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Ancestral data in PAF format

Ancestral data in ged2html format

A man coming from Nattheim fought together with Barbarossa at Milano,
when he came back to his hometown, he was called the "Mailänder".

The more realistic theory is, that a trader of ULM worked at Milano in the
13th or 14th century. There he received the cloth, manufactured at home.
At that time, Milano already was famous for its clothing.

I merged my data together with Hans Maurers data, as we have a lot of connections. So I also decided to display the data in two different ways:
One is the classic ged2html format of Gene Stark (, the other is an output created by Personal Ancestral File 4.0 ( There you 'll find a downloadable gedcom file. So please decide by yourself which one is more familiar to you:

"The most exciting thing in genealogy is, to discover a name in a 400 year old book. Slowly, you recognize a most important fact. Without that name in that book--you wouldn't be able to look into this book ...

Because you wouldn't exist"

Emigrants from Heidenheim and Surroundings to USA 

Click to see the large map (173842 bytes) You 'll find Nattheim (Natta) to the right of the word '..FFTHELLENSTAI' 

Nattheim is located on the "Ostalb" and belongs to the "Kreis" Heidenheim, which is about 50 km north of Ulm.
The Family Mailänder is one of oldest families at Nattheim.
There are two theories of the origin of Mailänder: