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Samuel BOYD2,3,1297 was born on 7 Nov 1827.2,3 He died on 23 Jun 1900 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]2,3 He was buried Unknown in Boyd Cemetry, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.3 He is reference number 22461. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Burial]2,3 [boyd-trees.ged]


! (1) Boyd Cemetery inscriptions. Mss. typed by Marie Malark (Southern Lancaster Co. Histori cal Soc.,, 17 Apr 2000). [NOTE: Locat ion of cemetery not given.]

! Birth: (1) 7 Nov 1827.
Marriage to Harriet S. __: (1)
Death: (1) 23 Jun 1900.
Burial: (1) Boyd Cemetery, Lancaster Co., PA. Parents: Samuel Ramsey BOYD and Mary E. PATTERSON.

Spouse: Harriet S.. Samuel BOYD and Harriet S. were married. Reference Number:12426

Samuel BOYD3,95 was born in 1836 in , Macoupin, Illinois.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 54338. He has Ancestral File Number W7T5-DQ. Parents: Jacob BOYD and Asa Avid Marie VOYLES.

Samuel BOYD3,206 was born before 1840.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 20238.

Spouse: Mary C. BAKER. Samuel BOYD and Mary C. BAKER were married. Reference Number:10407 Children were: Benjamin F. BOYD, Hiram BOYD.

Samuel BOYD3,38 was born in 1844 in , Lincoln, Tennessee.3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 24083. Parents: Henry BOYD and Margaret.

Samuel BOYD3,717,1231 was born on 24 Feb 1844.3,717,1231 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 40079. Parents: James BOYD and Elizabeth MCKEAG.

Spouse: Elizabeth Jane CRAWFORD. Samuel BOYD and Elizabeth Jane CRAWFORD were married. Reference Number:724300 Children were: Thomas BOYD, Anna BOYD, John BOYD, Nelly Ann BOYD, Agnes BOYD, Martha BOYD.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,401 He was born about 1846.3,366 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,399 He died on 24 Feb 1925.3,366 He is reference number 52219. Parents: Elisha BOYD and Ella Leah COCKRAM.

Spouse: Louise CANTRELL. Samuel BOYD and Louise CANTRELL were married. Reference Number:308120

Spouse: Fannie SMITH. Samuel BOYD and Fannie SMITH were married in (Not Yet Known).3,366 Reference Number:309690 Children were: Doctor W. BOYD, James T. BOYD, Arminda (Mendy) BOYD, Malinda BOYD, Leah M. BOYD, William R. BOYD, Charlie BOYD, Joseph E. BOYD, Mary Louise BOYD, Isaac BOYD.

Samuel BOYD3,186,281,474,475 was born on 10 Jul 1853.3,186,281,474,475 He died Unknown in Of Oxford, Iowa.3,281 He is reference number 75070. [boyd-trees.ged]


Family Record, Descendants of John and Mary-Fulton-Boyd, Mo nograph, prepared by M. Hillis Boyd, Freeport, PA. Parents: James Beer BOYD and Mary DOUD.

Spouse: Florence I. ROSWORTH. Samuel BOYD and Florence I. ROSWORTH were married on 9 Dec 1880.3,186,281,474,475 Reference Number:1236569

Samuel BOYD3,38 was born on 2 Jan 1854 in Three Mile Prair, Washington, Ill.3,38 He died on 3 Jan 1918.3,38 He was christened in Garfield, , Kansas.3,38 He is reference number 16209.

Spouse: Isabelle Lovicy TORRENS. Samuel BOYD and Isabelle Lovicy TORRENS were married on 6 Aug 1876.3,38 Reference Number:348800 Children were: Robert James BOYD, William Beggs BOYD, Sam O. BOYD, Todd Thompson BOYD, Thomas C BOYD, Francis John BOYD, Anna Jane BOYD, Mary Elma BOYD, Edward Cameron BOYD, Ellen Aseneth BOYD, Katharine Marie BOYD, Isabella BOYD.

Samuel BOYD3,1449 was born before 1855 in Virginia.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 21104.

Spouse: Sarah SHORT. Samuel BOYD and Sarah SHORT were married. Reference Number:424286 Children were: Mary Catherine BOYD, Elisha BOYD.

