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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work

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Arthur James BOYD II3,577 was born on 25 Apr 1818 in Kentucky.3 He died on 8 Mar 1887 in Indiana.3,1267 He is reference number 22235. Parents: Arthur James BOYD Sr and Jane Adair HOLLIDAY.

Spouse: Elizaann COOK. Arthur James BOYD II and Elizaann COOK were married on 4 Jun 1840 in Jay Co, Indiana.3,1267 Reference Number:445928 Children were: Rebecca Maize BOYD, Isabelle BOYD, Ithmar Jonathan BOYD, Orpha Elizabeth BOYD.

Spouse: Sarah E. DAILEY. Arthur James BOYD II and Sarah E. DAILEY were married on 10 Feb 1848 in Henry County, Indiana.3,1267 Reference Number:425290 Children were: Flavis BOYD, James Madison BOYD, Ruth Ann BOYD, William Rankin BOYD.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth HORN. Arthur James BOYD II and Mary Elizabeth HORN were married on 14 Sep 1859 in Coles Co., IL.3,577 Reference Number:445955 Children were: Mary Isabel BOYD, Henry Grant BOYD.

Spouse: Julia BEAVERS. Arthur James BOYD II and Julia BEAVERS were married on 27 May 1870 in Coles County, Illinois.3,237 Reference Number:445967

Spouse: Kate RIDDLE. Arthur James BOYD II and Kate RIDDLE were married on 2 Dec 1875.3 Reference Number:445980 Children were: Charles Ernest BOYD, Mabel Katherine BOYD.

Arthur James BOYD3,183,218 was born on 21 Feb 1853 in Boydtown, Crawford County, Wisconsin.3,218 He died on 6 Nov 1938 in Vergas, Ottertail County, Minnesota.3,218 He is reference number 110761. Parents: Robert William BOYD and Martha JEFFORDS.

Spouse: Alice Josephine NUTTER. Arthur James BOYD and Alice Josephine NUTTER were married on 21 Feb 1881.3,218 Reference Number:1749676

Arthur Jennings BOYD3,366,399 was born on 2 Sep 1938.3,366,399 He died on 20 Apr 1996 in Chesterfield, VA..3,399 He is reference number 12863. Parents: Clarence William BOYD and Virginia Eugenia FERRELL.

Spouse: Living JOHNSON.

Arthur Markee BOYD3,38 was born on 26 Dec 1876 in Tippecanoe, Hrrsn., OH.3 He died on 25 Apr 1941.3 He is reference number 50946. He has Ancestral File Number 2FVR-N8. Parents: George BOYD and Eliza Vale MARKEE.

Spouse: Adda MELTON. Arthur Markee BOYD and Adda MELTON were married. Reference Number:889699

Arthur Merrick BOYD3,38 was born on 28 May 1898 in Hooper, Alamosa, Colorado.3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 21709. Parents: Charles S. BOYD and Minnie Myrtle FRISBIE.

Arthur N. BOYD.3

Arthur R. BOYD3,473 was born on 17 Jun 1901.3,473 He died on 14 Feb 1978.3,473 He was also known as Archie. He is reference number 48621. Parents: Riley Elam BOYD and Lilla Viola MASON.

Children were: Living NELSON.

Arthur Vencill BOYD3,366,399 was born on 25 Jun 1906 in Buchanan Co., VA..3,399 He died on 19 Feb 1943.3,366,399 He is reference number 12858. Parents: John BOYD and Mahala Ellen HYLTON. Parents: John BOYD. Parents: . Parents: .

Arthur Wilson BOYD3,38,237 was born on 7 Jun 1870 in Sullivan, Missouri.3,237 He died on 15 Jan 1912 in Sullivan Co., MO..3,38 He was also known as Arthur Wilson Boyd.3,38 He was buried Unknown in Bairdstown Cem, Sullivan Co., MO..3,38 He is reference number 16092. He has Ancestral File Number 14BH-NDB. Parents: Robert F. BOYD and Mary O. VAN WYE.

Spouse: Minnie Ellen MATKINS. Arthur Wilson BOYD and Minnie Ellen MATKINS were married on 25 Dec 1892 in Sullivan Co., MO..3,38 Reference Number:346884 Children were: Guy BOYD, Cleo BOYD, Esther BOYD, Glenn BOYD, Robert BOYD.

