50th Anniversary
Fountain Green High School 1922-1948

Prepared in 1998 by:
Madoline Latherow Duffy, Vesta Spangler Holloway, June Bouseman Jackson
Carolyn Latherow Massie, Irene Hobart

1948 was the last year in which there was a graduating class.  Names of non-graduating alumni were included in the appropriate class during the period in which they attended.  As of 1998, 11 attendees still lived in Fountain Green, 137 lived within a 25 mile radius.  Another 70 lived within Illinois, 69 were residents of 23 states, 49 were deceased.

Mr. Lester E. Foote
Mrs. Esther Brooks
Mrs. John Ewing
Mrs. Nellie Gittings Meyer

Mrs. Betty Hardy
Mr. Earl Kennedy
Mr. Clifford B. Latherow

Mr. Kenneth McMillian
Mr. Hollis Melvin
Mr. Wendell Spangler
Mr. James Wilson

Class of 1923

Mary Solomon Fogle

Class of 1925

Noreen Barbe Cole
Glen Bouseman
Sarah Duffy LeMaster
Ruth Ervin Hilgendorf
Audrey Garrison Mason
Lenora Garrison Thompson
Anna Hillers Reiselt
Verla Jobe Saer
John Larson
Lenora Larson Snyder
Ivan Latherow
Melvin Latherow
Harlan Lenix
Almeda Mears Powell
Helen Meyers Balligoin
Leota Meyers Brooks
Faye Nelson Abodeely
Fred Shipman
Russell Shipman
Lucille Solomon Murphy
Lyle Williams
Fay Yetter
Forrest Yetter Fuller
Naomi Yetter Lewis
Olive White Earls

Class of 1926

Albert Allen
Alleyne Barbe
Glen Blackledge
Harry Dunn
Arlo Hasten
Lyman Hasten
Ida Jackson
Verne James
Freda Kimbrough
Steryl Purdy
Paul Shults
Isabel Solomon Adams

Class of 1927

Robert Bennett
Clarence Bennett
Alberta Bouseman Hull
Thomas Bouseman
Mildred Burrow McBride
Veryle Ewing
Louise Garrison Pestle
Howard Gordon
Earle Gott
Gerald Gott
Delmar Jobe
Pauline Loop Yetter
Alma Martin Shipman
Ervin Martin
Jennie Mears Benson
Irene Robinson
Iona Smith
Frances White Switzer
Leonard White
Lois White
Nellie White Asquith
Lucille White Weston
Genevieve Wright Latherow
Ruth Wright Londrie
Olive Yetter Hillers

Class of 1928

Myrna Barbe Hanan
William Day
Ivan Dennison
Madolin Duffy Latherow
Marion Gipe
Irene Hobart Schulz
Violette Hoffeditz Watkins
Minor Larson
Adeline Miller Nett
Grace Reed Miller
Ardath Sells
Zenes Shipman

Class of 1929

LaVerne Callihan Parsons
Leonard Chapman
Clifton Duffy
Mary Duffy Dahl
Frances Evans Van Landingham
Forrest Gipe Day
Jane Harris Gott
Arthur Hobart
Ruby Hutchins Simmons
Keith Jacobs
Roger Kempher
Rolland Guy Kimbrough
Idell Loop Alton
Walter Mount
Maxine Parker Haines
Vera Parsons Jones
Sylvester Reed
Vesta Spangler Holloway
John Strupler

Class of 1930

Lyle Barr
Maurice Bouseman
Elsie Bennett Clover
Day Campbell
Mac Hobart
Donald Lenix
Lois Wright Charles
Russell Whitten
Elgin Yetter Hardesty

Class of 1931

Minor Hartwig
Lottie Hutchins Martin
Brice Latherow
Alleyne Martin Shumate
Donald Thompson
Claudine Simmons Long
Lawrence White

Class of 1932

Leta Blackledge Shell
Alta F. Campbell Woods
Era Campbell Long
Louise Coleman Cowden
Charles Day Jr.
Mary E. Day Van Deventer
Berlin Fuller
Clarence Hutchins
Meredith Jobe
Clifford Latherow
Virgil Mears
Wendell Spangler
Lloyd Wright
Max Wright

Class of 1933

Arlene Brandon McConnell
Marion Bright
Arlin Day
Mynta Lu Evans Parkhill
Carlyle Garrison
Margaret Harris Sherwood
Lydia Hasten Scott
Emmett Holt
Keith Huston
Roberta Huston Haines
Howard Lefler
Mary H. McConnell Shoemaker
James I. McDaniel
Marion Stauffer
Ivan Wright

Class of 1934

Alberta Booz Louth
Louise Hamm McKee
Vernon Martin
Aleyne Shumate Fogal
Rolland Whitton

Class of 1935

Okle Campbell Browning
Lucille Coleman Waddell
Eloise Dunham Ketchum
Sylvia George Akers
Gladys Gipe
Vivian Hamm Lenix
Vernon Hasten
Lowell Lovely
Mabel McAvoy Hitz
Mary Lou McConnell McKinny
Leota Sliger Bright
Velda Spangler Shirey
Wanda White Huston
Ida F. Wright Harrington

