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Southbeech Ridge Cemetery

circa 1800
Also known as the
Hawley Cemetery

Located South West of Clarenceville Quebec, Canada, on South Beech Road, just off route 202, going south towards the Alburgh Springs border crossing, (Alburgh-Swanton VT) about 1/4 mile north of Chemin Macfie and Middle Road crossing. This area was and is still known as Seigniory de Foucault, or Caldwell's Manor or Allard's Manor or the Parish of St George of Clarenceville..


The plot of farmland at this location was first used for the final resting place of Peter Hawley who died in 1800. This was the lot of land that was known as the Hawley Home , concession 9, lot 10 It must be realized that back in those times , births, marriages and deaths commonly ocurred with out the immediate blessing of a minister or priest. Not many records were kept other than those listed in the invdividual family bible. When indeed a roving, or saddle-bag minister passed through the area, gatherings would be held in the nearest home, or barn or in the field and any records that had been made by the individual familes may have been transferred to the minister for his save keeping. Many many records of this nature for the early periods of the Seigniory de Foucault, or Caldwell's Manor ( those including Noyan - Christie's Manor) have never been found registered any where.

The Cemetery on South Beech road , was at one time surrounded by an iron pole fence, and cedar trees. However as the last of the families (the majority English - Loyalists) moved away from farming and towards the town of Clarenceville and others (such as Bedford and the American cities) , the cemetery became dis-used, and unkept . The last Hawley, Clarence who lived next to the plot took care of the cemetery well into his senior years. Unfortunately by then a great many stones were broken and since there was no money for upkeep, as no family members continued to contribute to a dis-used cemetery, these broken stones were simply thrown in the back of the cemetery, creating a pile of rock. Some of the local farmers, now mostly French speaking, tried as they could to at least mow the grass, but as they kept breaking their machinery on fallen stones they lost interest and left the cemetery on it own.

Peter's Home
Deed of Sale of Cemetery Lot

As appeared in the Gazette Officielle de Quebec 

18 October 1941

No. 42 Vol 73

South Beech Ridge Protestant Union Cemetery Company 

Notice is here by given that under the provision of the Cemetery Companies ' Act ( R.S.Q., 1925 , Chapter 206, as enacted by 19 George V, Chapter 65) letters patent have been issued by the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Quebec, bearing date the twenty-second day of September  1941, to incorporate as a corporation without share capital : Miss Lillias E Macfie, Music Teacher, of full age of twenty one years, of theParish of St George de Clarenceville, Dame Melinda Jane Hawley, of the Village of Sweetsbrg, both of the County of Missisquoi, widow of the late Claude B Jameson, in his lifetime, of the same place, Shefiff for the District of Bedfaord, and Arthur C Jameson of Swetsburg aforesaid, Deputy Sheriff for the said district of Bedford, Province of Quebec  for the following purpose. 

Taht there is a small cemetery on the South Beech Ridge, in the Parish of St-Georges de Clarenceville, known  as a public cemetery and bearing  number two hundred and thiry four (234) of the cadastral plan and book reference for the said parish of St George de Clarenceville, already existing and not belonging to any religious institutions or society or to the Church of England or to the Roman Catholics and not already by law incorporated, which has, through lack of control, maintenance and management, fallen in to dilapidated and discreditable condition, and that the petitioners are desirous to be incorporated for the purpose of assuming the control, maintenance and management of the said cemetery and raising of the necessary funds for the said purposes, under the name of the  " South Beech Ridge Protestant Union Cemetery Company"

The head office of the corporation will be in the Parish of Saint  George de Clarenceville in the District of Bedford

The amount to which the value of the immovable property which the corporation may possess is to be limited is one thousand dollars , current money of Canada

Dated at the office of the Attorney General, this twenty second day of September 1941     L Desilets, Deputy Attorny General 

 Please note this company who's FEC number is  15676877 was listed in 1976 12-14 as - en instance de liquidation et dissolution 

There was a mise de jure dated 1993 12 -06 but did not indicate what  it was   so the company most likely is no ( 2014) defunct  

In 1981 , Robert Douglas Macfie and his son Eric rediscovered the old cemetery plot, they were looking for the burial place of Alexander Macfie , the first of their Macfie family to arrive in Canada. Finding Alexander's plot in very bad order, they managed to cut around the space occupied by Alexander and his wife Ann, and her parents. Cleaning just this small lot of grass appeared to them to be somewhat selfish, so they undertook to cut the whole cemetery, to take away the straw and to give the cemetery a decent appearance. This one time effort, continued and these two found themselves, four times a year, traveling from St. Lambert Quebec, to spend Saturday and Sunday mowing the grass at the cemetery.

This lead them to repairing a few of the stones, standing them up right and bracing some of them with metal holders, some they managed to re-cement and other they braced with wood. The up keep becoming an expensive project that at first they could little afford. Douglas and Eric then began to wonder if they was a register showing who was buried there, they hoped to be able to fix more of the stones, and thought if they had a list they could as least double check their work. Alas finding a listing proved a tedious undertaking. Since there was no one church associated with the cemetery, there was not one central location that contained the information. If a list was to be made, any and all records of the area would have to be verified, an enormous task, however some fortune was with them. Attending the Montreal Highland Games, in St. Lambert Que. in 1989, they were stopped at an exhibit when they heard a young man, Albert Smith of Iberville, explaining that he was in possession of much documentation of the area around Clarenceville. Sure enough when asked, he did have a list of the Hawley cemetery residents, a list made by a Mrs. Tremblay in 1957 or there abouts, of the stones that were still standing at that time. It was with pleasure that Douglas and Eric met with Mr. Smith in Iberville to take possession of this most wonderful piece of paper, a listing of the names of the persons who were buried in the Southbeech Ridge Cemetery - the Hawley Cemetery.

With this list in hand, new vigor was instilled in Eric and Douglas, reason to continue to work on the cemetery itself.

Right after this meeting, they came upon the address of Mrs. Beryl Moore, a daughter of Clarence Hawley, she had in her possession a small fund for the cemetery that had been started long ago and was accumulating interest in an attempt to increase the total to a sum that would be worthwhile and allow for some major work to be done.

