Death Certificates and Obituaries by State

All of the links below are to pages created by other people. I have gathered these links together by state as I have run across them with the intention of giving you further resources to aid in the "HUNT". Happy Hunting to all!


Genealogical Death Indexing System, Michigan

South Carolina

Newberry County Obituaries


1853 Death Register, Lunenburg County

1854 Death Register (work in progress), Lunenburg County

1859 Death Register, Lunenburg County

1860 Death Register, Lunenburg County

1861 Death Register, Lunenburg County

1862 Death Register, Lunenburg County (partial)

1865 & 1866 Death Register, Lunenburg County

1887 Death Register, Lunenburg County

1853 - 1870 Death Register (partial part 1), Lunenburg County

1853 - 1870 Death Register (partial part 2), Lunenburg County

Obituary of Dr. William Hartwell Marable, c1932, Lunenburg County

Obituary of Josephus Gregory, 1880, Lunenburg County

Selected Obituaries, Lunenburg County

Obituary, Mrs. Eleanor Lawrence, 1916, Lunenburg County

Pattie Williams Fowlkes - Obituary, 1926, Lunenburg County


King County - Margaret Gearheart

Yakima County - Henry Evans

Yakima County - Nellie Evans

Yakima County - Daniel Gearheart

Yakima County - Daniel W. Gearheart

Yakima County - Jenettie Gearheart

Yakima County - Grace Little

Yakima County - Addie Smith

Yakima County - Margaret Smith

Yakima County - Robert Smith

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