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Princess Of France ADWIGE377 was born about 969 in France.377 She died after 1013.377 She was also known as Avoise. Parents: King Of France Hugues CAPET Roi De France and Princess Of Aquitaine Adelaide OF POITOU.

Spouse: III HUGUES Count Of Dasboury.

Comtesse De Namur ADÈLAÏDE7,370 was born in 1068. She died in 1164.

Parents: Count Albert DE NAMUR III and Ita Von SACHSEN.


Spouse: Comte De Rouergue ERMENGAUD. Children were: Arsinde De ROUERGUE, Vicomte De Comborn HUGUES, Raimond II De ROUERGUE, Gersinde De ROUERGUE, Adélaïde De ROUERGUE, Étienne I De GÉVAUDAN, Richilde De ROUERGUE.

Inconnue ADÉLINE.512

Spouse: De Granville THOMAS. Children were: De Granville JEANNE.

James AEASTOR3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 89658.

Spouse: Laura GREEN. James AEASTOR and Laura GREEN were married. Reference Number:1431112

Whitefoot AEDH7,210 was born about 838 in Of, Scotland. He died in 878. He was also known as Hugh King Scotland. Name Suffix:<NSFX> Whitefoot

Ancestral File Numb er:<AFN> 9G9N-14 Parents: Macalpin Kenneth MACALPIN I and Queen Of Scotland KENNETH I.

Sarah AEGERTER3,413 was born about 1825.3,413 She died WFT Est 1883-1921.3,413 She is reference number 93582.

Spouse: Jacob CONRAD. Jacob CONRAD and Sarah AEGERTER were married after 1880.3,413 Reference Number:1490570

Earl Of East Anglia & Me AELFGAR III7,115,262,516 was born about 1025 in Chester, Cheshire, England (Mercia). He died after 1062 in Mercia, England.115 He was buried in Coventry, Warwickshire, England (Mercia).

2 SOUR S014570
3 PAGE 176a- 3
2 S OUR S014570
3 PAGE 1b-23

Aelfgar, of age 1051, d. shortly after 1062, Ea rl of East Anglia 1053, Earl of Mercia 1057, banished 1058; m. Aelfgifu, by who m 3 known sons: Eadwine, Morkere, and Burchard, whose issue are unknown, and a daughter Aldgyth [as well as Edith or Aldgyth]. [Ancestral Roots, Line 176a-3] Parents: Earl Of Mercia Leofric OF MERCIA III and Lady Godiva Countess Of MERCIA.

Elgar AELFGAR7,37 died in 1059. Parents: .

Children were: Ealdgyth OF MERCIA, Earl Of Mercia EADWINE, MORKERE, BURCHARD.

AELFGIFU.295 Parents: .

Spouse: Earl Of Northumberland UCHTRED I. Children were: Ealdgyth Aeglithia Of NORTHUMBRIA.

[Queen Of England] Emma AELFGIFU6,7,10,14,27,33,34,54,64,97,98,99,100,101,102,103,113,115,122,130,173,174,175,176,201,207,233,242,248,259,261,347,377,378,492,516,517,518,519,520 was born about 982 in Normandy, France.201,377,519 She died on 6 Mar 1051/52 in Winchester, Hampshire Co., England.16,20,50,81,115,201,249,377,519 She was also known as Edburga. She was christened in (Flower Of, Normandy). She was buried in St. Martin's Church, Winchester, Hampshire, England.16,201,377
Name Suffix:<NSFX> [Queen of England]
Ance stral File Number:<AFN> B19R-Q9
Shewascalled "Aelfgifu" by the English.

She may have married Aethelred in Winchester Cathedral, London, England.