Arvella Rose BOYD3,333 was born about 1913.3,333 She died on 17 May 1927 in Sequoyah Co, OK.3,333 She is reference number 100196.
Arvella Rose Boyd, was called "Little Rosie" since her grandfather had a daughter named Rose Boyd by his last wife they called her "Big Rosie", they had the same way of identifying his granddaughter Ruthie, she was "Big Ruthie"
his daughter a few years younger was called "Little Ruthie" confusing? YES! Parents: Columbus Rudolph BOYD and Belle HOWELL.

Arvine BOYD3,473 died on 27 Jul 1979.3,473 He is reference number 48792. Parents: Clark H. BOYD and Lurena ALLARD.

Spouse: LIVING.

Arvine BOYD3,473 was born on 13 Apr 1808.3,473 He died on 29 Feb 1896.3,473 He is reference number 48042. Parents: Stephan BOYD and Lucy CUSHMAN.

Spouse: Julia CLARK. Arvine BOYD and Julia CLARK were married in 1829.3,473 Reference Number:853167 Children were: Amelia Ann BOYD, Julia L. BOYD, Hannah Luthera BOYD, Clark G. BOYD, Albert Romanzo BOYD, Henry E. BOYD.

Asa K. BOYD3,183 was born on 29 Apr 1830 in Madison, Jackson Co. In.3,183,1292 He died in Apr 1917 in Maysville MO.3,183 He is reference number 71447. Parents: Robert BOYD and Diana KELLY.

Spouse: Elizabeth. Asa K. BOYD and Elizabeth were married on 27 Nov 1851.3,183,184 Reference Number:1183534 Children were: Carolyn BOYD, Melville BOYD, Dempster BOYD, Oscar BOYD, Franklin BOYD, Isabelle BOYD, Charles BOYD, John Wesley BOYD, Edgar BOYD.

Asa Lee BOYD3,468 was born on 10 Jul 1864 in Natchitoches Parish, La..3,468 He died on 18 Dec 1955 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co, TX..3,468 He is reference number 50181.

Asa Lee Boyd tells the story of his life to the San Angelo Standard-Times, Sunday, April 26, 1942, on the occasion of his 55th wedding anniversary. "I was born in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, July 10, 1864, and came to Texas in '71; in '74 I moved to Llano County with my parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Williamson, just after the last Indian fight on Packsaddle Mountain. Later I moved to Brown County where I set myself up as a bronc rider. In 1884, in company with W. T. Mayes of San Angelo, I got a job on the Half Circle Parents: Samuel Clark BOYD and Nancy Ann V. O. LEE.

Spouse: Claudia Elinor MIDDLETON. Asa Lee BOYD and Claudia Elinor MIDDLETON were married on 27 Apr 1887 in Brownwood, Brown Co, TX..3,468 Reference Number:879578 Children were: Infant BOYD, Archie Lee BOYD, Ollie Irvin BOYD, Gertrude Caroline BOYD, Annie Ruth BOYD, Horace Thomas BOYD, Effie Mae BOYD, Leroy BOYD, Vesta Earl BOYD, Ara Luda BOYD.

Asahel Stephan BOYD3,473 was born in 1843.3,473 He died on 9 Dec 1902.3,473 He is reference number 48165. Parents: Stephan BOYD and Susan T. HAYNES.

Spouse: Mary J. GREEN. Asahel Stephan BOYD and Mary J. GREEN were married. Reference Number:854765 Children were: Gertrude Helen BOYD.

Asberry BOYD3,399 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 13833. Parents: Ephriam BOYD and Louisa Victoria DEEL.

Spouse: Dora TILLER. Asberry BOYD and Dora TILLER were married. Reference Number:327850 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Ruby Irene BOYD, Orcille Francis BOYD.

Asbury Mckendree BOYD2,3 was born on 15 May 1831.2,3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45817.

! (1) "The Family of Andrew Boyd, Frederick, Maryland," by Carroll H. Hendrickson (http://ho, Jul 2000). Cites: (a) Mrs. Margaret Blakeslee, MD Hist. Soc . Accession 48732 (1941), and papers of Dr. Albert F. Blakeslee.

! Birth: (1a) s/o David BOYD/Mary MEISSELL. 15 May 1831.
Marriage to Julia Baker HAMILTON: (1a) Parents: David BOYD and Mary MEISELL.

