Stephen COOPER of Kennebunkport, Maine



d. 11 Feb. 1683/4 Berwick
will 9 Feb. 1683

Alexander was supposedly one of the Scottish prisoners taken after the Battle of Dunbar in 1650 and sent to work in the colonies. He was part of Sir David Leslie's Scots army and during the battle on 1st and 2nd of September 1650 about 3,000 Scots were killed and 10,000 taken prisoner. After a week of marching with little food and bad water, the remaining 3,000 Scottish prisoners arrived in Durham. The prisoners were housed in Durham Cathedral with the prisoners and guards stripping the interior to fuel their fires. The deaths from starvation and dysentery continued and at times 100 men a day died. After about two months about 150 surviving Scottish captives were sent by sea to London on 11 Nov. 1650 they were put aboard the "Unity" bound for Boston. About 60 of the prisoners were sent to the Saugus Iron Works and 25 were sent up the Newichawannock River with Richard Leader who was an engineer and director of the Saugus Iron Works. Leader put his gang of prisoners to work at the sawmills which numbered about 20 saws. These prisoners were sold for £15-30 each and regained their freedom in five to eight years.

“Sander” Cooper settled near the Great Works with other Unity Scotsmen. In 1669, the York County Court admonished Cooper and his wife, as well as John Taylor and several other Scotsmen, “for using profane speeches” and referring to the “divell” in their “common talk.” A few years later, Cooper’s daughter Sarah married Scotsman George Gray, who paid his young wife’s fine “for breach of sabboth & for strikeing of Patience Everington.” (4)

Alexander had town grants of 60 acres on the brook coming out of Wilcox pond in Berwick on 13 Apr. 1671. He purchased 30 acres near White's marsh in 1662. He signed a petition to the General Court in 1669..(1)

Alexander signed the petition to the General Court at Boston complaining of the sale of Maine to Massachusetts by Ferdinando Gorges' heirs, 28 Mar. 1679..(2)

Petition concerning the sale of Maine to Massachusetts

"The last will & testament of Allexander Cooper of Barwicke... give & bequeath my whoole Estate of Land, Cattle Chattles & all moveables & all other appurtenances belonging thereunto unto my onely sonn John Cooper... of till John Cooper comes to age of Twenty one yeares being now about sixteen years of age... to Commit... my sonn... untill hee come to age unto my Loveing freinds vidzt Richard Nason Senior, James Warrine Senior, & Peter Grant... wit. John Taylour & George Gray... James Warrine Junior... dated at Barwicke 9 Feb. 1683." The inventory of his estate came to £153/6.(3)


  • 2I. JOHN- b.c.1667,m. 13 Dec. 1692 Kittery, SARAH LORD, will 13 May 1759 Berwick


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    m. 13 Dec. 1692 Kittery, SARAH LORD
    will 13 May 1759 Berwick

    adm. to Capt. Noah Emery, wife Sarah & son John Emery

    John was on the jury in 1693 and on the grand jury in 1693 & 1694. He was a constable in 1694-5 and 1696.

    John administered the estate of John Drisco in 1697.

    After his father-in-law's death he and all Nathan's sons and daughters gave the property to their mother Martha Lord 1 Feb. 1703/4. The deed was signed by John Cooper, Abraham Lord, William Frost, Thomas Downs, Tobias Hanson and Moses Littlefield and witnessed by Benjamin Nason, James Emery, James Warren, Jonathan Littlefield and Abigail Littlefield..(1)

    Daniel Grant of Kittery sold to John Cooper of Kittery his 50 acre grant in Kittery 7 Feb. 1709. The deed was witnessed by Benjamin and William Lord and James Warren..(2)

    Martha Lord of Kittery, widow of Nathan Lord sold to her sons-in-law Moses Littlefied, Tobias Hanson and John Cooper the 67 acres which had been granted to Nathan by the town of Kittery 18 Dec. 1652. The deed was dated 30 March 1713 and was witnessed by Baker Nason, Benjamin Lord and James Warren.(3)