She was among the most powerful figures inEngland in the first half of the 11thcent ury. It was she who seized the royaltreasure at Winchester in a bid to influen ce the succession when Cnut died.(The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy, by J. Cannon & R. Griffiths, 1988)
Emma favored her son Hardicanu te (Harthacanute).
1037: Inthisyear Aelfgifu, king Cnut's widow,was driven from the country: she was themother of Edward and of Harthacnut. She sought re fuge across the Channel (in Flanders) with Baldwin, who gave her adwelling in B ruges, and sheltered andtookcare andhonourably protected her while she wasthere . (The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles; 1953, 1960)
She was English, married to the Danish Cnut. She ruled as regent for their son in Norway in the 1030's. (The O xford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy, by J. Cannon & R. Griffiths, 1988)

1037: Inthisyear Aelfgifu, king Cnut's wid ow,was driven from the country: she was themother of Edward and of Harthacnut. She sought refuge across the Channel (in Flanders) with Baldwin, who gave her adwelling in Bruges, and sheltered andtookcare and honourably protected her whi le she wasthere. (The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles; 1953, 1960)

She was English, married to the Danish Cnut. She ruled as regent for their son in Norway in the 1030's. (The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy, by J. Cannon & R. Griffiths, 1988)
Married 1st to Aethelred II (the Unready), King of England on Apr 5, 1002, Children:
King Edward the Confessor (1002-1066); Godgufi (1009) and Alfred Athling (1012)

2nd Marriage to Canute II Svendsson, the Great, King of Norway and De nmark, on Jul 2, 1017, Children: Hardicanute Cnutsson (1018); Gunhilda (1020) Parents: 6th Duke Of Normandy\ Robert I The NORMANDY I and Princess Of Denmark Astrid Estrid Sveynsdottir OF DENMARK. Parents: . Parents: . Parents: Duke Of Normandy Richard LONGSWORD I and Duchess Of Normandy Gunnora Haraldsdottir DE CRÊPON.

Spouse: King Of England Aethelred ETHELRED II. King Of England Aethelred ETHELRED II and [Queen Of England] Emma AELFGIFU were married on 5 Apr 1002 in Normandy, France.16,20,50,81,113,201,249,263,277,377 Children were: \King Of England\ EDWARD, GODA, Countess Vexin, Princess Goda GODGIFU, King Of England ST.EDWARD, King Of England\ ST. EDWARD III, Godgifu OF ENGLAND, Princess Of England GODGIFU, Prince Of Edred ENGLAND, Prince Of Alfred ATHELING OF ENGLAND, Ingelric ENGLAND, King Of Edward ENGLAND III, Princess Of Aelfgifu ENGLAND, Princess Of Adgina ENGLAND.

Spouse: I Canute I Sveynsson OF WESSEX. I Canute I Sveynsson OF WESSEX and [Queen Of England] Emma AELFGIFU were married.

Spouse: King Of Norway & Denmark I Kanut Den Grosse' SVENDSSON.

Spouse: Knut SVENDSSON

Spouse: Canute SVEYNSSON II. Canute SVEYNSSON II and [Queen Of England] Emma AELFGIFU were married in , , England.

Spouse: King Of , & Denmark Engla CANUTE II. King Of , & Denmark Engla CANUTE II and [Queen Of England] Emma AELFGIFU were married in 1017 in Of Normandy, France.519 Children were: King Of England HARTHACANUTE.

AELFLED.67,521 Parents: Aldred OF BERNICIA.

Spouse: Sigurd OF NORTHUMBERLAND. Children were: Waltheof OF NORTHUMBERLAND II.


Spouse: II BALDWIN. Children were: Arnolph Of FLANDERS.

AELFTHRYTH.79 Parents: .

Children were: EALDGYTH.

Lady Of Mercia Aelfwina AELFWYN7,174 was born about 905 in Mercia, England. She died on 12 Jun 918 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. She was buried in Gloucester Cathedral, England. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> FLHC-0Q
She was dispossessed of her territories, a nd sent an honourable captive into Wessex, by her Uncle Edward. Parents: .

Spouse: ** EDULPH. ** EDULPH and Lady Of Mercia Aelfwina AELFWYN were married. Children were: ** LEOFWINE.


Spouse: King Of Scotland Malcolm II MACKENNETH II. Children were: Princess Of Scotland Bethoc MAC KENNETH.

AELTHELGIFE7,233 died Deceased. Parents: .

Spouse: King Of England Aethelred ETHELRED II. King Of England Aethelred ETHELRED II and AELTHELGIFE were married. _STATMARRIED

AENEAS3,206 was born before 1243.3,206 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 65449.

Spouse: Robert DE MIDDLETON. Robert DE MIDDLETON and AENEAS were married. Reference Number:1098915 Children were: Peter DE MIDDLETON.

