Jean Hartert & Anne Erpelding
Husband: Jean Hartert
   Born: 1763
Died: 17 JUL 1809 in Holsthum, Vianden, France
Father: Philippe Hartert
Mother: Marie (Wife of Philippe Hartert
   Wife: Anne Erpelding
   Born: 1753                      in Ernzen, Luxembourg
Died: 26 DEC 1829 in Holsthum, Rhineland, Prussia (Germany)
Father: N. Erpelding
Mother: Unknown (Wife of N. Erpelding
01  (M): Sebastian Hartert
Born: 19 MAY 1789 in Berbourg, Luxembourg
Born: 19 MAY 1789
Died: 31 AUG 1849 in Holsthum, Rhineland, Prussia (Germany)
Spouses: Agnes Audrit

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