Eric and Douglas, managed to find parts of the old fence (the original) that had been thrown in the weeds at the back, so they replaced some of the upright poles, repaired others and strung a white plastic chain across the front of the Cemetery. At least people would see that something was happening at that location. The next project was a sign to identify the Cemetery, Eric and Douglas recovered a wooden sign from a store which was closing. With a bit of work and some paint, they were able to create a reasonable identifying sign for the cemetery. One weekend they drove to the cemetery with this 20 foot pole sticking out of the back of the car and they sunk the sign post in to five feet of cement, to which they fixed the sign they had painted.

Now things were looking much better, the grass was being cut on a regular bases, if not regularly, there was a white fence, and sign pole. In October 1997, Eric and Douglas replaced the main gate, they had found the old gate the summer before and had taken it home to repair. Finally the cemetery had become a respectable looking resting spot for many of the long time residents of the area called Caldwell's Manor.

In 1998 Douglas moved from St. Lambert, taking up residence in Perth Ont., he was not not one hour away from Clarenceville, but 4 (four) hours traveling time. He did manage to get one weekend to travel down to cut the grass in 1998, but he had not been able to get back .

Update 1999

....A trip to Clarenceville August 14 1999 has provided us with a delightful surprise. The Cemetery grass had been cut, a ditch had been dug along the roadside, and a culvert with a gravel entrance had been added to the Cemetery . No one we spoke to was able to tell us who undertook this kind work, but we are certainly more than grateful to the benefactors who ever they might be .

Update 2009 .. An e mail received from Miss Vera Schoolcraft states - This benefactor was Raymond Kyling. Raymond is not related to the Hawley or the Maigars but did know the Maigars. He hired men to do a lot of work do to the disarray of the Cemetary. The ditches were dug by the gouvernment but there was no culvert put in to access the Cemetary. This may have been installed by Raymond . -- ( my gracious thanks are extened both to Vera for the information and certainly to Raymond for his efforts )

It has been understood that a local historical society group began the upkeep , however once they found that the cemetery was still being used to bury people they stopped .


The Town of Clarenceville has seen fit to support a project with the approval of the Ministry of Culture of Quebec, that would involve bringing this old historic cemetery back to its once proud luster. With the guidance of Louis Hak, an area councilor, the cemetery itself will be on the receiving end of some deserving refurbishing. Mr Hak would like to know if any readers of this page , who may have had a connection with the general area of Clarenceville might had pictures of the cemetery before its ruin. If there is any information that you care to share with the Town of Clarenceville regarding this cemetery they can be reached at

[email protected]

List of names taken from standing stones in 1957 or 1958 by Mrs. Georges (Beryl Hauver) Tremblay up dated with list of names that were recorded by Hugh and Malcolm McLellan, May 30th 1941 . ( An attempt will be made to link up the individual names to family web page so that a more complete history may be reviewed, however it must be understood that this will be an on-going project, as not every invidual has had a family member post a web page as of yet)

We must assume that most of the stones were still standing and readable at that time, so the list should be considered as accurate as we are going to have. There are burials after this time which still have to be confirmed and when this is done this list will be updated to that point in time. This list was provided to Doug Macfie, by Mr. Albert Smith, a genealogist , living in Iberville Que.

The deceased are posted in alphabetical order, the wife may be listed twice, once under her married name and again where possible under her maiden name.

Ages are shown in some cases as y- years : m-months : d-days

Due to the age of some of the stones and the deterioration some dates might not be exact , Additions to the original inscriptions in bold Green have been made by Douglas Macfie, as he finds more genealogical notes on the persons buried in this pleasant little cemetery . (his main family lines are done in bold red

As of April , year 2000 , I have obtained a listing of the cemetery stones made by Hugh and Malcolm McLellan, May 30th 1941. Copies of this list can be obtained from the Benjamin F Feinberg Library, Plattsburg State University of New York, 101 Broad St, Plattsburgh NY 12901.2681. There are some of the stones hand drawn by these two gentlemen.

An introduction to their list read

This Cemetery, overgrown and with many broken and fallen stones, is on the west side of the road running into Canada from Alburg Springs VT. It is shown on the Canadian Geological Map as a place named "NUTT". The cemetery has an iron and wire fence along the road. "

On a further page there is a hand written note

" I met Mr Clarence H L ( Henry Lancelot) Hawley May 30 /46, his father was David Frost Hawley and Annie L Rebuen (no stone), grandfather Ashel and Maria Frost, great grandfather Asahel and Mary Gibson, great great grandfather Peter and Hannah Partridge"

"South Beach Ridge Protestant Cemetery - Hawley Cemetery " completed May 30 1946 "

The names appearing in blue will link you to more information if you care to click on the name
Name of party Relationship Birth date Date of death Age Other notes
Adams, Joanna -w/o Israel Burton Hawley abt 1780 14 Jul 1855 7 5y d/o Henry Adams & Tryon
Adle, Anna M. - see Anna Schoolcraft abt 1819 12 Nov 1860 41y w/o Cornelius
married 1848

Aseltine, Austin
abt 1854 19 Mar 1874 20y 7m
Aseltine, Eliza A. - see Eliza Minckler abt 1854 14 Jan 1883 29y 6m w/o Henry Aseltine
Aseltine, George -s/o Peter & Huldah abt 1832 27 Feb 1833 1y 2m 19d Mthr - Wheeler
Aseltine, Hoarce -s/o Peter & Huldah abt 1832 08 May 1833 11 m 18d Mthr - Wheeler
Aseltine, Huldah -see Huldah Wheeler abt 1811
17 Jan 18--
w/o Peter Aseltine
Aseltine, Infant -s/o Peter & Huldah abt 1820 11 Apr 1820 3m Mthr - Wheeler
Aseltine, James s/o Peter & Huldah abt 1840 08 Jan 1843 2y 11m Mthr - Wheeler
Aseltine, John -s/o Peter & Huldah abt 1846 09 Sept 1863 17y 5m 16d Mthr - Wheeler
Aseltine, Louisa M. -d/o Peter & Huldah abt 1844 01 Jan 1863 18y 8m 14d Mthr - Wheeler
Aseltine, Peter
abt 1802 05 Sept 1865 63y 1m 26d
Beardsley Melvin A -s/o Oliver Augustus Beardsley& Mary Eliza 20-09-1849 30 May 1850 8m2d Mthr - Miller
Benjamin Lucinda see Lucinda Butterfield abt 1769 14 Jul 1852 83y m married Daniel Benjamin Nov 1820
Blood Eliza - w/o Clement Drew 1809 1876

