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Of Upper Burgundy ADELAIDE7,129,165,207 was born about 932. She died on 17 Dec 999 in Selz. She was also known as Von Italie.
NAME Alice (von Italie) (Ade laide) /of Burgundy/

Parents: King Of Both Burgundies RUDOLPH II and Of Swabia BERTHA. Parents: King Of Burgundy Rudolph II OF BURGUNDY and Bertha OF SUABIA.

Spouse: King Of Germany Otto I OF GERMANY. They were married in Oct 951 in .16,20,277,299,465,466,499,500 Edith or Eadgyth of Wessex, half sister of Athelstan, was married to Otto I who later became Holy Roman Emperor.
REFN 35542

REFN 57750 Children were: Emperor Otho II OF GERMANY, Adelaide OF SAXONY.

Of Vermandois ADELAIDE7,207 was born in 950. MLC/RA; DIED IN 975 OR 978 Parents: Count Of Troyes, Count Of Herbert II Caroling VERMANDOIS and Princess Of France Hildebrante Or Adela DE FRANCE.

Spouse: Count Of Anjou Geoffroi Ier Grisegonelle D'ANJOU. Count Of Anjou Geoffroi Ier Grisegonelle D'ANJOU and Of Vermandois ADELAIDE were married. Children were: Of Anjou ERMENGARDE, Count Of Fulk III The BLACK, Of Anjou GERBERGE.

Countess Of Carcasso ADELAIDENNE7,243,264,498 was born about 949 in Of Carcassonne, Aude, France. She died after 1011. OCCU Adelaide de Rouergue ...
Royalty for Commoners, Roderick W. Stuart,p.209

Spouse: Count Of Carcassonne ROGER I. Count Of Carcassonne ROGER I and Countess Of Carcasso ADELAIDENNE were married in 970 in France.

Children were: Ermensinde Of CARCASSONNE, Seigneur De , Count Bigor Bernard Rodger FOIX, Bernard Roger BIGORE, Ermensinde DE CARCASSONNE.

Contessa Di Torino ADELAIS7,368,370 was born about 1018.501 She died on 19 Dec 1091.462 She was in Contessa Di Torino And Di Susa (Savoia).501 Parents: Manfredo II ODALRICO Marchese Di Torino-Albenza and Berta D' ESTE.

Prince Of Hungary ADELAJDA7,248 died in Sep 997. Parents: .

Spouse: Regent Of Poland MIHALY. Regent Of Poland MIHALY and Prince Of Hungary ADELAJDA were married. Children were: Prince Of Hungary Vazul LADIISLAV.

Princess Of Poland ADELAJDA7,45 was born about 1114 in Of, Krawkow, Poland.463 She died.463 Parents: Prince Of Poland BOLESLAW III and Countess Salome Of BERG-SCHELKLINGEN.

Alberge Or ADELBERGE7,45,340,341 was born in 1045. 2 SOUR S0085816

Spouse: Lancelin DE BEAUGENCY II. Lancelin DE BEAUGENCY II and Alberge Or ADELBERGE were married. _STATMARRIED Children were: Raoul I DE BEAUGENCY, Alice DE BEAUGENCY, Agnes DE BEAUGENCY, Hildegarde DE BEAUGENCY, Raoul I De BEAUGENCY.

ADELBERT7,110,502 was born about 413.502 He died in 491.502 Parents: CLODIUS.

Children were: WAMBERT.

ADELBERT7,110 was born in 454. He died in 491. Parents: I CHILDERIC and BASINA.

ADELBERT5,128 was born about 670.5,128 Parents: Clodion Of The FRANKS.

Children were: WAMBERT.

Duke Of Alsace Of Alsace ADELBERT7,25,26,245 was born about 665.25 He died in 720.25 He was buried in 720.25 Name Suffix:<NSFX> Duke of Alsace
2 SOUR S0001921

Parents: Duke Of Alsace ADALRIC and Duchess Of Alsace Berswinde Of AUTUN Duchess Of Alsace\.

