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Illtyd Glyn Foster

1902 - 1937


Mary Lewis
1874 - ca1943

Lila Ann Foster
1903 - 19??

Hubert Harris
190? - 1957/8


Granville Davies
1904 - 19??

Dorothy Davies

Ivy Irene Foster
1904 - 19??


Harold Clifford Foster
1908 - 19??

My Dad

Elwyn Foster
1939 - 2001

Ronald Foster

Evelyn Eames
1909 - 2005

Daphne Foster

John Whitfield Foster
1910 - 1992



Daniel John Foster
1852 - 1902

Harriet Walters

David Lewis
1843 -

1847 -

Daniel John Foster

Mary Lewis
1874 - ca1943

Illtyd Glyn 1902-1937

Ivy Irene 1904-

Harold Clifford 1908-

Dylis E 1915-

Lila Ann 1903-

Donald Whitfield 1906-1907

John Whitfield 1910





From my parents first home 'Sterlee' (created from Foster and Leeman) in Laleston, Near Bridgend, South Wales 1950's (on the left)


'Teola' Backwell, (not so) near Bristol (on the right) and proof that I was little once! Yep that's me, my Mum, and Dinah the Poodle about 1961.

There's nothing like getting home after a day's work, 6 months pregnant and finding nobody in but the dog! .......... and not having the house keys. After 10 minutes encouragement the window was open courtesy of Zoe and I climbed in!

Pet Centre




Dinah was the first pet we had (apart from assorted goldfish). A black woolly ball that walked around and snarled occasionally.


Jenny was a pedigree wire-haired terrier. Her real name was 'Shining Lady'. A very friendly dog welcoming anyone into the house........ just don't try to leave! I was caught a few times with her teeth firmly grasping my leg and not letting go until the door was closed! And at 9pm she would bark at me 'til I went to bed. She also barked at chasing scenes on the television. 'Silent Movies' with Buster Keaton was a favourite.


When Zoe was stolen I had Sadie from the dog's home. Zoe was returned and we kept both. Trying to sleep was a hoot if it was cold. Even though Zoe was a big dog she had mastered the art of climbing up and sneaking under the duvet at the 'feet end' unknown to anyone until.......... Sadie didn't care - jump up onto the pillows down the middle between me and my husband, taking the duvet with her , a quick exchange of growling and moaning, Zoe would jump off and jump into their box and all would settle.

Until Sadie got too hot, would jump off taking the duvet with her, jump into the box, a quick exchange of growling and moaning as Zoe jumped out of the box and collapsed on the floor with a hmph!! Most put out! And then it would all start again because Zoe would sneak her way under the duvet when we had gone to sleep.