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Deborah5,94,126,127 was born about 1794 in Westchester Co, NY.5,94,126,127 She died after 1865.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 14057.

Spouse: Albert TRUESDELL. Albert TRUESDELL and Deborah were married before 1830.5,94,127 Reference Number:100277

Deborah4,5 was born about 1813.4,5 She is reference number RO050603s.

Spouse: Edmund NICHOLSON. Edmund NICHOLSON and Deborah were married.

Deborah H..19

Spouse: Billy Shane HOOD. Children were: Sonya Michelle HOOD.


Spouse: William BURBANK. Children were: Eliza BURBANK.

Derinda3 died on 21 Jun 1892 in Neosho, Newton Co., Missouri.3 She is reference number 21005.

Her obituary gives her name as Derinda Boyd, although records
indicate she married John Price after the death of William
Boyd. "Died: On Tuesday, June 21, Mrs. Derinda Boyd, aged 68
years. Funeral services were held at the family residence on
Coler street yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock and attended by a
large number of the friends of the deceased."

Spouse: William M. BOYD. William M. BOYD and Derinda were married on 3 Jun 1847 in Newton Co., Missouri.3,155 Reference Number:422068

Diana2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 30714.

Spouse: George BUCHANAN. George BUCHANAN and Diana were married. Reference Number:578075 Children were: Sallie BUCHANAN.

Dick.3 Parents: Gertie DICK.

Dick3,38 was born about 1802 in .3,38 He died before Jan 1872.3,38 He is reference number 21681.

Spouse: Isabella. Dick and Isabella were married before 1827 in Edgefield, , South Carolina.3,38 Reference Number:435456 Children were: William BOYD, Jack, Allen, Cuffy.

King Of The Saxons\ Dieterick7,156 was born about 785 in Saxony, North Germany. He died before 865 in Saxony, North Germany. He was buried in Saxony, North Germany. Parents: King Of The Saxons\ Sighard and JULANDA.

Spouse: DOBIOGERA. King Of The Saxons\ Dieterick and DOBIOGERA were married. Children were: King Of The Saxons\ Werniche.

Count Dietrich The Riparian.25,26

Children were: Countess Of Ittergau MATILDA.

Dietrich Thierry D' Alsace7,45 was born about 1099 in Of, Alsace, France. He died on 17 Jan 1167/68. GIVN Dietrich (Thierry) D'

Parents: Duke Of Upper Lorraine Thierry I DIETRICHT I and Gertrude De FLANDERS. Parents: Thierry II Of LORRAINE and Countess Of Sur, Princess Gundrada DE ST. OMER.

Spouse: Sibilla De Anjou. Dietrich Thierry D' Alsace and Sibilla De Anjou were married in 1131. Children were: Matthieu D' ALSACE, Countess Margaret LORRAINE.

Dinah4,5 was born about 1699.4,5 She died in 1752 in , Norfolk, Virginia.4,5 She is reference number AL4205.

Spouse: Richard TAYLOR. Richard TAYLOR and Dinah were married. Children were: Joseph TAYLOR, Thomas TAYLOR, Richard TAYLOR.


Spouse: Enos Oliver FOX.

Concubine Of Fulbert\ Doda7,35,36 was born in 980 in Falais, Normandy.35 She was also known as Dode Duxia.

Spouse: The Tanner' Fulbert DE FALAISE. The Tanner' Fulbert DE FALAISE and Concubine Of Fulbert\ Doda were married in 1002.35 Children were: \Lord Of Croy\ REYNALD, Officer Of The Household Harlette DE FALAISE.

King Of Scotland\ Donald III Bane Of Scotland7,15,20,21,81,112,157,158 died in 1099 in Rescobie, Angusshire, Scotland.20,50 He was also known as Donald III Bane Of Scotland King Of Scots.46,47,48 He was born Between 1033-1034 in Of Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland.20,50

Acceded: 1093.
Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #1990, Date of Import: 18 Jul 1996
Reigned 1093-May 1094, No v 1094-Oct 1097.
K of Scots 1093-1094
Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #1990, Date o f Import: 18 Jul 1996

Parents: King Of Scotland Duncan I MACCRINAN and Aelflaed OF NORTHUMBRIA.