Spouse: Julia Baker HAMILTON. Asbury Mckendree BOYD and Julia Baker HAMILTON were married. Reference Number:806446

Asenath BOYD2,3 was born about 1810 in , Washington Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 32591.

!(1) "Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania"
(Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1893) p.902-903. DCGS Lib., Lawrence, KS.

!Birth: (1) d/o John Boyd/Asenath Williams.
Marriage to John Canon: (1)
!(1) "Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania"
(Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1893) p.902-903. DCGS Lib., Lawrence, KS.

!Birth: (1) d/o John Boyd/Asenath Williams.
Marriage to John Canon: (1) Parents: John BOYD and Asenath WILLIAMS.

Spouse: John CANON. John CANON and Asenath BOYD were married. Reference Number:613908

Ashton A. BOYD3,576 was born about 1873.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 29711. Parents: Silvanus J. BOYD and Annie A. ALEXANDER.

Atlie Maud BOYD3,396,487 was born on 4 Aug 1881.3,396,487 She died on 8 Aug 1907.3,396,487 She is reference number 34402. Parents: John Henry BOYD and Fanny Young BRADFORD.

Spouse: Oliver BUTLER. Oliver BUTLER and Atlie Maud BOYD were married WFT Est 1894-1906.3,396 Reference Number:646606 Children were: Leonard Clifton BUTLER, Guy H. BUTLER.

Aubrey BOYD3,408 was born in Apr 1879 in Paragould, Arkansas.3,408 He died in May 1886 in Paragould, Arkansas.3,408 He is reference number 2209. Parents: Paul Whitfield BOYD and Nancy Ann CLARK.

Aubry D. BOYD3,397 was born in Feb 1897 in Henderson Co., TX.3,397 He died in 1967.3,397 He was buried Unknown in Chandler Cemetery, Henderson Co., TX.3,397 He is reference number 62810. He was in School Teacher.3,397 Parents: George B. BOYD and Anna Neff CHANDLER.

Spouse: Grace MATTHEW. Aubry D. BOYD and Grace MATTHEW were married in 1921 in Smith Co., TX.3,397 Reference Number:1061548

Audrey BOYD3,397 was born in 1910 in MS.3,397 She died in 1951.3,397 She was buried Unknown in Edom Cemetery, Edom, TX.3,397 She is reference number 62824. Parents: William R. BOYD and Daisie A. HARRINGTON.

Audrey Eugene BOYD3,1115 was born on 12 Sep 1923 in Blair, Oklahoma.3,1115 He died on 31 Jan 1992 in Jefferson City, Missouri.3,1115 He is reference number 22062. Parents: Grier Palmer BOYD and Jewel Irene DEARING.

Spouse: Living PIPPIN. Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Augusta Murray BOYD3,1349 was born on 10 Jan 1819.3 She died on 1 Feb 1898 in New York, New York.3 She is reference number 75762. Parents: Joseph Coffin BOYD and Isabella SOUTHGATE.

Spouse: Lloyd TILGHMAN. Lloyd TILGHMAN and Augusta Murray BOYD were married. Reference Number:1245611

Augustus BOYD3,405,426,577 was born on 20 Nov 1848 in Henry County, Indiana.3,426 He died on 2 Jan 1922 in Columbus, Indiana.3,426 He is reference number 79177. Parents: William L. BOYD and Hannah Ann PEED.

Spouse: Elizabeth Thomas HAWKINS. Augustus BOYD and Elizabeth Thomas HAWKINS were married on 27 Nov 1890.3,426 Reference Number:1287564 Children were: Juliana BOYD.

Spouse: Elizabeth Thomas HAWKINS. Augustus BOYD and Elizabeth Thomas HAWKINS were married on 27 Nov 1890.3,405 Reference Number:1287569 Children were: Juliana BOYD.

Spouse: Elizabeth Thomas HAWKINS. Augustus BOYD and Elizabeth Thomas HAWKINS were married on 27 Nov 1890.3,577 Reference Number:1287574 Children were: Juliana BOYD.

Augustus Americus BOYD3,42,95,484 was born in 1825.3,42,484 He died in 1881.3,484 He was also known as Gus. He is reference number 23063. He has Ancestral File Number 34W1-PW. Parents: John Coleman BOYD and Caroline M. BANKS.