Samuel BOYD3,791 was born on 4 Jun 1857 in Russell Co. VA.3,791 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,366 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,399 He died on 24 Feb 1925 in Vanceburg, Kentucky.3,791 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,366 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,399 He was also known as Samuel B. Boyd.3,366,399 He is reference number 1432. Parents: Robert BOYD and Loucinda SHORT.

Spouse: Julia Elizabeth LOWE. Samuel BOYD and Julia Elizabeth LOWE were married on 4 Dec 1873 in Tazwell, Tazwell Co., VA.3,399 Reference Number:33563 Children were: William Dallas BOYD, Lucinda J. BOYD, Martha L. BOYD.

Spouse: Sarah COOK. Samuel BOYD and Sarah COOK were married on 7 Oct 1887 in Vanceburg, Lewis Co., Kentucky.3,399 Reference Number:33633 Children were: John Riley BOYD, Ida BOYD, Ralph BOYD, Roy BOYD, Bessie BOYD, James Lester BOYD, Myrtle BOYD.

Samuel BOYD3,450 was born on 12 Dec 1858 in Indiana.3,450 He died on 7 Jan 1923 in Michigan.3,450 He is reference number 28734. Parents: Airon\Arion BOYD and Nancy CARNAHAM.

Spouse: Leafy HOWELL. Samuel BOYD and Leafy HOWELL were married. Reference Number:541417 Children were: Frank BOYD, Mabel BOYD, Elery BOYD.

Samuel BOYD3,95 was born on 4 Oct 1859 in , , Belmont, Ohio.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 54939. He has Ancestral File Number JK2V-1N. Parents: David BOYD and Sarah Elizabeth WARFIELD.

Spouse: Lizzie BALL. Samuel BOYD and Lizzie BALL were married on 1 Dec 1881 in , , Belmont, Ohio.3 Reference Number:949512

Samuel BOYD3,1111 was born on 21 Jul 1859 in Michigan.3,1111 He died on 28 Apr 1902 in Newaygo, Colorado.3,1111 He is reference number 21417. Parents: Richard BOYD and Margaret LOVE.

Spouse: Ella Deette CURTICE. Samuel BOYD and Ella Deette CURTICE were married on 30 Sep 1883 in Michigan.3,1111 Reference Number:430928 Children were: Russell A. BOYD.

Samuel BOYD3,937 was born about 1860.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 1406. Parents: John BOYD and Elizabeth SCOTT.

Samuel BOYD3,38,449,450 was born in Jan 1860 in Greenville, Somerset, PA.3,38 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,450 He died in Jun 1860.3,38,449,450 He is reference number 28472. He has Ancestral File Number GWCQ-0H. Parents: James BOYD Jr and Catherine ENGLE.

Samuel BOYD3,95 was born about 1868 in Helfin(?), Cleburne, Alabama.3 He died about 1968 in Helfin, Cleburne, Alabama.3 He is reference number 54286. He has Ancestral File Number HRV2-S6. Parents: William Henry BOYD and Martha Jane COX.

Samuel BOYD3,717,1231 was born on 13 May 1875.3,717,1231 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 40123. Parents: John BOYD and Martha TOMLINSON.

Samuel BOYD3,211 was born in 1888.3,211 He died on 10 Jan 1914.3,211 He was buried Unknown in Toledo Memorial Cem., Sylvania, Lucas Co., Ohio.3,211 He is reference number 1582. [boyd-trees.ged]


tuberculosis Parents: William R. BOYD and Mary Terrissa MCNAUGHTIN.

Samuel A BOYD3,38 was born in 1872 in <, Finchford, Black Hawk, Iowa>.3 He died before 1930.3 He is reference number 50472. He has Ancestral File Number SNZK-1P. Parents: Enoch Edward BOYD and Mary Ellen (Moll) GARNER.

Samuel A. BOYD3,513 was born on 29 Oct 1825.3,513 He died on 17 Jul 1871.3,513 He is reference number 171. Parents: James BOYD and Elizabeth Ann LONG.