Blood, William
abt 1805 27 Jan 1849 44y h/o Betsey -couple separated in 1835
Boardman, Sarah - d/o Jonathan Boardman & Anna Tuttle abt 1824
24 Aug 1845 19y married Buel Landon Feb 4th,1845
Bohannon, Mary C -w/o Nelson S Gibson 03 May 1863 24 Jul 1945

Brewster, Lewis
abt 1770 22 Sept 1832 62y 9 m
Brown, Edward s/o John D Brown & Sarah Warren
25 Sept 1845 27 Mar 1877

Brown, Iven E s/o John D Brown & Sarah Warren
23 Jul 1865 28 Aug 1869

Brown, John s/o John D Brown & Sarah Warren
15 Jan 1837 24 Apr 1866

Brown ,John D.
26 Dec 1811 22 Jul 1880

Brown, Sarah d/o John D Brown & Sarah Warren
23 Jun 1848 09 Jun 1870

Brown, Sarah see Sarah Warren 01 Dec 1819 02 Nov 1896
w/o John D Brown
Bush, Mitilda Jane - w/o Omri Edy 9 Oct 1833 02 Jun 1893
Mthr- Lovicy Smith
Bush, Mary Permilla -w/o Peter Hawley Edy 07 Jul 1830 10 Nov 1901 71y Mthr- Lovicy Smith
Butterfield, Lucinda - w/o David Benjamin abt 1768 14 Jul 1852 83y 5m married Nov 1820

C Creller Family
Chadsey, Mary -see Mary Emrick 1836
no dates
w/o Charles Edwin
married 1875

Chaffee, Lucy M w/o Clarence Hawley 1894 1974

Chilton ,Sarah -see Sarah Sweet abt 1748 11 Feb 1869 80y 11m
Chilton, William - s/o John R and Nancy Agnes abt 1783 17 Sept 1866 83y 7m Mthr- Young
Clark , Thankfull -w/o Humphrey R Jewett abt 1794 06 Oct 1840 46y 7m 6d
Cook, John P. s/o Jasper Cook abt 1779 15 Jun 1868 69y Mthr Sarah
Cook, Sabrana - see Sabrana Nichols abt 1811 13 Mar 1874 63y
Cook , Louisa M. - w/o Peter Hawley abt 1801 19 Jan 1887 86y 5m
Creller, Alice L d/o Rufus Horatio & Eliza Louise
02 Jan 1856 5y 10m 20d mthr - Bush
Creller, Ann Sylvia d/o Peter & Orpha abt 1813

Mthr - Denton
Creller, Almira - w/o John Lewis Reed
02 Jul 1838
do William Creller & Sophia Nutt
Creller, Fannie E. - w/o William Newman 1840 26 Dec 1915 72y do William Creller & Sophia Nutt
Creller, Lucinda Maria -d/o Peter & Orpha 4 Oct 1820 18 May 1841 20y 7m 14d Mthr - Denton
Creller, Orpha w/o Peter Creller abt 1787 11 Sept 1844 56y 10m 1d do Wiliam Denton & Abigail- Stoddard
Creller, Peter
abt 1785 03 Nov 1870 85y
Creller, Sophia wo William S Creller abt 1814 15 May 1850 36y do David Nutt & -Betsy Young
married 31 Dec 1834
Creller, Victoria C - w/o James Newman abt 1837 21 Nov 1889 52 y Mthr- Sophia Nutt
Creller, William Stoddard -s/o Peter & Orpha abt 1811 26 Jan 1859 48y Mthr- Denton
Cupples, Isabella -see Isabella Warnock abt 1799 29 Jan 1874 75y
Cupples, Isabella d/o William & Isabella abt 1833 27 Aug 1862 29y mthr Warnock
Cupples, James C -s/o John & Emily abt 1849 24 Aug 1852 2y 11m 17d mthr Irish
Cupples, Robert J. -s/o John & Emily abt 1851 07 Jan 1852 7m 8d mthr Irish
Cupples, William
abt 1798 03 May 1875 77y born Ireland
Cupples, William -s/o William & Isabella abt 1826 13 Dec 1909 83y Mthr- Warnock
Curtis, Alfred J. s/o James & Anna
abt 1841 04 Dec 1842 7m Mthr Tuttle
Curtis, Anna - see Anna Tuttle abt 1801 10 Jan 1847 46y 2 nd marriage
20 Apr 1835
Curtis, Ensign -s/o Stephen & Sarah abt 1799 21 Dec 1876 77y 2m 4d
Curtis, James
abt 1801 15 Feb 1875 74y wife Anna Boardman (Tuttle)
married 20 Apr 1835
Curtis, John E. -d/o Stephen & Sarah abt 1835 05 Sept 1903 68y
Curtis Lucy d/o Stephen & Sarah
abt 1806 09 Sept 1825 19y
Curtis Lucy A d/o Stephen & Sarah
abt 1841 06 Aug 1895

Curtis Mary M d/o James & Anna
abt 1842 03 Jul 1842
Mthr - Tuttle
Curtis Richard M. s/o Stephen & Sarah
1846 1909

Curtis Sarah - w/o Jesse Hawley abt 1804 07 Jan 1877
married May 19 1830
Curtis Stephen
abt 1769 05 Apr 1834 65 y
Curtis Susan see Susan Gibson abt 1807 14 Aug 1877 70y 3m 22d
Cutter Abigail w/o(Major) John A Hawley abt 1841 28 Mar 1875 34y married 11 Sept 1873
Cutter Ann s ee Ann Adams Miller 15 Aug 1803 23 May 1882
married Ebenezer Cutter
12 May 1823
Cutter Ebenezer
01 Jun 1784 Mar 1874
of Charlestown Mass

Derick family
Dean Berdella Celia - d/o Calvin & Cecelica 1875 1876
Mthr - Drew
Dean Calvin R
1821 1877
married 24 Dec 1849
Martha Eliza Sawyer
Dean Cecelia - see Cecelia Drew 1830 1902