King Of Latium AENEUS.279,386,522 Parents: Prince Of Troy ANCHESES and FETJUIR.

Spouse: Princess Of Troy CREUSA. Children were: King Alba Longa Iulus ASCANIUS.

Isaac AERL2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 30761.

Spouse: Rebecca COLLIER. Isaac AERL and Rebecca COLLIER were married. Reference Number:578788 Children were: Mary Ann AERL.

Mary Ann AERL2,3 was born in 1811.2,3 She died in 1897.2,3 She is reference number 32259.

!Birth: (1) Isaac Aerl gave his consent 12 Mar 1829 for his daughter Maryann
Aerl to marry Aaron Hannah, witnessed by Daniel Aerl and William Hannah Jr.
(2) 1811, d/o Isaac Aerl/Rebecca Collier.
!(1) "Some Marriage Records of Adams County, Ohio 1797-1894," by Adams Co.
Genealogical Soc., Vol. I (1988) p.139.
(2) Joan Phillips, 24640 Calvert St., Woodland Hills, CA 91367.
Parents: Isaac AERL and Rebecca COLLIER.

Spouse: Aaron HANNAH. Aaron HANNAH and Mary Ann AERL were married on 17 Mar 1829 in , Adams Co., Ohio.2,3 Reference Number:560743 Children were: Isaac Aerl HANNAH, William Patterson HANNAH, Indianna HANNAH, Aaron A. HANNAH, Jane HANNAH, Newton HANNAH, John HANNAH, Rebecca E. HANNAH, Nancy A. HANNAH, Robert D. HANNAH, Elsa HANNAH, Ann HANNAH.


Spouse: Peter VAN DER GOES. Children were: Aert VAN DER GOES.

David AESCHLIMAN7,523 was born in 1608. Parents: Peter AESCHLIMAN.

Children were: Peter AESCHLIMAN.

Peter AESCHLIMAN7,523 was born in 1570.

Children were: David AESCHLIMAN.

Peter AESCHLIMAN7,523 was born in 1642. Parents: David AESCHLIMAN.

Children were: Peter ESHLEMAN.

AETHELFLAED7,14 was born WFT Est 948.

Spouse: King Of England Edgar ENGLAND. King Of England Edgar ENGLAND and AETHELFLAED were married.

AETHELHELM7,10,14,33,64,115,117,242,243,342 was born in 869 in Wiltshire, England. He died in 898.115 He was also known as Ealdorman De Wiltshire.

King Of Kent & Aethelred WESSEX I and WULFRTHRYTH. Parents: King Of Ethelred WESSEX I and WULFTHRYTH. Parents: King Of Kent & Aethelred WESSEX I and WULFTHRYTH.

Spouse: Lady Aethelgyth Of MERCIA. AETHELHELM and Lady Aethelgyth Of MERCIA were married in <, Kent, England>. Children were: Aethelfrith WESSEX, Ealdorman Of Wessex ATHELFRITH, Aelfleda ETHELHELM, Queen Of Edgiva ENGLAND.

Queen Of Scotland Margaret AETHELING5,7,14,15,17,20,21,27,32,45,46,47,48,70,81,104,122,128,164,177,212,213,261,377,524,525,526 was born about 1038 in Hungary.5,15,20,50,81,104,128,249,527 She died on 16 Nov 1093 in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, Scotland.5,15,20,50,81,104,128,249,527 She was also known as Atheling. She was buried in , Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland. She is reference number 1948. MARGARET OF SCOTLAND, SAINT (b. c. 1045, probably Hungary--d. Nov. 16, 1093, Ed inburgh; canonized 1250; feast day November 16, Scottish feast day June 16), qu een consort of Malcolm III Canmore and patroness of Scotland.

Margaret was b rought up at the Hungarian court, where her father, Edward, was in exile. After the Battle of Hastings, Edward's widow and children fled for safety to Scotland. Her brother Edgar the Aetheling, defeated claimant to the English throne, jo ined her there. In spite of her leanings toward a religious life, Margaret marr ied (c. 1070) Malcolm III Canmore, king of Scotland from 1057 or 1058 to 1093. Through her influence over her husband and his court, she promoted, in conformity with the Gregorian reform, the interests of the church and of the English po pulation conquered by the Scots in the previous century. She died shortly after her husband was slain near Alnwick, Northumberland. [Encyclopaedia Britannica CD '97] Parents: Prince Of Edward ATHELING and Agatha Of HUNGARY. Parents: Prince Of Edward ATHELING and Agatha Von BRUNSCHWEIG. Parents: Prince Of Edward ATHELING and Agatha VON BRUNSWICK.