Spouse: Martha A. BOYD. Samuel A. BOYD and Martha A. BOYD were married on 27 Aug 1846.3,513 Reference Number:12853

Samuel A. BOYD3,145 was born about 1839 in PA.3,145 He died in 1915 in Mercer Co., PA.3,145 He is reference number 77580. Parents: William BOYD and Roxiena SMITH.

Samuel A. BOYD3,38,95 was born on 5 Nov 1887 in , Osnaburg Twp, Stark Co, Ohio.3 He was buried in 1890 in , , , Ohio.3 He died on 30 Nov 1890 in , Osnaburg Twp, Stark Co, Ohio.3 He is reference number 24361. He has Ancestral File Number 1X66-ZHH. Parents: Robert J BOYD and Margaret MONG.

Samuel Becket BOYD3,629 was born before 1840.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 22702. Parents: James Stephanson BOYD and Elizabeth King WILSON.

Spouse: Isabella Reed BOYD. Samuel Becket BOYD and Isabella Reed BOYD were married on 27 Apr 1853 in Knox County, Tennessee.3 Reference Number:453264 Children were: Isabella Kennedy BOYD, Cynthia Irvin BOYD, Mary Reed BOYD.

Samuel Beckett BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45452. [boyd-trees.ged]


! (1) "Ancestry of Belle Boyd, Confederate Spy," Clan Boyd International (http://homepages.r, Jul 2000).

! Birth: (1) s/o John BOYD/Isabella STEPHANSON.
Marriage to Susan Howard MASON: (1) Parents: John BOYD and Isabella STEPHENSON.

Spouse: Susan Howard MASON. Samuel Beckett BOYD and Susan Howard MASON were married. Reference Number:801501

Samuel C BOYD3,211 was born about 1856 in Ontario.3,211 He appeared in the census in 1881 in Hamilton, Ont., Canada.3,211 He lived in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio in 1924.3,211 He died after 1924.3,211 He is reference number 1573. He was in Photographer In Hamilton 1881 And In Cleveland OH In 1924..3,211 He was in Methodist.3,211 [boyd-trees.ged]


HH70. Ward 4 film #1375893
1208 Pearl St. (or 1925, Guthrie visit)
Guthrie visited him. Parents: John BOYD and Susan CANRIN.

Spouse: Mary. Samuel C BOYD and Mary were married. Reference Number:37135 Children were: Ellen BOYD, Verna BOYD.

Samuel C. BOYD3,688 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 1066. Parents: Joseph Edward BOYD and Henrietta DODD.

Samuel Clark BOYD3,468 was born on 17 Mar 1831 in Georgia.3,468 He died on 18 Dec 1908 in Brownwood, Brown Co, TX.3,468 He is reference number 50157. [boyd-trees.ged]



Land patent records indicated that Samuel C. Boyd of Natchitoches Parents: David Cannon BOYD and Syrena LEECH.

Spouse: Nancy Ann V. O. LEE. Samuel Clark BOYD and Nancy Ann V. O. LEE were married on 25 Dec 1855 in Bienville Parish, LA.3,468 Reference Number:879271 Children were: William David BOYD, Leon Lafayette BOYD, Sallie Clark BOYD, Asa Lee BOYD, John Henry BOYD, Joseph Johnson BOYD, Susan Florence BOYD, Alice Anitte BOYD, Mary Eliza BOYD, Infant BOYD, Albert Perry BOYD.

Samuel D. BOYD3,38,583 was born in 1843 in .3,38 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,583 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 21366. Parents: William M. BOYD and Isabella MCKNIGHT.

Samuel Detwiler BOYD3,281 was born on 31 Oct 1881 in Fayette, Pennsylvania.3,281 He died Unknown in Y.3,281 He is reference number 52862. Parents: James Smith BOYD and Susan Catharine DETWILER.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,450 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,38 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,449 He was born on 14 Sep 1832 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.2,3 He died on 30 Oct 1916 in Peck, Idaho.3,38,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,450 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3 He was buried Unknown in Angel Ridge Cem..3,38 He is reference number 60373. He has Ancestral File Number 1Q7K-PX1. [boyd-trees.ged]


! (1) Jane Nelson. E-mail: [email protected] (2000). Cites: (a) [email protected] (1999) .
(2) "The History of Bedford and Somerset Counties," by Blackburn & Welfley (1906) Vol. 2, p .301.