Spouse: Duchess Of Alsace Duchess Of Alsace GERLINDE. Children were: Duke Of Alsace Of Alsace EBERHAND, Duke Of Alsace Luitfride I Of ALSACE Of Alsace.


Spouse: Count Yvres III DE BEAUMONT. Children were: Agnes BEAUMONT.

ADELE.29,232 Parents: Count Of Franks Burgundy Bodilon BODITON and SIGRADE.
Queen Of France ADELE7,26,73,74,134,503 was born about 860.73,74 She died WFT Est 898-964.73,503 Name Suffix:<NSFX> Queen of France

2 SOUR S0002199
2 SOUR S0002063

Spouse: King Of France I ROBERT. King Of France I ROBERT and Queen Of France ADELE were married WFT Est 874-903.73,74,134,503 Children were: Countess Liegarde Of France DE VERMANDOIS.

ADELE7,248 was born about 997. She was also known as Adele Unknown.70,173

Spouse: Guermond DE PICQUIGNY. Guermond DE PICQUIGNY and ADELE were married. Children were: Arnoul DE PICQUIGNY.

Spouse: Guermond De PECQUIGNY. Guermond De PECQUIGNY and ADELE were married. Children were: Eustace De PECQUIGNY.

ADELE7,21,32 was born in 1004 in France.32

Spouse: Richard I D'EVREUX. Richard I D'EVREUX and ADELE were married. Children were: Agnes DE EVEREUX.

ADELE7,377,378 was born in 1010 in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England.377

Spouse: Ivo DE BEAUMONT. Ivo DE BEAUMONT and ADELE were married. Children were: Alice DE BEAUMONT.

Alix Of Eguish ADELE.54 Parents: Hugo OF DAGSBURG & EGISHEIM.

Spouse: Regnier III Of Hainault RAINIER. Children were: Rainer OF HAINULT IV, Lambert OF BRABANT LOUVAIN I.

Of Champagne ADELE7,313 died in 1206.

Spouse: King Of \Capet Of France\ Louis CAPET VII. King Of \Capet Of France\ Louis CAPET VII and Of Champagne ADELE were married. Children were: King Of France Philip II, Alice CAPET.

Of Mercoeur ADELGARDEHILDEG7,207 was born about 870. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: Seigneur Of Mercoeur BERALD I and GERBERGE.

Spouse: Vicomte Of Auvergne ROBERT I. Vicomte Of Auvergne ROBERT I and Of Mercoeur ADELGARDEHILDEG were married. Children were: Vicomte Of Auvergne ROBERT II.

Princess Of Kiev Evpraksiya ADELGEJDA.45,463

Spouse: Hr Emperor HENRY IV.


Spouse: Markgraf Von Nordmark GERO. Children were: THIETMAR Markgraf Von Lausnitz.


Spouse: Duke Simon OF LORRAINE. Children were: Duke Matthieu I OF LORRAINE, Agatha OF LORRAINE, Helvide OF LORRAINE, Duke Matthieu I OF LORRAINE.

Margrava Of Este ADELHEID.25,26 Parents: Emperor/Germany Henry I Of The Germans SAXONY and Empress Of Germany MATILDA OF OLDENBURGH, EMPRESS OF GERMAN.

ADELHEID7,295 died before 979. REFN: 5315

Spouse: Duke Of Lower Lorraine Charles I DUC DE LOTHARINGIA. Duke Of Lower Lorraine Charles I DUC DE LOTHARINGIA and ADELHEID were married in 978. REFN16264 Children were: Ermengarde De BRABANT.

Duchess Of Lower Lorraine ADELHEID7,45 died after 13 Aug 1106.463 She was born in Of, Arlon, Luxembourg, Belgium.463 GIVN Adelheid Duchess Of Lower

Parents: Boto Von BOTENSTEIN and Jutta Of SWABIA.

