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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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John BROWN3,39 was born on 11 Mar 1700.3,39 He died on 3 Sep 1790.3,39 He is reference number 2476. Parents: John BROWN and Elizabeth LOOMIS.

Spouse: Mary EGGLESTON. John BROWN and Mary EGGLESTON were married on 14 Mar 1725.3,39 Reference Number:52793 Children were: Ezra BROWN.

John BROWN3,206 was born about 1750.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 99079.

Spouse: Elizabeth FRENCH. John BROWN and Elizabeth FRENCH were married. Reference Number:9935 Children were: Elizabeth BROWN.

Sr. John BROWN3,1087 was born in 1759 in County Down, Ireland.3,1087 He died in 1835 in Sugar Creek Township, Westmoreland Co., PA.3,1087 He signed a will in 1835 in Armstrong County, PA.3,1087 He is reference number 42761.

Spouse: Catherine FOSTER. Sr. John BROWN and Catherine FOSTER were married on 25 Feb 1813 in Sugar Creek Township, Westmoreland Co., PA.3,1087 Reference Number:764690 Children were: Jane BROWN, Susan BROWN, Sarah Jane BROWN, James BROWN, John BROWN, Matthew BROWN, Robert BROWN.

John BROWN3,413 was born on 28 Jan 1788 in WV.3,413 He died on 15 Sep 1855 in Shreve, Wayne County, OH.3,413 He was buried Unknown in Shreve, OH.3,413 He is reference number 94424. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Locations]3,413,1873 Parents: Able BROWN and LYDIA.

Spouse: Mary MORGAN. John BROWN and Mary MORGAN were married on 30 Nov 1810 in Monongalia County, WV.3,413 Reference Number:1475953 Children were: John BROWN.

John BROWN5,128 was born about 1795.5,128 He is reference number 8252.

Spouse: Hannah HALSTEAD. John BROWN and Hannah HALSTEAD were married on 18 Feb 1816.5 Reference Number:31394

John BROWN4,5 was born on 19 Dec 1805 in Bury, Lancs, England.4,5 He was christened on 23 Mar 1806 in St. Mary's, Bury, Lancs, England.4,5 He is reference number HA041012. Parents: Richard BROWN and Mary WADSWORTH.

John BROWN3,1087 was born in 1807.3,1087 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 42821. Parents: Sr. John BROWN and Catherine FOSTER.

John BROWN3,38 was born on 23 Dec 1821 in <, Lancaster, Pennsylvania>.3,38 He died in Oct 1900 in , , Iowa.3,38 He was also known as John Brown.3,38 He is reference number 5702.

Spouse: Catherine SHIRK. John BROWN and Catherine SHIRK were married on 13 Jan 1844 in Coshocton, , Ohio.3,38 Reference Number:110426 Children were: Joel BROWN, Elizabeth BROWN, Eliza BROWN, Hattie BROWN, Leah BROWN.

John BROWN3,413 was born on 25 Oct 1822 in Wayne County, OH.3,413,1873 He died on 19 Apr 1889 in Shreve, Ohio.3,413 He is reference number 92802. [boyd-trees.ged]


Chloe Ports Atkins told AH that John Brown was rather wealthy.
In the 1873 Caldwell Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio there are a number of Brown's listed in Clinton Township. They include, A.; W.W.; John B.(settled in 1814); Stephen and William.
_____________________________________________________________ Parents: John BROWN and Mary MORGAN.

Spouse: Rhoda NEWKIRK. John BROWN and Rhoda NEWKIRK were married in Mar 1848.3,413 Reference Number:1461356 Children were: Mary L. BROWN, Sarah Ellen BROWN, Milton BROWN.

John BROWN Sr. Choate7,188 was born on 5 Mar 1824. Parents: Silas CHOATE and Isabelle BROWN.

Spouse: Ann Olivia BUSHYHEAD. John BROWN Sr. Choate and Ann Olivia BUSHYHEAD were married. Children were: Susie Jane CHOATE, Rufus M. CHOATE, John BROWN Jr. Choate.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,38 He was born before 1825.3,38 He was also known as John Brown.3,38 He died Unknown.3,38 He is reference number 21741.

Spouse: Catherine Or Katie BORDERS. John BROWN and Catherine Or Katie BORDERS were married. Reference Number:436374 Children were: Juliann BROWN.