! Birth: (1a) s/o Douglas B. BOYD/Susanna LICHTY. 14 Sep 1832.
Marriage to Catherine BUEGHLEY: (1a)

(2) 1862, 19 Aug: Samuel D. BOYD, sergeant, Company D, 133rd Regiment, PA Volunteer Infantr y, when the company was organized.
(2) 1863, 19 May: Company D, 133rd Regiment, PA Volunteer Infantry, was mustered out of ser vice.


Sam, born in Pennsylvania, went to Liscomb, Iowa in the late 1860's, coming from Minnesota, where he managed the old sawmill on the creek west of Liscomb "back of the Thatcher place." Parents: Douglas B. BOYD and Susanna LICHTY.

Spouse: Catherine BUEGHLEY. Samuel Douglas BOYD and Catherine BUEGHLEY were married about 1854 in Somerset Co., PA.3,38 Reference Number:408134 Children were: John Charles BOYD, Millard Fillmore BOYD, William L. Dayton BOYD, Martha Elizabeth BOYD, Matilda Etta BOYD, Byron BOYD, Susan Elvira BOYD, Barbara Bell BOYD, Sarah Susan BOYD, Myrtle Ann Alice BOYD.

Samuel E. BOYD3,676 was born on 15 Jan 1829 in KY.3,676 He died on 22 Sep 1912 in Christian County, Kentucky.3,676 He was buried Unknown in Mt. Carmel Cemetary.3,676 He is reference number 52348.

Spouse: Minerva ANDERSON. Samuel E. BOYD and Minerva ANDERSON were married on 16 May 1871 in Christian County, Kentucky.3,676 Reference Number:908993 Children were: Charles BOYD, Sally BOYD.

Samuel E. BOYD3,649 was born on 2 Jun 1885 in Frederick Co., VA..3,649 He died on 6 Aug 1951 in Cross Junction, Frederick, VA.3,649 He is reference number 76235. Parents: Jr. Jesse Franklin BOYD and Eliza J. BURTON.

Spouse: Lula DICK. Samuel E. BOYD and Lula DICK were married on 3 Mar 1907 in , , VA..3,649 Reference Number:1249518 Children were: Dustin M. BOYD.

Samuel Emmerson BOYD3,473 was born on 14 Jan 1887 in Wilmington, VT.3,473 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 48438. Parents: Winfield Jasper BOYD and Flora Helena BAILEY.

Spouse: Elsie Brown POMPART. Samuel Emmerson BOYD and Elsie Brown POMPART were married. Reference Number:858138

Spouse: Emma C. COLLIN. Samuel Emmerson BOYD and Emma C. COLLIN were married on 25 Feb 1908 in Wilmington, VT.3,473 Reference Number:858139

Samuel F. BOYD3,413,1227 was born about 1844.3,413 He died WFT Est 1872-1935.3,413 He is reference number 67586. Parents: Robert R. BOYD and Mary Ann JOHNSON.

Spouse: Elizabeth BROWN. Samuel F. BOYD and Elizabeth BROWN were married on 23 Aug 1866 in Coshocton County, Ohio.3,413,1732 Reference Number:1123480

Samuel Fletcher BOYD3,38 was born on 12 Aug 1845 in , Coshocton, Ohio.3,38 He was also known as Samuel Fletcher Boyd.3,38 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5681.

Spouse: Elizabeth BROWN. Samuel Fletcher BOYD and Elizabeth BROWN were married on 23 Aug 1866 in , , Ohio.3,38 Reference Number:110302 Children were: Carrie Delphens BOYD, Hattie Theresa BOYD, Seldon E. BOYD, Pearl Catherine BOYD, Clyde Brown BOYD, BOYD, Albert Wayne BOYD.

Samuel G. BOYD3,38 was born in 1844 in , , OH.3,38 He died on 3 May 1912.3,38 He was buried Unknown in Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Madison, OH.3,38 He is reference number 24247. Parents: Samuel BOYD and Nancy A..