Spouse: Elizabeth W. CARLISLE. Augustus Americus BOYD and Elizabeth W. CARLISLE were married on 7 Oct 1846 in Chambers County, Alabama.3,206 Reference Number:460252 Children were: Paralee BOYD, Martha BOYD, Jimmie Ann BOYD, Augustus Elizabeth BOYD, Thomas Jefferson BOYD, Parmelia BOYD, Charles BOYD, Carrie May BOYD, Walter Scott BOYD, Minnie L. BOYD.

Spouse: Nina Elizabeth WYCHE. Augustus Americus BOYD and Nina Elizabeth WYCHE were married on 13 Jan 1867 in Chambers County, Alabama.3,206 Reference Number:460263

Augustus Elizabeth BOYD3,484 was born on 24 Sep 1856 in Alabama.3,484 She died on 16 Jul 1932 in Titus Co. Texas.3,484 She was buried Unknown in Nevill's Chapel Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, TX.3,484 She is reference number 40231. Parents: Augustus Americus BOYD and Elizabeth W. CARLISLE.

Spouse: John Henry COMBS. John Henry COMBS and Augustus Elizabeth BOYD were married on 14 Mar 1875.3,484 Reference Number:726208 Children were: Elizabeth Darden COMBS, Mattie Oscar COMBS, Maggie Mae COMBS, Charles Henry COMBS, James Albert COMBS, Annie Elizabeth COMBS, Robert Lee COMBS, Beatrice COMBS, Watson COMBS, Bessie COMBS, Essie COMBS, Horace Neeley COMBS.

Augustus Mecklin BOYD3 was born in 1868.3 He died between 1869 and 1958.3 He is reference number 340. Parents: James Davis BOYD and Rachel Edella MINTER.

Augustus Pollack BOYD3,547 was born on 3 May 1900 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia, USA.3,547 He died in 1966 in Pompano Beach, Broward County, Florida, USA.3,547 He is reference number 57314. Parents: John Edward Kent BOYD and Flora POLLACK.

Aurelia BOYD3,550 was born on 8 Mar 1841.3,550 She died in 1894.3,550 She is reference number 613. Parents: William BOYD and Lucy HURLBUT.

Spouse: Lucius LOCKWOOD. Lucius LOCKWOOD and Aurelia BOYD were married. Reference Number:19246 Children were: Violet LOCKWOOD.

Austin Frances Jefferson BOYD3,483 was born on 14 Jul 1887.3,483 He died on 11 Oct 1962 in York, AL..3,483 He is reference number 59301. Parents: Austin Grambrel BOYD and Harriett Cadmus MOORE.

Children were: Living F.J., William Calvin BOYD II.

Austin Grambrel BOYD3,483 was born on 23 Oct 1850.3,483 He died on 19 Jan 1932.3,483 He is reference number 59091. Parents: John Jefferson BOYD and Sarah M HUDSON.

Spouse: Harriett Cadmus MOORE. Austin Grambrel BOYD and Harriett Cadmus MOORE were married on 21 Dec 1872 in Sumter Co.3,483 Reference Number:1006819 Children were: William Calvin BOYD, Conde Caldwell BOYD, Addison Clarence BOYD, Eva BOYD, Pauline Silliman BOYD, Austin Frances Jefferson BOYD, Mary BOYD, Earnest Moore BOYD.

Austin Quay BOYD3,540,1279 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 25543. Parents: Andrew Jackson BOYD and Mary CARLISLE.

Spouse: Sara A. E. WILSON. Austin Quay BOYD and Sara A. E. WILSON were married. Reference Number:494369

Austin Thomas BOYD3,483 was born on 20 Oct 1904.3,483 He died on 22 Feb 1982.3,483 He is reference number 57846. Parents: Benjamin Hampton BOYD and Temperance Ann SMITH.

Spouse: Living GOAD.

Avalina BOYD3,38,583 was born in 1871 in MO.3,38 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 21362. Parents: Alexander Mcknight BOYD and Nancy Jane DAVISON.

Avis BOYD3,401 was born on 12 Dec 1923 in Kentucky.3,401,1350,1351 She died on 5 Nov 1980 in Middletown, Butler County, OH.3,401,1350,1351 She was buried on 8 Nov 1980 in Butler County Memorial Park, Trenton, Ohio.3,401,1350,1351 She is reference number 72793. 1 Parents: Johnathon Robert BOYD and Malisa BRYANT.