John BROWN Jr. Choate7,188 was born in 1863. Parents: John BROWN Sr. Choate and Ann Olivia BUSHYHEAD.

Spouse: REBECCA. John BROWN Jr. Choate and REBECCA were married. Children were: Robert M. CHOATE, Isabella CHOATE.

John BROWN3,1087 was born in 1867.3,1087 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 42783. Parents: John Boyd BROWN and Frances Jane WILSON.

Spouse: Lillie STIFFLER. John BROWN and Lillie STIFFLER were married in 1894.3,1087 Reference Number:765580

John BROWN3,1117 was born on 1 Dec 1900.3,1117 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,1117 He died on 29 May 1972 in Gary, Indiana.3,1117 He was buried Unknown in Calvary Cemetary, Portage, Indiana.3,1117 He is reference number 105871.

Spouse: Janet Lilly BOYD. John BROWN and Janet Lilly BOYD were married. Reference Number:890762 Children were: Living BROWN, Living LIVING.

John B. BROWN3,1304 was born on 30 Nov 1846.3 He died on 20 Apr 1925.3 He is reference number 60641. [boyd-trees.ged]


JOHN B. BROWN. In the early settlement of the State of Pennsylvania,
among the families who were closely identified with its material
affairs, and associated with its progress and development, were the
Browns, who were of German origin. A respected representative of this
family, to be found in Desha County, Ark., is the subject of this
sketch, who was born in Franklin County, Penn., November 30,1846, being
a son of Jacob S. and Jane (Brotherton) Brown, also natives of that
county and State, the former born in 1816. They died in their native
State, the father passing from life in 1872, and the mother in 1850. To
them a family of two sons and two daughters was born, only one son and
one daughter now living, of whom John B. is the eldest. Emma J. resides
at Chambersburg, Penn. Those deceased are: J. Porter (who was killed by
the Indians, on the plains, in 1865), Florence (who was the wife of
George J. Baisley, of Franklin County, Penn.). John B. Brown remained in
Franklin County, Penn., until nineteen years of age, receiving a common
school education, and at the age of twenty years began life for himself
at sawmilling, and was afterward in the transfer business between St.
Louis and East St. Louis, and afterward followed merchandising in the
former city. In 1869 he came South, and settled in Desha County, Ark.,
at the mouth of the Arkansas River, and here was married on January
2,1878, to MRS LUCRETIA EDGINGTON, widow of Alfred A. Edgington, who
died in Desha County, on January 10, 1873. MRS
BROWN is a native of Todd County, Ky., and is a daughter of GEORGE W.
and SUSAN (STARK) BOYD, who settled in Jefferson County, Ark., in 1850,
the father dying at Pine Bluff six years later, and the mother at the
same place in 1859. They left a family of six sons and four daughters,
of whom Mrs Brown is the ninth child and youngest daughter. She was the
mother of three sons and three daughters by her first husband, the names
of those living being as follows: Jilson P., Hunter S., Desha F., and
Alfred Lucretia (a daughter). Those deceased are Maud S. and Newton. Mr.
Brown's success in his farming operations is well merited, and having
given this occupation his attention the greater portion of his life, he
is now the owner of a fine farm of about 400 acres, partly cultivated,
it being well adapted to the raising of cotton and corn, and he also
gives much attention to the stock business. He is a Democrat in
politics, has been sheriff of Desha County, and has had charge of the
sheriff's business in the Watson District of the county. Socially, he is
a member of the K. of H. Mrs. Brown is of Irish descent, and traces her
ancestry back to the early colonists of Virginia.

Source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas,
Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1890

Spouse: Lucretia BOYD. John B. BROWN and Lucretia BOYD were married. Reference Number:482652

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,281 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,474 He was born on 18 Jan 1833 in Slate Lick, Armstrong Co., PA.3,1087,1250 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,475 He was buried in 1867 in United Presbyterian Cemetery, Slate Lick, PA.3,1087,1250 He died on 7 Nov 1867 in Slate Lick, Armstrong Co., PA.3,1087 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,474 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,281,475 He was also known as John Brown.3,281,474,475 He is reference number 42764. [boyd-trees.ged]


Family Record, Descendants of John and Mary-Fulton-Boyd, Mo nograph, prepared by M. Hillis Boyd, Freeport, PA. Parents: James BROWN and Agnes BOYD.

