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Ballinger BOYD3,95 was born in 1802 in , Whitley Co, Kentucky.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 56695. He has Ancestral File Number MBH8-PL. Parents: Robert BOYD and Mary GLASS.

Spouse: Mary DAVIS. Ballinger BOYD and Mary DAVIS were married on 20 Dec 1827 in Whitley Co., Kentucky.3 Reference Number:973462 Children were: James Rutherford BOYD, Sarah BOYD, Elias BOYD, Elizabeth BOYD, Nancy BOYD, Mary A BOYD, William P BOYD.

Rev. Bankhead BOYD2,3 was born in 1809 in , Co. Derry, Ireland.2,3 He died on 2 Feb 1860 in , Washington Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 He is reference number 45647.

! (1) "Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania" (Chicago: J.H . Beers & Co., 1893) p.374, 993.

Marriage to Margaret THOME: (1) 7 Mar 1838.
Death: (1) 2 Feb 1860.

(1) 1824: Came with his parents to America and settled in the bounds of the congregation o f which afterward he became the pastor.
(1) 1829: Graduated at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Washington Co., PA.
(1) Studied theology four years in the Associate Theological Seminary, also near Canonsburg , which institution was then under the supervision of Rev. James RAMSEY, D.D.
(1) 1833, summer: Licensed to preach.
(1) 1834, Jul: Installed pastor of the Seceder Church, Pigeon Creek. Remained its pastor un til his death.
(1) Chosen a member of the Board of Managers of the Associate Theological Seminary near Can onsburg.
(1) "As a sermonizer he was clear and methodical, thus greatly aiding the hearer in rememb ering the discourse. He sustained every sentiment by Scripture testimony. The doctrines he pr esented were strictly Calvinistic, and were highly calculated to make strong Christians in fa ith and good works. He treated sin, and especially Sabbath desecrations, in a manner to convi nce the most callous of their dark and degrading character. As a pastor he was honest, faithf ul, conscientious. On communion occasions he very distinctly outlined the character of the wo rthy partaker of the Lord's Supper. A warm friend of the young, his instructions always press ed them to walk in the ways of truth and righteousness. Whilst it is true that "winter storm s and summer's thunder can not break the sleep of death," yet with many in his old congregati on and community his kind admonitions are still fresh and impressive in their influence. As t he moderator of Session he was calm, decided and ever ready to promote whatever would advanc e the spiritual interests of his people. As a presbyter he was esteemed a wise and safe couns elor." Possessed a cultivated and well-stored mind. Parents: Hugh BOYD and Elizabeth SCOTT.

Banks Craig BOYD3,540 was born on 17 Apr 1900.3,540,623 He died on 24 Feb 1978.3,540,861 He is reference number 25442.

Page 110 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982, says that he is buried in Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Chester Co., South Carolina. Parents: Robert Ford BOYD and Blanche QUINLEN.

Spouse: Living PEAY.

Banks Goodman BOYD3,38,95 was born about 1900 in <, Catawba, North Carolina>.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 24516. He has Ancestral File Number 1G6F-02S. Parents: Gustavus Reinhardt BOYD and Jenny RABB.

Barbara BOYD3,38 was christened on 18 Mar 1755 in Canonbie, Dumfries, Scotland.3,38 She was born in 1755 in Glenborough, Cmbrln, Engl.3,38 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 24218. Parents: Gideon BOYD and Jean MCKIE.

Barbara BOYD3 was born before 1775.3 She was also known as Parberry Boyd.3,206 She died Unknown in Madison County, Ohio.3 She is reference number 5076.

Spouse: Charles EWING. Charles EWING and Barbara BOYD were married on 25 Mar 1790 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.3,206,1352 Reference Number:102243 Children were: Samuel EWING.

Barbara BOYD3,473 was born on 19 Apr 1810.3,473 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 48011. Parents: Levi BOYD and Sally STEPHENS.

Spouse: Timothy BOWEN. Timothy BOWEN and Barbara BOYD were married on 1 Sep 1825 in Whitingham.3,473 Reference Number:852838

Barbara BOYD3,399 was born about 1854.3,399 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 13601. Parents: Joseph BOYD and Priscilla ROBINSON.

Barbara BOYD3,717,1231 was born on 25 Sep 1876.3,717,1231 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 40100. Parents: John BOYD and Elicia DAVIDSON.

Barbara BOYD3,183 was born on 18 Jan 1899 in IN.3,183,1309 She died after 18 Jan 1899 in IN.3,183 She is reference number 71641. Parents: Amzy BOYD and Myrtle Priscilla KENNEDY.

Barbara Bell BOYD3,450 was born about 1869 in .3,38 She was also known as Barbara Belle Boyd.3,38,449 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 28683. She has Ancestral File Number 1Q7K-Q7T. Parents: Samuel Douglas BOYD and Catherine BUEGHLEY.

