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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Living BROSS.3

Spouse: Living WEBER. Children were: Living WEBER.

Rothilde De BROSSE.79 Parents: Vc De Brosse ADEMAR and MELISENDIS. Parents: Vicomte Ademar Of DE BROSSE.

Spouse: Vicomte Geraud Of DE LIMOGES. Children were: Count Of Paris GIRARD I.

Spouse: Vc De Limoges GERAUD. Children were: Almodis De LIMOGES.

Julien BROSSEAU7,38,467,1865,1866 was born in 1631 in Ste Croix DE Nantes, Nantes, Loire-Atiantique, Fr. He died on 13 Jan 1712 in Charlesbourg, Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Downloaded from gedcom file of Tom Stevenson, [email protected] www.GenealogySour ce.comAncestral File Number:<AFN> K5PQ-TF
1 _UID 718BFC27814BD5118CE3B4BD8338D6094B 0F Parents: Damien BROUSSEAU and Marguerite OSTELET.

Spouse: Simone CHALIFOUR. Julien BROSSEAU and Simone CHALIFOUR were married on 28 Oct 1668 in Quebec, Quebec, Quebec. 1 _UID DD60FC27814BD5118CE3B4BD8338D6098C4A Children were: Simone BROSSEAU.

Simone BROSSEAU7,1865,1866 was born on 2 Apr 1684 in Sorel, Quebec. She died on 24 Dec 1746. Downloaded from gedcom file of Tom Stevenson, [email protected] www.GenealogySour Parents: Julien BROSSEAU and Simone CHALIFOUR.

Spouse: Francois Nicholas JANIS. Francois Nicholas JANIS and Simone BROSSEAU were married on 14 Nov 1704 in Tres Rivieres, Montreal. Children were: Marie Claire JANIS, Marie Charlotte JANIS, Antoine JANIS, Nicholas Francois JANIS.

Halvor Olsen BROSTAD3,413 was born about 1673 in From Loken.3,413 He died in 1739.3,413 He is reference number 94025.

Spouse: Kari TORESDATTER. Halvor Olsen BROSTAD and Kari TORESDATTER were married WFT Est 1714-1723.3,413 Reference Number:1498289 Children were: Ola Halvorsen BROSTAD.

Ola Halvorsen BROSTAD3,413 was born in 1710.3,413 He died WFT Est 1756-1802.3,413 He is reference number 94023. Parents: Halvor Olsen BROSTAD and Kari TORESDATTER.

Spouse: Boel TRULSDATTER. Ola Halvorsen BROSTAD and Boel TRULSDATTER were married WFT Est 1741-1775.3,413 Reference Number:1497439 Children were: Kari OLSDATTER.

Gottfried Jacob BROSZADT.4,5

Spouse: Regina PAULI OR PAUL. Children were: Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm BROSCHAT.

Lovisa Wilhelmina BROSZAT4,5 was born on 2 Jan 1824 in Droosten, Groß Legitten, Labiau, Ostpreussen, Preussen.4,5,1185 She was christened on 11 Jan 1824 in Groß Legitten, Labiau, Ostpreussen, Preussen.4,5 Parents: Joh. Gottlieb BROSZAT OR BROSZATIS and Catharina VOSS.

Joh. Gottlieb BROSZAT OR BROSZATIS4,5 was born in 1795 in Of Droosten.4,5 Parents: Johann BROSZATIS.

Spouse: Catharina VOSS. Joh. Gottlieb BROSZAT OR BROSZATIS and Catharina VOSS were married on 2 Nov 1821 in Groß Legitten, Labiau, Ostpreussen, Preussen.4,5,1185 Children were: Lovisa Wilhelmina BROSZAT, Anna Regina BROSATT.

Johann BROSZATIS.4,5

Children were: Joh. Gottlieb BROSZAT OR BROSZATIS.