Spouse: King Of Scotland Malcom III CANMORE III. King Of Scotland Malcom III CANMORE III and Queen Of Scotland Margaret AETHELING were married in 1068 in Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland.5,15,20,32,81,104,128,263,527 Reference Number:2161 Children were: Princess Of Scotland Mathilda Edith MACMALCOLM, Alexander I King Of SCOTLAND, King Of Scotland David 1 SCOTLAND, King Of Scots\ Edgar SCOTLAND, Alexander SCOTLAND I, Edgar King Of SCOTLAND, Mary Canmore Of SCOTLAND, Edward Prince Of SCOTLAND, Thora Canmore Of SCOTLAND, Edmund Prince Of SCOTLAND, Ethelred Prince Of SCOTLAND, SCOTLAND, Thora CANMORE, David I The SAINT, Princess Of Scotland Mary Princess Of SCOTLAND, Of Scotland Atheling MATILDA, \King Of Scotland DAVID I, Edward OF SCOTLAND, \King Of Scots\ EDMUND I, Ethelred Of Fife, King Of Scots\ ALEXANDER.

Daughter Of II AETHELRED.378 Parents: King Of England Aethelred ETHELRED II and Elgiva Of NORTHUMBRIA.

1St Earl Of Fife Heth AETHELRED7,14,70,105,122,212,213 was born about 1062 in , Morayshire, Scotland. He died before 1098 in Methil, Fifshire, Scotland. He was buried in Earl Of Moray, Lay Abbot Of Dunkeld. Edelrad [son of Malcolm III], apparently Earl of Fife, who fl. early 12th centu ry and was also Abbot of Dunkeld; possibly the same person as Eth.

[Burke's Pe erage, p. 2538]
Burke's Peerage, page 1058, on the Earldom of Fife, previous creations:

Fife, consti tuted one of the Mormaerships into which much of pre-1st Millennium Scotland wa s divided. By the beginning of the 12th century the former Mormaer of Fife was beginning to be called Earl of Fife. The first of the new designation seems t o have been Beth, who as either Earl of Fife or Moray (more probably the former ) is recorded as having been active in 1115. (The historic figure Macbeth was son of a Mormaer of Moray, and since "Mac" means "son of" there may be a connec tion.) However, another figure referred to as Earl of Fife about the same time , that is to say during the reign of David I (reigned 1124-1153), is a shadowy personage called in contemporary documents either "Ed" or "Head" and identified by leading authorities with Edelread, son of Malcolm III (reigned 1058-93). Y et a third Earl of Fife appears to have existed in the person of Constantine, w ho died in the late 1120's. (It is possible that "Ed/Head" was really Earl of Forthreve.

The first person to hold the Earldom of Fife on a hereditary basi s may well have been Gillemicel MacDuff, who died about the mid-1130's. Certai nly the title remained in his family, passing almost always from father to son, till 1353, when the 8th Earl's only child, Elizabeth or Isabel, became Countes s of Fife. She married four times, each of her husbands being known as Earl of Fife in right of his wife. She died without issue, having made over the Earld om to her second husband's brother Robert Stewart, Earl of Menteith, her 2nd hu sband and he being second and third sons respectively of Robert II. Parents: King Of Scotland Malcom III CANMORE III and Ingibiorg FINNSDOTTIR. Parents: King Of Scotland Malcom III CANMORE III and Ingebiorge FINNSDATTER.

AETHELSWYTH.242,299,342 Parents: King Of Kent & Aethelwulf WESSEX and Lady Of Wessex, Queen Of Osburga WESSEX.

AETHELWEARD7,149 was born in 880. He died in 922. Also Known As:<_AKA> Ethelwerd Parents: Alfred Of England OF WEST SAXON and Queen Of Ethelswida ENGLAND.

AETHELWULF.14,64 Parents: Ethelred Mucil Eald GAINAI and Edburga FADBURN.