Spouse: Clarence TWEED. Clarence TWEED and Barbara Bell BOYD were married. Reference Number:409820 Children were: Enid TWEED.

Barbara Jean BOYD3,38,583 was born on 27 Nov 1929 in Nebraska City, Otoe Co., Neb..3,38 She died on 20 Dec 1982 in Omaha, Douglas Co., Neb..3,38 She is reference number 21291. Parents: Walter Sylvester BOYD and Florence Emma METZ.

Barbara Joan BOYD3,360 was born on 20 Mar 1931 in Toronto, York Twp, Ontario, Canada.3,360 She died on 10 Mar 1970 in Ontario, Canada.3,360 She was also known as Joan Boyd. She was buried Unknown in Bethel Cem, Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.3,360 She is reference number 26274. Parents: H. Orville BOYD and Winnifred G. JORDAN.

Barbara Laverne BOYD.3

Barbara Miller BOYD3,1117 was born on 15 May 1905 in Glasgow, Scotland.3,1117 She died on 23 Sep 1979 in Portage, Indiana.3,1117 She was buried Unknown in Calvary Cemetary, Portage, Indiana.3,1117 She is reference number 51020. Parents: John BOYD and Elizabeth Aitken MCKAY.

Spouse: Charles SKINNER. Charles SKINNER and Barbara Miller BOYD were married. Reference Number:890795 Children were: Living SKINNER, Ruth SKINNER.

Spouse: John Paul SIEBENHAAR. John Paul SIEBENHAAR and Barbara Miller BOYD were married. Reference Number:890796 Children were: Living SIEBENHAAR, Living LIVING.

Barber Hixon BOYD3,145 was born on 19 Apr 1833 in Cool Spring Twp, Mercer Co. PA.3,145 He died in 1916 in Mercer Co., PA.3,145 He is reference number 77527.

The Family came from Ireland in 1821, from the County Donegal Parents: Thomas J. BOYD and Nancy HIXON.

Spouse: Isabella E. BURROWS. Barber Hixon BOYD and Isabella E. BURROWS were married on 1 Apr 1862 in Mahoning Co., Hubbard, OH.3,145 Reference Number:1266319 Children were: Guy F. BOYD, Sylvester Barber BOYD, Findley James BOYD, Nancy Jane BOYD, Mary Elizabeth BOYD, Walter Thomas BOYD, Lina Ethel BOYD, Newton George BOYD.

Barber Leroy BOYD3,145 was born on 5 May 1895 in PA.3,145 He died on 20 Oct 1918.3,145 He is reference number 77606.

Barber LeRoy enlisted in the U.S. Army and went to Officers Training Camp at Cambridge Springs, PA on September 11, 1918. He died of Spanish influenza on Sunday morning, October 20, 1918. Parents: Walter Thomas BOYD and Anna KENNISTON.

Spouse: Mabel MORTON. Barber Leroy BOYD and Mabel MORTON were married on 25 Dec 1917.3,145 Reference Number:1266922

Barcy L. BOYD3,645 was born on 15 Dec 1903 in Horry County, South Carolina.3,645 He died on 30 Jun 1961.3,645 He was buried Unknown in Carter Cemetery, Horry County, SC.3,645 He is reference number 55808.

Barcey L. Boyd
The News and Courier July 1, 1961
Barcey L. Boyd, 57, farmer of the Mr. Vernon section of Horry County, died June 30, 1961. Mr. Boyd was born in Horry County Dec. 15, 1903, a son of Mrs. Emily Lee Boyd and the late Thomas Fletcher Boyd. Mr. Boyd was twice married, first to the former Miss Ginny Hewitt, Surviving this union are a son, Billy Boyd, Loris and two daughters, Mrs. Joseph Barnhill and Mrs. Freslan Turner, both of Loris and seven grandchildren. His second marriage was to the former Miss Lenola Register, who survives. In addition to his widow, children and mother are three brothers, Rufus Boyd, Taft Boyd and Alton Boyd, all of Loris; six sisters, Mrs. McCormick Powell and Mrs. Clifford Prince, both of Loris; Mrs. Robert Swindell, Wilmington, N. C.; Mrs. Lee Bryan Haselden, Columbia; Mrs. John Reynolds, Walterboro, and Mrs. Charles Yarborough, Clinton, N. C.; two stepsons, Tyson Chestnut and Coleman Chestnut, both of Loris; three stepdaughters, Mrs. Jack Stevens and Mrs. Thelton Chestnut, both of Conway, and Mrs. Margaret Ann Chestnut, Loris, and five step-grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Earl Todd, Chestnut, Jack Stevens, F. C. Gause, Jr., Jake Gore and Clifford Mishoe. Parents: Thomas Fletcher BOYD and Zilphie Emily LEE.