Elise BROSZEIT OR BROSCHAT4,5 was born on 20 Jun 1847 in Dundeln.4,5,1164 She died on 3 Dec 1924 in Lodi, San Joaquin, California.4,5

Spouse: Friedrich STABBERT. Friedrich STABBERT and Elise BROSZEIT OR BROSCHAT were married about 1873 in Of Kallweningken, Labiau, Preussen.4,5,1164 Children were: Julius STABBERT, Otto STABBERT, Bertha STABBERT, Carl Ludwig STABBERT, Ernst STABBERT.


Spouse: Living BAILEY.

Caroline BROTHERS3,41 was born in Licking Co., Ohio.3,41 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 83957.

Spouse: Jacob JEWELL. Jacob JEWELL and Caroline BROTHERS were married on 22 Dec 1866.3,41 Reference Number:1358169 Children were: Frank E. JEWELL.


Spouse: William Dewitt BOYD. Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Living BROTHERS.5,128

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD. Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD. Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Martha BROTHERSON7,234 was born before 1864.

Spouse: Uriah MOSHER. Uriah MOSHER and Martha BROTHERSON were married. Children were: Elizabeth Adaline MOSHER.


Spouse: Living BAILEY.

Isabella BROUGH3,206 was born before 1309 in Frickey, York, England.3,206 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 65068. Parents: Thomas BROUGH and Jane RISEAM.

Spouse: Richard ANNE. Richard ANNE and Isabella BROUGH were married. Reference Number:1093291 Children were: John ANNE.

Mahala J. BROUGH3,387,392,427 died Unknown.3,387 She is reference number 61542.

Spouse: William P. ALLEN. William P. ALLEN and Mahala J. BROUGH were married on 10 Jan 1871.3,387,392,427 Reference Number:1042591

Thomas BROUGH3,206 was born before 1263 in Frickley, Yorkshire, England.3,206 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 65458.

Spouse: Jane RISEAM. Thomas BROUGH and Jane RISEAM were married. Reference Number:1093332 Children were: Isabella BROUGH.

A. W. BROUGHTON.19 Parents: .

Spouse: Brownie HOOD. Children were: Kay BROUGHTON, Cary Hood BROUGHTON.

Benjamin BROUGHTON7,234 was born before 1836.

Spouse: Marian LIBBY. Benjamin BROUGHTON and Marian LIBBY were married. Children were: Sarah Toombs BROUGHTON.

Cary Hood BROUGHTON.19 Parents: A. W. BROUGHTON and Brownie HOOD.

Spouse: Mary GILBREATH.

Ellen BROUGHTON7,251 was born about 1094. GEDCOM line 32484 not recognizable or too long:
() 2 GIVN Ellen

GEDCOM line 32485 not recognizable or too long:
() 2 SURN Broughton

from "Ancestors of Paul Bailey McBride" on the www.

Spouse: William De PERSHALE. William De PERSHALE and Ellen BROUGHTON were married. Children were: Stephen De PESHALE, William De PERSHALE.

Hannah BROUGHTON5,94,126,127 was born in Apr 1695.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 12796. Parents: John BROUGHTON and Hannah ALLIS.

Helen M. BROUGHTON4,5 was born about 1828.4,5 She is reference number RO060609s1.

Spouse: Edwin CLARK. Edwin CLARK and Helen M. BROUGHTON were married.

John BROUGHTON.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Hannah ALLIS. Children were: Mary BROUGHTON, Hannah BROUGHTON.

John BROUGHTON4,5,322 was born about 1737 in Of Warboys, Hunts, England.4,5,321

Spouse: Mary DRING. John BROUGHTON and Mary DRING were married on 8 Apr 1768 in St Mary Magdalene, Warboys, Huntingdonshire (See Notes).4,5,320,322,644 [master ged.FTW]


On the IGI the husband is shown as Robert BROUGHTON and not JOHN. There are also two entrie s, one for the 10 December 1766, and the other for the 5 April 1768. My records show one ent ry for the 8 April 1768. Something which needs checking.

John Oscar BROUGHTON.19 Parents: .

Spouse: Helen Maude HOOD.

Kay BROUGHTON.19 Parents: A. W. BROUGHTON and Brownie HOOD.

Spouse: Dennis HUFFMAN. Children were: Tracey Lee HUFFMAN, Leslie Anne HUFFMAN.

