There were at least four Francis Malden/Maldin/Malding etc that immigrated to the American Colonies. The last three paid their way over and most likely so did the first one. There were at least twenty (20) other Malden/Maldin/Malding etc immigrants that either came as free persons, bound persons, or individuals that were shipped at the pleasure of the English Crown.


The first Francis Maulden arrived in Virginia about 1635 with John Suttor or Sutton. They received their headright together. It is not known which ship they arrived on.

We know that Francis Malden (Maulden) paid passage for his wife Katherine, daughter Margaret and six other persons i.e. Jos. Pitloe, Robert Sutton, Barbary Barnes, Hump. Browne, Francis Hutchinson, and William Parry. For importation of these individuals, he received 50 acres for his own adventure, 50 acres for his wife's adventure and 300 acres for the importation of the six other adults. Since he received his headright with John Sutton or Suttor and imported Robert Sutton, it is believed that his wife's maiden name was probably Sutton. Record of this importation is in the VA Land Records Abstracts November 1636 & Virginia Vital Records #1 1600-1800's New Norfolk Co. VA. The ship was the West.

The land that he received was described Virginia Vital Records #1 p 421 Francis Maulden, 400 acres on Nanzemond river on the north side, abutting south east on the island "commonly called Dumplin Island."

Katherine Maulden died about 1637. The cause is unknown. Francis Maulden married 2nd Grace Bennett. Grace was born in England about 1620. Of this union, two children were born, i.e. Grace Maulden and Francis Maulden.

Francis Maulden
+ Katherine (Sutton)
   * Margaret Maulden
+ Grace Bennett
   * Grace Maulden
   * Francis Maulden

Francis Maulden received 100 more acres in 1642 for the importation of two servants, i.e. Thomas Sheridand and John Carre.

Francis Maulden was deceased by 1644 when a land deed identified Margaret, Grace and Francis Malden as heirs of Francis Malden. It is known that Francis had received at least 650 acres of land in Virginia. In 1644, Virginia Land Records shows Robert Throgmorton received 650 acres of which 300 was part of land granted Francis Malden in 1637. There appears some discrepancy in the year. First VA land records record the year as 1636 when Francis acquired the land. This record indicates 1637.

Grace Bennett Maulden along with children left Virginia on or before 1649. She was probably in the company of the Edward Lloyd migration to Maryland in 1649 because of religious problems in Virginia. Grace's step-daughter Margaret Maulden married John Burrage 1649 in Anne Arundell County, Maryland. It is believed that Margaret was about 19 years of age at the time of the marriage. This would have her being born about 1630 in England.

John Burrage d c 1670 Anne Arundel MD
+ Margaret Maulden
   * Grace Burrage b c 1650
   * Elizabeth Burrage b c 1652
   * Margaret Burrage b c 1655

Grace Maulden marries Henry Mitchell October 1659 in MD. She is reported to have died in 1701. No record of any children.

Next report of Grace Maulden is a 1659 Court Case in Kent County Maryland in which she is being sued for damages. Also named in the suit is John Burrage. At the time of the suit, Grace Bennett Maulden had taken as a second husband William Parker, Sr.

At a Court holden on Kent the 16th day of Febrewary, 1659
Capt Tho Bradnox demandeth wart versus Joh Burage in an Action of the Case to the value of 3000 lbs of Tob. for this he bringesth his suyte wart Issued 3 sups in this suyte.

Know by all men by these prsence that I John Burrage of the County of Ann Arundale Plantr doe ordaine & appointe my Louinge Friend Mr John Russell of the Isle of Kent my true & Lawful Atturny for me & in my name to answer the suyte of Capt Tho Bradnox in and Liber B Action of the Case and what my Atturny shall doe conserninge the afore sd prmises I doe Confirme to my sd Atturny to aske & doe as [fol 73] if I my selfe ware there in pson as witness my hand this 8th day of Febreu 1659 John Burage Wit: Wm Hernsley Steeven (S) Benson [S his mark.]

