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Eric_ Macfie

               Family building in progress                        

Photo of  Eric Macfie The NEXT Lucky one ??????
René Phillippe Eric Macfie

Eric was born November 9th 1975, (it had been hoped that his birth would have coincided with that of his grand mother (Gertude Goulet , Nov 8, but fate did not allow this), at the St Justine Hospital in Montreal. Dr Marinier was the obsetrition, a Doctor who had delivered his cousins Pierre and Ann Marie Feletig, a Doctor under whom his aunt Claudette (Goulet) Vachon had studied. A Doctor who was well known to the family, a Doctor who enjoyed delivering babies. Eric's mother and father were then living at 940 Boissy in St Lambert, a duplex apartment that was owned by his uncle Fred Felitig.

Eric was the last baby of the Goulet family, he had 14 cousins ahead of him, on the Macfie side of the family he was the second born, the first and only male Macfie , following his birth , six more cousins were brought on to the Macfie family, four girls and two boys, however not one of them bore the name MACFIE. Unfortunately Eric was to become an only child to his parents Douglas and Françoise, who after many years of trying to provide sibilings to Eric, accepted the fact that their destiny was to ensure that Eric be brought up alone, with as much love and instruction as they could provide.

This was more or the less the beginning of the era where both the mother and father worked outside the family, Eric was placed in the care of his aunt Diane and his grandmother Isabel Macfie. Diane and his grandmother arrived each and every week day at the 940 Boissy, leaving only when either Francoise or Doug arrived back from the office. The weekends were very precious to the samll family of three, they had to pack a whole week's closeness into a couple of days.

Eric's father, was provided the opportuniy to make a move to Quebec City, to work for the transport company who had bought his grandfather's transport company Speedway Express Ltd. This was the opportunity that had been wrenched from Doug's grasp during those dark years of the divorce of his parents, and he did not want to miss grabbing at it again.

The family of three, packed their belongings and moved, Françoise to a place that had been home to her during her youth, Doug to a place where he could practice his trade. In Quebec, Françoise's parents offered the family of three a place to stay in the Goulet family home. Her parents were leaving for Florida and welcomed the to have someone stay in the house while they were absent.  The family found and moved into a newly built bungalow in Ancienne Lorette , not far from Francoise's younger sister where they remained until 1979. At that time Doug was asked if he would consider returning to Montreal where he would assume further  responsibility  within the company .

There was not much hesitation taking a decision and the three, moved back to St Lambert . Eric was enrolled at  St  Jude in Longueuil ( well the old Jacques Cartier actually) at first then  as the school boards borders were alter had to be switched to St Agnes  back in St Lambert.  Struggling a bit with several of his subjects  his parents tried having him tutored , then in desperation  decided to enroll in in the Protestant school system taking advantage of the French immersion programs that were being offered at the time.   Sure enough that was all it took, well having a male professor was perhaps the best part of the deal.  Eric's comprehension flowered and things fell into place.

This polite young lad was well liked, and much appreciated by the neighbours , being at first the only child  on Putney street in the block between Desauliners and Logan.  Eventually another family with young children moved in down the street providing  Eric with a male playmate , Eric however remaining  the favourite with the neighbours.  Growing up in St Lambert allowed Eric to experience the beat of all things, as had his father for the civic fathers of city of St Lambert   had long realized that looking out for the youth of the city paid off in spades.

 Even before Eric had moved to Quebec, he had had the opportunity to be poster baby for  Taylor's department stores. His Aunt Diane had taken him there for a free photo shoot, some thing Taylor's did  as a promotional stunt.  As it turned out  to every ones surprise Eric's photo appeared on several posters of the stores advertising.  ( Unfortunately a release had been signed by his aunt)  His return to St Lambert allowed him to participate in many of the City's events, cultural, sporting and political)

  to be continued .......

1st Marriage
René Phillippe Eric Macfie
Sept. 25 1999
Ste Basil le Grand, Que
Jennifer Tremblay

Eric and Jennifer were divorced in 2002

René Phillippe Eric, who was originally to be named Christopher Robin after a character in the book Winnie the Pooh, ( a favourite character of his father) had his name altered by his two aunts Diane and Luva, who both liked Phillip. René was given to him to honour his grandfather and Eric was given to him by his parents, who were seeking a name that could as easily be said in English and French with out being nicknamed. (at this particular time the family tree had not been researched so no thought was even given to names that came before, it was not realized until later that his great-grand mother on his father's side had a favourite brother named Eric (Anderson) , nor was it known at this time that there had been born another Eric Macfie, 1913-1913 ( to William Macfie and Harriet Hunter ,of Clarenceville.

He is known to all as Eric.


2nd Union

René Phillippe Eric Macfie

Ste Anne de Kent , N B
Mélanie  Losier


Duncan Losier Macfie
Ste Anne de Kent N B 

Fergus Losier Macfie
Ste Anne de Kent N B  

XXXX Macfie

Duncan becomes the first son, of a first son (Eric) of a first son ( Douglas) of a first son (Murray) of a first son ( Robin) , of a first son ( George) of a first son  ( Robert who was born on the voyage to Canada) of Alexander  the fifth son of Robert Macfie of  the superiority of Langhouse  Inverkip Scotland   representing the 7th generation  of the Sottish family known as the Sugar Macfies. 

Fergus the second son who effectively  ensures  the progression of this particular line of the  sugar Macfie of Langhouse Inverkip ( Greenock) Scotland    



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