    On 15 May 1718 John testified concerning an action brought against him by John Bridges for cutting logs in Berwich in 1714/5.(4) On 14 July 1718 Elisha Plaisted deputy surveyor testified concerning the seizure of the logs cut by John Cooper and James Grant at Berwick..(5)

    " Aaron Littlefield of Moriel in Canada Son of Moses Littlefield late of Wells... Decd. Do hereby Assign constitute and Ordain and in my Stead aplace put my Trusty and well beloved Friend John Cooper Senr of Berwick... to be my true Sufficient and Lawful Attorney for me... To Ask Demand Sue for Levy require recover and recieve And to take into his Possession & Custody All & Singular Such Estate... I my self having any lawful Right to... as I am Administrator on the Estate of my Father Moses Littlefield... to manage... the same for my best Advantage & Profit." 15 Sept. 1727. Witnessed by Bridget Gerrish and William Gerrish.(6)

    On 7 Mar. 1736/7 John Roberts of Falmouth, mariner, and Robert Morrell of Kittery, yeoman, sold for £30 to John Cooper of Berwick, 2 1/4 acres of marsh at Fowling Marsh bounded by Philip Mubart deceased, John Hooper, Thomas Goodwin, and Thomas Keney. The deed was signed by John and Mary Roberts, Robert and Sarah Morrell, and Nathaniel and Abigail Perkins. It was witnessed by Simon Lord, John Janvarin, John Lord, ( ) Motley, and John Motley.(7)

    "This Indenture made the Twenty Second Day of September... One Thousand Seven Hundred & Forty By and Between John Cooper of Berwick... as he is Attorney to Aaron Littlefield of Montreal in Canada... son of Moses Littlefield late of Wells... Decd... And Benjamin Lord & William Lord junr both of Berwick... Whereas the said Aaron Lottlefield... Recovered Judgment against the sd. Benjamin Lord & William Lord & the sd William Lord junr for Partition to be made of & in a Certain Tract... of Land with the Edifices... Situate in Berwick aforesd. Containing One Hundred & twenty Nine Acres... Bounded... by Lands of Humphrey Chadbourne Esqr... by Lands formerly belonging to John Plaisted Esqr... by the great Works River... by Lands of William Lord... Excepting... One Seventh part of the Same... which was before that Time set off to John Cooper & Sarah his wife in her Right..." The division was witnessed by Peter Staple, David Clark, Noah Emery and signed by Benjamin Lord, William Lord junr and John Cooper.(8)

    As Aaron's attorney, John sold 17 acres and 68 poles of the above division to his son John Cooper Jr. on 28 Nov. 1741 " from the Day of the Date of these Presents for and During the full Time & Term of Nine Hundred & Ninety Years... paying to the said John Cooper... the full Value of One Hundred and Sixty Four Pounds and Five Shillings in English Goods... within One Month... And Also... paying... One Ear of Indian Corn or the value thereof Yearly & every Year During the said Term..."(9)

    John Sr. and Jr. filed their dissent at a town meeting 2 May 1748.(10) Both of them signed a Berwick petition 5 Sept. 1748 (11) and are listed as inhabitants of Berwick 24 Dec. 1748.(12)

    John Cooper of Berwick sold to his son John Cooper Jr. of Berwick for £40 7 acres of land next to Marsh Brook by the Great Works River "which was laid out to me 10 Feb. 1709 by virtue of a grant given to Daniel Grant by the town of Kittery 10 May 1703... also 13 acres laid out to me 18 Feb. 1709 by Daniel Grant..." 3 Apr. 1757. The deed was signed by John Cooper and witnessed by Jonathan Abbot Jr. and John Sullivan.(13)