Spouse: Walter Thomas GODSEY. Children were: Josh Randell GODSEY, Walter Thomas Jr. GODSEY, Deloris GODSEY, Timothy Earl GODSEY.

Dora4,5 was born on 23 Nov 1905.4,5,159 She died in Feb 1986 in Spokane, Spokane, Washington.4,5

Spouse: William Franc BOESE. William Franc BOESE and Dora were married.

Dorcas2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 44561.
! (1) Cumberland Co., PA Deeds. (a) Book 1F, p.28. FHL film 21,049. Hard to read. (b) Book 1 F, p.74. FHL film 21,049.

(1a) 1780, 12 Sep: Dorcas BOYD of Carlisle widow, deed to William THOMSON of Middleton Twp. , Esquire & Joseph SPEAR of Carlisle Esquire, executors of John BOYD's will.
(1b) 1780, 12 Sep: Mary STEVENSON & Joseph GALLOWAY deed to Dorcas BOYD...Uncle William THO MPSON, brother-in-law Joseph SPEAR.

Spouse: John BOYD. John BOYD and Dorcas were married. Reference Number:785339 Children were: Mary BOYD, John BOYD.

Dorothy2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 29912.

Spouse: Aaron FORMAN. Aaron FORMAN and Dorothy were married about 1657 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY.2,3 Reference Number:561330 Children were: Aaron FORMAN, Thomas FORMAN.

Dorothy2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 30193. [boyd-trees.ged]

!(1) "Hanna of Castle Sorbie, Scotland, and Descendants," by Rev. James Arthur
MacClannahan Hanna (Edwards Bros., Ann Arbor, MI, 1959) 1:xx,27. Cites: (a)
"Americana," Vol. XIX, Oct 1925, No. 4, p.491-503.

Spouse: John (Hannay) HANNAH. John (Hannay) HANNAH and Dorothy were married. Reference Number:565170

Spouse: Alexander STEWART. Alexander STEWART and Dorothy were married. Reference Number:567800

Dorothy4,5 was born about 1577 in Of, Gretton, Northants, England.4,5 She was buried on 21 Mar 1631 in Gretton, Northants, England.4,5 She is reference number BU4303.

!Burial: Gretton Parish Register

Spouse: Robert BUTTERWICK. Robert BUTTERWICK and Dorothy were married about 1596 in Of Gretton, Northants, England.4,5 Children were: Richard BUTTERWICKE, Margerye BUTTERWEEKE, Elizabeth BUTTERWEEKE, William BUTTERWORTH OR BUTTERWEEK.

Dorothy4,5 was born about 1612 in Of Benefield, Northants, England.4,5 She was buried on 25 Mar 1664 in Benefield, Northants, England.4,5,66

Spouse: John BLACKWELL. John BLACKWELL and Dorothy were married about 1632 in Of Benefield, Northants, England.4,5 Children were: John BLACKWELL, Mary BLACKWELL, Thomas BLACKWELL, Simon BLACKWELL, Robert BLACKWELL, Nicholas BLACKWELL, Elizabeth BLACKWELL, BLACKWELL, Matthew BLACKWELL, Marie BLACKWELL.

Dorothy4,5 was born about 1688.4,5 She was buried on 5 Jul 1723 in Gt Gidding, Hunts, England.4,5

!Marriage approximated from Great Gidding Court Book
Burial: Great Gidding Parish Register

Spouse: John HOPPER. John HOPPER and Dorothy were married before May 1708.4,5 Children were: Hannah HOPPER, Samuel HOPPER, George HOPPER, John HOPPER.

Count Of Metz Drogo.18 Parents: Emperor Of The Holy Roman Charlemagne MARTEL and REGINA.

Drucilla Unknown.5,93,94,160

Spouse: Henry ROSS. Children were: Jesse ROSS, Martha ROSS, Lydia M. ROSS.