Class of 1936

Marietta Booz Stotlar
Kathleen Brandon Carlson
Maxine Brandon Bean
Bob Brodie
Mary Marie Brooks Jacobs
Cleo Campbell
Joseph Carle
Lois Conn Shelley
Fay Day
Richard Dunham
Dorothy Eddington Dunham
Lelia Fuller Bennett
Christine Geddes Washburn
Kathleen Hobart Monroe
Calvin Huston
Willis Johnson
Darrell Kleckner
Wilma Loop Spees
Edna Jane Miller Holt
Kathryn Parker Jackson
Clara Sowers Campbell
Iola Willock

Class of 1937

Billy Bouseman
Dee Campbell
Beulah Carle Howell
Mary Eileen Cartwright Kellog
Clyde Coleman
Duane George
Junior Hasten
Edward Huston
Wayne Huston
Richard Kempher
Wayne Lovely
Keith Meyers
Mary L. Osborn Eichelberger
Opal Shipman Brodie
Elsie Shumate Roberts
Junior Sliger
Robert Whitson
Francis Willis
Franklin Willis
Franklin Yetter

Class of 1938

Helen Booz Shipman
Kermit Bouseman
Mary M. CaCa Munger
Clarence Day
Lloyd Emery
Ruby Hastings Kerr
Mildred McConnell Blythe
Irvin A. Pogue
Margie Rich Zimmerman
James Smith

Class of 1939

Louise Bright Johnson
Forest Derry
Elgin Hainline
Goldie Hasten Young
Betty Hungate Latherow
Kermit Meyers
William Wetzel
Robert White
Galvie Willock
George Sowers

Class of 1940

Eldon Alton
Vera Bennett Caldwell
Verna Bennett
Carl Coleman
Loren Duffie
Anna Mae George
Mary C. Hardey Griffith
Helen Jean Hasten Adler
Frederick Kline
Helen Lefler Alton
Geraldine Long Lowman
Charles McConnell
Jean Oleson Combs
Mac Peck
Frances Rhodes Beghtol
James Rich

Class of 1941

June Bouseman Jackson
Meredith Bright
Dorothy Brooks Moore
Daren Campbell
Garold Campbell
Lester Foote Jr.
Dorothy Hardy Jackson
Mary Margaret Hasten Meeks
Robert Oleson
Charles W. Parker
Harry L. Rhodes
Mildred Shumate Wilson
Viana Veff Riekeberg
Beulah Willock
Fay Zimmerman

Class of 1942

Joe Booz
Baxter Brandon
Dorothy Breiner Plank
Erice Campbell Mittermyer
Betty Hamm Mosley
Zane Hamm
Richard Little
Ida L. Spangler Zimmerman
Lee Walker
Myrtle Willock Fosdyck

Class of 1943

Rose Bright Sliger
Rose Mary Grotts
Mabel Hiller Hasten
Betty Kern Thompson
Margaret Mittermyer Carter
Ellen Pritchard Shafer
Clifford Foster
Keith Reed
Gordon Welch
Sherman Willock

Class of 1944

Donald Bouseman
Dean Brooks
Mary Hasten Barnstedder
Edwin Hillers
Betty Hoover Thompson
Dorothy Huston Baker
Robert Latherow
Betty Mitchell Leebold
Charles Pritchard
Junior Pritchard
Dorothy Schoenig Shirey

Class of 1945

Larry Campbell
David Darby
LaVerne Mitchell
Nondis Shipman Coombs
Robert Switzer
James Willock

Class of 1946

Norma Lee Alton Swanson
Everett Breiner
John Brooks
Bon Ton Foote
Norma Jean Fuller Rouse
Betty Hasten Smith
Billy Kleckner
Mary Ellen Kreig Cook
Marlin Long
Edward Luton
Geane Reed
Jo Anne Switzer Chevalier
Sammie Ward
Dorothy Willock Maxwell

Class of 1947

Arthur Carle
Betty Foster Gomer
Harvey Hasten
Bill McConnell
Kenneth W. McConnell
Christine Smock Carle
Garnet Veff Briese
Anna Mary Yetter Jones

Class of 1948

Cerise Alton Hasten
Jean Bouseman Kern
Lloyd LaVerne Davis
Monte Geddes
Ann Hasten Symmonds
Russell Schoenig
Audrey Shipman
Arthur C. Spangler

Attendees at Close

James Brooks
Jackie Carle
Jean Ellison Long
Carolyn Latherow Massie
Dorothy Manley Mitchell
Jim Manley
John McConnell
Larry McConnell
Margaret Meyers Williams
Anna Lu Morton Clawson
Ruby Pritchard Tilton
Doris Reed
Viola Shipman McConnell
Paul Smock
Charles Switzer
Doyle Whitten

Presented here with permission.


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