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Septs of the Cinel Eoghainn

Septs of the Cinel Eoghainn
(Kindred of Owen)

Keating's Genealogies
O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees

     Nial of the Nine Hostages

     High King  +405


     Eoghan (Owen)


      |                 |           |                    |                    |              

     Muireadhach       Oililll     Fearghus             Feilim               Eochaidh Binnigh

      |                 |           |                    |                    |

      |               (Muinntear   (O Conchubhair       (O Duibhdhiorma)     (Cineal mBinnigh)

      |                Cheallaigh)  of Magh Ith)         MacDermott-O'Diorma

      |                O'Kelly      O'Connor of Magh Ith

      |                Derry Co.    Cinel Fearghusa


      |                     |                   |                       |                     |

     Muircheartach         Maine               Feradaigh               Tigernach             Mongon        

      |                     |                   |                   (O'Cunigan, O'Hosey,  (O'Crodden)   

      |              (O Gairmleadhaigh        (Mac Cathmaoil)        Tierney)

      |               O'Gormley, O'Luinigh,    Mac Cawell - Tyrone

      |               Cenel Moain)             O'Brollaghan - Donegal


      |                                 |

     Domhnall Illchealgach             Bagdan

      |                                 |

      |                                 |

     Aodh Uairiodhnach                 Luchan Dilonhain

      |                                (Dillon)




      |                       |

     Maolduin                Maoiltaile

      |                (O Multuly, Tully, Flood,)


      |                       |

     Fearghal                Adam

      |              (O'Daly of Leath Cuinn)


      |                       |                            |                |

     Niall Frasach           Conchubhar                   Aodh Olann       Colca

      |                       |                           O'Braoin)       (Culkin)

      |                      (O Cathain

      |                       O'Kane - MacAneney)


     Aodh Oirndidhe           territory of Ciannacht


      |                        |                 |

     Niall Caille             Maolduin          Fogartach               

      |                     (Siol Muldoon)     (Muinter Cionaodh)

      |                                         Kenny


      |                                  |                 |              |

     Aodh Fionnliath                    Dubhionracht      Flahertach     Braoin

      |________________________       (O'Dubhionracht)   (O'Hualairg)  (Clann Braoin

      |                        |                                        of Magh Ith

     Niall Glundubh           Domhnall (Clann                           O'Brien of Magh Ith

      |                       Domhnall)

      |                        |

      |                       (Muinter Dhonnghaile  

      |                       O'Donnelly - Chiefs of            

      |                       Fear Droma - Hereditary

      |                       Marshalls of O'Neill's forces 



     Muircheartach 'of the Leather Cloaks'


      |                               |

     Domnall 'of Armagh'             Aedh    

      |                        (Clann Aodha Buidhe)

   (MacLochlainn & O'Neill)  

O'Ferrall's Linea Antiqua

     Nial of the Nine Hostages

     High King  +405


     Eoghan (Owen a quo Cenel Eoghainn)


      |                                                                                                      |               |                   |                 |

     Muirdach                                                                                               Ailill          Feilim              Eochaidh bine     Fergus

      |_____________________________________________________________________________                         |               |                  (O Garvey)        (O Colgan

      |                   |                                |                        |                        |              Crimthainn          Muintir Huimroa    O Branagan 

     Muirchertach        Ferach                           Tigernach                Mongan or                Hugh            (O Duibhdiorma)     Clan Criomhame     O Hagin                         |                               (O Cunegan, O Hoosy,     Maine                    (O Farcheally   (O Rorkan, Muinter  Clan Oran 

      |                   |                                                                                (O Feacheally)    O Rorkan)          O Cormac           O Cahalan                      

     Donald              Fiachra                         (Cunningham)             (O Mulcerby, O Crean,    (O Kelly)                            O Iouhaill         O Uarisg   

      |                   |                                                         O Gormley)                                                  O Lochnan          O Brelar                                                          

     Aidus urariodhnach  Fiachna                                                                                                                O Lochnan          O Hanin

      |                   |_______________                                                                                                                         O Dovan           

      |                   |               |                                                                                                                        O Losgny                                   

     Maolfithreach       Suibhne meann   Edalach                                                                                                                   O Mellan

      |                  (O Gaffny)      (MacCathmaoil)                                                                                                            O Conolan

      |                                  (O Brollachan)                                                                                                            O Spellan

      |___________________                                                                                                                                         O Breonan

      |                   |

     Muldoon             Multuly 

      |                  (O Multuly)


      |                                   |

     Fergall                             Adam

      |____________________              (O Daly of Leath Cuinn)

      |                    | 

     Nielius Frasach      Conor  

      |                    |

     Aidnaus ornigh       Grogan           

      |                    |

     Niellus caille       Cahan

      |                    |

     Aidius finliath      Casey

      |                    |_____________

      |                    |             |

     Nielus glundubh      Dermot        Flatherty                    

     (O'Neill &           (O Cathan)    (O'Connor)


      The Irish Chiefs and Clans of Tirowen

      as given by O'Dugan

1. O'Neill and MacLoghlin, as princes.  2.  O'Cahan, of the race 

of Owen, and who was chief of Cianacht of Glean Geibhin (or Keenaght of Glengiven).  

The O'Cahans were also chiefs of the Creeve, now the barony of Coleraine; and in 

later times, possessed the greater part of the county of Derry, which was called 

"O'Cahan's Country"; they also, at an early period, possessed part of Antrim, and 

had their seat at the castle of Dunseverick.  3.  The O'Connors, who were chiefs 

of Cianacta before the O'Cahans. 4. O'Duibhdiorma or O'Dwyorma, sometimes

anglicised O'Dermot or O'Dermody.  The O'Dwyorma were chiefs of Breadach which 

comprised the parishes of Upper and Lower Moville, in the barony of Inishowen.  