Louisa M. BROUGHTON4,5 was born about 1826.4,5 She is reference number Ro060608s.

Spouse: Robert CLARK. Robert CLARK and Louisa M. BROUGHTON were married.

Mary BROUGHTON5,94,126,127 was born on 25 Oct 1693.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 12795. Parents: John BROUGHTON and Hannah ALLIS.


Spouse: John BOUTON.

Sarah Toombs BROUGHTON7,234 was born on 3 Jan 1836 in Goshen. She died on 28 Feb 1890 in Westmoreland. Parents: Benjamin BROUGHTON and Marian LIBBY.

Spouse: Sylvanus J. Kenerson. Sylvanus J. Kenerson and Sarah Toombs BROUGHTON were married.

Spouse: Elliot John DAVIS. Elliot John DAVIS and Sarah Toombs BROUGHTON were married on 4 Sep 1865. Children were: Almon Elliot DAVIS, Clarence WILLIS Davis, John Irving DAVIS, Francis Broughton DAVIS.

Unknown BROUGHTON.5,93,94

Spouse: John PECK.

Janet BROUN3,237 was born before 1650.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 16125.

Spouse: Robert BOYD. Robert BOYD and Janet BROUN were married. Reference Number:347292 Children were: John BOYD.

Edwin BROUSE.3

Spouse: Else BECK. Children were: Gary Arthur BROUSE.

Gary Arthur BROUSE.3 Parents: Edwin BROUSE and Else BECK.

Agnes BROUSSARD7,188 was born in 1750 in St Charles Des Mines, Grand Pre, Acadia. She died on 2 Jan 1788 in St Martinville, LA.

Spouse: Pierre Joseph VINCENT. Pierre Joseph VINCENT and Agnes BROUSSARD were married on 2 Jan 1788 in St. Martinville, St. Martin, LA.


Spouse: Living SPATES.

Theotiste BROUSSARD.188

Spouse: Joseph DUHON. Children were: Marie Ana DUHON.

Damien BROUSSEAU7 was born about 1605 in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Fr.

Spouse: Marguerite OSTELET. Damien BROUSSEAU and Marguerite OSTELET were married. _STATMARRIED Children were: Julien BROSSEAU.

Julian BROUSSEAU.38,467

Spouse: Simone CHALIFOUR.

Cornelia Pieterse BROUWER4,5 was christened on 13 Mar 1692 in Dutch Church, Brooklyn, New York.4,5 She is reference number G19101.

Spouse: Nicholas BOVIE. Nicholas BOVIE and Cornelia Pieterse BROUWER were married on 24 Sep 1714 in Albany, Albany, New York.4,5 Children were: Mathias BOVIE, Petrus BOVIE, Catharina BOVIE, Ryckert BOVIE, Henrick BOVIE, Abraham BOVIE, Philip BOVIE, Jacob BOVIE.

Magdalena BROUWER3,39 was born on 8 Mar 1704 in Orange Co., NY.3,39 She died Unknown in Orange Co., NY ?.3,39 She is reference number 4751.

Spouse: John DRAKE. John DRAKE and Magdalena BROUWER were married about 1718.3,39 Reference Number:96960 Children were: William DRAKE.

Gudmund BROVIDSSON4,5 was born about 1655.4,5 He is reference number PE2107s2.

Spouse: Elin ERNGISSELSSON. Gudmund BROVIDSSON and Elin ERNGISSELSSON were married on 21 Nov 1680 in Of Torsas, Kalmar, Sweden.4,5

Living BROWDER.377

Spouse: Living RECTOR.

Aeltje BROWER5,128 was born about 1661.5,128 She is reference number 1546.

Spouse: Josias DRATZ. Josias DRATZ and Aeltje BROWER were married about 1681.5 Reference Number:2007 Children were: Josias DRATZ, Elizabeth DRATZ, Sara DRATZ, John DRATZ, Catharyn DRATZ, Cornelius DRATZ, Betty DRATZ, Casparus DRATZ.

John M. BROWER.19,137

Spouse: Olympia V. STALEY.

Living BROWER.395

Spouse: Living CHRISCO.

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