Capt Thomas Bradnox Plant
John Burage Defft by his Atturny Mr Joh. Russell
The Plant suse the Defft for 3000 lb of Tob. which by Peticon is Exprest for the Keepinge a Childe about six yeares time which is proved was given to Mrs Bradnox as her owne. The Atturny pleads his order & Instructions is to Crave and apeale wheare upon the Plant & Def come to agreemt & that the Def shall pay to the Plant 500 lb of Tob with Caske. The Court doth order the Defft to pay Coste of suyte Else Exectt.

Kent County Court Proceeding 1656-1662
Francis Malden 1658/9
To the Worshtt the Commrs for the County of Kent
The humble peticon of Tho. Bradnox
Showeth that your peticoners wife haveinge given to her by Mistris Parker one of her sonnes, by name Francis Malden & alsoe to your Petr as their own Childe, yet notwishstanding after your Petr had the said Childe aboute 6 years, & beene at greate Charges in keepinge the sd Childe, Mrs Parker came to your Petrs house about a fortnight since and Forcably with a pty of men took away the said Childe & be the particular advise of John Burage who doth stand to Justice the sd Action in the behalfe of the said mrs Parker. The prmises Considered yor Petr Craves that he may have satisfaction for the time hee hath kept the sd Childe with all his Charges and Expenses & your petr shall ever pray

John Burrage dies c 1670 and Margaret Maulden Burrage takes a second Husband, i.e. Samuel Lane b 1628 London England and died 18 Jan 1682 in Anne Arrundel, MD. Of this union, three children were born.

Samuel Lane
+ Margaret (Maulden) Burrage
   * Samuel Lane b c 1670
   * Dutton Lane b c 1672 d Oct 1726 Anne Arundel Co., MD
     + Pertitia Tydings
   * Sarah Lane b c 1675

Somewhere between 1675 and 1680 Francis Maulden (II) marries. The name of his wife has not been found. Of this union, there were two children.

Francis Maulden (II)
+ Unknown
  * Thomas Richard Maulden b c 1678 d pri 1720 Calvert Co., MD
  + Judah Ann Dossey
    * Francis Benjamin Maulden b 2 Apr 1705 d 1740
    + Sarah Elizabeth Stallings m 1730 d 1746 Calvert Co.
  * Mary Magdalene Maulden
  + Francis Stallings
    * Priscilla Stallings
    * Sarah Elizabeth Stallings d 1746 Calvert Co., MD
    + Francis Benjamin Maulden m 1730 b 2 Apr 1705 d 1740

The estate of William Parker, Sr was appraised on March 04, 1679.
Calvert County, Maryland
William Parker 7A.128 I CA #102821
Appraisers: George Parker, John Hance
Mentions: Mr. Thomas Francis
List of debts: Francis Malden, John Gray, William Ireland, Charles Parvis, John Loftus, Samuel Goosey, Henry Mitchell, Henry Mitchell paid to Edward Husband, Nicholas Fumes, Henry Viney, Richard Pollard, John Boone, Capt Samuell Bourne, John Sunderland, Samuell Holdsworth, William Barnet, John Kent, James Gilstrope, Nat. Smith, John Hall, Samuel Garland, John Purnell, William Farmer.

Whitechappel, Middlesex, England 18 October 1680
Edward Lloyd of the Parish Whitechappel, Middlesex and Grace his wife, and Elizabeth Parker of the same place, spinster, give to Samuel Lane of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland and Francis Mauldin, also of Maryland, a power of Attorney to receive what is due them from the estate of William Parker, late of the Cliffs, deceased. (Prov. Court, Lib. W.R.C. No 1, fol 207)

The following appears that William Parker, Sr., his wife Grace Bennett Maulden Parker and his daughter Elizabeth Parker by his first wife had moved to England prior to March 1679.
Grace Bennett Maulden Parker married third Edward Lloyd.