Dean Herbert Leslie - s/o Calvin & Celcelia 1867 1881
Mthr - Drew
Dean Miranda -d/o Calvin & Cecelia 1858 1883
Mthr - Drew
Decker Delia d/o Barnabas & Lucy abt 1819 11 Aug 1821 1y 10m
Derck Anna Ophelia -d/o John & Ophelia 1846 01 Oct 1846 34 d Mther- Edy
Derick John Calvin -s/o Philip C & Pamelia 1842 16 Oct 1842 27d Mthr- Edy
Derck Ophelia - see Ophelia Edy 03 Jul 1816 07 Oct 1846 30y 3m 4 d married 3 Sept 1837
do Newbury Edy & Hannah Anna Hawley
Derick Pamela -see Pamela Edy 24 Apr 1811 20 Sept 1842 31y 4 m 26d married 2 Sept 1832
do Newbury Edy & Hannah Anna Hawley
Derick Rodney Taylor - s/o Philip C & Pamelia abt 1836 17 Feb 1841 5y 2m 10d Mthr - Edy
Derick Agusta Frances -d/o Philip C & Pamelia abt 1839 13 Feb 1841 2y 9m 9d Mthr - Edy
Derick Sarah Amelia -d/o Philip C & Pamelia abt 1835 27 Jan 1841 6y 7m Mthr - Edy
Derick Anna Eliza -d/o William & Electa abt 1851 08 Oct 1869 18y Mthr - Hawley
Derick Electa P - see Electa P Hawley abt 1813 08 Mar 1895 82y married 22 Dec 1835
Derick Lucy Hurd -d/o William & Electa 04 Nov 1836 05 Apr 1923
Mthr - Hawley
Derick Willaim s/o Christopher & Margaret abt 1806 07 Jul 1890 84y Mthr -Struthers
Derrick Nellie -d/o H & I Derrick 25 Nov 1907 11 Dec 1907
d/o Herber Derick & Isabella Hariert Wright
Derrick Nellie C d/o Thomas & Sarah 1866 23 Dec 1866 3wks 6d Mthr-Hawley
Derrick Sarah Minerva see Sarah Minerva Hawley 30 Jan 1835 17 Nov 1870
married 8 Feb 1860
Derrick Sarah M. d/o J Nelson & Sarah M abt 1869 03 Aug 1872 3y 1m 6d Mthr- Hawley
Donaldson Minerva - w/o Nelson Hilliker 1820 1895

Drew Aseneth -w/o Issac Flagg 19 Dec 1800 22 Oct 1891

Drew Cecelia -w/o Calvin Dean 1830 1902

Drew Clement
1797 1888

Drew Clement - s/o Clement & Elizabeth 1846 1872
mthr Blood
Drew Eliza (Elizabeth) - see Elizabeth Blood 1809 1876
Possibly Elizabeth who left William Blood in 1835
Drew James E. - s/o Theodore & Elvira 1868 1868
mthr - Clark
Drew Martha -d/o Clement & Elizabeth abt 1846 26 Jun 1851 5y mthr Blood
Drew Sarah -d/o Clement & Elizabeth 1845 1851
mthr Blood
Drew Theodore -s/o Clement & Elizabeth 1839 1872
married Elvira E Clark´┐Ż27 Mar 1867 - mthr Blood

E Edy family

Edy Alzina - w/o Francois Manie jr 18 Mar 1807 09 Mar 1842 35y do Newbury Edy & Hannah Anna Hawley
Edy Angeline -d/o Newbury & Hannah Anna 20 July 1809 29 Aug 1809 6wks mthr- Hawley
Edy Emma Lucretta -d/o Omri & Matilda Jane 27 May 1864 2 June 1893
Mthr- Bush
Edy Hannah Anna see Hannah Anna Hawley 17 Aug 1781 15 May 1851 74y do Peter Hawley & Hannah Partridge
married 18 Feb 1801
Edy Hurbert Ormi - s/o Peter & Mary P 28 Feb 1855 26 Jan 1905
mthr - Bush
Edy Infant (son) -s/o Newbury & Hannah Anna at birth 7 Jun 1802
mthr- Hawley
Edy Mary Permilla - see Mary Permilla Bush 21 Dec 1850 10 Nov 1901 71y mthr - Louciy Smith
Edy Matilda Jane see Matilda Jane Bush 9 Oct 1833 02 Jun 1893
mthr - Louciy Smith
Edy Minerva d/o Newbury & Hannah Anna 19 Oct 1803 19 Mar 1804 7m mthr- Hawley
Edy Myron Peter s/o Peter & Mary P 14 Nov 1855 19 Nov 1924
mthr- Bush
Edy Newbury s/o Daniel & Sarah 07 Jan 1788 02 Mar 1840 62 y 3m mthr- Jones
Edy NewBury Leonard s/o Peter H. & Mary P 01 Dec 1851 8 Aug 1852 8m 8d mthr- Bush
Edy Omri s/o Newbury & Hannah 19 Dec 1821 02 Jun 1893
mthr- Hawley
Edy Ophelia w/o John Derck(Derick) 03 Jul 1816 07 Oct 1846 30y 3 m 4d d/o Newbury & Hanannah
Edy Pamelia w/o Philip C Derek Esq 24 Apr 1811 20 Sep 1842 31y 11m 26d d/o Newbury & Hanannah
Edy Peter Hawley. s/o Newbury & Hannah 11 Feb 1813 18 Dec 1880 67y mthr- Hawley
Emery Arthur H s/o J & E Emery abt 1871 11 Sept 1872 1y 4m 10d

F Flagg family

Finley Mary E see Mary E. Lownsborough 25 May 1853 20 Dec 1925

Finley W J
26 Jan 1872 15 May 1914
s/o James Finley & Mary Lownsborough
Flagg Aseneth - see Aseneth Drew 19 Dec 1800 22 Oct 1891

Flagg Eliza d/o Isaac & Aseneth abt 1826 29 Dec 1852 26y mthr- Drew
Flagg Harriet d/o Isaac & Aseneth abt 1845 22 Apr 1847 2y 4m 19d mthr - Drew
Flagg Hattie Eliza d/o George & Christina abt 1863 07 Nov 1864 1y 3m 3d
Flagg Isaac s/o Issac & Abigail
21 Mar 1797 29 Jan 1853
Mthr - Baldwin
Flagg John s/o Isaac & Aseneth abt 1827 20 Jan 1865 28y 4m mthr- Drew
Flagg Lydia d/o Isaac & Aseneth abt 1830 12 Aug 1858 28y mthr- Drew
Flagg Sarah d/o Isaac & Aseneth abt 1821 24 Mar 1840 19y mthr- Drew
Flagg Rebecca w/o John Gibson abt 1782 31 Aug 1851 69 y 4 m
Frost Maria w/o Asahel Hawley Esq 01 June 1821 11 Jul 1886 65y 1m 10d d/o Jeremie Frost & Eunice Wheeler

