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Spouse: John WILLOUGHBY.

Anne CECIL3,39 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 4550.

Spouse: Edward VERE. Edward VERE and Anne CECIL were married. Reference Number:90477 Children were: Elizabeth VERE.

David Cyssell CECIL7,43 was born about 1455. He died on 14 Sep 1535. Parents: Richard CYSSELL and MARGARET.

Spouse: Alice DICKENS. David Cyssell CECIL and Alice DICKENS were married. Children were: Richard CECIL.

Gazilda CECIL.19

Spouse: Zachariah M. CORNETT.

Living CECIL.3

Spouse: Living JOHNSTON. Children were: Living JOHNSTON.

Living CECIL.3

Spouse: Living GREZLIK. Children were: Living GREZLIK.

Living CECIL.3

Spouse: Huey Pitts CARR.

Margaret Eilzabeth CECIL7,43 was born about 1536 in , , England. Parents: Richard CECIL and Jane HECKINGTON.

Spouse: Roger CAVE. Roger CAVE and Margaret Eilzabeth CECIL were married in , , England. Children were: Elizabeth CAVE.

Richard CECIL7,43 was born about 1495 in Burleigh, Gloucestershire, England. He died on 22 May 1587. Parents: David Cyssell CECIL and Alice DICKENS.

Spouse: Jane HECKINGTON. Richard CECIL and Jane HECKINGTON were married in , , England. Children were: Margaret Eilzabeth CECIL.

Richard CECIL3,205 was born on 23 May 1823 in Kentucky ?.3,205 He died on 14 Sep 1895 in Harrison Co. OH.3,205 He is reference number 42995. Parents: Mary LOGAN.


Spouse: Count Hugues Geoffroi II DE MARSEILLE. Children were: Count Hugues Geoffrey III DE MARSEILLE, Guillaume DE MARSEILLE, Rose DE MARSEILLE.

CECILIA3,426 was born WFT Est 1859-1879.3,426 She died WFT Est 1880-1963.3,426 She is reference number 81179.

Spouse: John Thomas BOONE. John Thomas BOONE and CECILIA were married WFT Est 1880-1913.3,426 Reference Number:1320818


Spouse: William De St. REMY. Children were: Eleanor De St. REMIGIUS.

CECILIA7,64 died after 1355. She was also known as Darell.

Spouse: Sir Marmaduke Of SESAY York Darell. Sir Marmaduke Of SESAY York Darell and CECILIA were married. Children were: Sir William Of SESAY York Darell.

Capet CECILIA7,149 was born after 1097. She died in 1145. Parents: King Of \Capet Of France\ PHILIPPE I and Queen Of France Bertrada DE MONTFORT.

Caen CECILIA Abbess Of Caen Trinity7,35,36,46,47,48,378 was born in 1056 in Normandy, France.35,50 She died on 30 Jul 1126 in Caen, Calvados, France.35,50 She was also known as Abbess Of Of Holy Trinity. Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: The Conqueror/Duke Of Nor Guillaume DE NORMANDIE and Countess Of Flanders Mathilda MATILDA.


Spouse: John De Welles BARON.

CECILY7,62 died on 24 Aug 1507. Parents: EDWARD IV and Elizabeth WOODVILLE.

CECILY7,43,95,198,805,850 was born about 1344 in . Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 8MM0-N0Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 8MM0-N0
1 _UID DCDD5BCEBBB8D94BBE68D4A529FB5464F4 86

Spouse: Robert FRANCIS. Robert FRANCIS and CECILY were married. 1 _UID FCAB6D2009E51747A88BAEE5CC1F549F2471 Children were: Robert FRANCIS, Margaret FRANCIS, Isabel FRANCIS, Joan FRANCIS.

Lles Llawddeogg Ap CEIDIO7,342 was born about 830. He died Deceased. DATE 24 APR 2000 Parents: Ceidio Ap CORF.

Children were: Gwynog Ap Lles LLAWDDEOG, Caradog Ap LLES.

CELIA3,401,2012 was born in 1830 in Estille Co., KY.3,401 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74745.

Spouse: Vardemon HOLLON. Vardemon HOLLON and CELIA were married. Reference Number:1211847 Children were: William HOLLON, James HOLLON, Elizabeth HOLLON.


Spouse: King Of The Vandals RADAGAISUS. Children were: King Of The Vandals GONDEGUSLUS.

Spouse: Radagaisus VANDALS. Children were: Godeguslus VANDALS.

CELLA7,331 was born about 350 in Eastern Hungary.

Spouse: RADAGAISUS. RADAGAISUS and CELLA were married. 22:13 Children were: King Of The Gondeguslus VANDALS.

Joseph CELLARS3,413 was born on 26 Apr 1809.3,413 He died on 26 Apr 1875 in Carroll County, OH ?.3,413 He is reference number 93101. [boyd-trees.ged]


In the 1840 census he is listed in Monroe Township, Carroll County, Ohio.

there is an Obit in Holmes county for Susan Cellars, oldest daughter of of Joseph died July 27, 1871 buried in Hopewell Cemetery.

Spouse: Mary VAN BUSKIRK. Joseph CELLARS and Mary VAN BUSKIRK were married on 26 Dec 1833 in Tuscarawas County, OH.3,413 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Marriage fact]3,413 Reference Number:1481109 Children were: Rebecca Jane CELLARS.

Rebecca Jane CELLARS3,413 was born on 24 Mar 1840.3,413,2013 She died on 23 Jan 1920 in Holmes County, OH.3,413 She is reference number 93070. [boyd-trees.ged]


See page 114, the Guy Patterson Family in the book. "Homles County, Ohio to 1985". Parents: Joseph CELLARS and Mary VAN BUSKIRK.

