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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Living BURK.3

Spouse: Living HESS.

Susie BURK.3 Parents: .

Spouse: John Henry Sherman BOYD.

Abraham BURKDOLL2,3 died about 1860.3 He is reference number 45841.

Spouse: Margaret BOYD. Abraham BURKDOLL and Margaret BOYD were married on 28 Aug 1821 in Switzerland County, Indiana.3 Reference Number:806551

BURKE3,1257 was born about 1740.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 25377.

Spouse: Samuel MOORE. Samuel MOORE and BURKE were married about 1765.3,1257 Reference Number:114688

Aulbert BURKE3,399 was born about 1900.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 12879. Parents: .

Spouse: Living BOYD.

Living BURKE.3

Spouse: Living OFFAK. Children were: Living OFFAK.

Living BURKE.3

Spouse: Everett Frederick BRIGGS. Children were: Living BRIGGS, Living BRIGGS, Living BRIGGS, Living BRIGGS.

Living BURKE.3

Spouse: Living HESSER. Children were: Living BURKE.

Living BURKE.3 Parents: Living BURKE and Living HESSER.

Living BURKE.3

Spouse: Living BOYD.

Living BURKE.5,128

Spouse: Living ERD. Children were: Living BURKE, Living BURKE, Living BURKE.

Living BURKE.5,128 Parents: Living BURKE and Living ERD.

Living BURKE.5,128 Parents: Living BURKE and Living ERD.

Living BURKE.5,128 Parents: Living BURKE and Living ERD.

Living BURKE.5,94

Spouse: Living RAGON.

Margaret Ann BURKE3,405 was born about 1844.3,405 She died WFT Est 1856-1938.3,405 She is reference number 98618.

Spouse: Isaac Rufus SIMS. Isaac Rufus SIMS and Margaret Ann BURKE were married WFT Est 1856-1887.3,405 Reference Number:1571780

Minnie BURKE.19

Spouse: Willie HALE.

Rhonda BURKE.5

Spouse: Russell Veril GODSEY. Children were: Brian GODSEY, Keith GODSEY.

Henry BURKERT.19

Spouse: Catherine FOX.

Elizabeth BURKET4,5 was born about 1614.4,5 She is reference number BU4301s2.

Spouse: Richard BUTTERWICKE. Richard BUTTERWICKE and Elizabeth BURKET were married on 20 Jan 1635 in Gretton, Northants, England.4,5 Children were: Marye BUTTERWEEKE, William BUTTERWICKE, Edward BUTTERWICKE.

Stella BURKET7,523 died on 14 Sep 1953.

Spouse: Ralph E. HARRE. Ralph E. HARRE and Stella BURKET were married. Children were: Living HARRE, Living JR..

Darrell BURKETT.395

Spouse: Marjorie BRICKEY.

Edna BURKETT.404

Spouse: Charles A. GOUCHER.

Eleanor BURKETT4,5 was born on 2 Jul 1815 in Butler, Ross, Ohio.4,5 She died on 11 Jun 1905 in Plain City, Weber, Utah.4,5 She was buried in Ogden, Weber, Utah.4,5 She is reference number AL161001s. [master ged.FTW]


!Source: Taylor/Best Book, Shari Franke

Spouse: John TAYLOR. John TAYLOR and Eleanor BURKETT were married on 8 Apr 1834 in Liberty, Clay, Missouri.4,5

Frank E. BURKETT3 was born before 1860.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 22860.

Spouse: Angeline BOYD. Frank E. BURKETT and Angeline BOYD were married on 19 Feb 1876 in Johnson County, Kentucky.3 Reference Number:456833

Living BURKETT.3

Spouse: Living REYNOLDS. Children were: Living BURKETT, Living BURKETT.

Living BURKETT.3 Parents: Living BURKETT and Living REYNOLDS.

Living BURKETT.3 Parents: Living BURKETT and Living REYNOLDS.

Marthey A. BURKETT7,188 was born in 1835 in SC.

Spouse: Robert Benjamin DUNNAM. Robert Benjamin DUNNAM and Marthey A. BURKETT were married. Children were: Eugenia DUNNAM, Mary DUNNAM, George DUNNAM, John Benett DUNNAM, Robert J DUNNAM.

Perry E. BURKETT5,128 was born in Oct 1920 in Easton, MD..5,128 He died in Oct 1990 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, TX..5,128

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD.

Rebecca BURKETT2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 31922.

Spouse: Newton David MOORE. Newton David MOORE and Rebecca BURKETT were married on 16 Sep 1827 in , Adams Co., Ohio.2,3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]2,3 Reference Number:588766 Children were: George MOORE, John MOORE, Mariah MOORE, Angeline MOORE, Mary Jane MOORE, Hosea D. MOORE, Thomas Newton MOORE, James Wheeler MOORE, Finley William MOORE, William Burkett MOORE, Florence Adeline MOORE.

Thomas BURKETT.4,5

Spouse: Ann CRAWLEY.