Spouse: Jennie HEWETT. Barcy L. BOYD and Jennie HEWETT were married. Reference Number:963039 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Bobby BOYD.

Spouse: Living REGISTER.

Barney BOYD3,95 was born about Oct 1896 in , Parker, Texas.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 57550. He has Ancestral File Number 1892-35B. Parents: Benjamin Franklin BOYD and Maggie SUBLETT.

Barney Jefferson BOYD3,38 was born on 15 Sep 1893 in , Bartholomew, IN.3 He died on 29 Sep 1952 in , Bartholomew, IN.3 He is reference number 24618. Parents: Albert Severe BOYD and Paulina Belle LEAMASTERS.

Bart BOYD3,551 was born about 1849.3,551 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 63456. Parents: John BOYD and Nancy WOODS.

Spouse: Julia Ann MULKEY. Bart BOYD and Julia Ann MULKEY were married on 15 Oct 1877 in Floyd County, Kentucky.3,551 Reference Number:1069743

Bartholomew BOYD3,864 was born on 1 Mar 1793 in Middleburgh, NY.3,864 He died on 29 Jul 1880 in Harmony Twp., Rock Co., Wis..3,864 He is reference number 2012. Parents: Alexander BOYD and Elizabeth BECKER.

Spouse: Ann HERRON. Bartholomew BOYD and Ann HERRON were married. Reference Number:44449 Children were: Alexander BOYD.

Bartley BOYD3,1270 was born in 1806.3,1270 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5635. Parents: James BOYD.

Bascom BOYD3,1353 was born in 1871 in Giles County, Tennessee.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 22986. Parents: John BOYD and Mary Ann GATLIN.

Bascomb BOYD3,38 was born in 1862 in Benton, Saline, Arkansas.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 24342. Parents: Green W BOYD and Louiza VESTEL.

Basil Andrew BOYD3,970 was born on 11 Jul 1921.3,970 He died on 21 Jun 1998 in Johnville, New Brunswick.3,970 He is reference number 50608. Parents: Alban Cloud BOYD and Gertrude Margaret PICKARD.

Spouse: Living GALLAGHER. Children were: Living BOYD.

Basil Wayne BOYD3,145 was born on 1 Jul 1900 in Lake Twp. Mercer Co., PA.3,145 He died on 31 Aug 1967 in Stoneboro, PA.3,145 He is reference number 77797. [boyd-trees.ged]

Basil and his family moved from the farm in 1938 because of his diabetic condition. They moved to Stoneboro, PA where he opened BOYD'S HARDWARE. He operated the store, putting up to 70 hours a week, until his retirement. Parents: Nathan James BOYD and Emma Luella MCCLEAN.

Spouse: Anna Ruth WALKER. Basil Wayne BOYD and Anna Ruth WALKER were married on 22 Feb 1927 in Sandy Lake, PA.3,145 Reference Number:1269374 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Baxter BOYD2,3,473 was born on 25 Dec 1799 in Shelburne, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.2,3 He died on 30 Jan 1800 in Shelburne, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.2,3 He is reference number 45366.

! (1) "Descendants of John Boyd who Married Margaret Long, Boston, Massachussetts, 11 Apri l 1731," by Richard G. Boyd (Mt. Morris, MI, 1993; onfido).

Parents: Thomas BOYD and Susanna SMITH.

Bayard BOYD2,3 was born in 1815.2,3 He died in 1875.2,3 He is reference number 45500.

! (1) "Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Book." (a) Vol. 46, p.209. Lineage of Mr s. Charlotte Lansing Boyd Webb 45497. (b) Vol. 69, p.302. Lineage of Mrs. Manette Lansing Nic hols Carpenter 68844.
Parents: Samuel BOYD and Anna Maria BAYARD.

Spouse: Manette LANSING. Bayard BOYD and Manette LANSING were married in 1837.2,3 Reference Number:802060 Children were: Charlotte Lansing BOYD, Anna Maria BOYD.

Beatrice BOYD3,487 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 36972. Parents: William Thomas BOYD.

Beatrice BOYD3,360 was born in 1877 in Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.3,360 She died in 1877 in Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.3,360 She was buried Unknown in Bethel Cem, Morrison Twp, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.3,360 She is reference number 25942. Parents: Andrew C. BOYD and Annette INMAN.

Beatrice E. BOYD3,360 was born on 17 Aug 1922 in Ontario, Canada.3,360 She died on 4 May 1923 in Ontario, Canada.3,360 She was buried Unknown in South River Cem, Machar Twp, Ontario, Canada.3,360 She is reference number 26122. Parents: Earl W. BOYD and Dolores J. SCOTT.