Spouse: Mccura C. LONG. Samuel G. BOYD and Mccura C. LONG were married on 6 Jan 1869 in , Pickaway, OH.3,38 Reference Number:477397 Children were: Elsworth Kendall BOYD, Elmer Samuel BOYD, James M. BOYD, Edward Wilmon BOYD, John Wesley BOYD, Foster B. BOYD, William Franklin BOYD, Mary Elizabeth BOYD, Bessie May BOYD, Ross Earl BOYD, Mamie Delsie BOYD, Infant BOYD, Hazel May BOYD.

Samuel Gibson BOYD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 44069. [boyd-trees.ged]


! (1) "Record of Wills in Lewis County, Kentucky 1805-1899," comp. by Annie Walker Burn, p.1 5-16.
(2) "Highland Pioneer Sketches and Family Genealogies," by Elsie Johnson Ayres (1971) p.826 -827. FHL 977.1845 D2a.
(3) "History of Brown County, Ohio," by Beers (1883) p.54. FHL book 977.1796H2m.
(4) "Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Book." (a) Vol. 45, p.356. Lineage of Mrs . Nellie Errett Witherell 44888.

! Birth: (1) s/o John BOYD. (2,4a) s/o John BOYD/Mary "Polly" GIBSON. (3) S.G. BOYD, s/o Ja mes BOYD/Mary GIBSON.
Marriage to Eliza YOUNG: (2) Married to unnamed wife. (4a)

(1) 1817, 28 Oct: John BOYD of Lewis Co., KY wrote his will. The residue of my real and per sonal estates to be divided equally amongst my four sons: John, Wilson, James, Thomas and Sam uel Gibson BOYD after deducting my wife Polly's third. Appoint John BOYD and James BOYD my ex ecutors with my wife Polly.
(3) Partner with his brother C.W. BOYD in the Ripley Sash Mill of Ripley, Brown Co., OH.
(2) Had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Parents: John BOYD and Mary "Polly" GIBSON.

Spouse: Eliza YOUNG. Samuel Gibson BOYD and Eliza YOUNG were married. Reference Number:782623 Children were: Martha H. BOYD, Cyrus H. BOYD.

Samuel Green BOYD3,38 was born in 1867 in , , Texas.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 24344. Parents: Green W BOYD and Louiza VESTEL.

Samuel Gregory BOYD3 was born on 15 Jun 1843.3 He died on 16 Jun 1933.3 He is reference number 105725. Parents: Rufus BOYD.

Samuel H. BOYD3,473 was born in 1854.3,473 He died on 19 Feb 1913.3,473 He is reference number 48094. Parents: Lorenzo Moore BOYD and Ruth CRAWFORD.

Spouse: Effie Estella BOYD. Samuel H. BOYD and Effie Estella BOYD were married on 13 Oct 1880.3,473 Reference Number:853864 Children were: Mabel Ruth BOYD, Ethel May BOYD.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]2,3 He was born on 9 Jan 1866 in Glade, Stonycreek Township, Somerset Co. Penn..3,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,38 He died after 1870.3,449 He was also known as Samuel H Boyd.3,38 He is reference number 20642. He has Ancestral File Number NFDG-V7. [boyd-trees.ged]


! (1) Jane Nelson. E-mail: [email protected] (2000). Does not know source.

! Birth: (1) s/o Chauncey Forward BOYD/Sarah FIKE. Parents: Chauncey Forward BOYD and Sally Sarah FIKE.

Spouse: Edith DULL. Samuel H. BOYD and Edith DULL were married on 26 May 1889.3,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3 Reference Number:415973 Children were: Margaret Irene BOYD, Josephine BOYD, Garland BOYD.

Samuel H. BOYD3,848 was born in Nov 1888.3,848 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 71016. [boyd-trees.ged]


Resided Indianapolis, IN in 1920. Parents: Samuel James Montgomery BOYD and Reta F. PATE.

Spouse: (Adelle BATTLE?). Samuel H. BOYD and (Adelle BATTLE?) were married on 13 Oct 1912.3,848 Reference Number:1178802

Samuel J. BOYD3,468 was born in 1840.3,468 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 49709. [boyd-trees.ged]



Information developed through Internet search disclosed that Samuel J. Boyd served as a Private in Company A, First Mississippi Infantry, Army of 10,000, during The Civil War. Parents: Simon Jeremiah BOYD and ISABEL.

