The Will of Notley Maddox

In the name of God, Amen ~ June 10, 1757
Notley Mattix of Charles County in the Province of Maryland, Planter, being sick in body, but sound in memory and judgement, and considering the precariousness of all human affairs and the uncertainty of the time of my death; do make my last will and testament in manner following VIZ.~
Impr.: When it shall please God to call my soul to himself, to be put in possession of that happiness which I look for and respect thro’ the merits of Jesus Christ my Savior; my will and desire is that my body be interred with a decent Christian burial at the discretion and direction of My my beloved wife whom I constitute and appoint to be Whole and Sole Executrix and administrator and administratrix of this my last Testament ~

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Item, I desire and Will that this plantation and tract of land I live on, after my own and my foresaid wife decease, shall belong to my son William and his heirs lawfully begotten, forever, and incase the said William should happen to die without issue, my will is that said plantation shall descend to his brother Charles and his heirs; and failing such, to his youngest brother Townley and his heirs or, if all these should be extinct, the land then to return to my eldest son John and his heirs reserving his mothers use of it forever. ~~
Item, I assign my whole rights, property in a certain tract of land being in St. Marie’s county, containing 400 acres less or more, joining my son Notley’s and my brother’s son Samuel Mattix’s plantation, in the said county, to my said son Notley and his heirs forever. ~~
Item, I give to my Son John upon my decease, the Negro girl named Sue and I confirm my gift to my son Notley of a Negro boy called Joe, which I formerly gave him . I Also, give to my son William a Negro boy named Jam. And all the remaining part of my estate to continue in my wife’s possession with the plantation, and she to have the use of all to her death; And then, my will and appointment is that the whole of these Moveables be equally divided twixt my sons, Charles and Townley or their heirs, as property, forever.
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