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Welcome to the Home of the Clan MacMillan DNA Studies

The purpose of these pages are to serve as a central repository for the DNA results of members of the Clan MacMillan wherever they may have been tested. Pedigrees and/or contact information submitted by some participants are linked to their respective results. Below are listed some active Clan MacMillan studies whose members' results are included on these pages.

Clicking on the name of the project below will take you to that project's sign up page and further information. You will also find these links on the navigation bar on the left side of many pages.

Clan MacMillan Study - FTDNA

Hosted by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and recognized by Chief George MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap, this totally voluntary project will become robust and provide much valuable information to the participants. Anyone of the name or the many variations, OR of any of the septs of Clan MacMillan is welcome to participate. You do not need to belong to Clan MacMillan, but you may wish to, as much valuable information and many contacts are open to you there.

Please see the authorized Clan MacMillan website

A special online group has been set up just for participants of this project. It is a place where we can natter on endlessly about our haplogroups, markers and other arcane stuff to our hearts' content. After joining this Project, you will receive an invitation to join that discussion group, so watch your email!

If you have questions about this study, click the adminitrator's name to send an email .

Gary McMillian

North American McMillian Surname Project - FTDNA

Adhani� McMullen Olson, the administrator of the Clan MacMillan Study since its inception, passed away suddenly in early May 2009. God bless her and please say a quick prayer for the family.

Gary McMillian, the administrator of the North American McMillian Surname Project was asked to fill her large shoes which will be a difficult task. The two studies, the North American McMillian Surname Project and the Clan MacMillan Study, have been merged as of June 2009.

If you have questions about this study, click the adminitrator's name to send an email .

Gary McMillian

MacMillan - DNA Heritage

DNA Heritage and FTDNA have announced that FTDNA is acquiring essentially all the assets of DNA Heritage. To test, use the first FTDNA link above.

David McMillan

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