Spouse: Joe SWOPE. Joe SWOPE and Avis BOYD were married. Reference Number:1201560 Children were: Carylon Joe SWOPE.

Aylmer Burt BOYD3,38 was born on 2 Jun 1897 in Pittsburg, Camp, TX.3 He died on 2 Jan 1968.3 He is reference number 24659. Parents: John Redmond BOYD and Eva May Marston BOREN.

B W BOYD3,95 was born on 17 Jan 1876.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 54466. He has Ancestral File Number 1G6L-6VH. Parents: Robert Perry BOYD and Alice A. BOYD.

Spouse: Belle LAUGHRIDGE. B W BOYD and Belle LAUGHRIDGE were married. Reference Number:943511 Children were: Henry Franklin BOYD.

B. I. BOYD3,397 was born in Dec 1892 in Lamar Co., Alabama.3,397 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 62519. Parents: Earley I. BOYD and Cymanthia Eva HENRY.

B. Palmer BOYD3,551 was born on 20 Jan 1899 in Kentucky.3,551 He died on 22 Nov 1982 in Kentucky.3,551 He is reference number 63389. Parents: Wesley BOYD and Clarinda SMILEY.

Spouse: Golda CONN. B. Palmer BOYD and Golda CONN were married in ?.3,551 Reference Number:1069176 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Baby BOYD3,1115 was born on 31 May 1821 in Chester County, South Carolina.3,1115 She died Unknown in Chester County, South Carolina.3,1115 She is reference number 22158. Parents: Robert Patterson BOYD and Mary WYLIE.

Baby BOYD3 was born on 3 Mar 1865.3 He was also known as Baby Boy Boyd.3,407 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 22867. Parents: John Keicher BOYD and Leah Anna BARB.

Baby BOYD3,95 was born about 1881 in <, Franklin Co, VA>.3 Baby BOYD died Unknown.3 Baby BOYD is reference number 54314. Baby BOYD has Ancestral File Number RS1P-Q7. Parents: Henry BOYD and Ellender WOOD.

Baby Boy BOYD3,95 died in 1905.3 He was born on 11 Oct 1905 in <, Crawford Co, AR>.3 He is reference number 53874. He has Ancestral File Number 15XB-089. Parents: John Wesley BOYD and Laural Alice SQUYRES.

Baby Girl BOYD3,667 was born about 1917.3,667 She died about 1917.3,667 She is reference number 2346.

Parents: Tandy Charles Landers BOYD and Eva May ELKINS.

Baby Girl BOYD3,667 was born in 1965.3,667 She died in 1965.3,667 She was buried Unknown in Erick Cemetery.3,667 She is reference number 2330. Parents: Living BOYD and Living PRATHER.

Bailey Martin BOYD3,218,316,1271 was born on 5 May 1840 in Nr Carrollton, Carroll, AR.3,316 He died on 3 Dec 1909 in Great Falls, Cascase, MT.3,316 He was buried on 3 Dec 1909 in Highland Cem., Great Falls, Cascade, MT.3,316 He is reference number 26500. Parents: Roland BOYD and Mary YOUNGBLOOD.

Spouse: Louisa Jane SLOVER. Bailey Martin BOYD and Louisa Jane SLOVER were married about 1869.3,316 Reference Number:510894 Children were: William Edward BOYD, Louisa Etta BOYD.

Baker Roberts BOYD3,840 was born on 23 Oct 1878 in Binnsville, Sumter, Alabama.3,840 He died on 14 Nov 1933 in Americus, Sumter, GA.3,840He was also known as Baker Roberts Boyd.3,483 He is reference number 22825. Parents: Hugh Lodd BOYD and Missouri Jane PAYNE.

Spouse: Lucille BANKHEAD. Baker Roberts BOYD and Lucille BANKHEAD were married on 6 Jun 1906.3,483,840 Reference Number:455881

Baker Ross BOYD3,483 was born on 2 Jan 1900.3,483 He died on 14 Oct 1922 in Jefferson County , AL..3,483 He is reference number 59060. Parents: Random Roderick BOYD and Ella Darnell LAVANDER.

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