Alvin Grey BURKETTE.5,93,94 Parents: James Noah BURKETTE and Sally SNELGROW.

Spouse: Living BYRD.

James Noah BURKETTE.5,93,94

Spouse: Sally SNELGROW. Children were: Alvin Grey BURKETTE.

Burney BURKHALTER3,87 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 46488.

Spouse: Letleh Mink BOYD. Burney BURKHALTER and Letleh Mink BOYD were married on 1 Oct 1905 in Weatherford, Parker Co, TX.3,87 Reference Number:815906

Apollonia BURKHARD.5,94 Parents: Phillip BURCKHAR and MARGARETHA.

Spouse: Peter BECKHER. Children were: Hans BECKHER, Martin BECKHER, Phillip BECKHER, Anna BECKHER, Apollonia BECKHER, Peter BECKHER, Casper BECKHER, Anna BECKHER, Margaretha BECKHER, Catharina BECKHER.

Count In The Baar BURKHARD7,207 was born about 865. He died in 911. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: .

Children were: Duke Of Swabia BURKHARD II.

Duke Of Swabia BURKHARD II7,207 was born about 885. He died on 29 Apr 926 in Ivrea. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: Count In The Baar BURKHARD.

Spouse: Of Nellenburg REGINLINDE. Duke Of Swabia BURKHARD II and Of Nellenburg REGINLINDE were married about 904. Children were: Of Swabia BERTHA.

BURKHART3,610 was born WFT Est 1808-1828.3,610 He died WFT Est 1842-1914.3,610 He is reference number 63954.

Spouse: Nancy CLARK. BURKHART and Nancy CLARK were married WFT Est 1839-1872.3,610 Reference Number:1075937

Edward Luther BURKHART3,38 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 20908.

Spouse: Lettie GALLOWAY. Edward Luther BURKHART and Lettie GALLOWAY were married. Reference Number:414180 Children were: Ina May BURKHART.

Ina May BURKHART3,38,450 was born on 7 Oct 1891 in Liscomb, Iowa.3,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,450 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,38 She died on 6 Jul 1972 in Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa.3,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,450 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,38 She was also known as Ina Mae Burkhart.3,449 She is reference number 20481. [boyd-trees.ged]


Ina is buried at Liscomb, Iowa Parents: Edward Luther BURKHART and Lettie GALLOWAY.

Spouse: Loyd Oakley BOYD. Loyd Oakley BOYD and Ina May BURKHART were married on 20 Sep 1911.3,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,38 Reference Number:128381 Children were: Lettie Lucille BOYD, June Elizabeth BOYD.


Spouse: Living DICKERSON. Children were: Living BURKHEAD.

Living BURKHEAD.3 Parents: Living BURKHEAD and Living DICKERSON.

Catherine C. BURKHOLDER3,413 was born in 1836.3,413 She died in 1928.3,413 She is reference number 92542.

Spouse: George H. CASKEY. George H. CASKEY and Catherine C. BURKHOLDER were married in 1852 in Wayne County, OH.3,413,1922 Reference Number:1470529 Children were: Mary Ellen CASKEY, Martin Van Buren Winfield CASKEY.

Elizabeth BURKHOLDER.138

Spouse: Stephen SPEAKMAN.

Elizabeth BURKHOLDER395 was born in 1738 in Bedford County, Virginia.395 She died before 1818 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky.395 [2333582.ged]

Elizabeth Burkholder-Brickey-Rusher is listed in Bedford County and Breckinridg e Deed Books
Deed Book "C", Breckinridge Co. Ky 1810-1816 pg. 85 Dated May 13, 1811
Deed Book 15 1816-1819 p. 490 (Bedford County, Va.) Dated Dec 28 1818

Spouse: Jarrett BRICKEY. Jarrett BRICKEY and Elizabeth BURKHOLDER were married in 1782 in Westmoreland, Virginia.395 Children were: Melinda BRICKEY, Patty BRICKEY, Christopher B BRICKEY, Nancy BRICKEY.

Spouse: William RUSHER. William RUSHER and Elizabeth BURKHOLDER were married after 1790.395

BURKS3,294 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 38520.

Spouse: Olive WOLFORD. BURKS and Olive WOLFORD were married about 1921.3,294 Reference Number:701376

Alfred C BURKS3,206 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5171.

Spouse: Isabella BOYD. Alfred C BURKS and Isabella BOYD were married on 9 Mar 1843 in Pike Co. MO.3,206 Reference Number:103470

Elizabeth BURKS3,401 was born in 1775 in Amherst County, VA.3,401 She died before 1833.3,401 She is reference number 73155.

Spouse: Ransom Gabriel GATEWOOD. Ransom Gabriel GATEWOOD and Elizabeth BURKS were married in 1799.3,401 Reference Number:1206806 Children were: Amelia GATEWOOD.

Katherine Elizabeth BURKS3,399 was born on 10 Dec 1951 in Buchanan Co., VA.3,399 She died on 16 Feb 1982.3,399 She is reference number 14724. Parents: Living BURKS and Living COLEMAN.

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