Gabourault Mary Louise w/o Francois Manie abt 1786 05 Feb 1839 53y 3m 5d
Gibson Horatio M h/o Margaret Welsh
abt 1830 30 Apr 1888 58y
Gibson John
abt 1777 29 Jul 1834 57y
Gibson John
abt 1802 04 Feb 1875 73y
Gibson Johnny s/o Nelson & Mary abt 1888 06 Sept 1889 18m mthr- Bohamon
Gibson Mary w/o Asahel Hawley abt 1779 16 Dec 1862 83y
Gibson Mary w/o John Gibson abt 1758 22 Feb 1835 77y
Gibson Mary C see Mary C Bohannon 03 May 1863 24 Jul 1945

Gibson Nelson S
11 Aug 1852 03 Aug 1925

Gibson Rebecca see Rebecca Flagg abt 1782 31 Aug 1851 69 y 4d
Gibson Sarah see Sarah Waters abt 1805 07 Jan 1890 85y
Gibson Susan w/o Ensign Curtis abt 1807 14 Aug 1877 70y 3m 22d
Guerin Ethel May d/o Peter & Ann abt 1886 12 Oct 1890 4y 1m

- Hawley family
Harrington Sylvia A. w/o John Denton abt 1812 29 Oct 1862 50y
Hawley A. E. Sylvinia see A E Sylvinia Olena 28 Feb 1848 11 Mar 1933

Hawley Abigail see Abigail Cutter abt 1841 28Mar 1875 34y
Hawley Amos P
abt 1771 25 Aug 1846 75y 3m 9d
Hawley Anna see Anna Stoddard abt 1780 03 Apr 1863 83y 3m
Hawley Anna A.
18 Mar 1831 10 Nov 1903

Hawley Ann Sarah d/o John & Lydia abt 1849 16 Oct 1854 5y 7m mthr Marvin
Hawley Annie L. see Annie L Robinson 1857 1941

Hawley Asahel
abt 1773 07 May 1854 81y
Hawley Asahel Esq
abt 1823 08 Jan 1894 71y 11m 14d
Hawley Clarence
1891 1982

Hawley Cynthia d/o John & Lydia abt 1837 19 Feb 1840 3 y 2m 21d mthr Marvin
Hawley David F
1849 1928

Hawley Electa P d/o Asahel & Mary abt 1813 08 Mar 1895 82y mthr- Gibson
married William Derick
22 Dec 1835
Hawley Eliakin S toddard s/o Amos & Nancy abt 1800 19 May 1827 (1828) 26y 18d mthr Stoddard
Hawley Evelyn J. d/o David F & Annie L abt 1894 26 Sept 1894 6m mthr Robinson
Hawley Florence A
1893 1988
sister of Clarence Hawley
Hawley George W. E s/o Reuben & Jane abt 1853 19 Jul 1883 30y Mthr- Masten
Hawley Hanna see Hanna Partridge abt 1742 24 Mar 1824 82y w/o Peter Hawley
Hawley Hannah 1st w/o Dr. Uriah Laflin abt 1799 30 Oct 1843 44y 6d Fthr-Ashel Hawley
married 24 June 1822
Hawley Hannah Anna w/o Newberry Edy 17 Aug 1781 15 May 1855 74y mthr Partridge
married 18 Feb 1801
Hawley Herman A. s/o Peter & Lousia 7 Apr 1824 20 Mar 1876 52 y Mthr- Cook
married Martha Macfie
23 Oct 1848
Hawley Henry A. s/o Reuben & Jane abt 1855 21 Nov 1884 29y 5m 22d Mthr- Masten
Hawley infant d/o John & Lydia
14 Jan 1840
mthr Marvin
Hawley infant d/o John & Lydia
20 Mar 1853
mthr Marvin
Hawley infant s/o Peter & Louisa 1853 03 Jul 1853 1m mthr Cook
Hawley Israel Burton s/oPeter & Hannah
22 Sept 1769 25 Apr 1844 75y Mther- Partridge
h/o Joanna Adams

Hawley James C.M.
17 Mar 1851 21 Apr 1935
married Anne Eliza Sylvina Olena 12 Sept 1878
Hawley Jane E see Jane E. Masten abt 1923 06 Jan 1902 79y
Hawley Jesse s/o Israel Burton& Joanna
abt 1801 06 May 1885 84y Mther- Adams
Married Sally Curtis

19 May 1830
Hawley Joanna see Joanna Adams abt 1780 14 Jul 1855 75y w/o Israel Burton Hawely sr married 23/12/1798
Hawley John
abt 1801 21 Nov 1877 76y
Hawley John (Major)
1841 1929

Hawley John S s/o David F & Annie abt 1848 21 Feb 1873 25y 1m 19d Mthr - Robinson
Hawley Joseph A s/o Israel Burton & Joanna abt 1816 06 Jul 1823 7y Mthr- Adams
Hawley Lousia M see Lousia M. Cook abt 1801 19 Jan 1887 86y 5m
Hawley Lucy M. see Lucy Chaffee 1894 1974

Hawley Lydia see Lydia Marvin abt 1809 27 Nov 1868 59y
Hawley Maria see Maria Frost abt 1821 11 Jul 1886 65y 1m 10d
Hawley Martha L. d/o John & Lydia abt 1825 15 Jul 1852 7y 9 m mth Marvin
Hawley Mary see Mary Gibson abt 1779 16 Dec 1862 83y wo Ashael
Hawley Mary see Mary Macfie 3 May 1827 12 Jun 1898 71y Mthr- Tough
wo Herman A
Hawley Mary E. d/o David F & Annie 21 Feb 1862 17 Apr 1919
Mthr - Robinson
Hawley Mary M ehitable. d/o John & Lydia 23 Nov 1833 1928

Hawley Melinda C aroline . d/o Peter & Louisa M 30 Jan 1831 08 Aug 1851 20y Mthr- Cook
Hawley Nancy d/o Ashael Hawley & Mary Gibson
abt 1807 27 Jan 1908 101y 9m 4d OLDEST PERSON
Hawley Nellie J. d/o Ruben & Jane abt 1886 07 Jul 1889 3y Mthr- Masten
Hawley Newberry Edy so/ Israel Burton & Joanna
abt 1812 13 Sept 1879 67y Mther- Adams
married Harriet Bunker

