Mallory and Brody's Photo Gallery -- Table of Contents

Brody's Baby Shower

Before Brody was Born
Brody's Birth: January 22, 2004
Brody Meets His Family
Brody's Homecoming
Brody's First Bath
Brody's First Month: February 2004
Brody's Second Month: March 2004
Meeting Grandma & Grandpa Barnes: March 2004
Brody's Third Month: April 2004
Brody's Professional Pictures
Brody's Fourth Month: May 2004
Brody's Fifth Month: June 2004

Pictures of Mallory and Brody
Mallory and Brody with Mom and Dad
Papa and Minga in Virginia: March 2004
Mallory and Grandpa Barnes: March 2004
Easter: April 11, 2004
The Barnes Family in Vermont: June 2004
The Belleville Family in Vermont: June 2004
Great Grandma Barnes in Maine: June 2004