11 August 1681 Edward Lloyd late of the Parish of Stepiney, but now of the Parish of St. Mary, Whitechapel, in the county of Middlesex, and Grace his wife, late widow and sole executrix of William Parker, Senr. late of Stepiney and Henry Buckerfield of London, woodmonger, and Elizabeth his wife, only daughter of the said William Parker, Senr, and sister and heir at law of William Parker, Junr. late of the Cliffs of Maryland casually (i.e. through accident) deceased who was the only son and heir at law of the said William Parker, Senr. give a power of attorney to Samuel Lane, Chirurgeion, and Francis Maulden, planter both of the Province of Maryland.

Upon the death of Samuel Lane in 1682, Margaret Maulden Burrage Lane takes as her third husband Job Evans. Of this union, there were no children.

Proceeding of the Council of Maryland 1681-85/6 265
My Lord I beseech your ordr unto Francis Malden and all the other inhabitants for the delivery of the Church doore key, oltherwise they will bring in any one whom they please after your Departure.

Warrant for Francis Malden to app: before the Council.
Whereas Complaint is made to us that Francis Malden of the Cliffs in Calvert County did with a malitious mind, and Evill Intent utter publish and speake severall reproachfull and malitious words tending to the dishonor of our soveraigne Lord the King, and the diverting the minds of the good people of our Province from their obedience to us, also an high affront offed by the sd Maulden to Wm Mullett Doctyr in contempt of his Grace the Lord Bishop of London.
Wee therefore command you that forthwith you apprehend & take into your custody the said Francis Malden & him cause to come before us in our Council the 8th Day of this p'sent May to answer the severall high midemeanors comitted to him, for which this shall be yor Sufficient Warrt. Given under our hand & Lesser Seale at Armes this 7th Day of May 1684.
To Homas Pue who is hereby Especially Empowered to execute this
C. Baltemore

whereof the said Thomas Pue made returne as foll: viz:
May 8th 1684:
I have taken Francis Maulden, and have hime here this day before his Lsp and Council as above I am required. Signed Thomas W. Pue

The said Maulden accordingly appeared and upon his Examination having nothing to say in his defence but acknowledging his offence with submission & promiseing to deliver the Key of the Church Doore to Dr. Mullett without further trouble. Ordered that he Enter into Recognizance of twenty pounds sterl to his Lsp for his good behaviour and appearance at the next Provinciall Court to answer the p'misses.
Which he accordingly did in manner foll (viz)

May 8th 1684:
Then came Francis Malden of Calvert County Carpenter before his Lsp and Councill in Councill Sitting, and acknowledged himself to owe and be justly indebted unto the Rt Honble the Lord Propry in the full and just summe of Twenty pounds sterling to be leavyed on his goods and Chattels Lands & Tenemts Upon condition That if the said Francis Malden shall be and 'psonally appeare before his Lsp Justices of the Provinciall Court at the City of St. Maries, on the first day of the next Provinciall Court thereto be holden, then and there to answer unto the Complaint of William Mullett Clk for a certain abuse of him oflfered to the dishonor of his Majtic the Contemp of his grace the Ld Bishop of London, and the diverting the good people of this Province from their due obedience unto us.
And shall also then stand to and abide the finall end and determination of the said Justices therein. Then this his Recognizance to be void & of noe effect otherwise to stand remaine and be in full force power and vertue in Law. Wherewith he said he was Content.

The first unknown wife of Francis Maulden (II) apparently died prior to 1688 since he took as a second wife Elizabeth 'Eliza' Mackall. Of this union there were five children.

Eliza Mackall was the daughter of James Mackall and his wife Mary. Her siblings included Col John Mackall, Benjamin Mackall, M. Ann Mackall, and James Mackall, Jr.

Edward Lloyd deceased by 1695 in England. His will was drawn May 11, 1695. Grace Bennett Maulden Parker Lloyd's will was drawn May 10, 1698 in Middlesex Co., England.

