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Descendants and allied families of John Foster of England, Nova Scotia and Narraguagus River Valley of Maine

30 Years of Genealogical and Historical Research
Changes and additions will be made frequently
Last update October 19, 2002

But just for fun try this site--my favorite commentary on life for more than 25 years: Potshots by Ashleigh Brilliant... and a very special site about Maine maintained from Florida by the father of my school chum of many years ago ...Stan's Maine Page...

It is with much sadness that I report that Stan Wallace of "Stan's Maine Page" passed away in Florida on October 18, 2002, at the age of 88. He maintained his web page until very near the end of his life and his work and embracing of this technology was an inspiration to many. The future of his web page is uncertain, but his spirit will live on in his family and those of us who enjoyed and admired him.

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I have made the plunge and registered a domain name, which will make it much easier for all you friends and future friends to access me with a simple address Morton Gallery

This site will feature
Roots in New England from the Mayflower
With connections to the Royal Houses of Europe
And enough scaliwags along the way to keep things interesting

Including the following families: DOWNING, MCKENZIE, SILLIKER, FOSTER, CAMPBELL, TODD, DRUMMOND,SALTONSTALL, PIKE, CHRISTOPHERS, WINTHROP, BROWN, SARGENT, SEAVERNS, STRATTON, BARNES, ALLEN, TREADWAY, HOWE, STONE, JONES, ALLINE, LOWELL, CONEY, CORWIN, SKINNER, MAVERICK, ALLERTON (Mayflower descendant),......... and many, many more ........ contact me if you think you have a common connection. Links to some of these names will be added in the coming year.

I am
Carol Jane Foster Morton

Morton Family Page Under Construction
the daughter of
Winthrop Brewer Foster (and Arlene Emma Trumbull), he the son of
Edward Pike Foster (and Cassie Lelia Gilman), he the son of
William Henry Foster (and Melissa Jane Downing), he the son of
Gilbert Henry Foster (and Helen Augusta Pike), he the son of
Gilbert Foster (and Ellen Cobb Jones), he the son of
Robert Foster (and Jane Alline), he the son of
John Foster of England, Nova Scotia and Narraguagus River Valley Settlement in Maine.
.....Arlene Emma Trumbull, d. of Irving (Leavitt) Trumbull, of Denmark, ME and Nancie Vera COLE of Limington, ME
.....Cassie Lelia GILMAN, d. of George Henry Gilman, of Bridgton, ME
.....Melissa Jane Downing, d. of Daniel Downing, of PEI, Canada
.....Helen Augusta Pike, d. of William Pike of Calais, ME
.....Ellen Cobb Jones, d. of Theodore Jones of Ellsworth, ME
.....Jane Alline, d. of Dr. Benjamin Alline of Gouldsboro, ME
.............Links to the
CRAM/Pugsley and many more families will be added in the coming year.

Fabulous LINKS to Maine and general research sites.

Need some great old recipes? These wonderful dishes right out of Maine have been tried by me personally, some come from a generation or more ago and I am happy to share them with you: Recipes from Maine.

Potpourri..Best of Maine and Washington...do you know the words to the Maine Stein Song....or Bow Down To Washington?

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