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mapleleaf Sir Albert Edward Kemp M.P. mapleleaf
1858- 1929
Albert Edward Kempwho is a minister without portfolio in Premier Borden's cabinet was born in Clarenceville August 11 1858 and received his education in the schools in his native province. He was first elected to the house of commons for the old constituency of Toronto East in the general election of 1900 and was re elected in 1904 Mr. Kemp is classed as one of the millionaire manufacturers of Toronto and has in his time occupied several prominent positions in connection with the commercial organizations of that city.
Ottawa Ont. Nov. 4 (From our Own Correspondent) Sir Edward Kemp has been called to the Senate and Calvin Lawrence Legislative representative at Ottawa of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has been appointed to the long standing Railway Commission due to the death of Commissioner Goodeve. The appointments were made at yesterday afternoon's cabinet Council.
Sir Edward Kemp in the Senate succeeds the late Senator Nichols of Toronto. He is expected to retain his seat without portfolio in the Cabinet. The appointment of Mr. Lawrence in a recognition of the claims of labor. He has long bee associated with the railway orders and is well known at Ottawa for having watched all legislation or other matter on concern to his brotherhood. He came from St. Thomas and used to be a locomotive engineer on the Michigan Central Railway.
Merger Ends Last Chapter in Commercial Career of Noted Canadian Manufacturer
Set Out From Farm at 16 With Nothing But Railway Fare and Climbed to Top
The Hon Sir Albert Edward Kemp KC M G senator, quondam minister of militia and defense and minister of the overseas military forces of Canada whose name has been for so many years associated as president with that of the Sheet Metal Products Company of Canada Limited with branches at Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary Edmonton and Vancouver is definitely to retire form active business and at the same time he will sever all connections with the giant industry which his enterprise energy and foresight has created out of a little tin ware shop on Queen St. west.
Announcement of Sir Edward's retirement comes as a sequel to the $18,000,000 merger of the Sheet Metal Product Company of Canada with the Thomas Davidson and McClary Manufacturing companies of London and Montreal, all whom have been purchased outright by General Steel Wares Limited a purely Canadian concern both as regards capital and personnel.
"I was born on a farm" said Sir Edward to the Star last evening when interviewed regarding the great industry for which he has now definitely parted" My parents were what one class now as belonging to the pioneer type and I can assure you that in those days one worked hard for a living" " On my father's side our family were Yorkshire stock" he continued " and it was more than 100 years ago that my grandfather brought four sons and four daughters to Canada" My place of birth was Clarenceville in one of the eastern townships of the province of Quebec just 45 miles from Montreal and here my father had a farm, a ferry and a small lumber business. When I was 16 years of age I decided that I could do better for myself than work all my life on the farm, and when I managed to save my fare I came to Montreal with the determination to make my fortune. Things were not easy a first and I tried my hand at many different kinds of work and finally in 1885 I came to Toronto. " in the city here I went into partnership with a man named MacDonald who had a small metal business on the south side of Queen just west of Sherbourne St. This was the nucleus of the industry with which I have been for so long connected" After a year we moved our business to the present site of the Sheet Metal Products Company on Gerrard St. east and in 1887 I bought MacDonald out. At this time I was determined to build a big business out of a very small one, and one of our first successes was when we successfully made a bid for the Maritime markets. Hitherto the Americans had had this field all to themselves, but by persistence and energy we managed to oust this outside temptation. " During all the young life of the company it was one stern fight for very existence For 20 years after I left the old home it was touch and go with me all the time, just a question whether we would keep our heads above water or go under. I stuck to it and ultimately brought my younger brother in he was of the greatest possible assistance to me and enabled me to take part in public life, he passed away of course in 1919 as you will remember"
Secret of Success
"Such success as I have achieved" concluded Sir Edward " I attribute to hard work application continued endeavour and perhaps some foresight nor must I forget the splendid loyal men who have worked with me. I am an old man now and it is time I slipped aside for the younger fellows. There are plenty of good men in the business to care for it in whom I have every confidence. Two of my friends are vice presidents of the new controlling concern. Both are graduates of the University of Toronto and men of energy integrity and ability."
"I should like you to realize one thing Canada does not need to go outside to get men to handle her industries. We have all the ability we need right here at home. Canadians are the finest most able and energetic and I verily believe the happiest people in the whole world, while our country is the greatest heritage any race has been ever heir to"
In the long softly lighted thick carpeted hallway paneled in solid oak Sir Edward paused before a quaint old drawing of a mill, a blockhouse, and a stream that looked a little out of place amongst the examples of master painting surrounding it. " Just three miles from my old home, just across the border" he explained "it was three a handful of Canadian farmers stood off and drove back three times their number of American troops in the war of 1812. The old mill and the bridge over the stream have gone now but I can remember that scene from my boyhood days as though it were but yesterday"
"No, I shall not be lonely and I do not plan any great change in my present mode of life" he told the Star when speaking of his retirement I love Canada and I have so many friends in every walk of life that such leisure as I may achieve will be very welcome to me."
Sir Edward Kemp stepped into the political arena in 1900 when he was elected upon a Conservative nomination in East Toronto .Following this he had two terms in the federal house but was defeated in the general election in 1908. His political comeback in 1911 was strong. .According to press comments of the time he employed his three years away from the house to good advantage and cultivated his constituency so that he was elected by a large majority.
Sir Edward Kemp finds his recreation in such vigorous out of door sports as hunting and fishing. The local clubs of which he is a member are The York , National, Albany, Toronto, RCYC, Hunt, Lambton Golf, Toronto Golf and the Ontario Jockey Club.

On August 11th 1858 there was born in Clarenceville in the District of Bedford one who is know to all the world as Sir Edward Kemp and is also known a a member of the Canadian Senate. His father was Robert Kemp, his mother Sarah A Bush . Sir Edward received only the education that an industrious boy could acquire at the little hamlet school in Clarenceville with a term or two at LaColle. He started from a small beginning at an early age to earn his living and to develop that great ability which he has shown in every thing he has undertaken. He went to Toronto and in that city has had a wonderfully successful career as a manufacturer acquiring a vast fortune. From the people of the city he had received every honor that can be paid to a public or private man. He belongs to every important club in Canada has been Chairman of the Canadian Manufacturers Association and reelected as such President of the Board of trade member of Parliament form Toronto for many years a member of the Gouvernment of Right Honorable Sir Robert Borden and a Privy Councilor in 1911. Chairman of the Commission for controlling was expenditure in connection with purchases and transportation. Minister of Militia and Defense Minister of Overseas Military forces a member of Mr. Meighen's Cabinet in 1920 and appointed to the senate in 1921. The NEWS likes to remember the record of her successful sons in every walk of life but it is not entirely on account of the story above told that we refer to Sir Edward today but it is because of a little home touch that shows the man and his character in connection with the proposed honors and advantages to be given to that lately distinguished Canadian George Young Everybody worth while is proud of George Young's success and because of the pathetic story broadcast concerning his mother they have acquired a place in the hearts of ever true Canadian. Thinking men realize however that too much prosperity while it is liable to spoil any man or woman is especially likely to hurt of ruin perhaps, people who suddenly find themselves rich and prosperous and treated in the manner in which canadians are disposed to treat a hero.
It remains for a man like Sir Edward Kemp when everybody else was talking about impossible or stupid schemes to enrich or advance this hero to walk into the office of a great newspaper in Toronto to put down five thousand dollars on the counter and say that he wanted it to be used to endow a home for George Young's mother and for himself and that if the people of Toronto wished to show their sympathy and good will in a practical way they should get together a Committee and advise this inexperienced young Canadian how by education and otherwise he can benefit himself and his country and perhaps further develop some of those great stores of athletic superiority which he evidently possesses. That was a good thought Sir Edward Kemp You never would have had it if you had not been born in the Townships and we hope some day in the near future to welcome you to that section of the country to which through greater activities you have not paid that personal attention that some of us think you might have done. Your story like that of George Young's furnishes inspiration away beyond the circle in which you live or may think you are known .
London Press Tells of Great Service he Rendered During War
Funeral will Be Held At Ontario Summer Home Wednesday
Special Wireless by J E Poole The Star's Resident Correspondent
London Aug. 12 The London press generally devotes from half a column to a column to the career of Sir Edward Kemp.
The Times says " During his period in England as Canada's Overseas Minister his advice was frequently sought and highly prized, for he was a man of sound and deliberate judgment and prudence. He gave himself wholly to his duties and performed them with thoroughness. His quiet simplicity earned him the respect of all whom he came in contact."
The Daily Telegraph remarks that heavy as was his duty in conveying the Canadians to the battlefront, it was nothing to the problem that faced Sir edward when the time arrived for repatriation . " It was difficult to explain to men who had been without a sight of their own country for four years, how impossible it was to place them all on troop ship directly the armistice was signed" the Telegraph points out.
" Considering all the impediments facing the ministry for overseas forces it was creditable that is accomplished the greater part of the repatriation work early in the summer on 1919."
The Telegraph also comments that Sir Edward's genial disposition and manifest liking for meeting the Briton at home earned him a great amount of goodwill on this side of the Atlantic.

Toronto Aug. 13 (CP) Funeral services for the late Sir Edward Kemp prominent Canadian statesman and business man who died at his summer home near Bobcaygeon yesterday will be held from his residence here on Wednesday Internment will be at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Sir Edward died early yesterday with startling suddenness only a few hours after the observance of his 71st birthday. On Sunday his birthday he was apparently enjoying good health and had played a round of golf on the links at his home. early yesterday morning however Lady Kemp was aroused by sounds of distress from Sir Edward's room Medical aid was summoned but before Dr Kelly of Bobcaygeon arrived Sir Kemp was dead. Death was attributed to an attack of acute indigestion. The body of Sir Edward was brought to Toronto last night and the funeral arrangements made. Lady Kemp accompanied the the body to Toronto.
Castle Frank location Castle Frank Kemp Manufacturing Company

Castle Frank Sir Edward

Charles Kemp
Yorkshire, England

Robert Kemp
James Kemp
Simon Kemp
Son Kemp
Daughter Kemp
Daughter Kemp
Daughter Kemp
Daughter Kemp

The story is that the Kemp family arrived in Montreal and set up housekeeping for a while , then they moved , all of them except Robert and his brother whose name remains at this time (2003) uncertain.
The seinor Kemp , died in Toronto of the Asiatic flu

Robert Kemp
1824 -1894
12 May 1856
Clarenceville Que
Sarah Ann Bush
Matilda Lousie Derick
( half-sister-Nellie)
Charles Kemp
Albert Edward Kemp
Willaim A Kemp

Maltilda becomes Mrs Tasker of Manchester NH - (daughter of John Derick and Sarah Ann Bush m 1847)
(Sarah Ann Bush first married Ira I Row in 1843) (she was 31 year old when she took up with Robert Kemp)
Charles Kemp survived 6 weeks and 4 days, he is buried not with his parents, but in the cemetery in the 3rd concession Parish of St Thomas along with his half brother Calvin C Derick .

First Marriage
Albert Edwad Kemp
Montreal Que
Cecilia Amanda Wilson
1858 -1924
Alice Irene Kemp
Hazel Beatrice Kemp
Florence E. Kemp
There is a wonderful booklet just published on the life and times of Hazel Kemp Coville from 1930 to 1954. It was written by Jean Claude Coutu as part of a series of historical records for La SODAM Patrimoine. The booklet can be obtained at the Maschouche Municipal Library , 3034 chemin Sainte Marie, Mascouche, Qc. J7K 1P1.
The booklet is rightly titled " La millionnaire de Mascouche" Le manoir seigneurial de 1930 - 1945 - Unfortunately it is only published in the language of Moliere ( French)

1st Marriage
Alice Irene Kemp
Toronto Ont
Walter Scott Waldie
Stephanie Waldie
J Kemp Waldie