Francis Maulden b c 1641 d 1710 Will 14 Jan 1710 Probate 19 Mar 1710
+ Eliza Mackall b c 1660 d c 1720 Will 14 Dec 1719 Prob 22 Jan 1720
  * William Jeremiah Maulden b 16 May 1689
   + Unknown
  * Margaret Maulden b 3 Feb 1692
   + James Kirshaw
  * James Maulden b 16 Jul 1695 d 17 Feb 1731
   + Eleanor (Harris) Elle
    * Benjamin Elle
  * Sarah Elizabeth Maulden b 3 May 1698
   + Unknown Howe
   + Charles Claggett
    * Rebecca Claggett
  * Elizabeth Maulden b 1700-1710
   + Robert Heigh m 1729
   + Adam Bond m 18 Jun 1734

Will of Francis Maulden (II) Calvert Co., Cliffs Area, MD
Calvery Co., MD
14 Jan 1710 [Will date]
19 Mar 1710 [Probate]
To wife Eliza executor, and heirs 400 acres part of Lower Bennett, the quarter being part of Parker's Cliff, during minority of young daughter Eliza.
Daughter Eliza, aforesaid land at majority or marriage. Two sons William and James 1000 acres in Friend's Discovery, in part of Little Brittaine Ridge in Baltimore Co., and personalty at marriage. Dau. Magdalen and heirs, 250 acres Hogg's Hant. 25 acres Mauldin's Luck and 50 acres part of Parker's Cliff. Son - Thomas Richard, residue of Parker's Cliff, during life, then to pass to his son Benjamin and heirs.
Francis Maulden
Testators - Charles Allen, Bejna Mackall, John Mackall

Will of Eliza Mackall Maulden
Calvery County Maryland
14 Dec 1719 [Will Date]
22 Jan 1720 [Probate]
Son - William and heirs 1/2 Dwelling Plantation.
Son - James and heirs other half said Plantation.
Granddau - Priscilla and Elizabeth Stallings personalty
Children - Viz. William, James, Margarget, Sarah and Elizabeth - residue of personal estate.
Executors - Sons William and James.
Testators - John Cay, Col. John Mackall, Charles Allen

It should be noted that Thomas Richard Maulden son of Francis Maulden (II) and is wife or his son Francis Benjamin Maulden are not listed in this will. It is suspect that Thomas Richard is deceased, and his wife and son are living with her relatives the Dossey's in the Cliff area.

April 4, 1721 Eliz Malden Test by Bond in Common form by Wm Maldon and James Malden ... 1000 pounds. Dtd March 1720

Margaret Maulden married James Kirshaw, August 21, 1725 in Calvert Co., MD.

Petition submitted by James Kirshaw December 1729
The following petition was [two words ?] to be Entered Viz:
To the Honourable Edward Henry Calvet Commissary
General [word ?] the provience of Maryland
The humble petition of James Kirshaw & Margaret his wife:
Showeth That your petitioner Margaret's Mother Elizabeth Malden som time ago dyed having made her will and thereby bequeathed [two words ?] of her Estate to be divided amongst your petitioner - Margaret, William & James Malden & Sarah Elizabeth now Sarah Clagette & Elizabeth Heigh and [word ?] made the said William & James Executors. [Word ?] took execution thereof on themselves or gave bond for such due execution. That a considerable ballance appears due to the said Estate (10 Rich?) ought to be divided in five aportions [words ?] your petitioners are entitled & which the said William & James refuse and neglect to pay to your petitioner. Your petitioner therefore pray they may Receive the assignment of the said Bond for the Recovery of the said part of the said Margaret's Estate as [word ?] due you petitioner, and your petitioner shall pray.
22 Dec anno 1729 Copy of the Bond be made out for the petitioners.