Spouse: John FINLEY. John FINLEY and Rebecca Jane CELLARS were married on 24 Mar 1859.3,413 Reference Number:1480381 Children were: Mary Bell FINLEY, Melvin FINLEY, Joseph Villers FINLEY Rev., Alice Jane FINLEY, Della A. FINLEY, Gertrude Luretta FINDLAY, Harry J. FINLEY Rev..

Manogan CELTIC.444 Parents: CAPOIR.

Spouse: ANNA. Children were: PENDARDIM, Beli The Great BRITAIN.

Pyr CELTIC.444 Parents: SAWL.

Children were: CAPOIR.

CENA5,128 was born about 1776.5,128

Spouse: Jeremiah OUTLAW. Jeremiah OUTLAW and CENA were married. Children were: James M. OUTLAW, John OUTLAW, Joseph OUTLAW.

CENRED7,115,530 was born in 644 in Wessex, England. He died after 680. Did not rule, father of King Ina & Ingild. Parents: CEOLWALD.

Children were: INGILD.


Spouse: Jerri Lynn PELTZ. Children were: Jerilyn Amanda Centala BOYD, Jason Scott CENTALA, Nancy Marie CENTALA.

Jason Scott CENTALA.3 Parents: CENTALA and Jerri Lynn PELTZ.

Nancy Marie CENTALA.3 Parents: CENTALA and Jerri Lynn PELTZ.

Berry CENTERS3,401 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 73895.

Spouse: Rebecca A. MEADOWS. Berry CENTERS and Rebecca A. MEADOWS were married on 14 Nov 1886 in Powell Co., KY.3,401 Reference Number:1219505

Caroline CENTERS3,401 was born on 28 Feb 1864.3,401 She died on 2 Jun 1937 in Powell County, KY.3,401,1624 She was buried in Jun 1937 in Boyd Cemetery, Tintown, KY (Outside Bowen).3,401 She is reference number 74089. Parents: Unknown CENTERS and Julian CENTERS.

Spouse: Jonathan BOYD. Jonathan BOYD and Caroline CENTERS were married in 1877 in Powell Co., KY.3,401,1625 Reference Number:1200923 Children were: Algin BOYD.

Henry CENTERS3,399 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 12589.

Spouse: Sophronia LUKE. Henry CENTERS and Sophronia LUKE were married. Reference Number:310671

Julian CENTERS3,401 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74833.

Spouse: Unknown CENTERS. Unknown CENTERS and Julian CENTERS were married. Reference Number:1222256 Children were: Caroline CENTERS.

Unknown CENTERS3,401 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 74834.

Spouse: Julian CENTERS. Unknown CENTERS and Julian CENTERS were married. Reference Number:1222256 Children were: Caroline CENTERS.

Duke Of Gascony Llop CENTRULL7,220,264 was born about 755 in Aude, France. He died after 818. TYPE Book
AUTH Stuart, Roderick W.
PERI Royalty for Commoners
PUBL Genealogical Publishing co., Inc, Baltimore, MD (1998)
ISB 0-8063-1561-X
TEXT 286-41
DATE 31 MAY 2000

GIVN Donat Loup Count of
SURN Bigorre
TITL Royalty for Commoners: The Complete Known Lineage of John of Gaunt, Son of Edward III, King of England, and Queen Philip
AUTH Roderick W. Stuart
PUBL 3rd ed., 1998, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD
ABBR Royalty for Commoners
DATE 14 NOV 1999
TIME 15:02:57 Parents: Hatton GASCONY.

Children were: Count Of Bigorre Donat LOUPA, Count Of Bigorre MANCIO.


Spouse: Asnar GALINDEZ I. Children were: Galindo ASNAREZ I.

CEOL.139,141 Parents: CUTHA.

CEOLWALD7,115,530 was born in 622 in Wessex, England. He died after 688.115 Did not rule, Visited Rome 688, Brother King Cynegils baptized 635. Parents: .

Children were: CENRED.

Elizabeth CERGEAUX7,1194,1195 was born about 1378.1194 She died before 21 Aug 1414.1194 2 SOUR S2511686
4 TEXT Date of Import: Sep 29, 2002 Parents: .

Spouse: William DE MARNEY. William DE MARNEY and Elizabeth CERGEAUX were married about Jul 1388.1194 Children were: Anne DE MARNEY.

Baran Ap CERI.548 Parents: .

Children were: King Of The Britons Llyr LIEDIAITHA.

Berwyn Ap CERI.444 Parents: Ceri Ap GWYN.

Children were: Llyr LEDIAITH.

Meirion Ap CERIANT.444 Parents: Ceraint Ap GREIDIOL.

Children were: Arch Ap MERION.

Living CERTA.3

Spouse: Living THOMPSON.


Spouse: Living GAGLIONE. Children were: Living GAGLIONE.

King Of The Britons Eneid Ap CERWYD.70,201 Parents: \Ct De Vermandois\ Cerwyd Ap CRYDON.

Children were: Druid King Manogan Ap ENEID.


Spouse: Living MCINTOSH. Children were: Living MCINTOSH, Living MCINTOSH, Living MCINTOSH, Living MCINTOSH.

Joanna CESNA3,1272 was born about 1800.3 She died on 3 Jan 1863.3 She was also known as Joanna Cressna.3 She is reference number 1086.

Spouse: Adlai BOYD. Adlai BOYD and Joanna CESNA were married on 9 Dec 1828 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.3,1272 Reference Number:27702 Children were: Silvanus J. BOYD.

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