25 Feb 1838
Hawley Persis M. s/o David F & Annie 1858 1951
Mthr - Robinson
Hawley Peter
abt 1741 11 Aug 1800 59y
Hawley Peter
abt 1777 25 May 1862 65y 6m
Hawley Polly A.
abt 1804 12 Mar 1875 71y 5m 15d
Hawley Reuben
abt 1816 05 Nov 1900 84y
Hawley Sarah see Sarah Curtis abt 1814 07 Jan 1887 73y w/o Jesse Hawley
Hawley Sarah Alice d/o Israel Burton & Joanna 1 Nov 1825 15 Sept 1844 19y Mthr- Adams
Hawley Sarah Minerva w/o J Nelson Derrick 30 Jan 1835 17 Nov 1870
married 8 Feb 1860
Hilliker Elizabeth see Elizabeth Luchy 1856 1893

Hilliker Maggie M w/o Sidney Hilliker abt 1853 18 Oct 1885 22y
Hilliker Minerva see Minerva Donaldson 1820 1895

Hilliker Nelson
1811 1905
Husband of Minerva
Howarth John J. adopted s/o H.E. & M.E. Chadsey 28 Aug 1869 10 Apr 1906

Irish family Irish - Jedediah addition Irish
Irish, Belinda d/o Cornelius & Nancy abt 1813 08 Jun 1853 40y
Irish, Betsey
w/o Jonathan Irish abt 1804 16 Dec1848 44y Maiden name Avery
Irish, Cornelius s/o John Irish
abt 1784 13 Jun 1861 77y mthr= Avery
Irish ,Eleanor 1st w/o Henry Irish 02 Sept 1810 05 Sept 1842 32y 3d Married 31 Dec 1834
Fthr - Schoolcraft
Irish, Elizabeth d/o Jonathan & Elisabeth Apr 1841 26 Dec 1856 15y Mthr Avery
Irish, Francis s/o John Irish
02 Jan 1781 22 Apr 1842 61y 3m 20d married Polly Wheeler
Irish, John s/o Cornelius & Nancy abt 1817 18 Mar 1854 37y
Irish, John Colburne s/o Henry & Eleanora abt 1837 24 Apr 1839 1y 10m 15d Mthr= Schoolcraft
Irish, Manson s/o Cornelius & Nancy
20 June 1810 24 Jul 1848 38y 1m 4d
Irish, Nancy w/o Cornelius Irish 09 Jul 1783 11 May 1840 56y 10 2d
Irish, Nelson s/o Elias & Catherine 02 Jul 1835 7 Nov 1855 20y 4m 5d Mthr= Schakel
Irish, Olive w/o Horace Wheeler abt 1820
(10 May 1810)
10 Jan 1865 45y 8m married 6 Mar 1849

Jewett Thankfull see Thankfull Clark abt 1794 06 Oct 1840 46 y 7m 6d w/o Humphrey Jewett
Johnson Isaac
abt 1777 09 Feb 1839 62y 6m 13d
Johnson Juliana d/o Isaac & Hannah abt 1810 07 Feb 1814 4y
Johnson Juliann
abt 1833 04 Oct 1850 17y 11m 4d
Johnson Margaret d/o Isaac & Hannah abt 1812 01 Mar 1840 28y 8m

Ketcham Henry s/o Edward M & Jane 1 Jul 1846 1847 7m mthr- Irish
Laflin Hannah see Hannah Hawley
1st wo Dr Uriah
abt 1799 30 Oct 1843 44y 26d married
24 June 1822
Laflin John H awley s/o Dr Uriah & Hannah 25 Sept 1828 08 feb 1833 4y 4 m 13d mthr Hawley
Lake Lucy see Lucy Wheeler abt 1804 07 Nov 1882 78y
Lake Anna d/o Horace & Lucy abt 1823 05 Jun 1827 3y 9m 3d mthr Wheeler
Lake Anna w/o Collins Lake abt 1765 25 Nov 1827 62y
Lake Collins s/o Horace & Lucy abt 1826 09 Sept 1849 23y 8m 2d mthr Wheeler
Lake Diadama d/o Horace & Lucy abt 1830 08 Dec 1830 8m 2d mthr Wheeler
Lake Horace
abt 1802 13 Sept 1877 75y
Lake Marshall. s/o Horace & Lucy abt 1841 26 Oct 1842 11m 1d mthr Wheeler
Lake Melinda w/o John R Miller abt 1837 20 Mar 1864 27y 8m
Lake Rosetta d/o Horace & Lucy abt 1828 26 Mar 1841 13y 1m 7d mthr Wheeler
Landon Sarah A see Sarah A Boardman abt 1826 24 Aug 1845 19 y
Lawerance Charles
abt 1804 27 Jan 1885 81y 9m 25d
Lawrence Lucretia B
abt 1798 04 Apr 1875 77y 2m 24d
Lawrence Nancy d/o George F. & Rebecca abt 1840 26 Jul 1841 9m
Leboeuf Marie Ann

Information from Vera Schoolcraft (2009)
Limlaw Eliza see Eliza Mumley abt 1837 14 May 1913 76 y
LimLaw Maurice M. s/o D.E. & L.M. abt 1900 04 Aug 1901 11m
Limlaw Muriel L d/o D.E. & L.M. abt 1897 20 Sept 1899 2y 4m
Limlaw Simeon

no dates

Lownsborough Mary E. w/o J. Finley 25 May 1853 30 Dec 1925
James was from Ireland
Luchy Elizabeth w/o Alexander Hilliker 1856 1893

