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Welcome to The MaKl Project, a family history site devoted to uncovering our family's past.

In these pages you will find many of our Mawhinney and Kluth ancestors, along with a multitude of other relatives. We start, though, with our grandparents:

Geographically, our roots extend from the United States back to England, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Sweden, colonial America, and beyond. Some branches of the family have been traced back many generations, others only a few. And while some places are easier and more convenient to research than others, the goal is to trace each branch back as far as possible.

I hope you find something of interest here as you browse the site. Sooner or later you will come across one of the following icons:

  • - one of our direct ancestors.
  • - click for a copy of a document or photograph. Many of these are themselves clickable.
  • - click to see to the location on Google Maps.
  • - click for more information on the subject at Wikipedia or another website.

Family history always comes down to the details, some of which remain just beyond our grasp. Every piece of information on this site has a source, although that does not always guarantee its accuracy. Some sources are more reliable than others...

The MaKl Project is very much a work in progress and, as you will see, many gaps remain to be filled in. If you have information to share then it would be great to hear from you, especially if you find your own ancestors here - just click on my name below. I hope you check back often to see how the tree is growing.

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Thanks are due to The Master Genealogist and Second Site, the two software programs that make the presentation of this genealogy project possible. These programs also help to ensure that this website excludes any references to those who are still living.