5. O'Gormley or Grimley, chief of Cineal Moain, now the barony of Raphoe,

county Donegal.  6.  Magh Ith and Cineal Enda, Partly in the barony of Raphoe, 

and partly in the barony of Tirkeran in Derry.  According to O'Dugan, the following

were chiefs of Magh Ith:  O'Boyle, O'Mulbraisil, O'Quinn, and O'Kenny.  

7.  O'Broder, O'Mulhall and O'Hogan, chiefs of Carric Brachaigh, still traceable

by the name "Carrickbrack, in the barony of Inishowen.  8. O'Hagan, chief of

Tullaghoge in the parish of Desertcreight, barony of Dungannon, and county Tyrone.

9.  O'Donegan or Dongan, MacMurchadh or MacMorough, O'Farrell or Freel, and MacRory or

MacRogers, chiefs of Tealach Ainbith and of Muintir Birn, districts in the baronies

of Dungannon and Strabane.  10.  O'Kelly, chief of Cineal Eachaidh or Corca

Eachaidh, probably "Corcaghee," in the barony of Dungannon.  11.  O'Tierney, and

O'Kieran, chiefs of Fearnmuigh.  12.  O'Duvany, Oh-Aghmaill or O'Hamil, and

O'Heitigen or Magettigan, chiefs of three districts called Teallach Cathalain,

Teallach Duibhbrailbe, and Tealach Braenain.  13.  O'Mulfoharty, and O'Heodhasa or

O'Hosey, chiefs of Cineal Tighearnaigh.  14.  O'Cooney, and O'Bailey, chiefs

of Clann Fergus.  15.  O'Murchada, O'Murphy, and O'Mellon, chiefs of Siol Aodha-

Eanaigh.  16.  MacPetridge and MacCathmhaoil, chief of Cineal Feradaigh, in the 

north of Tyrone.  17.  The Clans of Maolgeimrigh, and of Maolpadraig or

Kilpatrick, who possessed the two districts of Cineal Fereadaidh, in the east of

Tyrone.  18.  Muintir Taithligh of Ui-Laoghaire of Lough Lir, a name

anglicised MacTully or Tully.  19.  O'Hanter or Hunter, chiefs of Ui-Seasin.

     Other chiefs not listed by O'Dugan

           (added by O'Hart) 

 1.  O'Criochain or O'Crehan, chief of Ui Fiachra, a territory which comprised

     the parish of Ardstraw, and some adjoining districts in Tyrone.

 2.  O'Quinn, chief of Magh Lughad and of Siol Cathusaigh.  Magh Lughad lay in

     Keenaught of Glengiven, County Derry.

 3.  O'Cearbhallins, chiefs of Clandermod or Glendermod, in Derry.

 4.  O'Brolachans, a branch of the Cinel Eoghainn.

 5.  MacBlosgaidh or MacClosky, a branch of the O'Cahans, a numerous clan

     in the parish of Dungiven.

 6.  O'Devlins, chiefs of Muintir Dubhlin, near Lough Neagh, on the borders

     of Derry and Tyrone.

 7.  O'Looneys, chief of Muintir Loney, a district known as the Monter Loney

     Mountains in Tyrone.

 8.  O'Connellan, chief of Crioch Tullach in Tyrone.

 9.  O'Donnelly, chiefs in Tyrone, at Ballydonnelly and other parts.

10.  O'Nena, O'Neny or MacNeny, were chiefs of Cinel Naena, in Tyrone, 

     bordering Monaghan.

11.  O'Flaherty, lord of Cinel Eoghainn.

12.  O'Murray, a clan in Derry

13.  MacShane, a clan in Tyrone.

14.  O'Mulligan, also a clan in Tyrone.

15.  O'Gnive or O'Gneeve, hereditary bards to the O'Neills.

  Roger O'Ferrall's "Linea Antiqua" gives a long list of families

  descended from the Cenel Eoghainn:

  O Murhuly  

  O Hiasgin

  O Culiun

  O Caolly

  O Lochain

  O Gillgan

  O Lagny

  O Lomderg

  O Fionan

  O Carolan

  O Gallan

  O Branagan

  O Mulfavill

  O Gaaity

  O Brothly

  O Dualty

  O Booney

  O Rahile

  O Lorcan

  O Kirrbily

  O Mulcallin

  O Donelan

  O Dichan

  O Dalachan

  O Birn

  O Flaberty in Ulser

  O Mulddon in Iveach

  O Gruagan - Grogan

  O Dooda

  O Mulbreasal

  O Mearly

  O Mulbridy

  O Mulgernhry

  O Finnegan

  Muintir Chumusky

  Muinter Cheily

  Mac Cumaltan in ardmach (Armagh(

  Mac Chonain

  Mac Breaogbarain

  Mac Beohy

  Mac Achlarna

  Mac Drynan

  Mac Dunily

  Clan Dermot of Loch Foyle (O Duibhdierma)

  Mac Fergusa or Ferguson

  McGilmartan St. Martin



  Mac Maongaile


  Mac Treablain

  Mac Ilchtgin

   He lists the following under Eochaidh Binnigh septs

   (a son of Owen)

  Muintir Huimroa

  Clan Criomhame

  Clan Oran

  Clan Cuohy

  O Cormac

  O Iouhail

  O Lochnan

   And the following under descendants of Fergus, another

   son of Eoghan:

  O Colgan

  O Branagan

  O Hagin

  O Cahalan

  O Uarisg

  O Brelar

  O Hanin

  O Dovan

  O Losgny

  O Mellan

  O Conolan

  O Spellan

  O Breonan