M Macfie family

Macfie Alexander s/o Robert Macfie & Mary Andrew
24 Jan 1789 14 Mar 1850 61y Native of Scotland
Macfie Anne see Anne Tough 06 Dec 1802 18 Oct 1890 88y married Scotland
Macfie Jane Munro d/o Alexander & Anne Tough 20 Feb 1829 17 Aug 1865 36y 5m
Macfie Mary w/o Herman Hawley 3 May 1827 12 Jun 1898 71y
Macfie Mina Henrietta d/oWm Marshall & Henrietta Curtis 14 May 1864 11 Jul 1865 1y 2m
Mandigo Malcolm adopted son of S& S Mandigo abt 1851 03 Jul 1862 11y 3m drowned
Manie Alizna see Alizna Edy 18 Mar 1807 09 Mar 1842 35y Married 10-10-1838
Francis Manie
Manie Francois
abt 1829 27 Jul 1890 61y 2m 22d
Manie Mary Louise see Mary Louise Gaboriault abt 1786 05 Feb 1839 53y 3m 5d
Manie Pauline d/o Francois & Alizna abt 1812 Mar 1813 9m Recorded imformation must be in error
Manie Peter s/o Francois & Alizna abt 1809 Mar 1813 4y Recorded imformation must be in error
Manning Edwin W
abt 1859 23 Feb 1880 21y 2m 21d
Marvin Lydia w/o John Hawley abt 1809 27 Nov 1868 59y
Masten Jane E w/o Ruben Hawley abt 1823 06 Jan 1902 79y
Miller Ada Ann d/o John Robert & Malinda abt 1856 14 Jan 1863 7y 2m Mthr= Lake
Miller Ann Adams w/o Ebenezer Cutter 15 Aug 1803 23 May 1882
married 21 05 1823
Miller Catherine w/o William Schoolcraft abt 1799 05 Dec 1843 64y
Miller Diadama w/o Isaac Schoolcraft abt 1806 29 Jan 1881 75y
Miller Eliza see Eliza Newman 01 Oct 1837 24 Nov 1914

Miller Henry s/o Reid & Eliza abt 1852 22 Jun 1885 23y Mthr- Newman
Miller Julia see Julia Moyles abt 1859 03 Oct 1888 29y 7m
Miller Melinda see Melinda Lake abt 1837 20 Mar 1864 27y 8m married 31-10-1855
Miller Reid
31 Dec 1835 22 Jul 1916

Mills Emiline A w/o David Nutt (jr)
abt 1808 03 Aug 1878 70y 6m married 24-05-1832
abt 1854
14 Jan 1883
29y 6m
d/o Francis Minckler & Nancy
Mitchell John h/o Elizabeth Mitchell ( Peggy)
abt 1742 21 Sept 1804 62 y
Mitchell Peggy w/o John Mitchell abt 1750 15 Mar 1810 60y
Moyles Anna Eliza d/o Daniel & Mary abt 1865 01 Aug 1876 11y
Moyles Daniel
22 Aug 1827 19 Nov 1889

Moyles Eber
abt 1880 01 May 1887 7y 6m S/O Daniel Moyles & Mary Newman
Moyles Julia w/o G M Miller abt 1859 03 Oct 1888 29y 7m d/o Daniel Moyles & Mary Newman
Moyles Mary A see Mary A Newman abt 1768 24 Feb 1826 58y
Munro Jane w/o William Tough abt 1774 21 Nov 1853 76y married Scotland
Newman Eliza w/o Reid Miller 01 Oct 1837 24 Nov 1914
1st marrage to William Stoddard Creller
Newman Fannie E see Fannie E Creller
26 Dec 1915 72y
Newman James h/o Victoria Creller

15 Apr 1896 25y
Newman Mary A w/o Daniel Moyles
24 Feb 1826 58y
Newman Thomas s/o William & Fannie
11 May 1883 22y Mthr= Creller
Newman Victoria C see Victoria C. Creller
21 Nov 1889 52y
Newman Wilford D. s/o James & Victoria
10 Aug 1876 2y 5m Mthr= Creller
Newman William h/o Fanny Creller

18 Dec 1900 65y
Nichols Sabrana w/o John P Cook
13 Mar 1874 63y
Nutt Betsey (Elizabeth) w/o David Nutt (sr)

17 Mar 1812 64y 5m d/o John Mitchell & Margaret Hogg
Nutt David h/o Elizabeth Mitchell

10 Aug 1845 67y 1m 4d
Nutt David (jr)

08 Oct 1885 80y 4m s/o David Nutt & Elizabeth Mitchell
Nutt Emaline A see Emaline A Mills
03 Aug 1878 70y 6m married David Nutt (jr) 24-05-1832
Nutt Lewcinda d/o David & Elizabeth
25 Mar 1814 9m Mthr - Mitchell


Olena A. E. Sylvinia w/o James C.M. Hawley 28 Feb 1848 11Mar 1933
mthr- Edy
married 12-09-1878
d/o Lewis Olena
Osborne Elizabeth w/o Griffin Scriver 22 Feb 1805 10 Jun 1891
d/o Abraham Osborne & Catherine Emrick
Partridge Hannah w/o Peter Hawley
24 Mar 1881 82y

Reed Almira w/o Lewis Reed 1839
02 Jul 1858
Almira Creller
d/o William Stoddard Creller & Sophia Nutt
Rember Dianah see Dianah Wilson
1844 50y 9m 10d
Rember John

29 May 1842 61y 26d
Robinson Annie L w/o David Hawley 1857 1941

Sawyer Ira S s/o John & Malinda
07 Sept 1848 2y 11m d/o John Sawyer & Melinda Flagg
Sears Helen E David & Mary
03 May 1853 2y 9m 16d mthr- Irish
Schoolcraft Anna M w/o Cornelius Adle
12 Nov 1860 41y
Schoolcraft Catherine see Catherine Miller
05 Dec 1843 64y
Schoolcraft Diadama see Diadama Miller
29 Jan 1881 75y married William C Schoolcraft
Schoolcraft Hannah E


Schoolcraft infant d/o William & Hannah E
12 Nov 1859 2m 22d
Schoolcraft Isaac

21 May 1880 80y
Schoolcraft John s/o Isaac & Diadama
broken stone
mther = Miller
Schoolcraft Mary Ann d/o William M & Hannah E
21 Dec 1877 24y 3d
Schoolcraft Permelia S d/o William M & Hannah E
22 Jan 1878 14y 10m 13d
Schoolcraft Rugless s/o Isaac & Diadama
11 Aug 1885 26 y mthr = Miller
Schoolcraft Willaim

no dates

Schoolcraft William C s/o Christian Schoolcraft & Elizabeth Margaret Becker
abt 1767
28 Jan 1844 78y married Catherine Miller
Scriver Elizabeth see Elizabeth Osborne 22 Feb 1805 10 Jun 1891

Scriver Griffin

16 Dec 1893 87y
Scriver Lovenia M d/o Griffin & Elizabeth
05 Nov 1853 14y 20d mthr = Osborne
Sheldon Marcia see Marcia Wheeler
18 Feb 1867 83y 10m 23d
Sheldon Palmer