A midsummer temperature and golden sunshine was the gift of the weather man on Wednesday to Miss Alice Kemp and Mr. Scott Waldie for their wedding day, between clouds and rain storms of the morning before and the evening after. Such an ideal afternoon for a sylvan wedding party couldn't have been bettered. For some time before three o'clock the road to Castle Frank was alive with equipages overflowing with silks and chiffons airy summer fineries in mid autumn and smiling summer faces to match. The guests were delighted before they entered the open portals by whiffs of delicious fragrance from mammoth baskets of America Beauties which faced the doorway from a point half way up the stairway. The drawing room was arranged for the ceremony , an alcove being specially decorated and a trio of marriage bells done with white pink and crimson carnations hanging from the center of the arch over a temporary alter rail before which the bridal part y stood. The way from the stair to the alcove was barred with white ribbons and while Mr. Blakely played the sweet toned organ which is built in to the half way landing on the grand stairway the guests grouped themselves below glancing up at the beautiful stair with its garlands of green and huge sheaves of American Beauties and watching for the first glimpse of the bride's procession for which ushers stood waiting after the passing of the groom the best man and Rev Cleaver the officiating minister to the drawing room. The familiar marriage music pealed forth and the little flower girl Miss Aillen Kemp cousin of the bride appeared at the turn of the stairway, stepping slowly and demurely down in a dainty white frock and white beaver hat and carrying a large basket of white pink and crimson carnations. After her came the four bridesmaids two and two the maid of honor being Miss Florence Kemp nest sister of the bride and the other three maids attendant being Miss Jessie Waldie, Miss Hazel Kemp the bride's youngest sister and Miss Norton Beatty daughter of Mr. S G Beatty. Their frocks were airily lovely of silk point d'esprit over taffeta with guimpes of latticed white satin ribbons caught with peals and huge sheaf bouquet of carnations pink white and crimson. They wore veils of tukke floating over their shoulders which were exceedingly becoming. The bride was brought down by her father and wore a heavy ivory satin robe des noces en train and opening over a jupe of accordion chiffon and beautifully trimmed with fine old lace, sheath elbow sleeves of lace over satin with deep flounces and wide satin girdle. A tulle veil and crown of lily of the valley was very prettily arranged over the simple coiffure and the bouquet was a shower of the same exquisite flowers. Mr. R S Waldie was best man and the ushers were Mr. Mark Ansley Mr. John Jennings Wright and Mr. Percy Foster of Sthroy. After the ceremony the bridal party left the drawing room and signed the register and a quartette of finished vocalists sang a very beautiful anthem having also sung one of the favorite wedding hymns before the ceremony. Miss Dora McMurtry Miss Shildrick Mr. Bemrose and Mr Cameron were the quartette The bride and groom returned to the drawing room and received the congratulations of their friends and later on the bridal party took dejeuner at the beautifully decorated table in the library while the company enjoyed all the good things from the buffet in the dining room. An orchestra was stationed on the deep verandah overlooking the stretch of lawn to the edge of the Rosdale ravine and the guests strolling about enjoyed the perfect hour. Dr. Hoskin pointed out the exact location of old Castle Frank and the spot where he himself stood to be married. Beautiful women in dreams of gowns grouped themselves here and there The groom's mother Mrs. Waldie of Glenhust wore a perfect gown of mauve and a toque with orchids and carried a bouquet of the loveliest of Tidy's orchids and feathery ferns. Mrs. Kemp wore a delicate pastel blue brocade with a toque of very pale heliotrope panne. Mrs. S G Beatty wore a ale grey gown and hat with plumes to match which suited her admirably. Here and there a robe of solid color was a relief from the prevalence of pastel tints Mrs. Hoskin of the Dale wore a deep rich purple and bonnet to match. Mrs. Osler of Craigleigh was in black velvet, relived with white and toque to match. Mrs. Charles Temple was in vivid red, Mrs. Lazier nee Simpson was lovely in clear light blue Mrs. Harry Bourlion another recent bride also wore a darker shade of blue. Many of the gowns were white or pastel shades and were of unusual richness and elegance. After the dejeuner the bridal group were photographed and Mr. and Mrs. Waldie were speeded on their wedding journey by scores of friends who sent good wishes and confetti with equal lavishness the brides going away in a grey broadcloth traveling suit and grey hat with white wings and rainbow ribbon. The bridal gifts were exceedingly handsome and artistic and were as is the rule in these good times of a number and value which caused many a word of admiration and from brides of even a decade or two back a rueful remark" We didn't get such presents in our time" Mrs. Kemp has had a most interesting and delightful English visitor with her for some weeks, Miss Mardon of Bristol whose admiration for the chic and elegance of Toronto women was frankly expressed.

Mr. and Mrs. Kemp gave their daughter such a wedding as few if any parents here could equal for Castle Frank is the home most capable of being the scene of a successful house wedding of any in Toronto. Its great roominess its beauteous environment and the appropriate music from the fine organ were perfect for a marriage on so fair and bright a day. Mr. & Mrs. Scott Waldie sailed by the Cedric for a tour of some months in Europe. One of the bride's presents was a deed of a house and lot in Mackenzie avenue which will be ready for their occupancy later on , a gift from her father. The bridesmaid's gifts were pins in gold of mistletoe with two hearts in pearls and the best man and ushers were presented by the groom with mistletoe pins with a pearl heart.
WaldieOn Wednesday the 19th February 1919 at Number Nine General Hospital Rhyl North Wales of pneumonia Walter Scott Waldie Lieutenant C E F (formerly 122nd battalion) husband of Alice Irene Waldie and son of the late John Waldie Esq. of Toronto
Mr & Mrs George Fitzgerald
Stephaine Waldie
Denis Fitzgerald

Lady Kemp is giving a young people's dance for Miss Stephine Waldie on Tuesday Sept 8th
The aid of honor was Miss Tanis Rhoades of Toronto and the bridesmaids Miss Frances Stephens of Montreal cousin of the bride Miss Shelia Proctor Miss Nancy Spragge and Miss Isabel Lockhart Gordon of Toronto Mr. Peter Dew of Toronto was the best man The bride is a niece of Mrs. A B Colville of Montreal. The reception which followed the ceremony was held at " Penryn" York Mill the home of Colonel and Mrs. Norman Perry

2nd Marriage
Alice Irene Kemp
October 11,
Norman Dundas Perry

Approaching Marriages
Sir Edward and Lady Kemp of Toronto have sent out invitation to the marriage of their daughter Alice Irene Waldie to Lieut. Col. Norman Dundas Perry DSO to take place at St. Simon's Church on Wednesday afternoon October 11th at halfpast three o'clock. The Bride elect is a sister of Mrs. A B Colville of Montreal.
At half past three o'clock yesterday afternoon at St. Simon's Church Toronto Ont the marriage took place quietly of Alice Irene Waldie, eldest daughter of Sir Edward and Lady Kemp to Lieut. Col. Norman Perry DSO . The service was taken by the Rev Mr. Brewin in the presence of the immediate friends and relatives. The bride who was brought in and given away by her father wore a gown of orchid georgette embroidered with pearls with a hat of orchid metal cloth and plumes and she carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley and orchids. The bride was unattended, Mr. Gordon Perry was his brother's best man The ushers were Lieut. Col. Reginald Pellatt, Mr. Godfrey Sprague Mr. R K Marshall and Mr. A H C Proctor. After the ceremony the bridal party and guests motored to Castle Frank where Sir Edward and Lady Kemp held a reception. The latter wearing grey georgette and black hat with paradise plume Colonel and Mrs. Perry left later to spend their honeymoon at Virginia Hot Springs. the bride wearing over her gown a moleskin wrap and her hat was of brown.
A fashionable wedding of interest took place yesterday in St. Simon's Church when Alice Irene ( Mrs. Scott Waldie) daughter of Sir Edward and Lady Kemp became the bride of Colonel Norman Perry D>S>O> son of Captain and Mrs. J B Perry. Rev Mr. Brewin officiated. The bride who was unattended looked charming in her wedding dress of orchid chiffon embroidered in crushed raison in iridescent shades and crystal veiled in orchid ceri silver. The front hung in straight lines while the train of chiffon formed to panels. The graceful sleeves were looped to the train and caught at the wrist. Her large hat of orchid and silver cloth was softly trimmed with orchid feathers and she carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley and orchids. She also wore a diamond pin, the gift of the groom. Mr. Gordon Perry acted as best man and the ushers were Colonel Reginal Pellatt Mr. A H C Proctor Mr. R K Marsahll and Mr. Godfrey Spragge. Sir Edward and Lady Kemp held a reception at Castle Frank after the ceremony . Lady Kemp wearing a handsome gown of grey georgette heavily boded and small hat with paradise plumes. The 48th Highlanders band the groom's regimental band was in attendance. Colonel and Mrs. Reppy left later to spend their honeymoon in the |South, the bride going away in a suit of brown duvetyn with wrap of moleskin and small brown hat They will reside on Beaumont road on their return.
Mrs. Scott Waldie Becomes Bride of Lt. Co. Norman Perry DSO Many Autumn Brides
Autumn leaves and golden mums and greenery decked the chancel of St. Simon's Church this afternoon when at half past three the marriage was solemnized of Alice Irene (Mrs. Scott Waldie) daughter of Sir Edward and Lady Kemp to Lt. Col. Norman Dundas Perry DS) son of Captain and Mrs. J B Perry, dale Ave. Rev Mr. Brewin read the service and Mr. Crawford was at the organ. The bride who was unattended wore a lovely frock of orchid georgette beautifully beaded in crystals and ending in a short train. Her large hat of silver cloth was adorned with orchid ostrich plumes and her bouquet was of Cattlyas orchids and lilies of the valley She also wore a diamond pin, the gift of the groom. Mr. Gordon Perry assisted his brother and the ushers were Mr. Proctor, Mr. Reg Pellatt Mr. Rud Marshall and Mr. Godfrey Sprague. Lady Kemp was wearing a handsome gown of grey beaded georgette with small black hat with paradise plumes. Only the immediate relatives and friends were invited to the reception for which the lovely rooms at Castle Frank were decorated with autumn flowers and masses of greenery Outside on the lawn the grooms' regimental bang of the 48th Highlanders rendered a musical programme. The superb wedding gift included much exquisite colored glass and pictures. for her honeymoon motor trip the bride wore brown duvetyn with moleskin cape and small brown hat. After a trip to England Lt. Col. and Mrs. Perry will reside on Beaumont Ave Mrs. Perry wore Amethyst crepe with velvet hat to match a cloak of grey velvet and mole and a bouquet of orchids.

Mrs. Norman Perry is accompanying her daughter Miss Stephanie Waldie to New York on September 2nd Miss Waldie is returning to school in Camberley.

Florence E. Kemp
A.C.H. Proctor -
Shelia Marne Proctor
Courtney Proctor
D'Arcy Proctor

Young and fairMiss Florence Kemp whose invitation song recital was an important social feature of Saturday night is greatly to be envied by her less fortunate beings. The Conservatory Music hall where the recital was given was crowded to the doors, when Miss Kemp made her appearance on the platform, she was dressed in filmy white with wide nasturtium ribbons and bows festooned in flounce like effect in the skirt. A fairer sight could scarcely be imagined that the white robed figure with its halo of red hair. A la Miss Leslie Carter standing in the artistic setting and the shaded light arranged by Mr. Pigott Flower were showered upon her two large sheaves of American Beauties another on of Bermuda lilies a huge basket of sweet peas two big posies of white roses and other too numerous to mention. Miss Shepard, Miss Kemp's teacher and accompanist also received a generous supply of floral offering. Mr. A H C Proctor, Mr. Ernest Bissett Mr. FA Sutherland and Mr. Scott Waldie were on hand early by arrangement to usher the people to their seats. Miss Nora Hayes and the Misses Bolton and Boddy gave selection on the violin and the piano Of the singer herself it may be said that vocally her performance was a delight to everybody, that her enunciation is so perfect the excellent programme with the words of the songs printed there on were unnecessary. In the audience were noticed Mr.& Mrs. A E Kemp Miss Hazel Kemp Mrs. Waldie Mrs. Scott Waldie Mr. & Mrs. Archibald Thompson Miss Sheppard Mrs. John A Paterson Mrs. Charles Baird Miss Baird Mrs. WC Matthews Mr.& Mrs. J A Proctor Miss Proctor Miss Ellis Mrs. Rykman Miss Rosamund Fuller Mrs. Despard Mrs. McIntyre Mr. Ernst Proctor Miss Nichollas Dr.& Mrs. Capon Mrs. S TG Beatty Mrs. Walter Lee Mrs. Selwyn Miss Adeli Austin Mrs. &Mrs. Paul Jarvis, Mr. Eric Armour Mr. &Mrs. A S Vogt Mrs. JDA Trip the Misses Dryman Miss Wilkes Mrs. George Kerr Miss Estelle Kerr Miss Muriel Millichamp Miss Grace Massey Mr. Des Champs Mrs. M J Haney Miss Margaret Haney Miss Keating Miss Heloise Keating Mrs. Fisher Mrs. Oliphant Dr. & Mrs. McGillivary and Miss H M Hill.

Shelia Marne Proctor
Robert Lawrence Simpson
Victoria Marne Nuttall
Richard Larke Simpson

Miss Shelia Proctor

1st Marriage
Hazel Beatrice Kemp
Francis Chattan Stephens
Frances Elizabeth Stephens
John H. C. Stephens

The engagement of Miss Hazel Kemp of Castle Frank and Mr. C Stephens of Montreal has been an interesting announcement Mrs. Stephens was on a visit at Castle Frank last week end.
Mrs. Hamilton Gault  , Sherbrooke street , gave a luncheon yesterday at which Miss Hazel Kemp of Toronto was the guest of Honor The table prettily arranged with flowers was laid for twelve.
Lieut. F Chattan Stephens reported by the War Office to be dangerously ill is suffering from rheumatism of an inflammatory type which had developed into endocarditis Before enlisting for overseas service with the 5th Royal Highlanders of Canada he was a member the Montreal Stock Exchange firm of F C Stephens & Co. He is a son of the late Hon G W Stephens. Mrs. Chattan Stephens is in England at present Lieut. Stephens is in No 2 Red Cross Hospital Rouen France.
From The Star Staff Correspondent
Ottawa April 21 The serious illness from heat trouble of Lieut. Francis Stephens of the 13th Battalion at the Rouen Red Cross Hospital is reported to the Militia Department Lieut. Stephens is a brother of Major G W Stephens of Montreal and a son in law of the Hon AE Kemp of Toronto.
Capt. F Chattan Stephens 595 Pine Ave West who died this morning following several days illness from influenza.
Capt. F C Stephens is a Victim of �FLU
One of the latest military patients to die of the flu is Capt. F Chattan Stephens who passed away this morning at his home 595 Pie Ave West from effects of pneumonia. Capt. Stephens�s wife who is a daughter of Sir Edward Kemp the overseas Minister of Militia ...............(the rest is torn and unreadable but appears to be only one or two sentences)******
The will of the late Captain Francis Chattan Stephens who died in Montreal on October 16 last has been filed for probate. His property is bequeathed to his widow Hazel Beatrice Kemp, who receives all revenue until his youngest child is twenty one years of age when it will be divided among the children with Mrs. Stephens receiving a fixed sume. The trustees are the widow and Mrs. Arthur Hamilton Gault.
There is now no doubt that Mrs. G W Stephens, Sr. of 393 Dorchester St. West lost he life in the disaster. Private cables announce that the remains have been recovered and are on their way to Liverpool. Master John H C Stephens, Mrs. Stephens grandson is among the missing. Mrs. Stephens was taking her grandchild over to see his father Lieut. F Chattan Stephens who is at present recovering from illness in a London hospital.