Children were: Lady Aethelgyth Of MERCIA.

AETHELWULF5,128 was born about 805.5,128 He died in 859.5,128 He is reference number 2051. Parents: ECGBERT.

Children were: Alfred The GREAT.

Queen Leon Urraca AFFONSEZ7,11,12,13,14 was born in 1151 in Of, Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.12,13 She died on 16 Oct 1188 in , Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain.12,13 Ancestral File Number:<AFN> MLKS-WL
SOUR S025186

Parents: Affonso I and Countess Of Savoy MATILDE.

Spouse: Fernando II Alfonsez LEON. Fernando II Alfonsez LEON and Queen Leon Urraca AFFONSEZ were married in Of, Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.12,13 Children were: King Of Leon And Castile\ Alfonso IX FERNANDEZ.

Countess Of Altdorf AGA.25,26

Spouse: Count Of Altdorf Guerin WARINUS \. Children were: Count Of Altdorf\ Guelph ISENHART II.

Amthelo Of AGADE7,432 was born before 100.

Spouse: King Of Agade TERAH. King Of Agade TERAH and Amthelo Of AGADE were married.
Children were: ABRAHAM, Living TERAH.

King Of Terah AGADE.429,431 Parents: King Of Ur Agade NAHOR and IYOSAKA.

Parents: King Of Ur Agade NAHOR and IYOSAKA.

Spouse: YAWNU. Children were: UR, ABRAHAM.

Spouse: TOHWAIT. Children were: Sarai Bint TERAH.

Spouse: YAWNU. Children were: ABRAHAM, UR, UR.

Amilio AGALDO.340,529

Children were: Isnarda AGALDO.

Isnarda AGALDO.340,529 Parents: Amilio AGALDO.

Spouse: Tomaso DI ST. SEVERINO. Children were: Enrico DI ST. SEVERINO.

Catharine AGAN5,128 was born about 1752.5,128 She died on 28 Mar 1836.5,128 She is reference number 2364.

Spouse: Joseph HALSTEAD. Joseph HALSTEAD and Catharine AGAN were married about 1770.5,128 Reference Number:2344 Children were: Reuben Capt. HALSTEAD, Catharine HALSTEAD, Patrick Henry HALSTEAD, Joseph Lll HALSTEAD, Roswell HALSTEAD, Michael HALSTEAD, Jonas HALSTEAD, Child HALSTEAD, Sarah HALSTEAD, Daughter HALSTEAD, Daughter HALSTEAD, Daughter HALSTEAD, William HALSTEAD.

John AGAN5,128 was born about 1754.5,128

Children were: Katharine AGAN.

Katharine AGAN5,128 was born on 17 Jun 1774.5,128 She died on 28 Apr 1839.5,128 She is reference number 2366. Parents: John AGAN.

Spouse: Reuben Capt. HALSTEAD. Reuben Capt. HALSTEAD and Katharine AGAN were married about 1797.5 Reference Number:2345 Children were: Catherine Marinda HALSTEAD, Michael A. HALSTEAD, Harriet A. HALSTEAD, Malvina J. HALSTEAD.

Countess Of Paris AGANE.25,26

Spouse: Count Of Paris ROBERT IV.

Of Italy AGANE.165,377

Spouse: Count Of Paris Robert Duke Of France Count Of ORLEAN IV. Children were: Vc Of Troyes Theobald OF TROYES.

Rebeckah AGAR4,5 was born about 1707.4,5

Spouse: John NICHOLSON. John NICHOLSON and Rebeckah AGAR were married on 25 May 1727 in Hatfield, Yorks, England.4,5

Hannah AGARD.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Benjamin EGGLESTON.

AGATHA7,14,79 was born about 669 in Of, Wales. Parents: ALAN.

Spouse: Idwal Iwrch Ap CADWALADR. Idwal Iwrch Ap CADWALADR and AGATHA were married in . Children were: Rhodri Molwynog Ap IDWAL.

AGATHA3,206 was born about 1035.3,206 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 65289. Parents: Gundolph PODIEBRADIUS.

Spouse: George DRUMMOND. George DRUMMOND and AGATHA were married. Reference Number:1096471 Children were: Maurice DRUMMOND.

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