10 Oct 1844 65y 1m 14d
Smith Alice M d/o Uziel & Maranda
16 Jun 1843 3y 2m 1d Mthr= Sawyer
Smith Ann Eliza d/o P.E & Sarah
01 Jul 1865 1m 6d Mth= Wheeler
Spears Martha w/o William Spears
15 Nov 1822 77y 10m 24d
Stoddard Anna w/o Amos Hawley
03 Apr 1863 83y 3m
Sweet Sharah w/o William Chilton 11 Feb 1869 80yrs 11m
d/o Sylvester Sweet & Patience Congdon of Alburgh VT

T Tough family

Thompson Donald W. s/o John & Ethel
04 Jul 1830 2y 5m
Thompson Effie M w/o Thomas N Thompson 1876 1963

Thompson Thomas N
1870 1920

Tough Ann w/o Alexander Macfie 06 Dec 1802 18 Oct 1890 88y married 1823 Scotland
Tough Jane see Jane Munro abt 1774 21 Nov 1853 76y w/o William Tough
Tough William
abt 1774 21 May 1855 78y
Tuttle, Anna w/o James Curtis
10 Jan 1847 46y

Warnock Isabella w/o William Cupples
29 Jan 1874 75y
Warren Duke

19 Dec 1865 77y
Warren Sarah w/o John Brown 01 Dec 1819 02 Nov 1896

Waters Sarah w/o John Gibson
07 Jan 1890 85y
Westover George Nelson s/o Peter Westover
abt 1829
02 Jul 1903 74y Married 1852 Nancy Dewar (1832-1864)
married 1873
Martha Aseltine

Westover infant George & Martha
28 Feb 1882 4d Mthr -Aseltine
Westover Peter s/o George & Martha
28 Mar 1869 16m 21d Mthr- Aseltine
Wheeler Huldah w/o Peter Aseltine abt 1811
17 Jan 18--
d/o Thimothy Wheeler & Elizabeth Sheldon
Wheeler Lucy w/o Horace Lake
07 Nov 1882 78y
Wheeler Malcom adopted s/o S & S Mandigo
03 Jul 1862 11y 3m Drowned
Wheeler Marcia w/o Palmer Sheldon
18 Feb 1867 83y 10m 23d
Wheeler Olive see Olive Irish abt 1820
10 Jan 1865 45y 8m w/o Horace, married 06-03-1849
Wilson Dianah w/o John John Rember
1844 50y 9m 10d


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Other cemeteries in the area of the Seiginiory of Foucault, ( Caldwell's Manor ) and the Seiginoty of Noyan ( Christie's Manor) are the

1 st Concession Griggs - Steel
Miranda or 3rd Concession -St Thomas Parish
St Thomas Parish Noyan
Union Cemetery Clarenceville
St George's Anglican
Dairy Valley - Methodist

Look ups can be done on those familes of these Seignories who have been recorded as buried in one of these cemteries, if you wish to e mail me

Contributions to the cemetery fund can be sent C/O
Mrs. Beryle Hawley Moore

Moore Manor ,
121 Hoe Shop Road ,
Gill Ma 01376-9778

[email protected]

Cornelius Adle, enlisted in the 17th Regiment, Company A Vermont Volunteers, out of St Albans 1863, he died of disease 13 May 1865 and was buried in the Alexanderis National Cemeter, Virginia he was a private

Sarah A Boardman's inscription appears on the west side of the James Curtis/Anna Tuttle monument
Buel Landon married for a second time to Miriam Bingham Phelps 28/09/1854 in South Hero VT

Anna Tuttle married a first time to Johnathan Boardman

Mary Chadsey, according to the cemetery list made by Charles McClelland in 1941 would be buried next to he adopted son John J Howarth this was information that Mr Clarence Hawley provided, it woud be the unmarked marble stone next the John Haowarth's stone . Mary appears on the 1881 census living with her husband Hiram Edward who she married 21 Jan 1875. No date has been found (2004) for the death of Mary.

We must assume that Hiram Edward continued on alone after the death of his wife, and may have been buried in the St Armand area. We have found records showing Hiram at one time was listed as owner of lot 12 concession 3 , St. Thomas Parish (Noyan) Caldwell's Manor . (our records show that this lot at one time belonged to Mathais Emerick,) and lot 10 concession 6 ( Miranda) Caldwell's Manor ( which also belonged to Mathias Emerick )

John J Howarth would more than likley be a HOMEBOY , the inscription on his stone states that he was born in Preston England August 28th 1869. He does not however appear on the 1881 Canadian census with the Chadsey family of St Armand East.

Thankfull Clark, and Humphrey R Jewett , produced from the IGI records six children between 1814 and 1825 Emily Jewett marrying John Manning, and Angeline Jewett marrying George Sweet, no records have been found for the others, however it is noted that Humphrey (born 1788) died in 1856 in Delaware , Ohio. It must be assumed that he moved to live with one of his children .

William Cupples the son of William and Isabella is shown on the 1881 census records of living alone on his farm

Barnabas Decker , remarried Julia Elizabeth Deuel on 30 July 1867 , unable to loacte death date nor burial loaction of Lucy his first wife

Jedediah Irish , is recorded in the book of John Irsh and his family of being buried in the South Beech ( Hawley Cemetery) no record was made in any of the listings that I have found (2004) .. but in 1941, when the earliest list was made there were broken stones piled in the back of the cemetery, so it is very possible that Jedediah is buried here ( born 16-03 -1786 died 28-02-1872) son of John.

Henry Irish remarried Emily Hillman 05 June 1843

Johathan Irish married Almedia McIntosh 13 -03 -1850, following the death of his first wife Betsy Avery

Francis Manie took as his second wife Ann Kendal Smith 13 -11- 1842

There could be and most likely are others buried in this cemetery, however since there does not appear to be any official records for this particular lot, it is very difficult to confirm nor deny As time passes perhaps other familes will come forward with information that will allow us to up date this list , until then we can only assume certain facts. Taking all the census reports, the birth records and death records that are available we could assume that certain elders of the original families of the immediate area would have been placed in this plot, given the fact that there is no other record of thier burial location. Given also the fact that the first burial in this plot was in 1800,
which was many years before the first church was erected in the area of the Seiginory of Foucault - Caldwell's Manor.