Mrs. Stephens was a daughter of the Late N McIntosh and the widow of the late Hon G W Stephens. She is survived by Mrs. J Wedderburn Wilson, residing in England, Mrs. Gault wife of Major Hamilton Gault DSO, Lieut. F Chattan Stephens and her step son Major G W Stephens.
Stephens Baby on Board
Son of Captain Chattan Stephen of Montreal, now in France
Special interest for Toronto people attaches to one of the Lusitania�s passengers , the infant grandchild of Hon, AE Kemp of Castle Frank Rosedale, John Stephens, a baby of one year with his grandmother Mrs. George Washington Stephens of Montreal, mother of Captain Chattan Stephens was on his way to join his father in France. The child�s mother formerly Miss Hazel Kemp of Toronto was one of the most prominent of Toronto�s younger social set.
The body of Mrs. G W Stephens who was drowned when the Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine was being brought back to Montreal on the Hesperian which was sunk also by a German submarine. The body had not been recovered until recently and was being sent to Montreal for burial.

Senator & Mrs CC Ballantyne
Frances Elizabeth Stephens
St. Henri de Mascouche, Que
Murray Gordon Ballantyne

The Hon Margaret Shaughnessy (right) and Miss Frances Stephens of Montreal who were among the Canadians who sailed from New York o n Wednesday aboard the Duchess of Bedford for a 28 day cruise to the West Indies Miss Shaughnessay is the daughter of Lord and Lady Shaughnessy Miss Stephen whose engagement was recently announced to Mr. Murray Gordon Ballantyne is a daughter of Mrs. A B Colville
Engagements announced
Mrs. Arthur Colville announces the engagements of her only daughter Frances Elizabeth Stephens to Mr. Murray Gordon Ballantyne youngest son of the Hon Senator and Mrs. CC Ballantyne.
In the top picture are left DR & Mrs. John C Mackenzie the latter formerly Miss Margaret Christine Mitchell leaving the Church of St. James the Apostle yesterday afternoon after their wedding. The bride who is a daughter of the late C S Mitchell and & Mrs. Mitchell is prominent in the Junior League of Montreal of which she is a former president and is Ont. of the Regional Directors of the Association of Junior Leagues of America. DR Mackenzie who is a some of Mr. 7 Mrs. W F Mackenzie of Glasgow Scotland is superintendent of the Montreal General Hospital.
Top right Mr. & Mrs. William F Shepherd whose marriage took place this afternoon in the Archbishop�s Palace The bride formerly Miss Francoise Vanier is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Philas Vanier and sister of Colonel George P Vanier secretary to Canada House Office London England. The bridegroom is the only son of Mr. & Mrs. W G M Shepherd.
In the Lower picture is Mrs Ballantyne, formerly Miss Frances Elizabeth Stephens, whose marriage to Mr. Murray Gordon Ballantyne took place this morning at the parish church of St. Henri de Mascouche The bride is a daughter of the late captain Chattan Stephens and of Mrs. A b Colville and a granddaughter of the late Senator Sir Edward Kemp and of the late Lady Kemp of Toronto. Mr. Ballantyne is the youngest son of the Hon CC Ballantyne and Mrs. Ballantyne.

2 nd Marriage
Hazel Beatrice Kemp
Toronto, Ont
Arthur Boucher Colville

Approaching Marriages
The marriages will take place shortly in Toronto at St. Simon�s Church of Hazel Beatrice Stephens widow of the late F Chattan Stephens of Montreal and youngest daughter of the Hon Sir Edward Kemp K C M G and Lady Kemp of Toronto to Mr. Arthur Boucher Colville son of the late Arthur Lyndhurst Colville and Mrs. Colville of Campbellford Ont.
Colville - Stephens
The marriage was quietly solemnized at half past twelve o�clock yesterday at St. Simon�s Church Toronto. when only immediate relatives were present of Mrs. Hazel Beatrice Chattan Stephens of Montreal daughter of Sir Edward and Lady Kemp of Toronto to Mr. Arthur B Colvill of Montreal, son of Mrs. Colville of Campbellford Ont. The bride who was unattended was given away by her father and wore a gown of pale pink chiffon with picture hat and carried a bouquet of Ophella roses and maidenhair ferns. Palms pink roses and feezias decked the chancel. Rev Mr. Cayley officiated and Mr. Crawford was at the organ. Mr. and Mrs. Coville left later for a wedding trip, which will be spent in the South. Going away the bride wore a fawn cloth costume with brown satin hat and beaver coat. On their return from Aiken SC Mr. and Mrs. Coville will reside on Pine Ave Montreal.
Mr. and Mrs. A B Colville and Miss Frances Stephens after a six month�s sojourn in England are passenger on the Empress of France which is due in Quebec this weekend.
Prominent Lawyer Served as Counsel for Sun Life Company
Arthur Boucher Colville K C died this morning at his homes 1371 Pine Ave aged 53 after an illness of six moth�s duration. Mr. Colvill was born at Campbellford On May 22 1877 a son of Arthur Lyndhusrt and Mary Frances May Colville and was educated in a private school, later at Campbellford High School, and at Trinity College Toronto where he graduated in Arts. He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1900 and to that of Quebec in 1900 in 1921 he was appointed King�s Counsel. He first opened business as a barrister in Toronto in 1900 where he remained until 1903 he went to Campbelford and practiced there until 1909 when her returned to Toronto until 1915. In that year he want to France with the 20th Battalion of Canadian Infantry and served with that unit and with the Canadian Railway troops until 1918.
Widely traveled
In 1919 Mr. Colville joined the staff of the Sun Life Assurance Company as counsel and had been actively engaged since then in the legal actuarial and investment departments of the company. He traveled extensively for the company and last year visited both Peru and England in their interests.
Mr. Colville in 1920 married Miss Hazel daughter of Hon Sir Edward Kemp KCMG and he is survived by her. He was a member of the following clubs ; Mount Royal ,University, Forest and Stream, Montreal Racquet, Montreal Hunt, Royal Montreal Golf, Montreal Jockey, Toronto Hunt, Orleans Fish and Game and Sports, London.

The Hon Hugh & Mrs. Guthrie gave dinner on Saturday night in honor oft he Hon Hanford and Mrs. MacNider The table was prettily decorated with pink roses and the guests were the Right Hon R B Bennett Mrs. W D Herridge Mrs. A B Colville of Montreal Mr. & Mrs. CA Gray Mr. & Mrs. W R Creighton Mr. & Mrs. W H Beck and Mr. D P Cruickshank
Mrs. A B Colvill of Montreal, the Processor of Millions , Wins Heart is Report
Ottawa Oct 22 Neeromaney has spoken and added mystic weight to dame Rumor�s contention that the Rt. Hon R B Bennet, Canada�s bachelor Premier is soon to venture in matrimony.
And the bride to be according to reports is Mrs. Arthur B Colville twice widow and possessor of a vast fortune. Her wealth was augmented by the death of her previous husbands.
Now that the spiritual seeress has confirmed in a fashion what has been rumored society statesmen and diplomats are avidly discussing the affair.
It is the choicest bit of gossip that has been served for many decades embracing as it does two out standing personalities of Canada It was at a brilliant Canadian Legion fire here that black magic broadcast a message that Premier Bennet would wed. At the instance of friends M Bennet entered a black draped tent. The interior was hung with mysterious symbols. There were crystal balls scintillating in the semi darkness charts skeletons and packs of cards. At the table sat a gypsy garbed seeress charming and omniscient. ready to transmit to her distinguished client what he desire to know of love and marriage And perhaps of state affairs for these are indeed troublous political times.

It is of interest to more here that previous rumors they were soon to march down the altar aisle are steadfastly denied by both parties. And now mystic forces unite to reveal in part what the Premier and Mrs. Colvill failed to tell. Premier Bennett was in a jovial mood having just returned from attempting to instruct Stanley Baldwin and "Jim" Thomas how to run the British Empire. Without a word he seated himself before the seeress at a table and extended his hand. And then the gallant premier�s heat fluttered with perceptible throbs. His heart line was being read by the representative of the Black Art, \his eyes sheeted with interest.
"There are two serious love affairs in you hand" the Palmist calmly told him" One of them lead to matrimony and in the not far distant future"
There was no reply from the premier but his face relaxed and he emitted a Deep throated chuckle. Mrs. Colville in the former Hazel Kemp daughter of the late Sir Edward Kemp Before her marriage to the late A B Colville she was the wife of Francis C Stephens.
The famous Stephens family has a connection with the present romance. Hazel Kemp�s first husband was Maj. Francis Chip Stephens, brother of Margaret and George Washington Stephens onetime chairman of the Saar Valley Commission which administered the Saar territory for the League of Nations. Her next husband Arthur B Colville of Montreal added a few million to her already substantial fortune. During the past two years while R B has been bossing the Canadian Parliament Mrs. Colville has bee engrossed in a project which in the light of the present rumors assumes a romantic significance. This building up of a country home which for beauty costliness and historical interest rivals the ancient castles of Old England or the continent.
She first set to work and hunted out the oldest house in Canada It was Le Manoir le Gardeur de Repentigny a time worn stone mansion in quiet Repentigny County. Que. a typical "habitant" land
This she bought with its surrounding verdant acres. The house was all as present ideas go , but it dated back to 1680 and it had possibilities. She proceeded to develop the possibilities by the judicious expenditure of half a million dollars. Today she is mistress of one of the most beautiful country estates in North America.

There is a wonderful booklet just published on the life and times of Hazel Kemp Coville from 1930 to 1954. It was written by Jean Claude Coutu as part of a series of historical records for La SODAM Patrimoine. The booklet can be obtained at the Maschouche Municipal Library , 3034 chemin Sainte Marie, Mascouche, Qc. J7K 1P1.
The booklet is rightly titled " La millionnaire de Mascouche" Le manoir seigneurial de 1930 � 1945 - Unfortunately it is only published in the language of Moli�re ( French

Second Marriage Formerly Mrs Norman Copping
Albert Edward Kemp
Virginia Copping
- 1960
Cynthia Copping
Virginia Norton Copping
Katharine Edward Kemp

Hon Sir Edward Kemp who was Minister of Militia overseas during the Great War was married at St. Paul�s Anglican Church here yesterday To Mrs. Virginia Copping of Arkansas in the presence of a select few. There was no attendants and only witnesses of the ceremony performed by Canon Cody, were the bride�s daughter Cynthia Copping her governess and Sir Edward�s secretary Herbert Burtt.
Sir Edward and his bride left for New York from whence they will sail on the Olympic for France. At the station the groom�s daughters Mrs. Norman Perry and Mrs. A H Proctor and their families wished the bridal pair " bon Voyage"
Sir Edward and Lady Kemp of Toronto will come to town at the end of the week and will be guests at the Chateau Laurier for a few days, The Right Hon and Mrs. Arthur Meighan will entertain at a dinner dance on Saturday evening at Country Club in honor of Sir Edward and Lady Kemp.

Toronto Ont. June 8
Lady Kemp formerly Mrs. Norman Copping received for the first time since her marriage the later part of last week at Castle Frank. Lady Kemp wore a graceful sleeveless " Lanolin" grown of white satin and silver done with crystals and whit large flat silver ornaments circling the skirt She also wore silver shoes and a sore of pearls and carried a small bouquet of white Annapolis orchids and maiden hair fern, Mrs. A H C Proctor who assisted in entertaining the guests was in a French frock of white crepe with large design applique in vivid colors. She wore a large orchid georgette hat and carried a bouquet of pansies. The house was gay with flowers Masses of purple lilac and purple iris stood in a huge Chinese jar at the entrance to the drawing room which was fragrant with roses Shasta daisies in profusion decorated the long hall The numerous guests wandered out onto the wide terrace at the back where oleanders in big pots and box trees were an effective decoration In the large paneled dining room the polished table was done with Cluny lace and in the centre a massive silver bowl held a huge decoration of American Beauty roses with silver candelabra containing pink candles on either side. Mrs. W A Kemp and Mrs. Albert Brown poured tea and coffee. The tea hostesses and the assistants all carried bouquets of sweet peas, pansies and lilies presented by the hostess. The assistants were Mrs. Gordon Balfour, Mrs. Clarence Kemp ,Mrs. Gerald Greene, Mrs. Stanley Bennett ,Mrs. Edward Bickle and Mrs. G C Miles Jr.