    Map of Berwick- from Stackpole's Old Kittery And Her Families

    Issue- all children born in Kittery, ME

  • I. Alexander- b. 28 Dec. 1697, d.s.p.
  • 3II. JOHN- b. 7 Oct. 1702, m. MARY GOODWIN (m.1. 1729 Richard Lord (b. 23 Nov. 1708, d.c.1735)), d. Apr. 1793 Berwick
  • III. Sarah- b. 29 Jan. 1704, m. 30 Oct. 1740 Noah Emery (m.1. 22 Jan. 1721/2 Kittery, Elizabeth Chick (d. 30 Dec. 1739 Kittery, will 1 Jan.-12 Dec. 1761)
  • IV. Eleanor- bpt. 3 May 1707/8, m. John Horne Jr. of Dover


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    b. 7 Oct. 1702 Kittery, ME
    m. MARY GOODWIN (bpt. 18 June 1710 Berwick, m.1. 1729 Richard Lord Jr. (b. 23 Nov. 1708, d.c.1735))
    d. Apr. 1793 Berwick, ME

    A dispute arose concerning the estate of John Cooper Sr. between John Jr. and his sister Sarah Emery. Because of this John gave to Noah and Sarah Emery 20 acres in Berwick worth £10 which was part of the land sold to John Sr. in 1709. The indenture is dated 19 June 1759 and was witnessed by Simon and Joshua Emery and James Gowen.(1) On 1 Nov. 1759 Noah Emery informed the court that in 1758 he was granted the administration of John Cooper's estate, however, despite this, "John Cooper, son of the deceased, still keeps the goods of the deceased which ought to be administered upon and for which the administrator commenced and presented a law suit in which the verdict went against them and the administrator acquired nothing to present as an inventory of said estate."(7) Noah mentioned "the money due to me from John Cooper" in his will of 1 Jan. 1761.(8)

    John was one of the creditors of Charles Hill of Berwick for £6/17/8 on 25 Dec. 1770.(2)

    John sold to his sons Alexander and Daniel for £50, 60 acres on Wilcocks Pond, 15 acres at Whites Marsh next to David Moore, James Goodwin and William Rogers, as well as 2/3rd of 2 acres and 40 rods he owned with Solomon Hooper in the fowling marsh. The deed is dated 20 July 1772 and was witnessed by Benjamin Chadbourne and Richard Shakley Jr. On the same day John sold to his son John Cooper Jr. for £13 his 50 acre homestead next to James Warren, David Moore, William Rogers and the river, 18 acres at Abrahams Falls on the Great Works River next to John Hill, 19 acres at Wilcocks Pond next to land he sold to his sons Alexander and Daniel, 5 acres at Whites Marsh, and one-third of the 2 acres and 40 rods at fowling marsh which he owned with Solomon Hooper.(3)

    John sold to Jedidiah Goodridge of Berwick 8 2/5 shares in lot No.1 in Berwick for £21/3 on 3 Mar. 1775. The deed was witnessed by Nahum Marshall and Mark Lord.(4)

    John Cooper of Berwick, husbandman sold to Dominicus Goodwin for £55/15 land on the Great Works River opposite Abrahams Falls bounded by land of deacon John Hill: " being the same land my Hond. Father Sold to me..." dated 30 May 1783. His wife Mary released her dower rights and the deed was witnessed by John Thompson and Ichabod Goodwin..(5)

    John sold to his son John Jr. of Berwick 10 shares in lot No. 5 for £18 above the Little River which was granted to John Hupper, John Cooper and Francis Herlow and contained 100 acres. The deed is dated 16 Mar. 1792 and was witnessed by John Hill and Peter Grant..(6)


  • I. John- m. 21 Oct. 1773 Berwick, Mary Grant, will 28 Jan.-19 Apr. 1817 S. Berwick
  • II. Sarah- bpt. 14 Feb. 1741/2 Berwick, probably d.s.p.
  • III. Alexander- bpt. 18 Aug. 1745 Berwick, m. 31 Dec. 1767 Berwick, Patience Goodwin
  • IV. Mary-bpt. 21 Mar. 1746/7 Berwick, m. 27 Nov. 1765 Berwick, Moses Warren (will 1802)
  • 4V. DANIEL- bpt. 25 May 1749 Berwick, m.1. 2 Dec. 1773 MARY WARREN (bpt. 13 Oct. 1756), m.2. 4 Dec. 1791 Berwick, Susanna Parson, (bpt. 4 Mar. 1773 Berwick)
  • VI. Sarah- bpt. 7 July 1751 Berwick
  • VII. Eleanor- bpt. 22 Dec. 1754 Berwick


