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Csolkovits and Baszo
by Lisa Perkins

My great grandfather Julius Csolkovits emmigrated to the United States from Hungary in the early 1900's along with his parents, Janos Jeno Csolkovits and Cornelia Horvath, and his brothers Eugene and Geza. The three brothers are pictured at right.

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Julius married Juliana Cseresne. After Juliana's death, he married my great grandmother, Barbara Bazso. My great grandparents are pictured at left.

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The descendents of the Csolkovits' who emmigrated to the United States have multiplied and live throughout the United States. It is my goal to maintain a history of these individuals and their descendants for the benefit of current and future generations.

In order to respect privacy, I have published and will only publish limited information that I find on any living individual. Any names mentioned in my web sites are only there for the purpose of that person's identification as a family member.

Substantially all of my information on the Csolkovits line has been provided by the research of my Aunt Jolan Hartman and I am ever grateful for her commendable research and ever-present assistance.

I am happy to share my information with anyone who falls within this family line. Please e-mail me if you are (or think you are) a relative. Chances are, if you have the name of Csolkovits (or Solkovits) in your family, you are related.


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