Katharine Edward Kemp
William H Hanley
Kemp Hanley

Notes taken from a scrapbook of information kept by Wessy Macfie, daughter of Josephine (Creller) Macfie, who was a cousin to Sir Edward Kemp . Josephine spent much of her time at Castle Frank :
Albert E Kemp
Albert E Kemp who is a minister without portfolio in Premier Borden�s cabinet was born in Clarenceville August 11 1858 and received this education in the schools in his native province. He was first elected to the house of commons for the old constituency of Toronto East in the general election of 1900 and was re elected in 1904 Mr. Kemp is classed as one of the millionaire manufacturers of Toronto and has in his time occupied several prominent positions in connection with the commercial organizations of that city.
Mrs. Kemp�s luncheon
Mrs. A E Kemp gave a luncheon yesterday at the Roxborough her guests including Mrs. R L Borden, Mrs. W T White, Mrs. H M Ami, Mrs. TW Crother Mrs. Robt Rogers, Mrs. L P Pellitier Mrs. George Maeagy of Toronto Mrs. Frank Cochrance Mrs. AE Fripp Mrs. George E Foster Mrs. Martin Burrell Mrs. J D Hazen Mrs. TS Sproule Mrs. F A Anglin Miss Maude Scott.
Mr. A E Kemp MP
Toronto Ont Sept 22
Editor of the Star , Montreal
The splendid victory shows us plainly where we stand in our relations with the Mother Country and with the United States. In the future Canada will be careful not to enter into treaties or tariff agreements with foreign countries which restricts her freedom in regulating her own tariff in the interests of both the produce and the consumer. Let us develop our country in our own way along the paths which have proved safe and have led us into prosperous condition A E Kemp M P
Mrs. Kemp was the hostess yesterday of a bridge party of seven tables, when she was wearing a lovely and becoming gown of chiffon velvet of the shade of Neapolitan violet the corsage of lace and diamond ornaments. Mrs. MacAgy was in black with fine white lace on the corsage and diamond and pearl ornaments. Mrs. Scott Waldie who assisted her mother was in dark blue with a little cerise on the lace of the corsage. The prizes silver photograph frames were won by Mrs. W B Maclean Mrs. Parmenter Miss Evelyn Temple, Mrs. Knight Miss Scott and miss Mills. The tea table was exceedingly pretty with a real lace cloth over green satin with green ribbons centered with a large basket filled with madonna lilies tied with emerald ribbon. The ices were pale green with strawberries All the cakes and sweets were in shapes of green and exceedingly good, being home made. Mrs. MacAgy and Mrs. Neville poured out the tea and coffee Mrs. Beardmore and a few others came in to tea after the game.
Hon A E Kemp Denounces Senator Choquette�s Cowardly Insults
Special to the Montreal Star From our Own Correspondent
Ottawa April 15 The insulting Daubers of Senator Choquette have met with a swift reply In the house of Commons yesterday afternoon, the Hon A E Kemp Acting Minister of Militia with no gentle hand analyzed the Senator�s statement in regard to men recruited.
After citing official figures in regard to the class of men accepted in Toronto he concluded" The City of Toronto has enlisted 30,260 soldier. The men are as fine specimens of manhood as the country can produce The blood of many of them has already drenched the plains of France to assist in crushing Prussian militarism which seeks to ruminate the whole world including Canada" Many of them are now fighting side by side with the soldier of France who speak the same language as the Honorable Senator. These men who have been so foully slandered are offering their lives with the soldier of France to prevent the women and Children of that nation from suffering the horrors cruelties and tortures similar to those which a relentless foe perpetrated upon the women and children of poor heart broken Belgium. More that 100,000 men have offered their lives in Canada for the same purpose. Under these circumstances it is a fair conclusion for me to ask does Senator Choquette represent the opinion of anyone in Canada but himself"
Mr. Kemp read a telegram from O C Toronto district stating that 37402 recruits had been examined in Toronto of whom 7122 had be rejected pointing out also that of the rejected a large portion were repeats, that is men who had offered themselves for service on several different occasion in their anxiety to enlist.
Mr. Kemp also read a statement from the officials of the Militia department to the effect that " the men to whom reference is made were not recruited and then rejected, they were medically examined before being recruited or enlisted and upon being found not to be up to the medical standard they were not taken on strength and are not so shown. " It is absolutely false" the statement continued" that there is any substantial proportion of men offering themselves for enlistment who are diseased, depraved or deformed"
In brining the question before the House Mr. Kemp said he regarded it in the public interest so to do. He cited the " very extraordinary statement" made by senator Choquette and referring to the Hazelton Letter, Mr. Kemp said " Later on he read a letter to the members of the Senate which is signed by a man calling himself Robert Hazelton" The statements in this letter are extraordinary and uncalled for and the whole letter can be judged by one remark which is contained in it. The writer of the letter refers to the Rev Mr. Hincks as a "faker" "He is" the letter continued" an adventurer and to the native born he is known as a "broncho bullshooter" always blowing his own horn"
Mr. Kemp continued" I am acquainted with the Rev Mr. Hincks and many members of this House and he is a very highly respected clergyman and is know as such.
Ottawa April 30 Colonel the Hon Angus McDonald CMG who has just returned from France where he was second in command of the Canadian Railway Troops, under Brigadier General J W Stewart CB is when asked about the administration overseas said " The efficiency promptness and absolute airiness with which the Overseas Minister Sir Edward Kemp and the CGS Sir Richard Turner and their representative both in England and France handled all matter relative to the CRT referred to them could only have been forthcoming from an organization whose one object was to help in every way the Canadian troops in France. " Without the ever ready help of the much abused Arygle House the Canadian Railway troops would have been in the position of orphans in a strange land or at best step children"
Toronto Dec 9 The Hon A E Kemp Canada�s new Minister of Militia reached Toronto from Ottawa yesterday accompanied by Major Harold Daly ADC formerly military aide to Sir Sam Hughes. Mr. Kemp�s visit to Toronto is political rather than military his immediate concern being the forthcoming east Toronto bye election.
"Nothing like preparedness" he said commenting upon the prospects.
During the day Mr. Kemp had many political and military visitors. Regarding military matters however the new Minister reminded the interviewers that he was only a few days old as actual head of the Department and many questions and problems to be dealt with had not yet been considered.
As to the future of Camp Borden, Mr. Kemp said no steps had yet been taken s to the construction of the projected magazine and the adaptation of the camp for permanent military quarters. During the past month Canada�s total recruiting had been between six and seven thousand. This average the Minister hoped would increase as a result of the platform efforts of Premier Borden and R B Bennett.
Recently there has been no sign that the threatened opposition to the new Minister will materialize.
Sir Edward Kemp and Staff are on way home
Special to The Star from Our Own Correspondent
Ottawa April 30 Six hundred tons of records of the Canadian Expeditionary Force are arriving in Ottawa from overseas and the fact that Sir Edward Kemp and his staff are on the way home indicates the end of the Overseas Ministry.
The offices at Argyle house will of course be kept open till every thing is cleared away but the necessity o longer exists for the presence there of a Cabinet Minister.
Sir Edward will come home take his place in Parliament and answer the criticism directed against him. It is stated that he will not return to England.
Though the Overseas Ministry will be abolished, Sir Edward it is presumed will remain in the cabinet either without portfolio or else he will be assigned a new portfolio sooner or later.
The expectation also is that when the Canadian end of the war is wound up Sir George Perley High Commissioner will also come back. he went originally as a stop gap but when his appointment was confirmed he is said to have insisted that it be only till the was over, when he would desire to return home to attend to his private interests. There is more or less a campaign for Lloyd Harrise to succeed him if a vacancy thus arises.
Toronto Nov 8 Sir John Hendrie Lieutenant Governor of Ontario yesterday afternoon received a cable message from the King endorsing the Canadian war film.
The message from His Majesty came through the official channel via Ottawa and reads as follows: " These pictures will help to bring home vividly to all in Canada nature of the great sacrifice which their fellow citizens in the Empire are making in its cause and in that of honor and justice. I hope that the greatest success will attend the efforts of those who have organized this means of spreading throughout Canada news of the progress of the great war"
His Honor has also had a communication form the Hon A E Kemp Canadian Minister of Militia strongly recommending the pictures.

by Canadian Associated Press
London Oct 28 Sir Edward Kemp has returned to London after a month in Canada much improved in health He discusses with his colleagues at Ottawa matters relating to the overseas forces and spent a day with Sir Robert Borden at Hot Springs, before proceeding to New York. He was impresses with the enthusiasm in Canada in the prosecution of the war
Lady Kemp was hostess of a delightful ladies� luncheon on Friday at Castle Frank given in honor of Lady Beaverbrook. Covers were laid for sixteen at a table decorated with many colored chrysanthemums in three silver bowls. The guests included Mrs. Lionel Clarke, Lady Hearst, Lade Gage, Lady Flavelle, Mrs. E Bristol, Mrs. Herbert Bruce, Mrs. J Kilgour,Mrs C Sheard, Mrs. H Love, Mrs. C Temple, Mrs. Hogarth Mrs. Strachan Johnston and Mrs. Scott Waldie.
Sir Edward Kemp�s House is robbed
Toronto Feb3 (Star special) Burglars are turning their attention to the large residences of North Rosedal. Some time after midnight on Monday they paid a visit to Sir Edward Kemp�s residence CASTLE FRANK and removed all the flat silver in the house, and expensive silver tea service, silver trays and a large silver bowl.
Sir Edward and Lady Kemp and a daughter Mrs. Scott Waldie and her children were in he house at the time. The burglary was not discovered until the maids came down the following morning. The burglars left no trace either as to how they entered to left the residence.

Sir Edward Kemp sends dept. entire uncashed cheques
Ottawa August 2 Sir Edward Kemp now Minister without Portfolio and formerly Minister of the overseas Forces of Canada has written the Finance Department returning uncashed all cheques received by him for Ministerial salary during the war period. In all the cheques amount to $ 75,249 covering the whole of the payments to him as Minister of Militia and later as Minister of Overseas Forces. Previous to being sworn in as Minister of Militia and subsequently as Minister of Overseas Forces, Sir Edward was without portfolio and acted without numeration as Chairman on the War Purchasing Commission. In this capacity and as Minister he had of necessity to incur expenses from time to time and was entitled to be reimbursed by the Government but he has rendered no accounts for such outlay no will he do so. He has also refrained from drawing any of his sessional indemnity for the last four sessions of Parliament.
At Wellesley Hospital on Sunday January 20 1924 Celia A beloved wife of Sir Edward Kemp Funeral service at 2:30 PM Tuesday at Castle Frank internment at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
Ottawa July 13 The bestowal of knighthoods on the members of the Canadian War Purchasing Commission is to be announced shortly it is understood. The commission is composed of Hon A E Kemp MP chairman minister without portfolio in the Borden Cabinet, Mr. Hormisdas Laporte of Montreal, and Mr. F P Galt of Winnipeg Little has been heard of the Commission�s work since it took over the work of purchasing of all the supplies needed by Canada for the purpose of this war and that in these days of alleged "scandals" is possibly the best proof of the effective manner in which it has been carried out. Millions of dollars worth of contracts have been let to Canadian merchants at fair prices and the Commission which was chosen as a body of representative businessmen has justified every hope held out at its appointment.
Late Lady Kemp left Number of Charitable Bequests
Toronto Feb. 7 (Star special)
National Trust Company Limited and Mrs. Alice Perry the executors named in the will are making application for probate of the will of the late Lady Kemp. The will which is dated January 17 1923 disposes of the following estate: Cash in bank $5,208.36; bonds Dominion of Canada victory load 51/2 percent bonds $1,083.34 City of St. Catherines 5 per cent bonds $26,917.89 stock : Twin City Rapid Transit Co $337.50 Bell Telephone co $636.25 Brazilian Traction Light and Water Co Ltd $442.50 Lambton Golf and Country Club Limited $400. Toronto Winter Club $100. miscellaneous assets $4,500.
The jewelry and personal effects are given to Lady Kemp�s three daughter Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Proctor and Mrs. Coville. Charitable bequests amounting to $25,000 are given as follows IODE Preventorium $5,000 Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives $5.000: The Girls Home Toronto $5,000: Humewood House Toronto $5,000: Canadian National Institute for the Blind $5,000. The following legacies are also given Josie Macfie,cousin $5,000 : Ada Gibson cousin, $5,000: Margaret Campbell $1,000.
Out of a trust fund over which Lady Kemp had the power of appointment she makes the following cash bequests - Mrs. Margaret Walker, sister $15,000 : Mrs. Alice Maud Sykes sister $15,000 Mrs. Florence Logan sister $15,000 Miss E Louise Wilson sister $15,000 : Una Tindall niece $5,000" Alice Minto niece $5,000 ; Daisy Buckley niece $5,000 Irene Riopel niece $5,000.
The income from the residue is to be paid to Mrs. Florence Logan and Miss E Louise Wilson sisters and Mrs. Una Tindall a niece for life and on the death of the last survivor the fund is to be divided in equal shares between three grandchildren Stephanie Waldie, Sheila Proctor and Frances Stephens.
Toronto Mail Jan 21/ 1924
Succumbed Following Operation From Which She Seemed to Have Rallied
The death occurred suddenly in Wellesley Hospital late yesterday afternoon of Lady Kemp, wife of Sir Edward Kemp On Thursday last she underwent an operation for a trouble from which she had been suffering for the past two years but which at no time had bee of sufficient severity to compel her to forego her numerous activities in social and welfare work in this city. While the seriousness of the operation was realized she appeared to have successfully withstood the ordeal and no immediate danger was anticipated. The end came so suddenly yesterday that there was no time to call in the immediate family who had been whit her but a short time before. Heat failure was the immediate cause of death in December he doctors advised an early operation but inspite of their solicitation she decided upon a postponement until after the holiday season as she had arranged a family gathering for Christmas of her children and seven grandchildren all of whom were whit her on Christmas day She had been in her usual happy sprits and visited with friends on Tuesday of last week on Tuesday evening she entered the hospital..
In the death of Lady Kemp Toronto suffer a distinct loss. She was a talented hostess, but her chief interest outside her home lay in the various charitable and philanthropic works of the city. She was not sparing of herself in ministering to the limit of her ability and power those whose lot of life was less fortunate than her own.
Lady Kemp was born in Montreal the daughter of the late John Wilson. Her early married life was spent in her native city but in 1885 she came to Toronto to reside. Besides her husband she is survived by three daughters Mrs. Arthur Coville of Montreal, Mrs. Norman D Perry of Toronto, and Mrs. A H C Proctor of Toronto.
The funeral will be held on Tuesday afternoon from the residence with interment in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
Sir Edward Kemp Changes Views on Canadian Representation
London April 25 (British United Press Cable)
Sir Edward Kemp who was a Minister in Sir Robert Borden�s Cabinet speaking at a dinner of the Canada Club here last night repudiated the idea of the appointment of a Canadian \Ambassador to Washington which originated in the government of which he was a member. He said that how information he had received since that time had changed his ideas on this point the most important factor influencing the change being the consideration that other Dominions resented being represented by a Canadian when the British Ambassador might happen to be absent.
He referred also to the possibility of confusion of the various interests if other dominions pursued a similar policy. The London newspapers which carry a report of the dinner this morning noticeably omit any reference to this statement by Sir Edward Kemp or quotation from his address.
Sir George Brown at the same gathering urged the importance of the problem of immigration and Lloyd Graeme the present President of the Board of Trade said that immigration and Imperial trade were inextricably interwoven and announce that the Imperial Conference to be held in October would consider the proposal to use Britain�s credit during the next five years for expenditures necessary for the development of Imperial resources. Such a development would bring about an enormous accretion of wealth he declared both to the Dominions and the Colonies and in this way the empire as a whole would reap a profit within the next twenty or thirty years

