400 Years of Maddoxes

Our search
begins in England, UK
It ends in Missouri, USA

What is the basic heritage our Maddox grandfathers handed down through the generations to us today?

Most of them were entrepreneurs.  They took chances ~ 
sometimes winning, sometimes losing ~ 
but always ready for a new challenge.

They were hard working.  They carried their own weight.  But at the same time, they said,
"Be your own man."

Our list of direct ancestors below begins with the oldest ~ Thomas Maddocks, born probably England c.1585, died in Virginia ~ and ends with Grant, born in Kentucky, died in Missouri.  This is the story of Thomas Maddocks and his children over 400 years.

Of interest is that our name was spelled Maddocks for the first 150 years in America.  Then it was "shortened" to Maddox.

Thomas c.1585~1623
Edward c.1610~c.1685
Cornelius c.1645~1704
James 1686~c.1710
Notley c.1712~1757

George c.1742~c.1802
John 1771~1825
William 1804~1885
Sanford 1835~1918
Grant 1861~1916