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    bpt. 25 May 1749 Kittery, ME
    13 m.1. 2 Dec. 1773 South Berwick, MARY WARREN (bpt. 13 Oct. 1756)
    2. 4 Dec. 1791 South Berwick, Susanna Parsons (bpt. 4 Mar. 1773 Berwick)

    Daniel Cooper, Pvt. is listed in a return of Capt. Stephen Hodgdon's Co. at Kittery Point 5 Nov. 1775..(1)

    Elijah Grant of Berwick sold to Daniel 5 acres and 150 rods in York for £10/13/9 which was half the land purchased from Tristram Warren 7 Apr. 1783 at Warren's Pond next to Jeremy Lord. The deed was dated 13 Apr. 1784 and is signed by Elijah Grant with his wife Sarah releasing her right of dower. The deed was witnessed by Dominicus Goodwin and Betsey Goodwin.(2)

    Daniel of Berwick, purchased 10 acres of land in Berwick bounded by land of James Goodwin, John Hill, Jonathan Hamilton and Alice Cooper on 3 Sept. 1788 for £40 from John Grant of Berwick, Gent. The deed was signed by John and Sally Grant and witnessed by Dominicus and Hannah Goodwin.(3)

    Elijah Grant and Daniel Cooper of Berwick, husbandmen sold to William Warren, cordwainer 7 acres and 140 poles in York that Elijah Grant had purchased from Tristram Warren on Warren Pond and next to William Furness' land for £21/12 on 4 Feb. 1789. The deed was witnessed by Benjamin Chadbourne and Benjamin Chadbourne Jr.(4)

    Amos Wallingford Goodwin of Berwick sold to Daniel for £20 33 acres of lot No. 2 in York 5 Jan. 1793. The deed was signed by Amos and Eunice Goodwin and witnessed by Gilbert Warren and Thomas Rankings..(5)

    Humphrey and Mary Chadbourne of Berwick sold for $20.00 to Daniel and Susanna Cooper of Berwick, Moses and Elizabeth Emery of Berwick, and Jonathan and Frances Hubbard of Shapleigh 1 1/2 acres with the buildings on the road to the Great Works near the sand pits next to Mark Lord and John Hill, Esq. which was owned by the late Dr. John Parsons which he purchased from John Hill, Esq. The deed is dated 7 Nov. 1799 and is signed by Humphrey and Mary Chadbourne and witnessed by John Hill and William Parsons.(6) Perhaps all of the women were daughters of the late Dr. Parsons?

    Jonathan Hamilton Jr. of Berwick, merchant sold to Daniel for $130.00 10 acres next to Alexander Cooper, John Hill, Esq., and Daniel's land which he purchased from Capt. John Grant. The deed is dated 9 Sept. 1800 and was witnessed by Oliver Hamilton and John Hamilton.(7)

    Daniel Cooper of Berwick sold to Benjamin Chadbourne Jr. of Berwick 1/3 of 1 1/2 acres on the lane leading to the Great Works and bounded by land of John Hill, Esq., and Mark Lord, as well as 1/3 part of the buildings held in common with Humphrey Chadbourne and Jonathan Hubbard. The deed was signed by Daniel and Susanna Cooper and witnessed by Mary Chadbourne and John Hill and is dated 28 Apr. 1801(8)

