The News of Fountain Green November 7, 1923


November 7, 1923

High School Has New Field Track
The Basket Ball Equipment is Received.

The high school has constructed a sod 150 yard circular track on the Solomon lot immediatly [sic] south of the high school building.  The boys will begin training soon for the track and field meets next spring.

In the center field of this track arrangements will be made for pole vaulting, jumping etc.

Basket ball practice has begun on the out-door court.  Equipment including suits were received this week.  Several teams have written Fountain Green for games. The first game will probably be played with the Ferris high school.



During the last week subscribers to The News came in rapid succession.  Those that subscribed since the last issue were:
Will Bennett, LaHarpe.
Clate Coleman, Fountain Green.
Mrs. Lee Kimbrough, Karstad, Minnesota.
Wm. White, Fountain Green.
Arland Hocker, Colchester.
Mrs. Bernard Booz, Colchester.
Mrs. Callie Mustain, Colchester.
M. L. Henly, Blandinsville.
E. N. Irish, Blandinsville.
Ervin Lefler, Blandinsville.
Evan Davenport, Los Angeles, Cal.
Wallace Mertland, Media. Ill
Wm. Barbe, Tennessee, Illinois.
Clyde Huston, Ft. Madison, Iowa.
Mrs. L. E. Krepps, Moorehead, Minnesota.
George C. Tyler, (renewal), Founatin Green.
Mrs. Mary E. J. Wilson, Huston, Texas.
Cecial [sic] George, Blandinsville.
Frank Peck, Colchester, Illonois [sic].


Edward Views The School Coal Bin

Yman [sic] Burrow, the teacher of Walnut school about four miles southeast of Fountain Green, while attempting to guard the school house from Hallowe'en disturbances (according to Mr. Burrow) caught Edward Mooney at the coal-house door, with a sack in one hand and the coal shovel in the other.  To Mr. Burrow this act did not seem the least bit mysterious.


First School Play Was Well Attended
Gate Receipts Amounted to $67.40
[Verbatim transcription]

The play given Friday, Oct. 26, by the Fountain Green high school was well attended in spite of the rainy weather and bad roads.  The gate receipts amounted to $67.40.

Their seems to be a variety of opinions in regard t othe calibre of this play.  The play was not a humorous enough to suit a large portion of the crowd but others pronounced it to be the highest class play ever produced by the high school.

Most of those attending this performance expressed themselves as being pleased with the acting and many have commented on the good memory of the players.

The judges however have not expressed themselves publicly and probably will not until after the fourth play.

Latherow Ties With Shipman For Honors

The examination given in the high school on Friday, Oct. 26, resulted in the summoning up of the first five of the Sophmore class as follows: first, Ivan Latherow and Fred Shipman; third, Anna Hillers; fourth, Verla Jobe and Glen Bouseman.  This rank differs considerably from that of last month.

In the Freshman class the first five are: first, Isabel Solomon; second, Aline Barbe; third, Ida Jackson and Glen Blackledge and fifth, Lyman Hasting [sic].

The rank for the entire school is: first, Ivan Latherow second, Fred Shipman; third, Isabel Solomon; fourth, Aline Barbe; and fifth, Anna Hillers.



Velmont Gordon, who goes to the grade school, received a cut on the forehead Tuesday while playing football. &nabsp;Velmont was running with the ball when he fell and struck his head on the side walk.  He went to Dr. Bousemans and had the cut dressed.



The first five in the primary room of the public school of Fountain Green of which Mrs. Leland Hobart is teacher, rank as follows: First, Jean Geddes; second, Clifford Latherow; third, Leta Blackledge; fourth, Ruth Burrow; and fifth, Kenneth Hainline.


Pretends to Be Deputy Marshal
Nearly causes Death of
Farmer Near Fountain Green.

An insurance agent is continually getting new experiences and adopting new methods of approach.  One of the agents of the Ailshire insurance agency tried to "pass off" as a United States marshall and get the confidence of Roy Rich, a young farmer living two miles northeast of Fountain Green.  However, Mr. Rich believed the man to be an officer and this interview caused Mr. Rich to have a nervous shock.  Then the insurance man saw his mistake, attempted to explain the joke, but was ordered from the place at once.  For the remainder of the day Mr. Rich was in a serious condition and suffered a slight attack of paralysis.



Those neither absent nor tardy during the month of October from the grade school were as follows: Brice Latherow, Kenneth Hainline, Doris Gordon, Mary Helen McConnel, Louise Coleman, Clifford Latherow, Alta Frances Campbell, Ruth Burrw [sic], Lois Shults, Leta Blackledge, Marion Bright, Glennie Gordon, Lucille Coleman and Rolland Whitten.


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