Samuel J. BOYD3,38,583 was born in 1889 in Pike Co., AR.3,38 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,583 He died in 1950 in CA.3,38 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,583 He is reference number 21312. Parents: John Morgan BOYD and Frances Arbell GRIFFIN.

Spouse: Gloria L. SMITH. Samuel J. BOYD and Gloria L. SMITH were married on 10 Nov 1919.3,38 Reference Number:428910

Samuel Jackson BOYD3,372,1703 was born on 16 Feb 1859 in Trumbull County, Ohio.3,1703 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,372 He died on 17 Aug 1930 in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio.3,1703 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,372 He was buried on 19 Aug 1930 in Sager Mem Cem, N Bristol, Trumbull Co, Ohio.3,372 He is reference number 1792. Parents: Robert BOYD and Sarah MILLER.

Spouse: Emily Hyde JONES. Samuel Jackson BOYD and Emily Hyde JONES were married on 25 Jan 1888 in Trumbull County, Ohio.3,1703 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,372 Reference Number:40399 Children were: Rea Bestine BOYD, Raymond Hyde BOYD.

II Samuel James BOYD3,547 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 57386. Parents: Edgar Endley BOYD and Edith Mary EWING.

Samuel James BOYD3,547 was born on 15 Jan 1824 in Hartwick, Otsego County, New York, USA.3,547 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 57263. Parents: II John BOYD and Mary Gough KIRK.

Spouse: Sophia Lenora ENDLEY. Samuel James BOYD and Sophia Lenora ENDLEY were married in 1852.3,547 Reference Number:984590 Children were: Edgar Endley BOYD, Rhodolphus James BOYD.

Samuel James Montgomery BOYD3,848 was born in 1847 in La/TX.3,848 He died on 31 Jul 1920 in Montgomery, Alabama.3,848 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Bur.]3,848 He is reference number 70870. [boyd-trees.ged]


1880 Montgomery Co., Alabama
ED 129 (4th Ward), p. 77
Fam. #821
James BOYD 32 LA Alabama Alabama
Ready 28 Alabama Alabama Alabama (wife)
Anna 07 Alabama LA Alabama (da.)
James 01 Alabama LA Alabama (son)
Lou PATE 29 Alabama Alabama Alabama [widowed sis-in-law] Parents: Samuel BOYD and Elizabeth E..

Spouse: Reta F. PATE. Samuel James Montgomery BOYD and Reta F. PATE were married on 20 Dec 1871 in Montgomery, Alabama.3,848 Reference Number:1176859 Children were: Anna Rebecca BOYD, James Lee BOYD, Benjamin F. BOYD, William H. BOYD, Samuel H. BOYD.

Samuel Jones BOYD2,3,1125 was born on 27 Dec 1842 in , Rockcastle Co., Kentucky.2,3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 45741. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Biography]3 [boyd-trees.ged]


! (1) "History of Champaign County, Illinois," by J.O. Cunningham (Munsell, Chicago, 1905).

! Birth: (1) s/o David M. BOYD/Mary Jane BOYD. 27 Dec 1842, Rockcastle Co., KY.
Marriage to Margaret CLAWSON: (1) 26 Aug 1866.

(1) 1857: Moved with his mother to Putnam Co., IN.
(1) 1861, Apr: Moved with his mother to Sidney Twp., Champaign Co., IL, and began farming o n leased land.
(1) Bought 80 acres in Raymond Twp., and later sold it.
(1) 1905: Farmer on 175 acres, Section 24, Sidney Twp., Champaign Co., IL.
(1) A stockholder in the Farmers' Elevator at Sidney.

HISTORY OF TENNESSEE From the Earliest Time to the Present; Together with an Historical and a Biographical Sketch of from Twenty-five to Thirty Counties of East Tennessee, Besides a Valuable Fund of Notes, Original Observations, Reminiscences, Etc., Etc. ILLUSTRATED. Chicago and Nashville: THE GOODSPEED PUBLISHING CO., 1887. Trigg County.