    Daniel of Berwick, husbandman sold to William Cooper of Berwick, husbandman for $800.00 the eastern half of the 60 acres: "owned by my late Honoured Father John Cooper & acres: conveyed to me by his deed dated July the twelfth A.D. 1772" on Wilcox Pond Brook and bordering the land of his brother Alexander Cooper. He also sold to William half of the 5 acres of marsh at Whites marsh formerly owned by David Moore, James Goodwin and William Rogers as well as 20 acres which he purchased from John Grant and Jonathan Hamilton which is bordered by land of Alexander Cooper, the heirs of Jonathan Hamilton, John Hill and Joseph Spencer. The deed is dated 26 July 1808 and was signed by Daniel Cooper and witnessed by Benjamin Green and Isaac Bernis.(9)

    Daniel is listed in the 1830 census for S. Berwick with one male between the ages of 70 and 80 yrs. (Daniel), one female between the ages of 60 and 70 yrs. (Susanna), three females between the ages of 20 and 30 yrs. (probably Sally, Pamela, and Betsey), as well as a male between the ages of 40 and 50 and a boy between the ages of 10 and 15.(10) Daniel had evidently died by 1850 as Susanna, age 87, was living in Kennebunkport with her three daughters Sally, Pamela and Betsy.(11)


  • ? I. William- int. 26 Dec. 1829 Wells, Philadelphia Houlton, will 22 Nov. 1852 S. Berwick
  • ? 5II. STEPHEN-m. 19 Sept. 1807 Kennebunkport, RUTH CREDIFORD (b.c.1778, d.1867), d. before 1820
  • ? III. Daniel- b.c.1778, m. Elizabeth Cook. Daniel lived in Palermo, ME.
  • III. Sarah- b.c.1794, d.s.p.?
  • IV. Betsey- b.c.1796, d.s.p.?
  • V. Pamela- b.c.1802, d.s.p.?


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    m. 19 Sept. 1807 (int. 11 July) Kennebunkport, RUTH CREDIFORD (b. 1778, d. 7 Aug. 1867 Kennebunkport, ME)
    d. before 1820

    Ruth is listed as head of the household in the 1820 census for Arundel with one female listed between the ages of 10 and 16 yrs. (most likely Abigail), one female between the ages of 26 and 45 yrs. (probably Ruth) and one male between the ages of 16 and 26 who was too old to be George, however, no listing is given for a younger male child in this report (although it is a good possiblity that the census taker ticked the wrong box and made George older). Ruth is again listed in the 1830 census for Kennebunkport and here a male is listed between the ages of 10 and 15 yrs. which probably refers to George. No appropriate listing is given which would correspond to Abigail the only other entry being for a female between the ages of 50 and 60 (Ruth).(1)

    The 1850 census lists Ruth as living with her son George J. Cooper, her age given as 73. George was 32 yrs. old and was a mariner and his wife Olive G. was age 26. Also in the 1850 census is a listing for Suzanna Cooper age 87 and her three maiden daughters Sally age 56, Pamela age 48, and Betsy age 54. It is likely that these people were closely allied with Ruth and her husband but, the relationship is not known.(2) It is most likely that this Susanna is the wife of Daniel Cooper of Berwick and the 1830 census would support this conclusion as there were three females between the ages of 20 and 30 (Sally, Pamela and Betsy) and one female between the ages of 60 and 70 (Susanna). Daniel had undoubtedly died by 1850 and the other two males living at home in 1830 had moved away. The close relationship between Ruth and Susanna suggests that Stephen was an older child of Daniel by his earlier marriage to Mary Warren.

    Ruth, age 82, was living with her daughter Abigail and her husband Joseph Garland and family at the time of the 1860 census and next door to her daughter-in-law's parents, Oliver and Betsy Goodwin.(4)

    A search of the deeds, probate and court records for York Co. as well as the vital records for Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells, Berwick, S. Berwick and Kittery between 1760 and 1885 did not yield any additional information on Stephen's origin. As noted above it is most likely that he was a child of Daniel of S. Berwick, however, he may have been a child of Alexander of S. Berwick as a list of his children has not been obtained. It is doubtful that Stephen's father was a child of John of S. Berwick as a complete list of his children and grandchildren is available. It is also possible that Stephen was not related to these Maine Coopers, but this is less likely given the above information.