The Hon Arthur and Mrs. Meighen entertained at dinner on Saturday evening in honour of Sir Edward and Lady Kemp of Toronto who spent the weekend in town Covers were laid for seventy five.
Toronto Mail Jan 23 1924
Many Prominent Citizens Present at the Funeral Service
There were many beautiful floral tributes and expressions of deepest sympathy yesterday in honor of the late Lady Kemp whose funeral too place from the family residence Castle Frank the service being conducted by Rev DR Williams of the Metropolitan Church Rev C W Bishop of the Sherbourne St. Methodist Church and Rev F E Powel of St. Barnabas� Anglican Church. The chef mourners were Sir Edward Kemp, his three daughters Mrs. Norman Perry Mrs. AHC Proctor and Mrs. AB Colville of Montreal and the seven grandchildren. Prominent citizen and members of the Government were in attendance including the Rt. Honorable Arthur Meighen, the honorable G Howard Ferguson Mr. E B Ryckman MP Sir Joseph Flavelle Mr. Joseph Thompson MPP Mr. T L Church MP and Colonel Pellatt.
Among the many magnificent tributes of flowers were a wreath of roses sent be the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet a spray from Sir Robert and Lady Borden, from Sir Thomas and Lady White the Honorable S F Tolmie : Executive Council and members of the Toronto Board of trade The Honorable and Mrs. G Howard Ferguson, the ladies Aid of Sherbourne Methodist Church, Lieutenant Colonel Mason and officers of the Toronto Regiment, from the Trust Board of Sherbourne Methodist Church wreaths from directors and officers of the Imperial Life Company The MacDonald Manufacturing Company, Ward One Conservative Association, the officers and members of L O L 140 and from the staff of the Sheet Metal Products.
Messages of sympathy were received from the Governor General and the Lieutenant Governor, Sir James Lougheed, Lord Shaughnessy Sir Thomas Wite Rt. Honorable Mackenzie King Sir Robert Borden RT Honorable Arthur Meighen Honorable Rodolphe Lemieux Speaker of the house of Commons DR S D Chown MR RA Stapells president of the Board of Trade and many others
Sir Edward Was Canadian Overseas Minister during War
Toronto Jan 21 Canadian Press
Lady Kemp wife of Sir Edward Kemp who was Canadian Overseas Minister during the War died yesterday following an operation for a trouble from which she had suffered for two years She was widely known for her charitable and philanthropic work.
Lady Kemp was born in Montreal the daughter of the late John Wilson. Her early married life was spent in her native city but in 1885 she came to Toronto to reside. Besides her husband she is survived by three daughters Mrs. Arthur B Colville of Montreal, Mrs. Norman Perry of Toronto and Mrs. A H C Proctor of Toronto, the funeral will be held tomorrow,

Sir Edward Kemp outstanding figure in Canada�s commercial and military history passed suddenly away at his summer home in Bobcaygeon this morning Minister of Militia during the war years and captain of finance Sir Edward was greatly beloved throughout the Dominion The end came with startling suddenness Lady Kemp who is shown above with Sir Edward was with him at the end An Attack of acute indigestion was given as the cause of death Sir Edward pass away an hour after the attack and before medical aid reached him.

Manufacturer statesman senator will enjoy well earned rest
Following the gigantic merger of sheet metal and stove manufacturing plants announced yesterday it is to day learned that Sir Edward Kemp manufacturer statesman and senator is retiring from active direction as president of the Sheet Metal Product Company Limited and his many other business activities. He is shown in centre illustration from a recent portrait on the right is a picture of his magnificent home " Castle FranK� name after the residence of Colonel John Grave Simcoe the first governor of Upper Canada, On the left is shown Lady Kemp with their child. Lower centre shows Sir Edward officiating at a military colors ceremony while right he is snapped when in conversation with King George.
*************************************** ********************
The eastern Townships have given many distinguished leaders and public spirited citizens to Canada and two of these both Senators of Canada were recently called to rest. Sir Edward Kemp died suddenly on August 12th a few hours after he had celebrated his 87th (wrong age in paper) birthday and the Hon N K Laflamme K C died on August 10th at St. Mathais de Richelieu in his 61st year.
Sir Edward Kemp was born at Clarenceville Que, Leaving his boyhood home by the Richelieu he went to Ontario and steadily worked he way forward to become one of the leading business men of Toronto He entered the political field in 1900 and remained active therein up to the end of his career. He was Minister without portfolio when the Great war broke out and was the first Chairman of the war purchasing Commission. He went to England in 1916 as Overseas Minister having previously served as Minister of Militia. Throughout all these strenuous years his conduct was marked by selfless devotion At the close of the war during which he rendered great service to Canada he presented the Government something like $70,000 received for salary and expenses. His services were freely and gratuitously given and this should not and will not be forgotten. He lived during a period which was marked by great growth of industry in Canada and contributed his full share in that development. He never forgot his home town and from time to time gave tangible proof of his sustained interest. Such men are the strength of a nation and it was characteristic of Sir Edward Kemp that he carried into public life the lofty ideals and systematic methods that marked his successful business career. His death is a great loss to Canada.
Quarter of Residue Estate set Aside for Use of Widow
Two Stepdaughters Benefit Under Separate Fund of $100,000
Toronto Sept 24 (Star Special)
Bequests totaling between $150,000 and $200,000 are devoted to religious charitable and educational purposes under the will of the late Sir Edward Kemp KC MG
Sir Edward died suddenly at his summer home near Babcaygeon on the night of Aug 12 lst. details of his will were made public yesterday, the National Trust Company, Lady Kemp and A B Colville K C of Montreal having applied for probate.
The estate total $7,718,980.48. It is made up as follows Real estate $125,000 stock and bonds 6,762,668.23 cash 792,997.24 miscellaneous 27,350 life insurance 10,965.
Clarenceville Que. the birthplace of the late Sir Edward Kemp is remembered with a gift of $5,000 to the Clarenceville United church.
The Loyal Trust Blue Orphanage of the Sacred Heat Orphanage and the Protestant Orphan�s home are all included in a list of 21 hospitals and charitable institutions receiving legacies of $2,500 each. Eleven other charities among them the five Toronto day nurseries and the Home for Incurable Children receive $1,500 each.

After payment of the public bequeaths and a number of private legacies the will directs that the residue of the estate be divided into four parts. One part is set aside for the use of Lady Kemp the remaining three parts are divided among Sir Edward�s daughters and grandchildren All personal and house hold effects are willed to Lady Kemp absolutely.


The disposal of a number of documents of historic value is being considered by the trustees The papers relate to the war years when Sir Edward Kemp held office as Minister of Militia and Overseas Minister of Militia.
The will is dated December 1 1927 makes the following charitable bequests Victoria College Endowment fund $20,000 Toronto General Hospital $15,000 salvation Army $20,000 Rev W E Wilson King St. United Mission Church $5.000 Clarenceville United Church Quebec $5,000 institutions for the care of consumptives $20,000.
The bequests to institutions for the care of comparatives is to be divided by the trustees at their discretion among the Toronto Hospital of Consumptives Weston, the Queen Mary Hospital for Consumptive Children Weston, the Muskoka Hospital for Consumptives and the Samaritan Club.
To the following the will bequeaths $2,500 each Aged Men�s Home Belmont St., Aged Women�s Home Belmont St. Girl�s home Gerrard St. east Haven and Prison Gate Mission, Infants Home and Infirmary Industrial Refuge Protestant Orphans Home, Sacres Heart Orphanage, Toronto Humane Society Children�s Aid Society, Loyal True Blue and Orange Home for orphans St. Andrew�s Church Institute Simcoe St. The Neighborhood Worker�s Association Church of England Deaconess and Missionary Training House (social service department) Church Home for Aged Oxford St. House of Providence Toronto, Boy Life Council Victorian Orders of Nurses Preventorium Young Men�s Christian Association Toronto, Hospital for Sick Children.
To the following there is bequest $1,500 each Humewood House, Creche Day Nursery, Danforth Day nursery East End Day Nursery West End Day Nursery Queen St. East day Nursery Home for Incurable children the Boy�s Home ,George St. Hospital for Incurables and Central Neighborhood House.
In addition the unpaid balances on the following subscriptions are to be paid Sherbourne Street United Church $50,000, Victoria Emmanuel College building fund $25,000 and Ontario Research Foundation $10,000.
An annuity of $1,500 is given to the testator�s niece Mrs. Florence Baxter of Manchester New Hampshire and cash legacies as follows Rev W E Wilson $5,000 Mrs. Josephine Macfie cousin $2,000, Mrs. Mabel Thomas cousin $2,000 William Towne $1,000 Alexander Ashenhurst $1,000 John B Simpson $500. Herbert Butt secretary $1,000, William Parry chauffeur $1,000 Job Noad gardener $1,000 and Edwin Anchor assistant gardener $500.
The residue of the estate is to be disposed of as follows, Lady Kemp is given the household and personal effects absolutely together with a life interest in the Castle Frank property. In addition provision is made for the adequate upkeep and maintenance of the property. One fourth of the residuary estate is set aside for Lady Kemp�s benefit one fourth of this being payable to her or her own use absolutely together with the income from the balance.
The remaining three fourths of the residue of the estate is divided among the testator�s daughters and grandchildren subject to a fund of $100.000 which is set aside for Sir Edward�s step daughter Cynthia and Virginia Copping.