Spouse: Frances Jane WILSON. John Boyd BROWN and Frances Jane WILSON were married on 17 Nov 1857 in Slate Lick, Armstrong Co., PA.3,1087 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,474 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,475 Reference Number:764874


John Brown was a store keeper in Slate Lick. He attended Slate Lick Academy and taught there for a while. He left land to his son James. He and Frances were married in a double ceremony with his sister Catherine and Johnston J. Rea in Slate Lick. Children were: Jay Lincoln BROWN, James Monroe BROWN, Elizabeth F. BROWN, John BROWN.

John Clarence BROWN4,5 was born on 9 Oct 1889 in Salem, Utah, Utah.4,5 He died on 17 Feb 1891.4,5 He is reference number HA08041210. Parents: George Washington Hazelton BROWN and Ellen Hannah HATCH.

John Clarence BROWN3,9 was born on 9 May 1894.3,9 He died on 22 May 1951.3,9 He was buried Unknown in Stockton Cemetery.3,9 He is reference number 87700.

Spouse: Mabel Lee RUTLEDGE. John Clarence BROWN and Mabel Lee RUTLEDGE were married on 2 Aug 1916.3,9 Reference Number:1408353 Children were: Living BROWN, Living BROWN, Living BROWN, Stella BROWN.

John H. BROWN3,206 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 65778.

Spouse: Elizabeth TODD. John H. BROWN and Elizabeth TODD were married. Reference Number:1103011

John Jackson BROWN3,426 was born on 24 Jan 1814.3,426 He died on 3 Oct 1890.3,426 He is reference number 81599.

Spouse: Sarah Caroline HARKEY. John Jackson BROWN and Sarah Caroline HARKEY were married in 1840 in Pope Co., Arkansas.3,426 Reference Number:1285011

John K BROWN395 died in Potosi MO.395 [2333582.ged]

Notes frm Alice Nicholson

Sally married 1. John K. Brown 21 April 1813 in Ca ldwell County, Kentucky. Their children were: James, Alexander Monroe, Mary Bus h, John K., Jr. and William B. Sally then married 2. John Compton Brickey 5 J anuary 1825 in Washington County, MO.

Spouse: Sally Rowland BUSH. John K BROWN and Sally Rowland BUSH were married on 21 Apr 1813 in Caldwell County KY.395

John M. BROWN2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 32058.

Spouse: Elizabeth KINCAID. John M. BROWN and Elizabeth KINCAID were married on 14 Jan 1808 in , VA.2,3 Reference Number:579235

John R. BROWN5,128 was born about 1854.5,128

Spouse: Katherine COVELL. John R. BROWN and Katherine COVELL were married.

John Rennce BROWN5,128 was born about 1880.5,128 He is reference number 5741.

Spouse: Elizabeth Mary HALSTEAD.

John Richard BROWN395 was born on 10 Mar 1866 in Crawford Co MO.395 He appeared in the census on 30 Jul 1870 in Age 4 Courtois Twp Crawford Co MO Image 65 Of 213.395 He appeared in the census on 25 Jun 1880 in Age 15 Ed 54 Courtois Twp Crawford Co MO Image 24 Of 32.395 He appeared in the census on 9 Jun 1900 in Age 34 Ed 3 Courtois Twp Crawford MO Image 13 Of 30.395 He died on 4 Aug 1923 in Crawford Co MO.395 Parents: Richard Miller BROWN and Mary Ann MATTHEWS.

Spouse: Adella WOOD.

Spouse: Angie HALBERT.

John T. BROWN3,1233 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 56960.

Spouse: Mary Lou BOYD. John T. BROWN and Mary Lou BOYD were married on 2 Jan 1899 in Nolan Co., TX.3,1233,1588 Reference Number:978903

Jonas S. BROWN5,128 was born about 1800.5,128 He died between 1819 and 1891.5,128 He is reference number 9884.

Spouse: Ester SECOR. Jonas S. BROWN and Ester SECOR were married. Reference Number:36953

Joseph BROWN3,405 was born WFT Est 1659-1688.3,405 He died WFT Est 1685-1769.3,405 He is reference number 96367.

Spouse: Elizabeth ISAAC. Joseph BROWN and Elizabeth ISAAC were married WFT Est 1685-1725.3,405 Reference Number:1540827

Joseph BROWN3,187 died in 1898 in Nebraska.3,187 He is reference number 33880.