  • 6I. GEORGE J.- b.c.1818, int. 29 Apr. 1849 OLIVE G. GOODWIN, d. 29 Sept. 1890 Kennebunkport
  • II. Abigail- b. 1808, int. 16 Mar. 1839 Joseph Garland (b. Oct. 1813, d. 20 July 1902, bur. Garland Cem., River Rd., Arundel), d. 5 June 1878, bur. Garland/Crediford Cem. 1900 Census for Kennebunkport


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    Kennebunkport Vital Records


    int. 29 Apr. 1849 Kennebunkport, OLIVE G. GOODWIN (b. 3 July 1824 Kennebunkport, d. 14 Jan. 1892 Kennebunkport)
    d. 29 Sept. 1890 Kennebunkport, ME

    The name George Jefferds has been passed down in the Cooper family for several generations. So, who was George Jefferds? He was the son of Major William Jefferds and Olive Gillpatrick (who was a cousin to Olive Goodwin). He was born in 1789 and married Nancy Morrison in 1820. George died in 1823 without any children. Nancy remarried George Perkins. Maj. Jefferds moved to Kennebunk about 1777 and opened a public house (which was later known as the Mousam House). His son George took over the Jefferds Tavern in 1814 and was also the proprietor of a store.(1)

    On 18 Sept. 1841 George J. Cooper of Kennebunkport, mariner, purchased from Joseph Garland of Kennebunkport for $75.00 1/4 acre and one-half the house next to Oliver Goodwin's land. The deed was signed by Joseph and Abigail Garland.(2) George purchased another 1/4 acre next to Oliver Goodwin's land from Joseph Garland for $100.00 on 22 Sept. 1843.(3)

    George purchased 1 acre and 85 1/2 rods next to his lot from Martha Davis of Kennebunkport, widow of Benjamin Davis, son of Nathaniel Davis, and Sarah Davis, of Kennebunkport, singlewoman for $68.36 on 15 Apr. 1845. The deed was signed by Martha and Sarah Davis.(4)

    On 10 May 1845 Oliver Goodwin of Kennebunkport sold to George 63 rods next to Oliver's lot for $10.00. This deed was signed by Oliver and Betsy Goodwin.(5)

    Thomas C. Worth, George J. Cooper and Oliver Goodwin of Kennebunkport sold for $16.00 to Joseph Garland of Kennebunkport land next to George's land 3 July 1849. This deed was signed by Thomas C. and Olive Worth, George J. and Olive Cooper, and Oliver and Betsy Goodwin..(6)

    George kept a ship's log listing where and when he was fishing. Two of his books survive, one from 1855 and the other from 1859 giving details of his travels on his schooner Brandywine to Boon Island, Wood's Island, Monhegan, Matinicus, and elsewhere.

    George Cooper's Ships Logs 1855, 1859

    In the 1860 census George J., age 43, mariner, and Olive G. Cooper, age 36, had real estate valued at $600.00 and personal estate of $1,000.00 (probably his fishing gear). George F. is the only other person listed in this census record..(7)

    George J., Olive B. and young George F. were listed in the 1870 census for Kennebunkport as being farmers. Jane Wolcott, age 88 was also living with them, although her relationship to the family is unknown. (11)

    On 7 Oct. 1878, as one of the heirs of Abner Crediford, George purchased from Abraham Currier (his daughter-in-law's father) the family burying ground for $1.00..(8)

    In the 1880 census for Kennebunkport George and Olive are listed along with their son George F. who was listed as being a farmer. They were living next to Abram and Catherine Currier and their children Lucy, Charles and Clara... so it looks like George Jr. did marry the girl next door! (9)

    In his will George left bequests to his wife Olive G. Cooper, his neice Mary A. Knight, wife of Joseph Knight, to his son George F. Cooper and to his grandson John F. Cooper, son of George F. Cooper. He also directed his executor to place headstones on his grave and on those of his mother and sister. Also mentioned in his will is his seven acre lot in Kennebunkport on the road to Walker's Mills on the Kennebunk River which was bounded by George F. Cooper's land. The will is dated 15 Aug. 1884 and 1 Oct. 1885 and Walter L. Dane was the administrator.(10)