He Was one of Canada�s Most Prominent Statesmen and Manufacturers
Sudden Passing of Senator at His Country Home Is Widely Mourned
Sir Albert Edward Kemp one of Canada�s most prominent and respected sons member of the Canadian Senate and minister of militia and defense for a year during the world war died at his summer home at Babcaygeon early to-day He was 71 years of age. Sir Edward�s death occurred at 5 Am nearly an hour after he was stricken. Lady Kemp heard sounds emanating from her husband�s room indicating he was seriously ill but before medical aid could be obtained he died of the malaise thought to have been an attack of acute indigestion.
Word of his death came as a distinct shock to his relatives and wide circle of friends and business associates Sir Edward with Lady Kemp and his family had been at their summer home " Missisquoi" near Pigeon Lake in Peterboro county and was apparently in good health The Canadian senator had made periodical trips to his office here during the past two months.
Details Are Lacking
Relatives of Sir Edward Kemp have had only the barest news of his sudden passing. "We have received a brief telephone message to the effect that Sir Edward died to - day at his summer residence at Bobcaygeon following an acute attack of indigestion" said Col. Norman D Perry a son in law when interviewed at Sir Edward�s residence at Castle Frank Rd " Lady Kemp and all the family were with him at the end" continued Col. Perry " the news came as a great shock to us, for to the best of our knowledge Sir Edward was in good health and had benefited from his summer holiday" A H C and Mrs. Proctor son in law and daughter of Sir Edward who have been for the past few weeks at " Bon Echo" Kaladar are now on their way back to Toronto Col. Perry stated and will proceed to Bobcaygeon. C A Kemp another relative in the city was unable to give any further details." The news came as a great shock to me" he stated " It is exceedingly difficult to get communication with Sir Edward�s summer home."
After holding the defense portfolio for nearly a year Sir Edward Kemp was appointed minister of the overseas military forces of Canada with headquarters in London in October 1917. Manufacturer, statesman politician and senator his passing is deeply mourned by all who loved him for his quiet dignity and those who admired him for his high achievements. Public spirited in an exceptional degree he was a staunch Conservative and enjoyed no mean reputation politically. Sir Edward was born at Clarenceville Quebec August 11 1858 and was son of Robert Kemp (& Sarah A Bush ) a farmer and country merchant of English ancestry. He started life as a bookkeeper and worked his way up until he became one of the leading manufacturers in Canada. As a prominent maker of sheet metal products he became president of the Canadian Manufacturers� Association in 1895 and after holding several important official positions in the industrial and business world he entered politics. He was first elected to the Dominion Parliament in 1900 and there he continued to be one of Canada�s legislators either as member of the House of Commons representing East Toronto or as a member of the Senate. His appointment as Senator came from the government of Rt. Hon Arthur Meighen. Sir Edward was one of the newer members of the upper house at the time of the Dominion general election of December 6 1921, when the Meighen government went down and was succeeded by the government of Hon W L Mackenzie King. Sir Edward joined SIR Robert Borden�s government after the general election of 1911 as minister without portfolio and became member of the privy council for Canada. He took an active part in assisting the allied cause during the war and became known as " the businessman of war". In 1916 he was appointed chairman of the war purchasing commission and was appointed minister of Militia and defense on Nov 23 1916. In October 1917 he was appointed minister of the overseas military forces of Canada and received his Knighthood in February 1917. His business activities covered a wide area. He was President of the Sheet Metal Product Co. and director of the National Trust Co., Imperial Life Assurance and other concerns, He was a former president of the Toronto Board of trade and was delegate from the Toronto board of trade to the fourth congress of the chambers of empire in London in the year 1900. His interests in civil life were highly catholic and he was a citizen of Canada of the highest sense of the word. A member of several fraternal orders and national and philanthropic societies Sir Edward�s interests extended to the Young Men�s Christian association to which he gave liberally. He was a member of the board of regents of Victoria College for some time and in religion was a member of the United Church upon its inception and a devout Methodist previously. In 1879 he married Miss Wilson of Montreal and Mrs. Norman Copping on Toronto in 1925. Three daughters were born of the first marriage and one of the second. Sir Edward is survived by his widow and four daughter Mrs. Norman D Perry, Katherine Norton Mrs. A H C Proctor of Toronto and Mrs. Arthur B Colville Montreal. Sir Edward�s favorite recreations were outdoors sports notably hunting and fishing. He was a member of these clubs : York National Albany Toronto Royal Canadian Yacht, London Hunt Lambton Golf Toronto Golf Ontario Jockey Manitoba and the Rideau and Country Clubs at Ottawa.


His was one of the most charming personalities in the Dominion a lover of music and of the aristocracy of intelligence His career was a truly romantic one and befitted his capabilities as a man of many parts He started life at the bottom of the ladder and reached the topmost rung of achievement. It was typical of his altruistic out look that at the conclusion of the was Sir Edward created a sensation by returning a cheque for $25,000 as minister of militia and minister of overseas forces. Nor would he put in a bill for his expenses. In other words he served his country at his own expense during the war. In true British fashion he refused to be downed by adversity and guided by a natural shrewdness marched unfalteringly to success. Success did not harden him or harshen him he was alert quick and shrews cautious but decisive. At the same time he was a man of large visions and a generous heart Sir Edward was a firm believer in the doctrine on common sense and refused to be inveigled in the pitfalls of showy business or statesmanship.
He was an ardent Imperialist a discreet thinker and an ever more discreet talker. He was proud of Canada but not boastful . Rather he held up to Canada the mirror of what had been done in Great Britain.
The Sheet Metal Product Co., he regarded as his monument. From his first job at $2.50 a week in a hardware store, he came to the place where he could sell outright for $3,500,000 cash his holding in the company. When he first started his business career adversity was a daily factor, but Sir Edward finally got enough money together to form a small wholesale business dealing in metal articles for kitchen and dairy and in 1885 came to Toronto and formed the business of MacDonald Kemp and Co. building a small brick place on Gerrard St. where the large plant now stands. The business of sheet Metal Products Co. was an epic of expansion under the aegis of one of the most astute executive the Dominion ever has known.


"Words never seemed more inadequate than now when I attempt to give expression to the sense of loss which comes with the word of Sir Edward Kemp�s death" declared Brig Gen. A H Bell general officer commanding military district No 2" He was a great Canadian and was unswerving in his duty to his country. From a military point of view he did fine work as minister of defense during the latter part of the Great War and the subsequent demobilization period. He had real administrative ability and fine personal qualities and he carried out arduous duties during a dark time in the Dominion�s history. I am sorry the hear of Sir Edward�s passing"
" I am sorry to hear of Sir Edward Kemp�s death" declared Hon Mr. Justice W A Logie today" As minister of militia he brought admirable business ability into the department which resulted in tremendously increasing efficiency not only among the troops at home but in the overseas administration as well. His unfailing good temper was worth a great deal in those trying days. Sir Edward was suave and considerate I do not believe he ever made any statement without prior deliberation .His passing is a real loss."
Former Overseas Forces Minister is Stricken at Summer Home
Was National Figure in Business Politics and War Time Services
Bobcayogon Ont. Aug 12 ( C.P)
Sir Edward Kemp member of the Canadian Senate and Minister of Militia and Defense during he Great War died at his summer home here to day He was71 years of age. After holding the Defense portfolio for nearly a year Sir Edward Kemp was appointed Minister of the Overseas Military Forces of Canada with headquarters in London in October 1917. Sir Edward�s death occurred at 5 o�clock this morning nearly an hour after he was stricken Lady Kemp heard sounds emanating from her husband�s room indicating that he was seriously ill but before medical aid could be obtained Sir Edward succumbed to the malady said to have been a stroke. Word of the death today of sir Edward Kemp came as a distinct shock to his relatives and wide circle of friends and business associates in Toronto for he was apparently in good health The Canadian Senator ha made periodical trips to his office during the past two months Sir Edward�s first wife Miss Wilson daughter of John Wilson of Montreal whom he married in 1879 died in 1924 and in 1925 he married Mrs. Virginia Copping, widow of Norman Copping . Three daughters were born of the first marriage and one of the second. Lady Kemp and the four daughters survive. The three daughters of the first marriage are Mr. W Scott Waldie (Mrs. Norman Perry) and Mrs. A H C Proctor of Toronto and Mrs. Arthur Colville of Montreal


Hon Sir Albert Edward Kemp KCMG came very prominently before the public of Canada during the Great War as Minister of the Overseas Military \forces of the Dominion in the United Kingdom. Before that he had served as Minister of Militia and defense at Ottawa. Successful in business in a large way an active helper in educational and philanthropic works, Sir Edward was for many years a capable representative in Parliament and an influential member of the national administration. Since 1921 he had been a member of the senate of Canada A strong resourceful man of affairs he was an advanced thinker and a tower of strength to the industrial interests of the Dominion. Reputed to be many times a millionaire he was Canada�s largest manufacturer of sheet metal.
He was the son of Robert Kemp , a farmer and county merchant of Yorkshire English ancestry and Sarah A (Bush) Kemp his wife , a Canadian ( of Loyalist decent) and was born at Clarenceville Que on August 11 1858. He received his education at Clarenceville and at LaColle Academy He started life as a bookkeeper and for a time was in business in Montreal as an importer of tinware and metal products.


Removing to Toronto he went into business as a manufacturer of granite-ware and tin-ware he worked his way up and became on of the leading businessmen in the Quebec City and a large employer of labor. He became president of the Kemp Manufacturing Company. Later the business was extended and he became president of the Sheet Metal products Company of Canada Limited of Toronto with plants in Montreal and Winnipeg. Since 1895 he had devoted a great deal of his time to matter of public interest.
He was elected president of the Canadian Manufacturer�s Association in 1895 and re elected in 1896 He was elected president of the Toronto Board of trade in 1899 and re elected in 1900. He was appointed a delegate by the Board to the British Association at its annual meeting held in Bristol in 1898 also to the Fourth Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the Empire held in London in June 1900. He served as a director of the National Trust Company and of the Imperial |Life Assurance company and of several other important concerns.


He was first elected to the house of commons as Conservative member for Toronto east at the general election of 1900 He was reelected at the general election of 1904 but was defeated at the general election of 1908. He was elected at the general election of 1911 and 1917. Though he was not a fervent speaker ha had a good knowledge of the ways and business of Parliament. He joined the Borden Gouvernmoent upon its formation following the great victory of the Conservative party at the polls on the reciprocity issue a Minister without Portfolio and was sworn of the Privy Council for Canada on October 10 1911.
In May 1915 he was appointed chairman of the war purchasing Commission a body entrusted with the work of buying the varied supplies required in large quantities for the armed forces of the Dominion and controlling all war expenditures in connection with purchases and transportation. Ten of millions of dollars were handled by the Commission Sir Edward served in this capacity until 1917.


He was appointed Minister of Militia and Defense on Nov 23 1916. in recognition of his public services he was created a Knight Commander of St. Michael and St. George on Feb 13 1917. On October 12 1917 he was appointed Minister of Overseas military Forces of the Dominion of Canada in the United Kingdom. His task in that capacity was a gigantic on and only a man of tremendous energy ad great capacity could have accomplished what he did. In 1918 he sat as member of the Imperial War Cabinet. In September 919 he was appointed to proceed to Paris at the signing of the peace treaty with Austria and his name was affixed to that document as the official representative of the Dominion of Canada. On July 13 1920 after the resignation of Sir Robert Borden he was appointed a minister without portfolio on November 4 1921 he was appointed to the Senate.


Sir Edward was a member of York National Albany Toronto, Royal Canadian Yacht, Hunt, Lambton Golf, Toronto Golf, and Ontario jockey Clubs all of Toronto Manitoba Club of Winnipeg and Rideau and Country Clubs of Ottawa. He was a member of the United
Church of Canada and for many years a member of the board of regents of Victoria University Toronto. He was also a member of several orders of national and philantroic societies To the Toronto Y M CA he gave liberally until fairly late in life. Sir Edward was fond of outdoor sports especially hunting and fishing He was also a great motor enthusiast.

Ottawa Aug 12
(Star Special )
Sir Edward Kemp�s death in Toronto today recalls the memory of his long services in the public life at Ottawa Successively he was a member of Parliament, Minister of Militia overseas and the a Senator.
his attendance in the Senate was very indifferent but as a Minister he was industrious He was a very close friend of such prominent public men at Ottawa as Sir Robert Borden and Sir George Perley Expressions of regret were heard today over his unexpected passing Sir Edward�s death follows within two days of his senatorial colleague Hon N K Laflamme and creates the fifth vacancy in the Upper house. Four seats were weld by Liberals and one by a Conservative an when they are filled apparently the present Government in is no hurry the party standing will be 49 Liberals 46 Conservative and one ( Senator Turriff) who styles himself a Progressive. Incidental Sir Edward Kemp is the third of the fast diminishing company of Canadian Knights to die this year. No new ones have been created since the war and roughly only a dozen are left. In Parliament last session a discussion of reviving Canadian knighthoods indicated hostility to the idea.

Borden Grieved
Ottawa Aug 12 (cp)
Commenting on the death of Sir Edward Kemp today Sir Robert Borden Canada�s wartime Prime Minister said "
" I am deeply grieved and shocked by the tidings that my friend and former college Sir Edward Kemp has passed away. We have been intimate friends for 30 years and I have a very happy and grateful memory of our association. During the years in which I led the Opposition he gave me unfailing and loyal support and after we came into power in 1911 he accepted membership without portfolio in the Cabinet which I formed After the out break of war he became Minister of Militia 1916 and subsequently in 1917 Minister of the Overseas military forces of Canada. His services to our country in these capacities as well as in the chairmanship of the War Purchasing Commission during 1915 and 1916 was not only efficient but invaluable and it is undoubtedly true that his excessive labors sapped to a considerable extent his health and vitality. I deeply mourn his loss as that of a true and tried friend and comrade.

Many Attended Funeral of Noted Canadian Statesman
Toronto Aug 14 (CP)
Simplicity and total lack of military display marked the funeral here this afternoon of Sir Edward Kemp prominent Canadian statesman and financier who died suddenly at his summer home in Bobcaugeon on Monday Morning. Arrangement were completed for the funeral yesterday form his late residence "Castle Frank" Rev Geo H Williams Rev RP Bowes and Rev Canon H J Cody were in charge of the service. Honorary pallbearers were Sir John Aird, Rt. Hon Arthur Meighen, Hon G H Ferguson Sir Thomas White Sir Joseph Flavelle Justice C A Masten F S Corrigan Hon Dr. J D Reid H A Osler and E R Wood.
Active pallbearers were Gordon Balfour, W S Gibson, CA Kemp, Lieut. Col. Norman D Perry, A H C Proctor and J Kemp Waldie all relatives
Almost 1200 local employees of General Steel Wares Limited and the MacDonald Manufacturing Company observed a two minute silence at the time of the funeral of the man who headed the companies� activities until two years ago. Telegrams cablegrams and letters were received by Lady Kemp yesterday from prominent men all over Canada expressing their regret at the death Monday morning of the noted statesman. Among them were messages of sympathy from Lord & Lady Willington, Premier Mackenzie King, Sir Robert Borden former Premier Arthur Meighen, Hon R B Bennet and Miss Mildred Bennett Hon Robert Rogers Sir George & Lady Perly, and Major General & Mrs. A D McRae.

