Parents: Andrew BOYD and MARY.

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