Lord Balidoon\ Drue.46,47,48

Children were: Emma DE BATEDON, Eunice DE BAALUN.

Lord Balidoon\ Drue7,15,20,32,44 was born in 1016.32 [large-G675.FTW]

Related to Hamelin de Ballon, Lord of Abergevenny.
"Royal Ancestors of Some American Families", Michel L. Call.
"Ancestral Roots of Sixt y Colonists Who Came to New England 1623-1650",
Weis, Editions 1-6.
"Some Early English Pedigrees", Vernon M. Norr.

Children were: Eunice DE BAALUN.

King Of Scots Duff7,14 was born in 930 in Scotland. He died in 966 in Scotland. He was also known as Dubh. Also Known As:<_AKA> Duff King of /Scotland/ Parents: King Of Scots Malcolm I.

Earl Of Caithness\ Duncan7,161 was born about 871 in Caithness, Scotland.162 He died in Scotland.162 He was in Earl Of Caithness.162 [1727820_EWrottesleyCut61.FTW]
REFN: 9772

Spouse: Groa THORSTEINSDOTTIR. Earl Of Caithness\ Duncan and Groa THORSTEINSDOTTIR were married before 898 in Scotland.162 Children were: Grelod DUNCANSDOTTER.

Lady Of Autun Dunne7,18 was born in 770.

Spouse: Count Of Autun Childebrand II. Count Of Autun Childebrand II and Lady Of Autun Dunne were married. Children were: Count Of Autunoi Thierry.

Eaba7,163 was born about 732 in ., Wessex, Saxony, England. He was also known as Eafa. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> G70H-2C Parents: EOPPA and Mrs EOPPA.

Spouse: Mrs EABA. Eaba and Mrs EABA were married in , , Wessex, England. Children were: Under-King Of Ealhmund KENT.

\King Of England Eadred Wessex7,21 was born in 924. Acceded 946-955. Parents: West Saxon King Of Edward ENGLAND I and Queen Of England Eadgifu OF KENT.

Duchess Of Mercia Ealdglyth7,35,36 was born in 1035 in Saxe, Mercia, England.35 She died in 1086.35 She was also known as Swan-Neck. 2 SOUR S002120
4 TEXT Date of Import: Apr 17, 2001 Parents: Earl Of Mercia Alfgar III Earl Of MERCIA and Princess Of Wessex\ Alfgifu ENGLAND.

Earl Of Northumbria\ Ealred7,20,21,30,46,47,48,158,164 died in 1055.20,50 He was also known as Siward.

Also the Earl of Huntingdon. A Danish warrior/Jarl.
Danish Earl of Northumbria
A dominant figure in govt. of Edward the Confessor.

His sister, Aelflaed (Sybil) of Northumbria, may have been his daughter.[Pullen010502.FTW]

Parents: Jarl Of Denmark Beorn BEARSSON. Parents: Jarl Of Denmark Beorn BEARSSON.

Spouse: Of Bernicia Aelfled ELFLEDA. Earl Of Northumbria\ Ealred and Of Bernicia Aelfled ELFLEDA were married. Children were: Osbeorn OF NORTHUMBRIA, Earl Of Northumberland Waltheof DE HUNTINGDON II.

Spouse: Godifu (Of NORTHUMBRIA).

Count Of Paris Eberhard7,18 was born in 794. Parents: Count Of Paris Begue and Abbess Of St. Peters Adaltrude.

King Of England\ Edgar Atheling7,46,47,48 was born in 1036 in Wessex, England.50 He died in 1126.50 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: Prince Of Edward ATHELING and Agatha VON BRUNSWICK.

Spouse: Margaret OF SCOTLAND.

Edith3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 91658.

Died of Tuberculosis.

Spouse: John Robert Franklin PIERCE. John Robert Franklin PIERCE and Edith were married. Reference Number:1412131 Children were: Living PIERCE.