(George M. Van Vliet & Margaret Hodgson)
of Lacolle Qc
Willaim A Kemp
1864 -1919
May 6 ,1891
Lacolle Qc
Margaret D Van Vliet
Aileen Kemp
Clarence Arthur Kemp
Margaret Estelle Kemp
Florence Kemp

Many Friends Pay Last Respect to Toronto Business Man
"There is no section of our community but what will lament the departure of the late Mr. Kemp. He was a true friend to the Church, a guiding hand to the great YMCA movement and a leader in industry The Canadian nation too will be the poorer without his patriotic sprit so often evidenced in our patriotic campaigns." This is effect was the tribute paid by Rev Chancellor Bowles of Victoria College to the memory of the late W A Kemp, brother to Sir Edward Kemp at the funeral service at the residence at 49 Highland Ave yesterday Afternoon. After recalling the gentle sprit of the departed Rev Chancellor Bowles said that his good judgment in business affairs had often stood the Church in good stead and his honesty and uprightness had won him the respect of his fellow businessmen throughout the whole Dominion. It was a very large funeral there must have been a hundred motor cars in the cortege which followed the remain to Mount Pleasant Mausoleum Friends of the family came from the United States and other Provinces of Canada to pay their last respects. At the residence Rev Chancellor Bowles conducted the service and at the cemetery Rev Prof. Johnston of Sherbourne St. Methodist Church officiated. Host of friends and societies with which the late Mr. Kemp was identified laid their floral tributes on the casket There were flowers from Sherborne St. Methodist Church of which he was a member, form King St. Methodist Church and also from the YMCA of which Mr. Kemp was a director and from Lambton Golf Club, the Rosedale Walking Club the Sheet Metal Products Co. and the MacDonald Manufacturing Co. The Pall bearers were Sir Joseph Favelle, Mr. G A Warburton, Major G B Balfour, Mr. A H C Proctor Mr. F S Corrigan Mr. T A Brown Mr. J W Corcoran and Mr. Alex Butin.

Among those present at the residence were General John A Gunn, Mr. Justice Masten, Major G B Balfour, Capt. Gordon Allan, Rev Jessie Gibson, Rev T Bradley Hyde,Col McKendrick, Capt. Tisdale, Rev J Clipsham Quebec, Messrs. Wm. Hodgens, S Henderson, Robt Copeland,D M McClelland, W H Shapley, John Hoe, Ralph Burns, Douglas Eby, Robert Laidlaw, Ralph Waldie, Fred Waldie, F A Reid, Hewitt Smith, K C Balfour, MC Ellis, Matthew Ellis, Charles Ellis,CW Band, New York, DA Dunlap, WB McLean Dr. Georges McLean,GS Deakes,John Tory, CS Pettit, Lyman Henderson,John M Lake,Rev Peter Addison, Capt. Ed Bickle, Frank Malone,Atwell Fleming,SR Parsons, CN Candee,CH Wilson,J Van Vleet, Thomas Bradshaw, WE Rundle,WA Littlejohn,AM Ivy, George Gale, Douglass Simpson, John A Walker,George L Robinson,H Weatherald, R J Copeland, CD Daniels RB Rice,DA Dunlap, E K Scholey, CS Wisner, Joseph Kilgour, EJ Grand, Percy Ivy, James Hales Rev Mr. Wilson, WRP Parker, Dr. Fred Mallory, De George Parker, Dr. H B Anderson, WF Rutley, John Turnbull, FA Rolph, George S Lyon, FA Trimble, SJ Moore, James Ryrie, Howard Clemes , WA Skirrow, Norman Wylie.
Special to the Montreal Star
Toronto March 18 Mr. W A Kemp brother of Sir Edward Kemp died suddenly this morning at Pineforest inn Summerville South Caroline. Mr. Kemp was spending a vacation there wit his wife and daughters. Mr. Kemp�s only son who has been overseas for approximately three years was on his way home at the time of his father�s death Beside a son he leaves a wife and three daughters misses Aileen, Margaret and Florence.
The late William A Kemp manager of the Sheet Metal Products Company of Toronto and only brother of Sir Edward Kemp M P Overseas Minister of Militia was a native of the Province of Quebec having been born near Noyan on the banks of the Richelieu River in Missisquoi county. His father was Robert Kemp one of the most progressive farmers and enterprising citizens of the county. He left tow sons Sir Edward and the late Wm. A Kemp The later began his business career near home when he built up a considerable local trade in lumber. Then he joined his brother who was engaged in manufacturing in Toronto. He leaves a widow three daughters and one son who has been overseas on active service three years and is now on his way home. Mr. Kemp died in Summerville South Carolina.

Clarenceville March 22
Very sincere regret was expressed on all sides here when the news came of the sudden death in their Southern home of Mr. Willie Kemp, of Toronto. This was Mr. Kemp�s boyhood home and he never seemed to lack interest in the old home town and friends. Funeral service was held in the Toronto home on Friday It is particularly sad at this time their only son is overseas as well as Mr. Kemp�s only brother Sir Albert Kemp

W A KEMP ESTATE $2,230,000 $500,00 is for benevolence

Trust Fund is Created For Benefit of Benevolent Religious and Educational Institutions
The Late W A Kemp of the Sheet Metal Products Company who died March 17 1919 at Summerville South Carolina left an estate of $2,230.706.62 of which approximately half a million dollars is set aside for religious charitable and educational purposes. The National Trust Company, Mrs. Margaret Kemp (the testator�s widow) and Sir Edward Kemp the executors named in the will which is dated 17th Dec. 1918 are applying for probate. The assets of the estate are as follows
Cash 6,354.41
House goods and effects 10,118.06
Stocks 1,088,807.62
Bonds 844,030.63
Real estate 231,750.00
Life insurance 1,200.00
Mortgages 21,130.30
Miscellaneous 27,320.66

Shares and Bonds Held

The Stocks are
Canadian Pacific Railway 5,1187.50
Consumer�s Gas Company 51,975.
Gurney Foundry Company 1,900.
Minn St Paul & SS Marie Railway 16,695.
Twin City Railway 23,312.
Brazilian Traction 15,696.25

Lehigh Valley Railway 17,760
Northern Pacific 20,868.75
Mackay Companies Common 24,992.12
Winnipeg Electric Railway 475.
Toronto Railway Co 7,831.
Porto Rico Railway 6,125
Pennsylvania Railway 40,275
Sheet Metal Products Co 808,000
Lambton Golf Club 1,260.
Rosedale Golf Club 365.
Missisauga Golf Club 90.

The Bonds are

Dominion of Canada Victory Loan 812,240.50
Ottawa electric Railway 4,572.60
Canadian Pacific Railway 6,126.53
City of Montreal 21,091.

The real estate is 49 Highlands Ave Toronto 100,000
89 Highland Ave Toronto Toronto 20,000
119 Wellesley Cresent Toronto 41,750
Beaumont Road lot Toronto 25,000
Lot 27 in District lot 541 Map 3469 City of Vancouver 45,000

The will provides that Mrs. Kemp shall have the right to occupy the family residence 49 Highlands Ave for life if she so desires and she is given absolutely the household furniture and effects including the automobiles.
Mrs. Kemp is also given an annuity of $30,000 from the income on a fund of 1,000,000.00 which is directed to be set aside. Any surplus income from this fund is to be divided equally amongst the children . Mrs. G B Balfour, Mr. C A Kemp, Miss Margaret Kemp and Miss Florence Kemp. On the death of Mrs. Kemp the whole of this trust fund is to be divided amongst the children their shares to be held in trust and the income paid to them for life and on their death the copus to be distributed as they shall by will desire.
An annuity of $500 a year each is given to Mr. Kemp�s half sister Mrs. Matilda Louise Tasker and to Mrs. Florence Baxter The residue of the estate is to be divided into tow equal parts one of which is to be divided equally amongst Mr. Kemp�s children each child�s share to be paid over at twenty five years of age.
Fund for Benevolence
The other half of the whole residue of the estate is to be set aside as a trust fund for benevolent religious and educational institutions and objects of charity in the Province of Ontario. The will was drawn by Mr. Kemp�s solicitor Wellington Francis K C
The provision for the trust fund to be devoted to benevolence leaves it the decision of the trustees of the estate as to how and to whom the proceeds are to be distributed This decision has not been reached.

half a million set aside for Religious and Charitable Uses
Toronto Nov. 18 Probate has been secured here of the will of WA Kemp of Sheet Metal Products Company who died March 17th last It disposes of a total estate of $2,203,706.
Half a million is set aside for religious charitable and educational purposes. The National Trust Company, Mrs. Margaret Kemp and Sir Edward Kemp are the executors. The estate consists of cash $6,5354, household goods $10,113, stocks $1,088,807, which include $51,187 of CPR and $51,975 Consumers Gas $23,312 Twin City, $40,275 Pennsylvania Railroad and $808,000 Sheet Metal Product bonds $844,030 including $812,240 Victory bonds, and City of Montreal $21,091, and Ottawa electric $4,572 real estate $231,750 , life insurance $1,200 mortgages $21,130 miscellaneous $27,320.

Aileen Kemp
Gordon B Balfour
Mrs. W A Kemp is giving a dance at McConkey�s early in November for her daughter Miss Aileen Kemp who is coming out this winter.
Mrs. Kemp At Home
A large at home of yesterday was that given by Mrs. W A Kemp at her homes in Wellesley crescent to introduce her daughter Aileen . The debutante who received with her mother was wearing a lovely gown of white and sliver with sliver bandeau in her hair and carried an armful if American beauties, yellow orchids and lilies of the valley. Her other bouquets were arranged on the mantelpiece and piano and on the tables in this drawing room where the assistants were. Mrs. A Brown, Mrs. Scott Waldie and Mrs. Woodalnd. Mrs. Kemp�s gown was of white satin with and overdress of pale blue chiffon embroidered with silver. An Orchestra played throughout the afternoon behind a bower of palms. The tea table was centered with a mound of small pink and white chrysanthemums and marguerites surrounded with baskets of violets and roses. It was in charge of ,Miss Winnifred Adams, Miss Maida Maclachlan Miss Gladys Huesits Miss Yvonne Hobbs Miss Irene Leishman Miss Helen Brown and two guest of the house Miss Janet Robb of Quebec and Miss Joy Ryan of Guelph
Among those present were Mrs. Flavelle, Mrs. Wallace Barrett Mrs. John Waldie, Mrs. J E Elliott Mrs. Cecil Knight Mrs. Cuthbertson Mrs. Rutter Mrs. Macachlan Mrs. Chatterson, Mrs. Boehme, Mrs. O Hara, Mrs. A E Kemp, Mrs. Leishman Miss Ethel Sheppard, Mrs. Boyce Thompson and Mrs. E Cox
In the evening Mrs. Kemp gave a dance at McConkey�s to about two hundred of the younger set.

Clarence Arthur Kemp
Helen Janet Ballantyne
William Arthur Kemp

William Arthur Kemp
11 December 1965
London England
Victoria Beatrice Grace Mountbatten

I ris Mountbatten's third marriage was to our William Arthur Kemp ,

Mrs Arthur Meredith
Margaret Estelle Kemp
Toronto, Ont
Paul Meredith (jr)

Paul Meredith (iii)
Arthur Kemp Meredith
Margaret Wendy Maredith

Paul Meredith
Toronto, Ont
Dianne Proctor

Bradley Meredith
Gregory Meredith
Scott Meredith
Sandra Meredith

Gregory Meredith
Toronto, Ont

Bradley Meredith
Toronto, Ont

Arthur Kemp Meredith
Toronto, Ont
Lise Unknown

Mark Meredith
Michelle Meredith

Margaret Wendy Meredith
Toronto, Ont
Henry Pratt

Geoffery� Pratt
Susanne Pratt

Update� Oct 2008 compliments of� Suzanne Pratt

Mrs. W A Kemp gave a dance last night for the bridal party of her daughter�s wedding

The marriage of Miss Margaret Kemp daughter of Mrs. W A Kemp to Mr. Paul Meredith son of Mrs. Arthur Meredith of Toronto took place yesterday afternoon a Sherbourne St. Methodist Church, which was decorated with palms and garden flowers. Rev Charles Bishop officiated. The bride was given away by Mr. C A Kemp and wore a beautiful gown of white crepe with sliver brocaded roses and long court train of white satin Her veil was of embroidered and caught with rosette of orange blossoms and she carried a shower bouquet of orchids and lilies of the valley. Mrs. CA Kemp was matron of Honour and wore a smart gown of burnt orange georgette with silver lace. Mrs. Gordon Balfour, Miss Jean Brown and Miss Lorna McLean were bridesmaids. Their frocks were of russet shades of georgette with silver lace. Their hats were of brown velvet mauve. Mr. Harold Parsons was best man Mr. Tom Meredith Mr. John Chipman Mr. Max Sisley and Mr. Grenville Rolph acted a ushers. After the ceremony a receptions was held at Highlands Ave, the home of the bride�s mother. Mrs. Kemp who received with Mrs. Meredith at the entrance to the drawing room wore a becoming gown of faune colored crepe and feathered hat to match. He corsage bouquet was of orchids. Mrs. Meredith was gowned in black headed georgette black hat and corsage of roses and ferns. later the bride and bridegroom left for their honeymoon the bride wearing a traveling suit of navy blue and hat of the same shade. On their return they will live on Glen Grove Ave East.