  • 7I. GEORGE F. -b.16 Aug. 1856 Kennebunkport, m .23 Dec. 1883 Kennebunkport, LUCY M. CURRIER (b. 1856, d. 1929), d. 1921


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    Kennebunkport Vital Records


    b. 16 Aug. 1856 Kennebunkport
    m. 23 Dec. 1883 LUCY M. CURRIER (b. June 1856, d. 1929)
    d. 1921

    George and Lucy were living in South Berwick at the 1900 census along with their children John, Catherine, George and Edmund. By the 1910 census they were back in Kennebunk. In the 1920 census George and Lucy, along with their children Catherine and George were living on Park St. in Kennebunk.

    George Cooper's Ledger- Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8


  • I. John H.- b. 25 June 1884 Kennebunkport, m.18 June 1919 Kennebunk, Agnes L. Webb
  • II. Catherine- b. 25 July 1886 Kennebunkport
    Kate's Cook book (1)

  • 8III. GEORGE JEFFERDS- b. 11 July 1890 Kennebunkport, ME, m. MABEL ELISE ELDRIDGE (b. 29 Dec. 1904 Kennebunkport, d. 1986 Kennebunkport), d. 26 Jan. 1976 Kennebunkport
  • IV. Edmond- b. Nov. 1891 Photo of ?Edmond Cooper


    (1) Aunt Kate was a cook by profession and started collecting recipes at the age of 9 as some of her clippings from the Boston Globe date from 1895. She never had any children of her own and lived with her brother George later in life. Her cookbook itself is interesting as it seems to have started out as a copy book for a machine shop in Biddeford with copies of letters to customers listing their orders for gears, bolts, screws, etc. and dated from 1854 to 1857. The book then becomes a ledger book for William Boston of North Andover with dates from 1881 to 1883. Kate then comes in possession of it and uses it to paste her recipes from the paper, practice her calligraphy and copy down the words to a few songs.

    Kennebunkport Vital Records


    b. 11 July 1890 Kennebunkport, ME
    m. MABEL ELISE ELDRIDGE (b.29 Dec. 1904 Kennebunkport, d. Mar. 1986 Kennebunkport)
    d. 26 Jan. 1976 Kennebunkport

    George enlisted in the Army 1 July 1918 and was in the Franklin Union Training Detachment in Boston until 26 Aug. 1918 when he was transfered to Fort Warren in Sept. and was part of the Coast Artillery Corps until 16 Oct. 1918. He was then transfered to the Heavy Artillery Training Battalion (APO 733) and was overseas from 1 Oct. 1918 until 30 Apr. 1919. He was discharged on demobilization on 13 May 1919. George's draft registration card from 1917 gives his occupation as auto repairman and was working at the Ocean Bluff Garage in Kennebunkport. (1)

    George and Elise were living on the Wells Road in Kennebunk at the 1930 census with George's occupation given as mechanic at a garage. This would be the garage at Cooper's Corner in Lower Village.

    At the 1940 census (page 2) George and Elise were living on the Biddeford Rd. with their two children Edmund and Shirley. Their farm was worth $1,500 and he was working as a mechanic at his auto shop.

    George Cooper and his boat, George's boat, George Cooper on the left, ? man on the Rt.

    Deed to homestead on Sinnott Rd., Arundel, Page 2


  • I. Edmund Currier- b. 16 Aug. 1930 Biddeford, ME, m.1. Nadine L. Whittaker, 2. Patricia A. Tewhey, 3. Kathy S. Sounier, 4. Joanne M. Lenahan, d. 20 Mar. 2000 Windsor, ME
  • III. Katherine Elise- m. David Towle Hopkins


    (1) Roster of Maine in the World War 1917-1919- James W. Hanson, Adjutant General, Augusta, 1929
    Kennebunkport Vital Records

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