Edith4,5 was born about 1621 in Of Gretton, Northants, England.4,5

Spouse: Lawrence VINE OR VINDE. Lawrence VINE OR VINDE and Edith were married. Children were: John VINE OR VINDE, William VINE OR VINDE, Laurence VINE OR VINDE.

Edith St.7,165 died in 937. GEDCOM line 49266 not recognizable or too long:
() 2 GIVN Edith St.

On wido whood became a nun at Polesworth Abbey and transferred to Tamworth
Abbey, Glou cestershire where she was elected Abbess. She was canonised and her
feast day is 15th July. Parents: West Saxon King Of Edward ENGLAND I and ECGWYN.

Edward19,166 was born on 13 Nov 1312 in Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England.19,166 He died on 21 Jun 1377 in Shene Palace, Surrey, England.19,166 He was buried in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England.19,166

Spouse: Phillipa. Children were: John.

Effie3,167 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 59948.

Spouse: Luther DICK. Luther DICK and Effie were married. Reference Number:1016652 Children were: Paul DICK.

Earl Of Orkney\ Einar 'Turf'7,79,107 was born in 852. He died in 920. Parents: Jarl Of Moera & Orkney, D RAGNALD Eysteinsson and GROA.

King Of Frondheim\ Eistein7,161 was born in Norway.162 He died in Norway.162 He was in King Of Frondheim.162 [1727820_EWrottesleyCut61.FTW]
REFN: FTJ#5002

Children were: Halfdan EISTEINSSON.

Eleanor2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 30523.

Spouse: Joseph EDGINGTON. Joseph EDGINGTON and Eleanor were married about 1769.2,3 Reference Number:574331 Children were: Margaret EDGINGTON, Jemima EDGINGTON.

Eleanor2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 43875.

Spouse: Joseph EDGINGTON. Joseph EDGINGTON and Eleanor were married about 1769.2,3 Reference Number:574340 Children were: Margaret EDGINGTON, Jemima EDGINGTON.

Eleanor7,168 died before 20 Oct 1330. BIBLIOGRAPHY:
Cokayne, George Edward, Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, I reland, GreatBritain, and the United Kingdom, extant, extinct, or dormant. Glo ucester: ASutton, 1982.

Sheppard, Walter Lee, Royal Ancestry of Joseph Bowle s, TAG 37 (Apr 1961)p114-6.

Weis, Frederick Lewis, Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists, 6th Edition,Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1988. Data not y et checked against 7thEdition.

Sources for this Information:
date: John m(2 ) before Oct 20 1330 [Ref: CP VI p125]

Spouse: Sir John DE GREY. Sir John DE GREY and Eleanor were married before 4 Sep 1325. Sources for this Information:
date: before Sep 4 1325 [Ref: CP VI p125, Weis A R #50] first marriage of John[Ref: Sheppard BOWLES p115]

Eleanor19,137 died on 2 Sep 1848.19

Spouse: David FOX. David FOX and Eleanor were married.19,137

Eleanor3,38 was born about 1719 in <, Of Cumberland, PA>.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 24405.

Spouse: Thomas HENDERSON. Thomas HENDERSON and Eleanor were married. Reference Number:481015 Children were: John HENDERSON, William HENDERSON, Eleanor HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Daniel HENDERSON, Samuel HENDERSON, William HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Elizabeth HENDERSON, Eleanor HENDERSON, Daniel HENDERSON.

Eleanor3,38 was born about 1781 in <, Abbeville Dist., , SC>.3,38 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 6124.

Spouse: John BOYD. John BOYD and Eleanor were married. Reference Number:119472 Children were: Martha H. BOYD, Hugh BOYD, William BOYD, John B. BOYD, Ebenezer BOYD, Alexander P. BOYD, Hannah BOYD, Jane BOYD, Robert BOYD, Adam BOYD.

Eleanor3,38 was born about 1789 in <, Tyrone, Irln>.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 50989. She has Ancestral File Number BR9M-J7.

Spouse: Samuel BOYD. Samuel BOYD and Eleanor were married. Reference Number:889840

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