Spouse: Duke Of Lorraine HENRI I. Duke Of Lorraine HENRI I and Duchess Of Lower Lorraine ADELHEID were married before 1106.463 Children were: Heinrich DE LIMBURG, Duke Of Limburg WALRAM II, Countess Of Limburg AGNES, Countess Of Limburg ADELHEID, Countess Of Limburg MATHILDE.

Princess ADELHEID7,54 was born in 774. She was also known as Princess Of The Holy Roman Empire. Parents: Emperor Of The Holy Roman Charlemagne MARTEL and Princess Of Alemannien Hildegarde DE VINZGAU.

Countess Of Alsace ADELHEID7,504 was born about 979 in Of Remiremont, Vosges, France. She died on 19 May 1040. Parents: Count Of Equiseheim Eberhard I GEBHARD I and LUITGARDE.

Spouse: Count Of Speyergau HEINRICH. Count Of Speyergau HEINRICH and Countess Of Alsace ADELHEID were married. Children were: Emperor KONRAD II.

Countess Of \Anhalt & Bal ADELHEID7,97,213 was born about 1047 in . She died on 28 Mar 1100. Parents: . Parents: Adele De LOUVAIN.

Spouse: Henry II Ct DE LOUVAIN. Henry II Ct DE LOUVAIN and Countess Of \Anhalt & Bal ADELHEID were married in . Children were: Henry III De Louvain LORRAINE.

Countess Of Limburg ADELHEID7,45 was born in 1091 in Of, Limburg, Limburg, Belgium.463 She died on 6 Feb 1145/46.463 . Parents: Duke Of Lorraine HENRI I and Duchess Of Lower Lorraine ADELHEID.


Children were: Williswint Heiress Of WORMSGAU.

ADELIA5,94,126,127 was born about 1813 in NY.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 14836.

Spouse: Alonzo WATERMAN. Alonzo WATERMAN and ADELIA were married. Reference Number:109155

Queen Of England ADELICIA7,111 was born about 1094 in Of, Brabant, Netherlands. She died on 23 Apr 1151 in , Affligham, Flanders, France. She was buried on 23 Apr 1151 in Reading Abbey, Reading, Berkshire, England. She was christened in (Abt 48-1151). Name Suffix:<NSFX> Queen of England
Name Suffix:<NSFX> Queen of England
Ances tral File Number:<AFN> 9FTJ-61 Parents: .

Spouse: King Of England Henry I "Beauclere" ENGLAND I. King Of England Henry I "Beauclere" ENGLAND I and Queen Of England ADELICIA were married on 24 Jan 1120/21 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Children were: Mabilia FITZHENRY, Emma DE FALAISE, Constance FITZHENRY, Mathilde OF ENGLAND, Sybil DE FALAISE, Maud Of MONTIVILLIERS Abbess Of Unknown.

Alice De Belmeis ADELICIA7,10,15,20,32,51,67,81,82,177,251,273,284,312,377 was born about 1136 in Of, Harringworth, Northamptonshire, Eng.15,20,284,377 She died after 1190 in (Unknown), Eng.15,20,284 She was also known as Adeleza. She was christened in Of Tong, Shropshire, Or Ashby, Leicestershire, Eng.377 Also Known As:<_AKA> Adeline /de Belmeis/

2 SOUR S286829
2 SOUR S286834

Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 9R30-Z6 Parents: Phillip DE BELMEIS and Maud DE MESCHINES. Parents: . Parents: ** Phillip De BELMEIS and Maud DE MESCHINES.

Spouse: Lord Of Ashby Alan DE LA ZOUCHE III. Lord Of Ashby Alan DE LA ZOUCHE III and Alice De Belmeis ADELICIA were married about 1181 in Of, Josselin, Morbihan, France.377 _UIDB4520EA320721945955C348BF9DE42FA6AFD Children were: Shreiff Of Devon Roger DE LA ZOUCHE, Phillip LA ZOUCHE, William LA ZOUCHE.

Spouse: Lord Of Ashby Alan DE LA ZOUCHE III. Lord Of Ashby Alan DE LA ZOUCHE III and Alice De Belmeis ADELICIA were married about 1181.Children were: Shreiff Of Devon Roger DE LA ZOUCHE, Philip LA ZOUCHE, William LA ZOUCHE.

