My ancestral line goes back to Hannah Prentice, daughter of John Prentice and Hester Nichols. Hannah's grandfather Valentine Prentice was born in Felsted, Essex Co. England about February of 1599. He married Alice Bredda on June 29, 1626 and had three children, Josiah, John, and Geremiah. In about 1630 Valentine and his family came to American on the Lyon. His first son Josiah died before the trip and Geremiah died on the way, leaving John to carry on and becoming a sea captain, supplying the coastal waters between New England and the Carolinas. John was probably the influential force behind his grandson Nicholas Frink moving to the Carolinas. (You can read more on the Frink family on the next page.) Valentine Prentice took the Oath of Freeman on 7 August, 1632 in Massachusetts Bay Colony. To read more on the PRENTICE FAMILIES, you can follow this link to thePrenticeNet. Below are photos taken of some Prentice graves in New London, Connecticut.

Antioch Cemetery Sign
View from the Road
Benjamin Prentis son of Stephen
Mrs. Elizabeth Prentis wife of Jonathan Prentis
Jonathan Prentis died 1727
John Prentis
John Prentice died 1780
Sarah Prentice wife of John above
Stephen Prentis
Mary wife of Thom Prentis
Prentice Family Plot

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