Spouse: Nancy Patton GOWDY. Joseph BROWN and Nancy Patton GOWDY were married. Reference Number:637659

Joseph BROWN4,5 was born on 25 May 1811 in Bury, Lancs, England.4,5 He was christened on 13 Oct 1811 in St. Mary's, Bury, Lancs, England.4,5 He is reference number HA041014. Parents: Richard BROWN and Mary WADSWORTH.

Josephine BROWN3,848 was born about 1859 in Alabama.3,848 She died between 1860 and 1870.3,848 She is reference number 71008. Parents: Alfred BROWN and Caroline E. BOYD.

Juliann BROWN3,38,936 was born about 1837 in , Lawrence, Kentucky.3,38 She was also known as Juliann Brown.3,38 She died Unknown.3,38 She is reference number 21739. Parents: John BROWN and Catherine Or Katie BORDERS.

Spouse: Andrew J. BOYD. Andrew J. BOYD and Juliann BROWN were married on 27 Apr 1847.3,38 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,936 Reference Number:436324


li,Johnson County Marriages Records Children were: William BOYD, Katherine BOYD, Robert BOYD.

Kay BROWN.5,93,94

Keith BROWN.19

Spouse: Wanda Mae RIGGS.

Kissiah BROWN3,483 died on 8 Jan 1927 in Campbell Co. TN.3,483 She is reference number 58358. Parents: Eli BROWN.

Spouse: John Walker VINSANT. John Walker VINSANT and Kissiah BROWN were married. Reference Number:997829 Children were: Mary VINSANT, Martha VINSANT, Rose VINSANT, Nora VINSANT, Bertha VINSANT, Lulu VINSANT, Robert VINSANT, James VINSANT, Ida Paracity VINSANT.

Lavada BROWN3,183 died in 1962.3,183 She is reference number 72461.

Spouse: Walter BOYD. Walter BOYD and Lavada BROWN were married. Reference Number:1195431

Lawrence W. BROWN.19

Spouse: Helen Consuella FOX. Children were: Sydney Lynn BROWN, Stacy Elizabeth BROWN.

Leah BROWN3,38 was born on 24 Nov 1857 in , , Ohio.3,38 She died on 24 May 1914.3,38 She is reference number 16202. Parents: John BROWN and Catherine SHIRK.

Lester B. BROWN5,128 was born about Jan 1880.5,128 Parents: Fred BROWN and Mary HALSTEAD.

Lettie BROWN3,9 was born in Apr 1882 in Indiana.3,9 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 87365. Parents: Emmanuel BROWN and Delilah Jane PIERCE.

Lewis BROWN5,128 was born on 12 May 1776.5,128 He is reference number 4103. Parents: Hachaliah BROWN and Abigail HALSTEAD.

Lewis Jacob BROWN5,128 was born on 15 Jun 1859.5,128 He died in 1922.5,128 Parents: Jacob BROWN and Alvira HULL.

Lillie Maud BROWN3,38 was born about 1874 in <, , AR>.3,38 She died Unknown.3,38 She is reference number 23693.

Spouse: James I BOYD. James I BOYD and Lillie Maud BROWN were married on 15 Dec 1892 in , , AR.3,38 Reference Number:468568

Lillie May BROWN395 was born on 25 Feb 1877 in Crawford Co MO.395 She appeared in the census on 25 Jun 1880 in Age 3 Ed 54 Courtois Twp Crawford Co MO Image 24 Of 32.395 Parents: Richard Miller BROWN and Mary Ann MATTHEWS.

Spouse: Eugene Preston CLONTS.

Linda BROWN5,128 was born about 1849.5,128

Spouse: Peter GROVES. Peter GROVES and Linda BROWN were married. Children were: Laura E. GROVES.

Linda Kay BROWN.19

Spouse: Larry Joe RIGGS. Children were: Jody Dell RIGGS, Jeremy Joe RIGGS.

Living BROWN.395

Spouse: Living COOK.

Living BROWN.395

Spouse: Living MCNAIR.

Living BROWN.404

Spouse: Living NICHOLS. Children were: Living BROWN, Living BROWN.

Living BROWN.404 Parents: Living BROWN and Living NICHOLS.

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