Beatrice O. BOYD3,360 was born on 2 Jul 1891 in Ontario, Canada.3,360 She died on 18 Jul 1928.3,360 She is reference number 26297. Parents: Andrew BOYD and Margaret E. HOFFMAN.

Spouse: Isaac C. MCLEOD. Isaac C. MCLEOD and Beatrice O. BOYD were married on 22 Nov 1911.3,360 Reference Number:507799

Beaula B. BOYD3,667,1354 was born on 6 Dec 1886 in Johnson County, TX.3,667 She was also known as Butte. She died Unknown in Portland, Oregon.3,667 She is reference number 2391.

Parents: Moses Ervin BOYD and Millie Jane MITCHELL. Parents: . Parents: .

Bedford B. BOYD3,688 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 1065. Parents: Joseph Edward BOYD and Henrietta DODD.

Beezer Fredrick BOYD3,1293 was born in May 1852 in North Carolina.3 He died on 30 Apr 1922 in North Carolina.3 He is reference number 24559. Parents: Alfred K. BOYD and Sarah Jane BOYD.

Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth BOYD. Beezer Fredrick BOYD and Sarah Elizabeth BOYD were married on 20 Feb 1873 in Long Acre, North Carolina.3 Reference Number:483094 Children were: Nancy E. BOYD, Lucy L. BOYD, Andrew Jordan BOYD, William Alford BOYD, Thomas Montogmery BOYD, Penelope Jane BOYD, John R. BOYD, Mary E. BOYD, Charles R. BOYD, Lonnie M. BOYD, Claude B. BOYD, Viola Virginia BOYD.

Bela BOYD3,717,846,1274,1328 was born in 1845.3,717,846 She died in 1928 in Buried Tyrone Ditches Presbyterian Church.3,717,846 She was also known as Bella Boyd. She is reference number 39526.
Spelled "Bella" on headstone in Tyrone Ditches.

Did not marry. Parents: James BOYD and Mary FINCH.

Belinda BOYD3,550 was born on 7 Oct 1812.3,550 She died on 1 Sep 1876.3,550 She is reference number 667. Parents: John BOYD and Barbara JOHNSON.

Spouse: Joseph L. COOK. Joseph L. COOK and Belinda BOYD were married. Reference Number:20158 Children were: Laura M. COOK, Ella R. COOK, Julia COOK.

Belinda Jane BOYD3,38 was born on 29 Jun 1842 in <, , Ireland>.3 She died on 16 Mar 1894.3 She is reference number 50972. She has Ancestral File Number 2FVW-B3. Parents: William C. BOYD and White.

Bell BOYD3,38 was born about 1893.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 54445. She has Ancestral File Number 1B7X-ZWV.

Spouse: John A BOYD. John A BOYD and Bell BOYD were married on 6 Jan 1914.3 Reference Number:943073

Bell A. BOYD3,38,583 was born in 1879 in MO.3,38 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 21364. Parents: Alexander Mcknight BOYD and Nancy Jane DAVISON.

Belle BOYD3,399 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 13466. Parents: John Lewis BOYD and J. Catherine ROMAN.

Belle BOYD3,281 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 52882. Parents: Alexander L. BOYD and Fannie TUMAN OR TOOMAN.

Belle BOYD3,38,95 was born in 1867 in <, Tuscarawas, Ohio>.3,38 She died Unknown.3,38 She is reference number 54039. She has Ancestral File Number 16KP-QFK. Parents: Armstrong E. BOYD and Elizabeth THOMPSON.

Belle BOYD3,1355 was born on 14 Apr 1887 in Jackson County, Alabama.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 5854. Parents: Robert BOYD and Mary WALLER.

Belle Crawford BOYD3,281 was born in 1854 in Fayette, Pennsylvania.3,281 She died Unknown in Y.3,281 She is reference number 52932. Parents: Joseph Heister BOYD and Isabella Long BOYD.

Belle M. BOYD3,483 was born on 30 Jun 1870.3,483 She died on 25 Feb 1962.3,483 She is reference number 59249. Parents: John James BOYD and Elizabeth Frances HOPPER.

Spouse: George GRANTHAM. George GRANTHAM and Belle M. BOYD were married. Reference Number:992270

Belva Alberta BOYD3,186 was born on 14 Feb 1911 in Eddyville, Neb.3,186 She died on 16 Jul 1942.3,186 She is reference number 75807. Parents: Julius Samuel BOYD and Minnie Maude FLOWERDEW.

Spouse: Living FOLTZ.

Ben BOYD3,345 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 77167. Parents: Wilson BOYD and Sarah WILSON.

Ben BOYD3,460 died Unknown.3,460 He is reference number 105939. Parents: Wilson BOYD and Sarah WILSON.

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