Will of James Maulden dated January 1726
On back of will Probate information dated February Twentyth 1731
Calvert County Wills Pg 361
I, James Malden of Calvert County being weak of Body but in perfect memory cremem brance doe make this my last Will & testament in manner & forme following:
first, I beg my sole to God who gave it me in pure and certain hopes of Eternal Life through ??merets of Jesus Christ & my body to be buried in a Christian Manner by my Exec hereafter named.
Imp I Give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Eleanor Malde the Plantation where I now dwell being two hundred acres of Land parte of Lower Bennet During her Life & after her Decease my Desire is that my Brother (sic-nephew) Francis Maldens Eldest Sone have one hundred acres of the above named land next to the bay & my Sister Sarah Claggett eldest Son have the other hundred acres and in case he dye before he comes to the age of Twenty one years the aforesaid hundred acres of Land go to my next heirs.
Item. I give & bequeath to my wife Eleanor Malden all my personall Estate after my Debts & Legaceys are paid to her and her heirs for ever.
Item. I give to my son in Law Benj. Elle two Cows & Calves & one Feather Bed furniture to be delivered him when he becomes of age of Twenty One years to him & his heirs for Ever.
I also make my Wife Eleanor Malden my hole [word ?] Exectric of this my last Will & testament in Witness whereof I have herewith set my hand & seale this January Day of (?) anno 1726.
Sign'd Sealed & Acknowledged James (Seal) Malden
in presence of
John Rigby, Mary Morgan, Francis Stallings

On back of this will was following probate information
February Twentyth 1731
Came John Rigby, Mary Morgan & Frances Stallins the three subscribing evidence for the foregoing Will & made oath on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, that they saw the Testator James Malden Signe & seale & [word ?} him publish pronounce & Declare within (Inoteium ?) unto writing to be as his last will and testament that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their knowledge & (apzchntion) of Sound & performing mind, memory & understanding & that they the aforsd John Rigby, Mary Morgan, & Francis Stallins.

Tax List 1732 Calvert Co., MD Francis Maulden living next door to Francis Stallings having one slave.

Estate Appraisal Francis Malden also Francis Mallding
July 8, 1740 Calvert Co., MD
Appraisers: William Kid, Niell Dowell
Creditors: Benjamin Johns, Richard Johns of Angelica
Next of kin: James Dossey, James Dossey, Jr.
Administratrix: Sarah Malden

Francis Benjamin Maulden and wife Sarah Elizabeth Stallings were married in 1730 in Calvert Co., MD. As noted, Francis was living next to his Uncle/Father-in-law on the 1732 tax list. The marriage lasted about ten years, but no listing for children have been found. It has been suggested that Richard, Benjamin, Mary, and James Maulden who were born in the 1730's and found in Chatham Co., NC could be their children but no proof has been found.

The next of kin notice in the appraisel of Francis Benjamin's estate establishes the maiden name of his mother Judah Ann Dossey.

Death of Sarah Elizabeth Stallings Maulden
October 11, 1746
The administrative account of Capok [sp] King administrator of Sarah Maulden, late of Calvert County Deceased. The said accountant chargeth himself with the Ballance of the Decease Bulale [sp] as to account past the 11th Day of October 1746 [unreadable]
amounting to L
also with L 3.6.5. A (received)
John Hanbury Iber: } 6.12.10
also with L 15.2.11 A (received)
Aced iber: } 30.5.10
Sarah Elizabeth Stallings Maulden deceased.

It should be noted, that the will of James Maulden uncle of Francis Benjamin Maulden had left 100 acres to the eldest son of Francis after the death of James's wife. The will was writen in 1726. Francis married Sarah Elizabeth in 1730. No children were present unless Francis Benjamin had married previously and had had issue. No record has been found of a marriage or of issue.

Even though there has been no record found of William Jeremiah Maulden's marriage, he has been credited with being the father of John Maulden b 25 Nov 1726, James Maulden b 4 July 1731, Alexander Maulden b 09 Aug 1734, Rebecca Maulden who has been reported as having married William Howe and Thomas Maulden who was living in Calvert Co., MD in 1782. William Jeremiah was listed on Debt Book 1753 as owner of Parker's Cliff.

I have not attempted to trace the marriages, and children of any of the reported male children of William Jeremiah Maulden.