ADELINDIS7,331,505 was born about 720.

Spouse: Guerin Of THURGAU. Guerin Of THURGAU and ADELINDIS were married. Children were: Milo De NARBONNE, 'the Constable' Bouchard Of CORSICA.

Spouse: Count Of The Thurgovie GUERIN. Count Of The Thurgovie GUERIN and ADELINDIS were married. Children were: Milo Of NARBONNE, 'the Constable' Bouchard Of CORSICA.

ADELINE3,426 was born WFT Est 1754-1783.3,426 She died WFT Est 1797-1873.3,426 She is reference number 80706.

Spouse: Jesse Bryan ELLEDGE. Jesse Bryan ELLEDGE and ADELINE were married WFT Est 1793-1828.3,426 Reference Number:1313115 Children were: Charity ELLEDGE.

ADELINE3,333 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 104954.

Spouse: Jesse DEES. Jesse DEES and ADELINE were married. Reference Number:1649754 Children were: Saphronia DEES.

Countess De Boulogne ADELINE7,46,47,48,228,295,496 was born in 980.50She died in Boulogne, France. REFN: 11256
Name Suffix:<NSFX> Countess of Boulogn

Spouse: Comte De Boulogne Hugues DES PLANTARD. Comte De Boulogne Hugues DES PLANTARD and Countess De Boulogne ADELINE were married. REFN43086 Children were: Count De Boulogne Eustace DE BOULOGNE I, Rosetta De ST. POL, Rosetta DE ST. POL.

ADELINE7,71,262 was born about 1056 in Derbyshire, England.506

Spouse: Constable Of Worcester Urso DE Arbitot. Constable Of Worcester Urso DE Arbitot and ADELINE were married. Children were: Miss De ARBITOT, Emeline De ARBITOT.

ADELINE5,94,126,127 was born about 1830 in Greene Co, NY.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 14682.

Spouse: John HUGGINS. John HUGGINS and ADELINE were married. Reference Number:107376

Of Meulan ADELINE7,313,507,508 was born in 1114.507 Parents: Robert DEBEAMONT-LE-ROGER and Isabelle Elizabeth DEVERMANDOIS.


Spouse: Roger DE PITRES. Children were: Sheriff Of Gloucester Walter FITZ ROGER.

ADELISE7,27 was born in 1140.

Spouse: Robert DE BETHUNE. Robert DE BETHUNE and ADELISE were married. Children were: William DE BETHUNE.

ADELIZA.103,295 Parents: Count Of Montreuil & Pont Enguerrand II De Aumãale PONTHIEU and Countess Of Ponthieu & Au Adbelahide NORMANDY.

ADELIZA7,239 was born about 1070. Parents: .

Spouse: \King Of England Geoffrey V "The PLANTAGENET Count Of Anjou Plantagenet. \King Of England Geoffrey V "The PLANTAGENET Count Of Anjou Plantagenet and ADELIZA were married.

Alice De Toeni ADELIZA7,37 was buried Unknown in France. Parents: Roger I DE TOENI and Countess Adele DE TONI.

Andrew ADELMANN.188

Spouse: Living BOBO.

She was born in 870. She died about 900.

Spouse: Wipert NANTES. Wipert NANTES and ADELTRUDE were married. Children were: Ermengarde De NANTES.

Spouse: Wipert Ou Wibert DE NANTES. Wipert Ou Wibert DE NANTES and ADELTRUDE were married in 896. Children were: Ermengarde DE NANTES.

Vc De Brosse ADEMAR.79

Spouse: MELISENDIS. Children were: Rothilde De BROSSE.

Christopher ADEN3,87 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 46935.

Spouse: Rosanna Elizabeth LAWS. Christopher ADEN and Rosanna Elizabeth LAWS were married on 31 May 1866 in , Ste. Genevieve Co, MO.3,87 Reference Number:826524

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