Seldom has Sherbourne Street Methodist Church had within its four walls a more representative gathering of well wishers to a bride than yesterday when the marriage took place of Margaret Estelle daughter of Mrs. W A Kemp of Highland Ave to me Paul Meredith son of Mrs. Arthur Meredith the beauty of the wonderful September day was accentuated within the church by the magnificent decoration of autumn flowers adding much color to the smartly attired folk who attended the ceremony Rev Mr. Bishop conducted the ceremony Mr. Atkinson was at the organ and Mr. Ernst Caldwell sang. The bride looked very beautiful in her wedding dress of white and sliver brocade long court train of white satin and veil of embroidered net. She carried a shower bouquet of orchids Mrs. Clarence Kemp was matron of honor and the bridesmaids Miss Lorna McLean, Mrs. Gordon Balfour, and Miss Jean Brown were al dressed in the pretty fall shades of nasturtium and sand in georgette and lace with becoming brown hats They carried exquisite garden bouquets Mr. Harold Parsons acted as best man and the ushers were Mr. Tom Meredith Mr. MacSisley Mr. Grandvill Rolph and Mr. John Chipman After the ceremony a reception was held at Mrs Kemp�s home in highland Ave Mrs. Kemp wearing a handsome dress of sand crepe trimmed with brocaded velvet Her sand colored hat was softly trimmer with ostrich and her flowers were orchids. Recherch� decorated marquee on the lawn where the orchestra was in attendance Later Mr. and Mrs. Meredith left for their honeymoon the bride going away in a smart navy blue suit and hat to match.

1st marriage
Florence Kemp
Arthur Hammill

Mrs. W A Kemp entertained at a most enjoyable not out dance for her daughter Miss Florence Kemp last evening The beautiful house in Highland Ave was gay with spring flowers dancing took place in the drawing room and halls the orchestra being stationed in the hall Mrs. Kemp was handsomely dresses in blue georgette and silver lace. The raison d��tre of the party wore a dainty frock of pale pink chiffon and silver and carried an old fashioned posy of pale pink roses. Among the guests were Misses Jean MacAgy, Margaret Pike, Dorothy Cluff, Jean Ault, Phyllis May, Constance Davies, Margaret Husband, Ida Wilkinson, Dorothy Thomas, Betrice Johnston, Margaret and Grace Despard, Frances Gurney, Mabel Coatsworth, Ruth Ryan, Helen Parsons, Kathleen Harding, Eleanor Turnbull, Muriel Wright, Maureen Wilson, Margaret Beaton, Helen Anderson, Doris Neal, Mary Lind, Helen Goring, Nanna Mullet, Betty King Smith, Helen Blair, Messrs. Brown, Burns, Charles Burns, Ross, Paul Jack Brown, Tim Rogers, Alan Lamport, John Kemp, Wiliam Mitchell, Edminson Fair, George Fenton, George Hambly, Donald Mercer, William Lovering, Malcom Scott, Robert Scott, Eric Scott, Denis Careless, Darcy and James Palmer.

2nd marriage
Florence Kemp
Toronto, Ont
William Spence Merry

Margaret Louise ( Merry)

Margaret Louise ( Merry)
Toronto, Ont
Mr Caver

Deborah Caver
Linda Caver
David Caver

ODD & ENDS, from the articles collected by Wessy Macfie Scriver


Canadian Associated Press Cable

London May 10 A telegram received today states that F Orr Lewis of Montreal saved from the Lusitania has been removed from Queenstown to Cork suffering from shock and exposure. It is expected hi will be able to make the journey to London in a few days His valet at first thought drowned has been saved.

There is no further news of the Misses Allan, Lady Allan is still at Queenstown.

There is no news to hand regarding Miss Braithwaite.

WRG Holt the young son of Sir Herbert and Lady Holt of Montreal gave a vivid story of his experiences after he jumped from the Lusitania. Mr. Holt spent some time succoring others before he jumped from the liner and owes his marvelous escape to his powers as a swimmer, "after coming from lunch" he said " I was sitting in the lounge room situated on the boat deck and was reading a novel Suddenly without warning I heard a dull crash. Immediately the Lusitania leaned over on her right side about thirty degrees. People at once began to walk to the upper side of the deck. There was no panic but a lot of confusion. There was difficulty in launching the boats owing to the list of the liner. The first boat turned over and the occupants were thrown out. Seeing rescue would be difficult by mean of the life boats I decided to clamber down the side of the ship and jump into the sea but before doing this I saw several ladies around me most of whom had lifebelts Mrs. GW Stevens of Montreal did not have one whereupon Miss Anna Allan gave her the one she had and I tied it upon her, I then went into the cabins to see if I could find one for Miss Allan. I was unable to find one and was told by a man they had been taken. On returning to the deck I was delighted to see Miss Allan had one as well as Miss Gwendoline and Lady Allan. I now climbed down the side of the ship on the land side and immediately I got into water swam away as hard as possible.
Mrs. G W Stephens who was abroad with a grandchild, maid and nurse. No word of her safety or of the others with her has been received.


The Patricias even since my cable describing their heroic defense of the trenches have been making more history. A French officer tells me they are magnificent. They have been half slaughtered but true to the Canadian motto they still can write " Never beaten"
From the same French officer I lean of Major Gault�s splendid example. He was left hopelessly and helplessly in retirement wounded in the leg. He sang out to a brother officer to throw him his revolver to that he might to the last do his share in that tremendous hand to hand conflict. He had emptied his own and hurled it at the advancing foe it was a miracle he was saved. It was fortunate for the Princess Pats and for Canada for in the latest action the Pats were largely pure bred Canadian soldier fighting for tradition. As with the Pats so with the other battalions All have been in it along this line from La Bassee to Langemarck.

Special to the Montreal Star

Ottawa March 10 An unusual flutter of excitement and interest was indicated in the precincts of the Senate divorce committee today when the Hamilton Gault divorce case was taken up.
An array of counsel was present along with a unusually large attendance of Senators and members who curiosity and concern in the case and in the parties themselves were not concealed..

Major Hamilton Gault of Montreal just back from the front with the Princess Patricia�s the regiment to whose organization he contributed heavily, is asking divorce from his wife Marguerite Claire Stephens, daughter of the late Hon G W Stephens of Montreal.
Major Gault appeared today and gave evidence while Mrs. Gault was also present. Eugene Lafleur K C and Gordon MacDougall of Montreal appear as counsel for the petitioner while Mrs. Gault is represented by Hartley Dewart K C of Toronto R Pringle K C and Norman Guthrie of Ottawa

The petition as signed in the Senate and Commons and on the basis of which evidence was given today alleges conduct by Mrs. Gault sufficient to justify dissolution of the marriage. The charge is vigorously denied and as indicated it will be fought out.
The case is likely to occupy the Committee�s attention at several sittings The co- respondent alleged in the petition is Bruce Bainsmith an English officer.

Toronto Oct 10
His excellency the Viscount Willingdon paid a visit to the Art Gallery of Toronto on Monday afternoon and was welcomed by the president Mr. R Y Eaton, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Edward Greig
Her Excellency the Viscountess Willingdon was a visitor on Monday afternoon at the Navy League tag day tea at the King Edward Hotel. He Excellency accompanied my Mrs. Osborne and Mrs. W D Ross was met at the entrance to the King Edward Hotel by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harris Mrs. C E Burden Mrs. Ferguson Burke Mrs. Carlyle McGill Col. & Mrs. A E Gooderham, Mr. Rowley and others and was escorted to the "Louis" room, which was done with stands of ferns and flowers The patronesses Lady Herst Mrs. Campbell Myers, Mrs. Monk Mrs. H D Warren, Lady White Lady Pellatt Mrs. P McGregor Mrs. James Spence Miss Church, Mrs. George Denison Taylor and others were presented to Her Excellency by Mr. Sam Harris.

The Provost of Trinity College and Mrs. Cosgrave entertained at tea on Monday in honor of the executive of the Dominion Board of the W A of Toronto and the Toronto Diocesan Board. Mrs. Ferrabee of Montreal Dominion President received with Mrs. Cosgrave. The latter wore a gown of periwinkle blue georgette Mrs. Sweeney and Mrs. Willis James of Calgary who is staying with Mrs. Cosgrave poured tea and coffee assisted by a group of girl missionary candidates. Mrs. Hugh Johnston was in charge.
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Cawthra St. George St. announce the engagement of their daughter Isobel Victoria to Mr. Herbert Latham Burns son of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Burns De Lisle Avenue.

Captain the Honorable Inigo Freeman-Thomas & Mrs. Freeman Thomas had tea on Monday with Sir Edward & Lady Kemp at Castle Frank.

Mrs. Schofield wife of the Bishop of British Columbia is the guest of Mrs. Oliver Macklem

The Principal & Mrs. Grant will be at home on Friday afternoon after the annual distribution of prizes at Upper Canada College.

Mrs. Carlton Palmer, National President of the Associated Junior League of America will be in town on Monday and will be the guest of the Junior League of Toronto on that day

Sir Edward & Lady Kemp have returned from a trip to the Pacific Coast.

Mrs. R J Christie and Miss Katherine Christie are at Casa Loma.

Mrs. George Beardmore M F H entertained at dinner on Saturday night for his niece Lady Kingsmill and Mrs. Blackburn of Ottawa

Sir Henry and Lady Pellatt, Lake Marie Farm are moving onto their apartment on Madison Ave the first of November

Mr. & Mrs. Sanders of Montreal will be in town today for Mr. & Mrs. Irving W Smith�s coming out ball for Miss Virginia Smith

Mr. & Mrs. William Home and Miss Home of Quebec who have been on a motor trip and visiting their son Capt. Home R C R spent the weekend at Niagara Falls.
The engagement in announced of Miss Helen Leadot Mahoney B A daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Richard MaHoney Woolwich St. Guelph to Lloyd Creighton Jackson BA SC of Montreal only son of Mr. & Mrs. H L Jackson Brussels Ont the marriage to take place October 3rd.
Rev & Mrs. J J Sparling Weston Ont announce the engagement of their daughter Errol E Charlotte to Mr. Lorna Campbell Anderson B Sc of Three Rivers Quebec, son of Mr. J J Anderson Cobalt Ontario The marriage will take place early in October
Mrs. Hugh Calderwood Miss Barbara Calderwood and Mr. Rowand Calderwood of Barrie have left on a motor trip to Boston and Cape Cod.

Mrs. Arthur Miles is returning to Toronto on Saturday from Ottawa


James Kemp
21 September 1863
Noyan Quebec
Ophelia Edy Derick

Simon Kemp
Odelltown Quebec
Clarissa Stevens
John Henry Kemp
Simon Augustin Kemp
Lucy Ann Kemp
Arabella Edith Kemp
Charles Kemp
1856 -
Sarah Isabelle Kemp

Note : Charles Albert Kemp Stevens, married Maggie Hester Struthers March 9th 1886- Charles would be a nephew to Simon and Clarissa

Sarah Isabelle Kemp
Married 1877
Odeltown Qc
John Jamison
Clifford Kemp Jamison

Thomas Kemp
1828- 1879
Anne Unknown
Francis Kemp
Annie Kemp

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nt>debutante daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A H C Proctor of Beaumont Road Rosedale Toronto and granddaughter of the late Sir Edward Kemp who was introduced at a reception given by Mr. & Mrs. Proctor at their home on New Year�s day . Miss Proctor and Mr. Courtney Proctor entertained their friends at a ball in the Crystal Ballroom of the King Edward Hotel on New Years Night Miss Proctor is attending the French school in New York and returned thereafter the Yuletide holiday recess to finish her school year.

In Toronto
Oct 31
Lady Kemp entertained at luncheon last week for Sir Edward Kemp�s granddaughter Miss Stephanie Waldie a debutante of the season. Lady Kemp and the young debutante received the guests. The hostess wore a smart frock of beige crepe with lace the same shade She also wore a rope of pearls. Miss Waldie looked pretty in a frock of pale blue flowered silk with blue felt ha to match The table was done with pink yellow and red roses At each guest�s place was a quaint old fashioned poesy Among the guests were Miss Isobel Ross, Miss Mary Wilson, Miss Ana Mae Hess Miss Margaret Bull of Oshawa Miss Florence Kemp, Miss Amea Berwin Miss K Wilson Miss Jean Maeagy Miss Marjorie Mulock Miss Peggy Beaton Miss K Harding Miss Muriel Parsons, Miss Shelis Lee, and Miss Helen Anderson.

TORONTO Social Notes
Toronto Ont Sept 10 Lady Kemp, Castle frank was the hostess of a very jolly house dance on Tuesday night for Miss Stephanie Waldie and a numbers of her young friends. Sir Edward and Lady Kemp received the guests in the drawing room which was decorated with masses of garden flowers Lady Kemp wore a gown of beaded rose georgette Miss Stephaine Waldie was pretty in a French frock of flame colored georgette with trimmings on narrow silver ribbon she also wore silver shoes and carried a bouquet of butterfly orchids and lilies of the valley the gift of her hostess The large reception rooms and the drawing rooms were used for dancing An orchestra was stationed in the hall The supper table was done with a profusion of Ophelia roses. Some of those present were Mr. & Mrs. AHC Proctor , Col. & Mrs. Norman Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Bastedo, Mr. & Mrs. Godfrey Spragge Dr. & Mrs. Charles Temple, Miss Waldie Mr. & Mrs. RCH Cassels and Mr. Harris Hees
The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and Mrs. Herbert A Bruce were among the many guests who attended the wedding in Toronto on Saturday afternoon of Miss Stephanie Waldie daughter of Mrs. Norman Perry and the late w Scott Waldie to Mr. Denis Fitzgerald son of M & Mrs. George E Fitzgerald . The ceremony fully choral was held in St. Simon�s church with Rev F H Brewin officiating.