SAMUEL JONES BOYD, farmer residing on Section 24, Sidney Township, Champaign County, was born in Rock Castle County, Ky., December 27, 1842, son of David M. and Mary Jane (Boyd) Boyd, both natives of Kentucky. The father died when the subject of this sketch was a child, and the mother and children subsequently removed to Putnam County, Ind., in 1857. They remained there four years and then, in April, 1861, located in Sidney Township, and began farming on leased land. Samuel J. was educated in the public schools of Indiana and Illinois, and as soon as he had saved enough money he bought eighty acres of land in Raymond Township, but later sold it. He and his wife now own 175 acres of excellent land on Section 24, Sidney Township, on which they have built a handsome home, with all first-class, modern improvements. Politically Mr. Boyd is a Democrat, socially is affiliated with the Masonic Fraternity, and in religion is a member of the Christian Church. His daughters retain their membership in the Presbyterian Church. He is a stockholder in the Farmers' Elevator at Sidney. On August 26, 1866, Mr. Boyd was maried to Margaret, daughter of Josiah and Sarah Clawson, and of this union five children have been born, namely: Josiah, who died when eight years old; Walter Scott, a farmer, who has 100 acres in Indiana, and also operates a part of his father's farm, which he rents; Alta May; Ora Ella; and Lulu Stella. The daughters are all engaged in teaching. Parents: David M. BOYD and Mary Jane BOYD.

Spouse: Margaret CLAWSON. Samuel Jones BOYD and Margaret CLAWSON were married on 26 Aug 1866 in Tennessee.3 Reference Number:101699 Children were: Josiah BOYD, Walter Scott BOYD, Alta May BOYD, Ora Ella BOYD, Lulu Stella BOYD.

Samuel Jones BOYD3,183 was born on 12 Apr 1876 in Butlerville In.3,183 He died in 1941 in Mott ND.3,183 He is reference number 71775. [boyd-trees.ged]


BIO: THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF SAMUEL JONES BOYD Samuel Jones Boyd was born in Butlerville, Indiana in 1876, and grew up there. As soon as he was old enough he joined the US Army and served in the Spanish-American War. Upon discharg e he entered the Civil Service in the Philippines Islands where he spent about five years.
He returned to the United States in 1903 and entered Valley City M.O.
College. Upon graduation in 1905, he homesteaded about one mile west
of Mott, North Dakota, in Hettinger County. While homesteading, he
taught in the Galager School on the Heart River about 20 miles north
of Mott - walking to Mott each weekend.
In 1908, he married Bessie Mae Meadows, daughter of Thomas Meadows,
who had homesteaded about 12 miles southeast of Mott. Bessie also
homesteaded about 2 miles from her father and also taught school.
They had 10 children, all of whom were born in Mott, except Marian
Ruth who was born at Panama City. Sam & Bessie lived there while Sam
was again in the Civil Service while the Panama Canal was being built.
Sam taught school during his duty in the Canal Zone.
They returned to Mott and set up housekeeping on Sam's homestead.
During those years Sam worked for the Wm H. Brown Land Company and his
homestead of 160 acres was a sideline. At one time Sam and his family
lived in a "sod" house.
In 1915, he was again in the US Army serving as a 1st Lieutenant in
the training camps in Texas where he became quite fluent in the
Spanish language.
After the war, he returned home and was Secretary to the President of
the successful attempt to establish the Bank of North Dakota, the only
one of it's kind in the United States.
In about 1932, he was elected County Treasurer and served the maximum
legal term of years. In 1939, he was elected County Judge and Clerk of
Court, which position he held at the time of his death from cancer of
the colon at age 64.
He stayed in the Army Reserves and took two weeks training each summer
and was a Major when he passed away in 1941. Parents: William Henry Harrison BOYD and Agnes Margaret SHIELDS.

Spouse: Bessie M. MEADOWS. Samuel Jones BOYD and Bessie M. MEADOWS were married on 10 Jun 1908 in Mott ND.3,183 Reference Number:1187214 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, William Howard BOYD, Marian Ruth BOYD, Dorothy Ella BOYD, Earl Frederick BOYD, Robert S. BOYD.

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